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orm Brown '47 recently sent his GDA warm up jacket, along with a photo showing he could 
still fit into it 60 years later. "A bit short," he noted, "but I'm happy that I grew in the right 
direction." Norm was also happy to share his fond memories of the jacket. "I bought the jacket 
in 1944, my first year at GDA. It seemed to be the protocol at that time. It was really a blessing to have 
it on when the fall winds whipped about the field. I was on the JV soccer team and eventually moved 
up to varsity. I still get to see some of the guys around town or at reunions, e.g., Jack Deering, 'Wings' 
Mayo, 'Veas'Veasey, Danny Hall and Jay Curtis. Coach 'Buster' Navins kept us in shape running laps and 
scrimmaging. Some of us met on the lacrosse field, too. There were a few 'serious' players that often 

n the interscholastic games for us. I'm thinking of Jim Knott, Dick McCusker, 'Shortie' Ellsworth and 
Brad Harlow. After graduation, the jacket went with me to UMO (Univ. of ME, Orono) for four years. 
Later, when my daughter was ready to go to high school, she borrowed it for her activities. I am amazed 
how well that jacket has held up after all those years of use. I think it shows a certain respect that my 
lily and I gave to it. I am pleased to know that this relic is still in good hands. All I see on campus 
ire the nylon warm-ups which certainly are more colorful than my all-black one." 

If you arc interested tit donating ileitis to the Archives please contact or Kate Pinkham, GDA, I Elm St., Byfwld, MA 01922. 
more news and photographs from the Archives see page 23. 

The Archon 

Published since 1884 


John M. Doggettjr. P'04, '07, '08 


Judith Klein P'99, '08 

Art Director 

Christie Rawlins-Jackson 


Brian Fallon Crowley 
Christie Rawlins-Jackson 
Becky Roche '06 

Director of Advancement 

Lori Correale 

Associate Director of Advancement 

Michael A. Moonves P'82 

Director of Annual Giving 

Martha Leonard Delay 

Trustees of Governor Dummer Academy 

Daniel M. Morgan '67, P'97, '02, President 

Christopher C. Beebe '55, Co- Vice President 

Gerry Mack, Co- Vice President P'87, '91, '93 

James L. Rudolph '68, P'05. Secretary 

Jeffrey L. Gordon '69, Treasurer 

William L.Alfond '67 

Adrienne Berry-Burton P'96, '04 

Christopher Collins P'07 

Henry B. Eaton 70, P'03, '08 

Beverly Giblin P'04, '05 

Clifford J. Gillespie 

C. David Grayer P'OO 

Lauren Gudonis P'03 

Stephen G Kasnet '62, P'95 

Pochard M. KeUeher P'99, '01 

Kathleen L. Livermore '79, P'04 

Priscilla M. Mclnnis P'02, '03, '06 

Kara Moheban McLoy '88 

Reynolds E. Moulton Jr. '56 

Brian H. Noyes '76 

James Pierce '72 

Haskell RJiett '54 

George S. Scharfe P'95, '00 

Steven G Shapiro '74 

C. Thomas Tenney Jr. '69 

Bruce C.Turner '83 

Alumni Trustees 

Sung J. An '95 
Jason Greenberg '96 
Grace P. Jeanes '92 

Ex Officio 

James C. Deveney Jr. '60 

President, Alumni /ae Council 

Alumni/ae Council 

James C. Deveney Jr. '60, President 

Catherine D. Burgess '91, Vice President 

Chris D'Orio '88, Secretary/Treasurer 

David Corbett '91 

John P. English '28 (Life Member) 

Elizabeth Tuthill Farrell '84 

Putnam P. Flint '37, GP'99 (Life Member) 

Anthony P. Fusco '85 

Shawn Gager '88 

Franklin E. Huntress '52 

Joseph E. MacLeod '56 

Katherine Dobie Meyer '96 

Paul Nardon '86 

Howard J. Navins '31, P'63, '66, GP'93 (Founder, Life Member) 

Carolyn Nissi '77 

Matthew Remis '92 

Brian Rybicki '96 

Gretchen Scharfe '95 

John Stahl '83 

Marc K.Tucker '68, P'01, '05 

Alison Williams '89 

Jessica Zaplin '99 

Ex Officio 

Peter T Butler, '62, Past President 
John S. Mercer '64, P'95, Past President 
Karen A. Schulte '83, Past President 
Peter M. Sherin '59, Past President 
Arthur H.Veasey III '68, Past President 


11 Going Organic 

16 Global EducationiThe Big 

18 Crossing Borders To 
Learn together 

20 Living A Dream 


2 headmaster's message 

3 development developments 
7 campus news 

22 from the archives 

25 annual report 

53 in memoriam 

54 class notes 
96 chapel talk 

Photos from Kenya, Pakistan and Japan courtesy of 

Perry Nelson, Dr. Christopher Shaw and 

Dr. Susan Oleszko 

TheArchon is published three times a year by Governor Dummer 
Academy, Byfield, Massachusetts 01922. Telephone: (978) 465-1763. 
Letters are welcome from alumni, alumnae, parents and friends of the 
Academy and are subject to editing for reasons of space availability. 

The Atdion is printed on recycled paper with a minimum of 10% post-consumer waste. It is printed with 
sustainable resource vegetable-based soy inks in accordance widi our commitment to die environment. Please 
recycle again. 



Though I have been away from campus for much of the fall, or perhaps 
because I have been away, I've gained a new perspective on the Academy. My 
unexpected medical leave wrenched me from the school and people I love and, 
like the old adage (or was it a 70s rock and roll song?) reminds us, we don't know 
what we've got until we lose it. In my case, luckily, the loss is temporary as I ready 
to return to my office in Phillips Building and resume my activities. 

So, what is this new perspective? We often speak of GDA as more than a school — a community. I've realized it is far more 
than even that. In a community, people may five in the same area, even socialize with neighbors, but they most often leave the 
community for work and often for pleasure. Here at GDA, we do it all together: work, play and live.We see each other at break- 
fast in the morning, at work in the classrooms and library, at play on the fields, in the dorms, and around campus, at dinner, and 
at study. The young children of staff and faculty are often racing around on their bicycles and scooters, free and safe in an envi- 
ronment where adults keep a watchful eye, not just on their own but on all the children. Likewise, our students are watched 
over by faculty and staff alike, whether they know them as teachers, coaches, dorm parents, or friends. In turn, the adults at GDA 
are there for each other, lending a hand when needed. Indeed, in some ways, GDA resembles a commune or kibbutz, where 
relationships are intimate and all-encompassing. Here, everyone works not just for self but for others. Here, the sense of com- 
mitment, mutual responsibility and caring is the standard by which we nurture each other. 

The value of such an environment is immeasurable. What it offers in terms of a sense of security, belonging, and trust can 
only make us all stronger people. The strengths we gain from living and working in such a unique setting help us to better 
become citizens of the larger global community that is our world. The sense of responsibility we feel for each other can and 
must, I believe, be extrapolated to become our role outside of Byfield, New England, even the United States. 

As many of you know, last spring I challenged our faculty to study the possibilities for global education. Our fall faculty 
in-service day featured a keynote address by Dr. Christopher Shaw, Director of the International Academic Partnership, who 
outlined various strategies and approaches that other secondary schools are pursuing in this area. The GDA Language 
Department will be studying the possibility of introducing an Asian or Middle Eastern language to our program. The History 
Department will be re-vamping the freshman curriculum to include non- western components. A committee has been empan- 
elled to investigate foreign exchange possibilities. History teacher Perry Nelson returned from his extended trip to Africa hav- 
ing established contacts with schools in Kenya with which we might initiate exchanges. Other ideas for sending GDA students 
to various parts of the world for a semester, a year, or even a few weeks, will be explored. 

Living here at GDA offers us all so much. We are all stronger, more centered people for the support we gain from spend- 
ing 24/7 with people of common goals and shared responsibilities. The risk, of course, is that we become complacent, even 
insulated from what goes on beyond our walls. That will not happen at GDA, however, because of the commitment we have to 
preparing our students for the world of the 21st century, a world in which they will need to understand and communicate with 
people from all over the globe, people who may have different belief systems, different histories, and different cultures than their 
own. We at GDA are ready for this challenge, ready because it is the same challenge, albeit distinguished by a new time in his- 
tory, that we have met for 243 years. 

X^ ^.0,^)^ 

John M. Doggett Jr. 

2 'HwArchon — Fall 2005 

Development Develop m e n t s 

Front row from left to right; Lori Correale, Sandy Keyes, 

Jackie Mercer. Back row from left to right; Martha Leonard Delay, 

Peter Bragdon, Dorothea Suggs, Mike Moonves P'82 

Office of Development and 
Alumni Relations Re-Organizes 

New Director of Advancement Lori Correale, who joined the 
Office of Development and Alumni Relations in May of 2005, hopes 
the new organization in the department will better serve the needs of 
alumni, parents, and the entire the Academy. The goal is to foster 
stronger relationships between the school and its constituents, and 
among alumni and past and present parents. 

Associate Director of Advancement Mike Moonves has agreed to 
add alumni relations to his responsibilities. In this role, he will enhance 
and develop the existing program of alumni events as well as develop 
GDA alumni chapters where major concentrations of alumni reside. 
Mike will also continue to work with GDA's current and past parents 
on annual fundraising for the Parents Fund. 

Sandy Keyes will continue to serve as Office Manager and Events 
Coordinator but also will work with Mike on the implementation of 
our alumni and parent events. By the way, congratulations to Sandy 
on 25 years of outstanding service to the Academy. 

As for the rest of the team, Martha Leonard Delay is back from 
maternity leave and at the helm of our Annual Fund, as well as serv- 
ing as a Planned Giving Advisor; Dorothea Suggs presides over the 
number crunching in the office as well as website business, as Database 
Administrator/Website Senior Specialist; and Jacqueline Mercer con- 
tinues as Assistant to the Director of Advancement. A new staff mem- 
ber, Mattew Heath, will soon join the team as an externally-focused 
fundraiser for GDA working with alumni to build financial support 
for the school's key initiatives. Matt, a graduate of Connecticut 
College, has worked in education and sales for the past few years. 

Raffle Winners 

Janet A. Weedon P'04 was the lucky winner of the 
spring raffle sponsored by the Alumni Council to benefit the 
GDA Athletic Hall of Fame. The prize package included two 
Monster seat tickets to the July 23 Red Sox vs. Yankees 
game, a limousine ride to the park, and dinner at The 
Beerworks. Janet is pictured enjoying the day with her son, 
Nils Jacob Weedon '04. 

Athletic Hall of Fame 
Honors Five at Induction 

The biennial induction into the Governor Dummer 
Academy Athletic Hall of Fame was held on campus on 
November 11-12. The 2005 inductees are Howard J. 
"Buster" Navins '31, C. Nelson Corey '35, Franklin "Fritz" 
Freeman '48, Michael K. Mulligan 71, and Julia L. Duff '80. 
They were honored at a special dinner and reception and at 
halftime of the Belmont Hill football game. "The academy is 
proud to have such outstanding athletes and coaches among 
its graduates," commented Director of Alumni Relations 
Mike Moonves. 

TheArchon -* Fall 2005 3 

development developments 

Pete Buccella "98 and Steve Shapiro '74 

Rick Stram '83 John Stram P'83.'85;87, Bob Rex '53, Don Rice "52 

The GDA Fall Golf Classic 

More than 100 alumni, past and present parents, and friends enjoyed a great 
day of camaraderie and golf at the GDA Fall Golf Classic on September 28, 2005 
at the Essex County Club in Manchester-By-the-Sea, Massachusetts. The pro- 
ceeds of the event will support the school's Athletic Hall of Fame which celebrated 
its second biennial induction ceremony on November 11-12. Dean of Faculty 
Bill Quigley, Alumni Council President Jim Deveney '60 and Chair of the Athletic 
Hall of Fame Committee, Marc Tucker '68, were on hand to thank the attendees 
for their support. 

Kathv Hines P'08, '09 and Sue Durkin P'08. '09 

Reunion '06 

Mark your calendars, l's and 6's, 

because Reunion is just around the 

corner on June 9-11, 2006. 

If you are interested in assisting with your class 

reunion plans, please contact Mike Moonves 

in the Development Office at 

(978) 499-3152 or 

4 Hu Archon — Fall 2005 

Molly Prinn'95 and Kara Moheban McLoy'£ 

Alumni Council Hosts Third 
Annual Alumni Networking 

Derek Ambrosi '93, Senior Editor with Orbit and recent winner of 
three Emmys for sports editing, was the keynote speaker at the third 
annual Networking Forum for Seniors, sponsored by the GDA 
Alumni Council on September 24. He spoke about his career as a 
film editor and shared a video about his extensive and exciting work 
in the field. 

A panel of alumni, moderated by Council Treasurer Chris D'Orio 
'88, talked with students about a wide spectrum of different careers 
including medicine, law, education, finance, writing and marketing. 
Panel members were: 

• Todd Bairstow, '91, Founder and Writer, 

Keyword Advisors 

• Kara Moheban McLoy, '88, Attorney, 
Holland & Knight 

• Molly Prinn, '95, GDA faculty, History Department 

• Brian Rybicki, '96, Financial Advisor, Ameriprise 

• Eric Whittier, '95, Resident, Maine Medical Center 

Our thanks to all of these graduates who shared their time and 
expertise with our seniors. 

Ambrosi Tells His Story 

Derek Ambrosi answered some questions 
put to him by Jen O'Leary '05. 

How did you feel about receiving three 
Sports Emmys? 

I was most excited about the one I won for Best Editing 
because that was an individual achievement. The other 
two were as part of a team. For me, it seemed impossible 
that I was at the level where I could even be nominated 
for something like an Emmy. I was nominated twice in 
the editing category and that felt like a win because I 
didn't expect it. Of the six editing nominations, I 
personally received two of them. That was a pretty big 
deal. When I actually won, I was proud and very sur- 

continued on page 6 

TheArchon w Fall 2005 5 

development developments 

continured from page 5 

Wliat are your plans for future work? 

I'll be cutting Alicia Keyes: Unplugged for MTV, and other work for 
CBS, Sci-Fi, and MTV. 

How did yon get started in the television busi- 

While I was at NYU Film school, I was working part time at a 
company called AVID as a technician. While there I learned the 
software and by the time I graduated I already had a job as a low 
level editor at a small New York post house named Kranmar's. I 
left there and went freelance for seven years. After a year at Lome 
Michael's company Broadway Video, I found a better fit at a new 
company called Orbit. Guess that's more than just how I got 

Wliat is the best part about working in televi- 

The best part of working in this industry is the people you meet 
both in front of and behind the camera. I have done projects with 
Jay-Z, Russell Simmons, Dashboard Confessional, and worked 
closely with Will Smith for a summer special a few years ago. Now 
with Orbit, I am seeing more and more film people from Steven 
Soderberg to Darren Aronofsky For me that is very exciting. 

What was your favorite aspect of GDA life? 

I was a day student, so I'm not sure I'm qualified to answer. I guess 
it may sound dumb, but the things I remember are singing at the 
Guild, meeting and dating my future wife, being on a team, being 
in plays... things that don't have much to do with academics. 

Do you have any advice for students wanting to 
go into a similar field? 

Advice? I don't know. I won three sports Emmys and I'm really 
not much of a sports fan. It's a funny business. I have been work- 
ing for an executive producer this past week who has never owned 
a TV! How is that possible? I would say to work hard, try to get 
in the company of people whose work you respect, learn from 
them and always try to put your own twist on things. Also, confi- 
dence is the key. If you believe you can do it, others will believe 
you can as well. And always eat your vegetables... 
I'll put it like this. ..When I was a junior, I wasn't doing well in 
American History class, and my teacher, Mr. Williams, was notori- 
ously difficult. At the end of the year (his last year as a teacher, it 
turned out) he came up to me and said the following: 'You can 
do it, you just need to stop messing around and do it!" Then he 
gave a very firm handshake and was off. He was right. Confidence 
and dedication is what you need to make it. 

What are some of your other interests outside of 
television and film? 

I love music. Movies and music are my focus. My wife Kristen 
(Hand, Class of '93 also) and I have two great kids. My job takes 
up a lot of time, so just getting to hang out with them is great fun, 

Wliat was your experience like at GDA and 
how did it prepare you for your work now? 

GDA instilled confidence in myself. I liked the freedom I had to 
pursue my interests from sports to theater to rocking out at the 
Guild. It was an environment with a lot of possibilities. Also, some 
teachers there were great at making you feel like you had a talent. I 
think it is important for people to be made to feel like they are 
good at something; people like Mr. Rybicki, Mr. Searles, Mr. 
Williams, Mr. Stowens, Mr.Wann, Mr. Lenane and others were a 
huge influence. 

Editorial Note: In an effort to be sensitive to 
gender considerations, in the recent past we have 
used " alumnae /i" to denote our aggregate of grad- 
uates. The American Heritage Dictionary of the 
Englisli Language states that while, technically, the 
plural of "alumnus" is "alumni" and the plural of 
"alumna" is "alumnae," "coeducational institu- 
tions usually use 'alumni' for graduates of both 
sexes," while some women's schools who now 
admit men continue to use "alumuae/i. " Since we 
find "alumnae /i" rather cumbersome to say and 
read, we arc returning to the use of "alumni. " 

(, HicArchon ~ Fall 2<MiS 

campus news 

Short T a ke s 

Artist/Illustrator Exhibits 

The paintings of Tom Cooke were on exhibit in theYoungman Gallery of Kaiser Art 
Center from October 21 to November 18. If you ask Tom Cooke, "Can you tell me how 
to get to Sesame Street?," he will quickly tell you. Cooke worked closely with Jim Henson 
for over 20 years, and illustrated nearly 200 books for the Muppets and Sesame Street. 
Since suffering a stroke in October 1994, which left him with the use of his right hand 
only, he has turned to his other artistic interest - painting landscapes and architecture 
inspired by his travels worldwide. 

Biographer of 
Anne Bradstreet 
Speaks at GDA 

GDA and The Book Rack 

in downtown Newburyport 

co-hosted Charlotte Gordon 

for an author reading on 

October 18 in the Performing 

Arts Center at GDA. 

Gordon is the author of 
Mistress Bradstreet: The Untold 
Life of America's First Poet, a 
biography of Anne 

Bradstreet. The book is not 
only a gripping story of a woman and poet 
of great feeling but also a rich and complex 
portrait of early America, the Puritans, and 
the trials and values whose legacy continues 
to shape our country to the present day. 
Bradstreet was the first published poet, male 
or female, to emerge from the wilderness of 
the New World. 

It is fitting that Charlotte Gordon 
brought Mistress Bradstreet to Governor 
Dummer since Anne Bradstreet was the aunt 
of Catherine Dummer, wife of GDA's 
founder, William Dummer. 

Four Chosen for 
Select Hockey 

Four Governor Dummer students partici- 
pated in USA Hockey's Select 17 Festival at the 
National Hockey Center on the campus of St. 
Cloud State University in St. Cloud, MN in July. 
The camp was comprised of the 240 best 17-year- 
old players in the U.S. chosen through regional 
district tryouts. Juniors Brian Day of Danvers and 
Jack dayman of Beverly represented the 
Massachusetts District while juniors Owen 
Carpino of Nashua, NH and Jason Michaud of 
Kennebunk, ME represented the New England 

TheArchon em Fall 2005 7 

campus news 

Katrina Relief 


GDA Aids 
Katrina Relief 

Students, faculty and staff joined 
together in several efforts to help those 
affected by Hurricane Katrina in 
September. As soon as the school 
year began, the administration 
joined with other ISL schools to 
offer spots to students in the South 
who were displaced by the hurri- 
cane. Unfortunately, this never 
came to fruition, since most stu- 
dents ended up remaining 'with 
their families during this devastating time. 

On another front, the school's commu- 
nications department, headed by Judith 
Klein and Christie Rawlins-Jackson, spear- 
headed a project with the help of the school 
newspaper's staff. They designed a green and 
white bumper sticker featuring the 
Mississippi and Louisiana state flower, the 
magnolia, and the words "Katrina Relief. We 
Care." The newspaper staff sold the stickers 
on campus for $5 each with all proceeds 

going to the Cantor Fitzgerald Relief Fund 
and Boston's Hurricane Katrina Relief 
Fund, organizations that give 100 percent of 
donations to victims, withholding none for 
administrative costs. The stickers were also 
available at some area stores and schools. 
Printing costs were contributed by Defiance 
Graphics in Rowley, MA. At press time, sales 
of the bumper stickers had raised $2,450 for 
the relief effort. Stickers are still available. To 
receive one by mail, send $5 and a self- 
addressed stamped business envelope to 
Communications Department, GDA, 1 Elm 
St., Byfield, MA. For more information, call 

In another effort, stu- 
dents Marisa Frey '06 and 
Colin DiGuiseppe '07, 
heads of GDA's Project 
Outreach, spearheaded a 
drive to collect textbooks 
to send to the Gulf. Fifty- 
five cartons were trans- 
ported to a warehouse in 
Norwood where they were then trucked to 
schools in Louisiana and Mississippi affected 
by the hurricane. 

A bake sale under their direction 
raised more than $500 for the Red Cross; 
NEXO, a GDA organization of primarily 
Hispanic/Latino students committed to cul- 
tural awareness and an appreciation of diver- 
sity, contributed an additional $140 to the 
Red Cross from a bake sale it held last 

in Kaiser 

Photographs by Vin 
Manzi '02 went on display in 
the Youngman Gallery of 
Kaiser Art Center on 
September 23. Many faculty 
and students attended a 
reception with the artist. 

Cum Laude Names 
New Members 

Congratulations to seniors Mary A. 
Boadu of Bronx, NY; Hyunwoo Cho of 
Seoul, Korea; Charles L. Grant of 
Boxford, MA; Sarah B. Harmeling of 
North Reading, MA; Ki Young Kim of 
Taejeon, Korea; Mackenzie J. Pelletier of 
Peabody, MA; Mark C. Rinaldi of West 
Boylston, MA; and Dana E. Vancisin of 
Hamilton, MA, who were recently 
elected Membership Designates to the 
Governor Dummer Academy Chapter of 
the national Cum Laude Society. They 
received the honor based on maintaining 
a minimum 3.3 weighted GPA through 
the end of their junior year and standing 
in the top ten percent of their class, as well 
as exhibiting behavior at the Academy 
"worthy of the honor of Cum Laude" and 
that reflects "credit upon the chapter." 

Seniors Named 



Seniors Alexander Crosett of North 
Andover, Charles Grant of Boxford, 
Kathryn Malleck of Andover and Emily 
Mello of Lynnfield were recently named 
Commended Students in the 2006 
National Merit Scholarship Program. 
They placed among the top five percent 
of the 1.3 million students nationwide 
who entered the competition by taking 
the 2004 Preliminary SAT/National 
Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test. 
About 34,000 students throughout the 
nation are recognized for their excep- 
tional academic promise. 

H ThcArchcm ~ Fall 20' )S 

Grad Releases 

Alums Named 

Lax Captains 

Two GDA alums were recently named 
captains of their college lacrosse teams. John 
Leonard '03, former captain of GDA football 
and lacrosse, was recently elected captain of 
the University of Vermont lacrosse team. 
John is a junior at UVM and hails from 
Woolwich, ME. 

J.J. Morrissey '02 of Winchester, MA, 
one of only a handful University ofVirginia 
seniors to play in every game since freshman 
year, was elected captain of the UVA men's 
lacrosse team. 

amissions Update 

Nat Baldwin '99 just released a debut 
mini-album, "Lights Out," with eight orig- 
inal songs performed solo, with Nat on bass 
and providing vocals. As one reviewer com- 
mented, "Baldwin takes all-too-familiar 
impulses and stretches them to desperate 
conclusions." For more information about 
Nat's upcoming shows please click 

GDA DVD Debuts 
to Rave Reviews 

A new DVD, produced by Boston 
Productions of Norwood, shows in pictures 
and words what makes GDA so special. 
Footage of students on stage, on the playing 
fields, in the dorms and the 
classroom, combined with 
explanatory voiceovers, 
offer a fast-paced and 
entertaining look at life in 
South Byfield. Headmaster 
Marty Doggett gives his view 
of a Governor Dummer educa- 
tion; student-made films add a quirky touch; 
and "Easter eggs" are the hidden treasure for 
the careful viewer. Want a copy of your own? 
Contact the Communications Department 
at 978-499-3236 

Singer Serenades 
GDA Audience 

Josee Vachon, who has been making a 
name for herself in the Franco-American 
communities of the Northeast for over 20 
years, performed at GDA on November 10 
as part of the school's celebration of the 
Year ol Languages in Massachusetts. A 
Quebec native transplanted to central Maine 
as a child, Josee's traditional and original 
songs in French feature her warm, 
engaging humor and upbeat rhythms. She 
has recorded nine solo albums in French, 
in addition to two CDs with Franco- 
American folk group, Chanterelle. Her lat- 
est, "Deracinee - uprooted," features songs 
from Josee's childhood: "Le p'tit cordon- 
nier" (The little shoemaker); "Tu maries ma 
fille" (First you marry my daughter, then 
you don't); along with contemporary songs, 
"Ah! Que l'hiver" (How winter is long) and 
"Du pain et des roses" (Quebec's version of 
"Bread and Roses"), plus two originals 
about language and cultural struggles with 

One hundred and twelve eager new 
students joined us in September. Together, 
with our returning students, they form our 
student body of 375. Our new students hail 
from as far away as Japan, England and San 
Francisco, and as near as Byfield. Twenty- 
five are children of alumni. 

Prospective students for the coming 
year have begun to visit campus, and 
admission office personnel have been on 
the road following up with prospects, 
attending school fairs, visiting feeder 
schools, and networking with members of 
the extended GDA family. 

We hope to see many alumni on our 
trips to meet prospective students. Check 
our calendar on the Admission page of the 
website ( and let us know if 
you're where we're going. We also always 
welcome referrals from our alumni. If you 
are aware of a potential prospect, and 
would like to have information about GDA 
sent to them, please contact Director 
of Admission Peter Bidstrup at 978-499- 
3182 or send him an email at pbid- 

TheArchon «* Fall 2005 9 

Bert's Up At GDA\ 

HoVtwbtl 2005 

• Friday, November 11 

• Saturday, November 12 

• Sunday, November 13 

• Wednesday, November 23 

DeCejvibeJL 2005 

• Thursday, December 1 

• Friday, December 2 

• Saturday, December 3 

• Thursday, December 8 

• Friday, December 9 

• Thursday, December 15 

Januaia) 2006 

• Friday, January 6 

• Sunday, January 8 

• Friday, January 13 

• Monday, January 16 

• Thursday, January 26 

• Friday, January 27 

• Sunday, January 29 

^febnuaiiL) 2006 

• Friday, February 3 

• Saturday, February 4 

• Tuesday, February 7 

• Friday, February 17 

• Saturday, February 18 

• Sunday, February 19 

• Thursday, February 23 

• Friday, February 24 

• Saturday, February 25 

• Tuesday, February 28 


Athletic Hall of Fame Dinner 

Tailgate Party 

Symphony by the Sea in PAC 

Young Alumni Milestone Event, The Grog, Newburyport 

Holiday Gathering, The Harvard Club, Boston; 

Speakers Series: Peter Guralnick, biographer of Elvis and 

Sam Cooke 

Trustee Weekend 

Trustee Weekend 

Remis Gallery Recital: Artist TBA 

Remis Gallery Opening: "Three Potters and Others"; 
Student Vocal and Instrumental Holiday Concert 

Candlelight Service in Moseley Chapel 

Remis Gallery Opening: Holocaust Art by Aileen Maconi 

Winter Alumni Games and Reception 

Faculty/Staff Drama Production 

Martin Luther King Special Assembly 

Remis Gallery Recital: Monica Duncan, clarinet soloist 

Faculty/Staff Hoop Challenge 

Symphony by the Sea in PAC 

Trustee Weekend 

Trustee Weekend 

Spirituality Convocation 

Winter Parents Weekend 

Soup's On Benefit 

Remis andYoungman gallery openings 

Musical: "Little Shop of Horrors" 

Musical: "Little Shop of Horrors" 

Musical: "Little Shop of Horrors" 

Remis Gallery Recital: Artist TBA 

Student Dance Concert 

Student Dance Concert 

Student Voice Concert 

• Friday, March 10 

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.plut 2006 

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10 HieArchon • Fall 2005 

Great Chefs Night (Community Benefit) 

Fireman's Ball (Community Benefit) 

Remis Gallery Opening: Anne White and Lee Rowan 

Remis andYoungman gallery openings 

Student Vocal and Instrumental Concert 

GDA Celebrates 
Opening of New 
Student Center 

Jen Tomich '08 

Common Book/ Without Walls Program with author 
Homer Hickam 

Imagine a bright, airy building with alii 
the comforts of home and then some. 

Imagination became reality with the 
opening of the new student center at GDA, 
officially the Peter Marshall French Building, 
on September 26. The idea for the enlarged 
and improved student center was nurtured in 
the late fall of 2004, according to GDA's 
Chief Financial Officer Richard Savage, and 
the design was a collaboration of ideas by the 
architect, the French family, the Building and 
Grounds Committee of the Board of 
Trustees, and the Dean's Office, with inputi 
from the bookstore and food service person- 

The new air-conditioned center, which 
is large enough to hold all members of the 
GDA community, includes one great room, 
two large common rooms, classrooms, offices, 
the school book store, and a snack bar. There 
are two gas fireplaces, one 60-inch and one 
42-inch plasma television, five computer sta- 
tions, a digital messaging board, and several 
laptop computers in the bookstore for use byi 
students using a wireless internet system. The 
outside features a landscaped courtyard and a 
fieldstone wall. 

The new center offers a great meeting 
place for students. "It adds to weekend life for 
both boarders and day students," says Dean of: 
Students Lynda Fitzgerald. "It's good to see 
our students in the building studying and 
socializing together." Director of Student 
Activities Tim Weir concurs. "The center cre- 
ates a central place for students to hang out, 
which helps build a better sense of commu- 
nity," he says. 

Perhaps the biggest fans are the students. 
Their enthusiastic comments include: 

"It's beautiful." 

"It has a nice feeling to it." 

"It's comfy!" 

"It has a nice, sunny feeling to it." 

"I'm happy that it stays open late so that: 
a group of us can hang out and watch the| 

This is the third addition to the student 
center since its original construction in 1978, 
which was funded by the French family. The 
new two million dollar addition could not 
have been accomplished without internal 
funding, the Phillips Fund, and the French 
family according to Savage. 


The Board of Trustees convened on 
October 7-8 for its annual fall meeting. 
While no final decision was made at the 
meeting concerning a name change, two 
presentations added to the discussion. 

The first was by Don Werner, chair of 
the Advisory Committee composed of 
trustees, alumni, faculty, staff, students and 
parents. After six months of careful study, 
the Advisory Board completed its work at 
its final meeting on September 18. Please 
go to the Name Change page on the web- 
site,, to read the Advisory 
Committee's report. 

The second presentation, by the 
Marketing Committee, summarized the 
responses to the questionnaire enclosed 
with "Looking to the Academy's Future: A 
Report on the Proposed Name Change," 
the booklet distributed to all 8,065 con- 
stituents of the GDA community at the 
end of August. Below is an abridged ver- 
sion of the Marketing Committee's report 
to the Trustees. The entire text is also avail- 
able on the website. 

Readers were asked to circle on a 
five-point scale their response to three 
questions, and space was provided for 
written comments in response to a fourth, 
open-ended question. In summarizing the 
feedback received from alumni, students, 
parents, faculty, and staff, it is interesting to 
note that percentages of both constituent 
distribution and numerical responses on 
the scale remained nearly the same week 
after week since the earliest returns. As of 
October 6, 2005, roughly ten percent of 
our community - 775 constituents - 


An overwhelming majority of 
respondents indicated that they have full 
understanding of the issues outlined in the 
booklet (question 1) and recognize the 
benefits of maintaining a diverse student 
body that draws from beyond our region 
(question 2). A significant majority also 
recognizes that the current name does not 
help admissions, with 74 percent circling a 
number less than 3, compared with only 17 
percent circling a number greater than 3. 

The three questions asked were: 

Question 1 : After reading and considering 
this report, do you feel you now under- 
stand the issues driving the name change 
proposal? (1 = I fully understand the issue 
presented, 5 = I do not understand the 

Question 2: Do you agree the GDA expe- 
rience is enriched for all members of our 
community when we enroll boarding stu- 
dents from a wide variety of backgrounds, 
cultures, and regions? (1 — I fully agree, 5 
= I strongly disagree) 

Question 3: After reviewing this report, do 
you think that our name is an impediment 
to the recruitment of qualified applicants 
who are unfamiliar with Governor 
Dummer Academy? (1 ■= Yes the name is 
an impediment, 5 = "Dummer" helps 

According to those with the strongest 
feelings about the impact of the school's 

current name, six to one, the majority of 
respondents believe "Dummer" is an 
impediment to the recruitment of quali- 
fied applicants unfamiliar with GDA. 

From the 775 returns, 620 responded 
to question 4 by including written com- 
ments on their questionnaire. Not surpris- 
ingly, there is a high correlation between 
numerical response to question 3 and the 
"for" or "against" positions expressed in 
response to questions 4. 

The Board will continue to consider 
the thoughtful counsel received from the 
community as it continues to weigh this 
issue. The Board expressed its appreciation 
to all those whose enthusiasm and love of 
the Academy contributed to the active 
exchange of ideas. "We clearly are an 
invigorated community committed to 
positioning the Academy toward a strong 
and stable future. We have much to cele- 
brate, and we should all feel proud to call 
ourselves members of the GDA family," 
said Board President Dan Morgan. 

To view the complete reports, go to the Name 

Change page at 

To receive a hard copy of either report, call 


The Archon *» Fall 2005 1 1 

New Faces on Campus 

Maura Lang '07 

Three new faculty members are among the fresh faces at GDA this year. Raymond Long, GDA graduate and 
recipient of the Morse Flag in 1996, returns to GDA to teach math, coach, and be a dorm parent in Phillips. Allie 
Cooper and Megan Loosigian joined the community for one year as interns. Cooper works in admissions, will coach 
three seasons, and serves as a dorm parent in Moody and Pierce. Loosigian, a Spanish teacher, will also coach three sea- 
sons, and is a dorm parent in Moody. 


Raymond Long 

Hometown: Lynn, MA (City of Sin) 

College: Dartmouth College 

Hobbies: Drawing, buying music, cooking, reading 

Pets: Black lab /chow mix named Nubian at my mom's house 

Favorite Movie: The Last Dragon 

Favorite Food: Fried chicken 

Favorite Place: The Brother Jimmy's on the Upper West Side in NYC during Tuesday night karaoke 

when my girl Ashley is working 

Favorite Sport: To watch football, to play basketball 

Favorite Sports Team: Patriots 

First Impressions of GDA: I graduated from here, so some things are the same for me in terms of 

how students act. Still getting used to referring to the faculty by their first names, though. 

Something you hope to do at GDA this year: Figure out how to grade Algebra II homework in 

under an hour 

Random fact about yourself that not many people here would know: I'm an aspiring DJ...just 

got to learn how to beat match 

Allie Cooper 

Hometown: Potsdam, NY is where I grew up. but I five in Wolfeboro, NH now at Brewster Academy 

College: RPI 

Hobbies: Hockey, working out, running, knitting, outdoor activities 

Pets: Dog-Britney Springer Spaniel named Tess 

Favorite Movie: Old School 

Favorite Food: Anything my dad cooks 

Favorite Place: Hockey rink 

Favorite Sport: Ice hockey 

Favorite Sports Team: Baseball: Yankees, Hockey: Calgary Flames; Football: Pats 

First Impressions of GDA: Warm, friendly and welcoming. 

Something you hope to do at GDA this year: Get to know lots of people, recruit lots of kids to 

come to GDA and win lots of games! 

Random fact about yourself that not many people here would know: I have an older 

brother named Adam 

Megan Loosigian 

Hometown: Exeter, NH 

College: Colby College 

Hobbies: Hiking, Rowing. Skiing. Woodworking. Kayaking 

Pets: None at the moment, but I lived with six dogs this summer. One of the German shepherd puppies 

is named after me! 

Favorite Movie: The Sting 

Favorite Food: I love food. All food, except artichoke hearts and blue cheese dressing. 

Favorite Place: Montevideo, Uruguay and my cabin in Maine 

Favorite Sport: Rowing 

Favorite Sports Team: Boston Red Sox, of course. 

First Impressions of GDA: GDA is a very close conununity where everyone takes very good care of 

each other. 

Something you hope to do at GDA this year: I want to have a ton of fun and learn a lot from my 

students. I also want to train for a marathon... but we'll see. 

Random fact about yourself that not many people here would know: I'm a Division III 

National Champion for Women's Rowing, but I think people already know that. It is something I am 

very proud of. I also built my own wooden rowing shell. In the summer I do landscaping work... 

12 II, Arrlwn -» FaD 



Just off Route One, a little north of the 
main entrance to GDA, a tiny country road 
quickly becomes dirt in a secluded corner 
of the campus. A short walk on an over- 
grown path brings the visitor to a sunlit 
field with birdhouses along its periphery 
and three lush garden patches. At least six 
varieties of tomatoes, basil plants that seem 
destined to touch the sky, rosemary, thyme, 
pumpkins, scallop squash, marigolds, hot 
peppers, eggplants, lettuce, and sunflowers 
all grow under the careful tending of Peter 
Swift, a member of the school's Buildings 
and Grounds Department. 

This is the second year of Swift's 
organic campus garden, the first he's 
worked with Director of Dining Services 
David Alonzi to provide food for the 
kitchen. Planting four different plots on a 

half acre, his goal was to supply as much 
food as possible to the kitchen and to 
donate food ripe in the school's closed sea- 
son to local soup kitchens. By his own 
measure, he was pretty successful; his gar- 
den, grown from seeds purchased by Dining 
Services, yielded about 300 pounds of 
tomatoes, 30 to 40 pounds of carrots, 100 
pounds of pumpkins, 30 pounds of gourds, 
enough basil to keep the freezers full for the 
winter, and some undetermined amounts of 
the other vegetables. At press time, a frisky 
rabbit was threatening Swift's fall lettuce 

He plans to present a tally of the 
amount of money his garden has saved the 
kitchen. The challenge, as he sees it, is to 
produce as much as possible during the 
spring and fall when school is in session. 

Ultimately, he'd like to see some students 
get involved. "It's a beautiful spot out 
there," he says with a farmer's pride. "It's a 
great place to take walks, walk the dog, be 
in nature. And it's a phenomenal bird sanc- 
tuary." He hopes others will soon share his 
enthusiasm for this hideaway on campus. As 
a history buff, as well as gardener, Swift 
loves the idea of the school returning to its 
roots (pun intended). After all, in the early 
years of the Academy, farming on campus 
helped defray the operating costs of the 

Swift's garden is just one of the efforts 
on campus to become more ecologically 

TheArchoi, 9- Fall 2005 13 

What's in the Kitchen... 

Head of Dining Services David Alonzi has initiated discussions 
about a host of other environmental issues, including composting 
food from the dining hall and using it to fertilize Swift's garden. 
Composting would significantly reduce the school's solid waste 
while helping Swift's garden grow. Buildings and Grounds Head 
Don Millard is all in favor of composting. Only some logistics stand 
in the way: a truck would have to be designated for this purpose and 
the Department of Environmental Protection needs to give its final 
okay for the garden and determine an acceptable location in con- 
sideration of the wetlands. 

Inside the dining hall, Alonzi has made several adjustments in 
purchasing. He now provides organic soy milk, organic pea shoots, 
non-hydrogenated oil for cooking, and napkins made from 
unbleached 100% recycled fiber. New refrigerator equipment is air- 
cooled rather than water cooled, which saves on water. The kitchen 
also recycles all cans, glass and cardboard. He hopes soon to purchase 
fair trade coffee. 

Red Hubbard Squash Soup 

Recipe By Art Warfel , Sous Chef, Governor Dummer Academy 

Serving Size: 8 
Preparation Time: 15:00 

4 pounds hubbard squash - peeled and seeded 

1 quart vegetable broth 

4 ounces brown sugar, packed 

4 ounces maple syrup 

1 teaspoon kosher salt 

2 teaspoons cinnamon 
1 teaspoon nutmeg 
8 ounces orange juice 
8 ounces heavy cream 

hubbard squash seeds, roasted 

1. Bring vegetable broth to simmer in an eight-quart sauce pan. 
2. Cut squash into 1" cubes; add to broth. Simmer for 15 minutes or until tender. 

3. Add cinnamon, nutmeg, salt, maple syrup, and brown sugar; simmer until sugar dissolves. 

4. Remove from heat and puree with hand blender. When smooth, return to stove and add orange juice. 

5. Adjust seasonings, bring back to a simmer and stir in heavy cream. Remove from heat and serve immediately. 

6. Garnish with roasted Hubbard squash seeds 

Xutritional Analysis: Per Serving (excluding unknown items): 376 Calories; I4g Fat (31.0% calories from fat); 8g Protein; 6lo Carbohydrate; 2g 
Dietary Fiber; 40mg Cholesterol; t082mg Sodium. Exchanges: 2 Grain (Starch); Fruit; Non-Fat Milk; 2 1/2 Fat; 1 1/2 Other Carbohydrates. 

Running on Gas... Not 

GDA teacher Peter Kazarinoff has another use for Alonzi's non-hydrogenated 
oil. "I want students to learn how a car works, how energy is used, and how renew- 
able energy can be used so that we can stop being dependent on fossil fuels," he 
explained. This fall, he and his sophomore ChemCom (Chemistry in the 
Community) class converted a donated car to run on vegetable oil as its fuel. The 
Mercedes Benz 350, given to the Academy through the car dealership of David and 
Clair Cushman P'05'08, usually runs on diesel fuel, remarkably similar to vegetable 
oil in chemical composition. Now, when the car first starts, the diesel fuel still pow- 
ers it. Once it has warmed up, heated coolant is pumped through the car. The 
coolant heats up a tank filled with vegetable oil located in the trunk of the car. After 
the oil is heated, the driver can flip a switch and convert the car to run on used veg- 
etable oil from the GDA kitchen. When ready to stop, the driver flips the switch 
back to diesel in order to pump all of the oil out of the lines. "The car has about 
the same mileage and about the same horsepower as a regular car," says Kazarinoff. 
As for the emissions, instead of inhaling diesel fumes, passersby experience an olfac- 
tory experience, whiffing the aromas of whatever was cooking in Alonzi's kitchen 
that day. 

Buildings and 
Grounds Does Its 

Jack Lamson '07 and Elizabeth Warren '08 contributed to the section of this 
article on the vegetable oil-powered car. 

Buildings and Grounds Director Don 
Millard and his staff have also been busy institut- 
ing equipment and policies that are good for the 
environment. Last year, Millard asked people on 
campus to turn off lights and televisions when 
leaving a room, close windows and doors, turn 
down thermostats when homes or dorms are not 
occupied, conserve water by taking shorter 
showers, report toilets that continue to run after 
flushing, and shift shower times to evening hours 
when possible to ease the work of the treatment 
plant. He reported that the energy conservation 
really paid off. Heating oil costs were down 
approximately 15 percent and the electrical kilo- 
watt hours were down 15 percent. In addition, 
the community reduced the daily water flow to 
the treatment plant on average 10,000 to 12,000 
gals per day. 

Last spring, the B&G department started 
using organic fertilizers on all the school's sports 
fields. "The environmental protection agency 
estimates that over 140 million pounds of toxic 
chemicals and pesticides are used annually in pur- 
suit of the perfect lawn," Millard explained. "Not 
only are they harmful to us, the chemicals kill the 
organisms in the soil that provide the healthy 
environment our grass needs to grow." By con- 
trast, organic fertilizers feed the soil and let the 
soil feed the plant. Having this healthy environ- 
ment encourages the beneficial micro-organisms 
to live in the soil. The product now used is called 
Renaissance fertilizer, a soybean/feather meal- 
based product. 

Lastly, B&G constructed a new recycling 
shed in the rear of the field house over the sum- 
mer. On August 1 , collection totes were placed in 
the buildings and recycling posters were put up 
with recycling guidelines explained. — JK g 

TheArchon -* Fall 2005 15 

Global Education 

Christopher L. Shaw, Ph.D. 

On September 6, 2005, Christopher L. 
Shaw, Ph.D., Director of the International 
Academic Partnership, spoke to the GDA 
faculty about global education. Tiie LAP is 
dedicated to building global citizens 
through teacher training and curriculum 
development. It is a partnership of four 
institutions: Phillips Academy, Andover; the Aga Khan Education 
Service which operates 350 K-I3 schools in ten countries, Aga 
Khan University's graduate school of education;, and the Salem 
School in southern Germany. The LAP has trained more than 
1000 teacliers across virtually all subject areas, and developed cur- 
ricula in Islamic Cultural Studies, African Studies and Global 
Economics. Following is an abridged version of his speech to the 

The conversation you are having on this campus is the same 
conversation that is occurring in schools across the US and 
around the world. I would like to pose three questions for 
consideration that I hope will help inform that conversa- 
tion. They concern petroleum, MTV and hope. 

#1: What does it take to operate in a world of oil @ 

How do we prepare kids to live in ways that we can barely 
imagine? The problem here, as you know, is truly one of 
demand outstripping supply Global oil consumption 
increased 3.2% in 2004, the largest increase in 16 years; 
China's use increased 11% last year, and is now #2 in the 
world. The Chinese thirst for energy has generated perhaps 
the most controversial dam project in the world. The Three 
Gorges Dam, nearing completion, will submerge 13 cities, 
displace millions of Chinese citizens, and generate only a 
fraction of the hydropower that China's leaders are seeking 
to sustain its double-digit growth for another generation. 

The good news of SlOO/bbl oil is that investment in alter- 
native fuels will become, probably for the first time, finan- 
cially sound. The global wind industry, for example, has 
already roughly doubled its capacity since 2001. employs 
more than 100.000 people worldwide, operates in 65 coun- 
tries, and, in India (also a rapidly growing nation, and the 
largest democracy on the planet), now accounts for 3% of 

India's electric capacity. That is just one example. 

So, gas is more than $3 a gallon. Many will argue that it is 
high time that the US pay what those in other countries 
have been paying for decades. But the larger question that 
our children will need to address, more effectively than we 
have, is how to improve living standards for the 3/5 of the 
world population that lives on less than $2 a day, through a 
paradigm wholly different from the one that defined the 
20th century. All modern successful societies developed on 
the back of cheap energy. E.O. Wilson has estimated that 
we would need five earths to supply the resources sufficient 
for everyone to attain the standard of living that we in this 
room enjoy. Seen through his lens, we are talking about far 
more than gas taxes. 

#2: What does it mean for us as teachers when slum 
dwellers in Nairobi, watching television sets rigged illegally 
to power fines or even car batteries, know as much or more 
about theVMAs than our own kids? 

What are theVMA's? The Video Music Awards. MTV. The 
United States' largest export. Seven years ago, according to 
the International Intellectual Property Alliance, copyright 
industries surpassed agriculture, aerospace and automobiles 
as the US' #1 export. Copyright industries include the 
products of Disney, Fox, Microsoft, and yes, MTV. 

It means that the choices our kids are making in their music 
are the same choices that kids all over the world are mak- 
ing. When I was a kid, the pop culture that wallpapered my 
life was very definitely American-made and intended for 
Americans: / Love Lucy, American Top 40, Hanna Barbera 
cartoons. (My wife still denigrates Roadrunner as overly 
violent, but my son and I love it). For youth all over the 
world today, it is still largely American in origin, but 
designed for global consumption. I recently turned on the 
television set in Dubai and found myself watching, on the 
very first channel, Baywatcli. Having arrived from Pakistan, 
where I have learned not to shake the hand of a woman 
until it is offered (which is very rarely), I have to say that I 
was dismayed, embarrassed and annoyed. 

10 I h, Archon — Fall 2005 

The Big Picture 

But is it all bad? Absolutely not. As our children and grandchildren 
become increasingly mobile, they will share a common language 
with their counterparts in other parts of the world. So what if that 
language is hip-hop? It was the jazz in the she-beens of South 
Africa's townships that helped to unite activists in the struggle against 
apartheid — and facilitated the passing of messages below the radar of 
the National Party and its militias. Music and poetry — especially 
music generated by the disenfranchised ■— has played a significant role 
in most social revolutions — from Rumi in 11th century Persia to 
Solzhenitsyn in 20th cen- 
tury Siberia. It is through 
music and poetry that 
some of the most impor- 
tant ideas reach across 
boundaries of language, 
faith and color... which 
brings me to my third and 
final question. 

#3: How do we keep our 
kids, and ourselves, from 
being overwhelmed by the 
speed of information, the 
scale of issues that are both 
local and global, and the 
depth of the misery of so 
many people - whether it 
is Americans trapped in 
third-world conditions in 
the SuperDome, or, the 
unstemmed rate of HIV 
infection on the Indian 

"This is a picture I took of the eighth grade girls at Aga Khan Diamond 
Jubilee School. Singal, Northern Areas (Pakistan). The girl standing was 
answering my query about her career aspirations and she replied, in 
English (her fourth language): 'A journalist, sir.' Blew me away, espe- 
cially in this very heavily Muslim part of the world where most girls are 
denied education altogether." 

I actually believe that 

there is more good news 

about the world, the 

globe, in 2005 than there 

has ever been in human history. It is our job as educators to tell the 

full story. 

Most of the populations that we had consigned to misery as recently 
as the 1980s are not only surviving but flourishing: in the 1970s, we 
expected a significant proportion of the population of India to starve. 
It never happened. China has thrown off the mantle of Maoist ide- 
ology. In Africa, almost 400 years of white domination of a black 
majority have ended. 

A free press challenges authority in almost every corner of the world. 

The number of young girls 
attending school in the 
Muslim world is unprece- 
dented and growing - thanks 
in part, I am proud to say, to 
the Aga Khan Development 

In 1999, the New York 
Times invited Nobel 
Laureate and Nigerian exile 
Wole Soyinka to name "the 
best idea of the millennium." 
His choice: human rights. 
Think about that. The very 
concept is a brand new one 
in the history of the planet. 
Soyinka reminds us that 
there are profound reasons, 
indeed, for hope. 

Last year, Joel Bakan, in 
his bombastic essay turned 
indie film, The Corporation, 
challenged us to reconsider 
the dominant power struc- 
ture of our time. He argues 
that as the Church in the last 
millennium yielded power 

to the nation-state, the nation-state has, in the last century and a half, 

yielded power to the multinational corporation. 

World population growth is increasing but at a decreasing rate — Let us ask ourselves how to take up this most profound challenge: 

everywhere: most demographers agree that population levels will As the defining organizational paradigm of human interaction, what 

stabilize around 2050, within the lifetimes of many people in this will come next? What role will our children, our students, play in its 

room. evolution? I will leave that question for you. '& 

TheArclwn <* Fall 2005 17 


Angela Hasler '07 with her Japanese partner 

Marine diversity was clearly only one of 
the subjects explored during the summer 
trip to Japan by four GDA students and two 
of their teachers. Lessons in cross-cultural 
communication, artistry and architecture, 
thousand-year-old traditions, and relation- 
ships built on mutual interests and respect 
also occupied the visitors during their nine- 
day stay. 

The trip was funded by the 
Japan Fulbright Memorial Fund, 
a program created by the Japanese 
government to honor the 
50th anniversary of Fulbright 
Scholarships. Though JFMF pri- 
marily sponsors programs for 
teachers, this year marked the sec- 
ond annual student exchange 
program, a co-project with 
NaGISA, an international organi- 
zation spearheaded by scientists. 
"The idea," explains GDA 
Science Chair Dr. Susan Oleszko, 
who accompanied the students 
along with her colleague, 
Dr. Fontaine Bradley, "is that 
there's a standardized sampling 
technique that everyone in the 
program uses to discover how 
diverse different coastlines are in 
terms of distribution and number 
of species." 

Dan'l Doggett '07, Angela Hasler '07, 
Alex McLain '07 and Allan Bradley '07 
landed with their teachers in Osaka before 
traveling to Kyoto for two nights in a hotel 
and some sightseeing. They then took a train 
to Shirahama where they met their Japanese 
partners and spent another two nights. "They 

gave us a wonderful Japanese banquet on the 
afternoon we arrived," recalls Dr. 0."We had 
fireworks on the beach with our new 
Japanese friends." 

The next day the American students 
and their Japanese partners began learning 
about marine diversity, collecting samples in 
the field and identifying species. They 
worked from 8:30 in the morning until 10 at 

Left to right: Allan Bradley '07, Dr. Fontaine Bradley, Alex 

McLain '07, Dan'l Doggett '07, 
Angela Hasler '07, and Dr. Susan Oleszko 

night. "I learned about the incredible diver- 
sity hiding in a seemingly barren rocky 
shoreline," recalls Allan. "The scientific work 
was extremely hard and long, but very inter- 
esting," says Dan'l. "We were basically trying 
to determine if the biodiversity of low tide is 
greater than the biodiversity of high tide. 

Hypothetically, low tide should be more 
diverse and we were trying to prove that the- 
ory." His GDA colleagues concurred. "The 
difficult part was that we had only a day to 
complete the work," Angela recounts. "So it 
was kind of like a day in the life of a scien- 
tist. I learned that it's really hard to identify 
species of worms even with a microscope!" 
The high-quality microscopes were a hit 
with Allan, though, who enjoyed 
the incredible detail that could be 
viewed of the tiny organisms. 

Identifying the different 
organisms was surely made more 
difficult using only Japanese text- 
books and limited shared lan- 
guage. "We didn't know any 
Japanese but they knew some 
English," says Alex. "We were able 
to get the job done with what 
they knew and a lot of hand ges- 
tures. It was hard at times but it 
was really an important part of 
the experience." Allan has his 
own favorite tale of cross-cultural 
communication: "My partner 
Satomi and I were working 
together identifying organisms, 
and we had a table in Excel of 
Latin names that we had identi- 
fied. I asked about a certain one, 
wondering which animal it was, 
and she didn't know the word for limpet. 
However, earlier in the day I had been mov- 
ing the limpet to a petri dish and I dropped 
it on its back. It sensed disaster and sent its 
'foot' out to try and grab onto something to 
right itself. To pick it up, I put the tip of my 
index finger lightly on the foot; it grabbed 

IS TheArchon ■ Fall 2005 

Nomaoi Parade participants dressed in traditional armor. 

hold and I shook it loose into the dish. To 
communicate that this Latin name meant 
'limpet,' Satomi drew a picture of the limpet 
on its back with my finger picking it up!" 

All challenges aside, the students felt the 
work they did was of value, not just for 
themselves but for the scientific community. 
"No one was sure how the data would turn 
out," says Alex, "but the work we were doing 
was important for a greater goal, this goal 
being to try to improve biodiversity on 
coastlines around the world. It's a different 
kind of science than what we are used to in 
a classroom." 

When the work day was over, they 
retired to their Japanese dorms furnished 
with futons and tatami mats. After two days 
at the marine station, the group completed 
some data analysis, entered it into a spread 
sheet, and went on their way to Soma. Their 
businessman's hotel was "very spare," accord- 
ing to Dr. O, "wicked tiny," according to 
Angela. "The rooms were really compact and 
we each had our own, but they made use of 
every inch. The clothesline was in the 
shower, and the sink and the shower both 
used the same faucet, with a lever to switch 
the water flow," Angela explains. In Soma, 
the Japanese and American students gave 
presentations to their classmates and some 
dignitaries after working together all morn- 
ing to decide what their data meant and set- 
ting up their slides. The partners presented 
their reports first in Japanese and then in 
English. "The kids really bonded around this 
process," says Dr. O. 

The academic portion of their trip 
complete, the group took off for some recre- 
ational diversions. Soma is near Haramachi, 
site of a thousand-year-old battle pageant. 
Race horses are raised especially for this 

annual event. Luckily for the GDA group, 
the pageant coincided with their visit, and a 
teacher at Soma High School arranged for 
them to enjoy premium box seating. There, 
they viewed families clad in vintage authen- 
tic Samurai costumes, horses also adorned 
for the ritualized parade and races. The 
horses entered the arena with banners and 
even some Samurai swords flying. There 
were bamboo sticks representing swords, 
with two cannons on each side, shooting 
firecrackers, and pieces of cloth that drifted 
down. Those with sticks tried to catch the 
cloths. If successful, they received a prayer 
plaque for their homes said to protect their 
families for a year. "Seeing hundreds of 
Samurai on horseback, in fuD battle dress, 
was just indescribable," says Dan'l. It was the 
"most memorable part of the trip" for him. 

Trips to a museum, a guided tour of the 
natural history of the area, a visit to a nature 
preserve, and the temporary company of a 
tree frog rounded out the last days of the 
trip. The group's last night provided a joyous 
finale. The evening began with dinner at a 
noodle restaurant, a little "hole in the wall" 
with a single bar and two tables raised up on 
tatami mats. The soba noodles with nine- 
inch tempura shrimp were delicious, by all 
accounts. But the traditional Japanese meal 
was only the prelude to a farewell party 
given by their hosts at the high school. "As 
our taxi pulled up," Angela recalls, "we saw 
the Japanese girls all dressed up in kimonos. 
They had kimonos for all of us to wear too." 
The GDA students were dressed in brilliantly 
colored yukatas (summer kimonos). "The 
girls looked absolutely spectacular," says Dr. 
O. "Fontaine and I looked kind of weird." 

The night progressed with fireworks, a 
pinata-like game of smash the watermelon, 

and lots of Japanese soda in bottles with jig- 
gling glass balls that have to be maneuvered 
to get to the drink. Dan'l had a bit of diffi- 
culty, and the Japanese girls kept giggling 
while they tried to explain the procedure in 
their limited English and with the now- 
familiar hand gestures. 

As the GDA students and their teachers 
look back on their journey across cultural 
boundaries, the memories are indelible, 
"watching the kids interact and seeing the 
GDA students enthusiastic about trying any- 
thing new was remarkable to Dr. O.Alex says 
that she "can't say that there was one exact 
moment that stood out from the rest, but just 
experiencing a new side of the world in a 
place that has a completely different culture, 
different foods, different life style is what I 
will always remember most." 

"It really broadened my mind towards 
understanding other cultures and peoples," 
reflects Allan. "It was amazing," Angela says. 
"I liked how the Japanese society is func- 
tional. Everything has a purpose, every inch 
of land is used in some way. It seems like all 
of their society is aware of how things look 
and are presented. The architecture, the food, 
the clothes - it's all gorgeous." Perhaps Dan'l 
sums all their feelings up best. "I would 
return to Japan in a heartbeat. I wouldn't 
even think twice about it." 

Dan'l, Angela, Alex and Allan can't wait 
to host their new Japanese friends in March 
when they will collect samples and analyze 
data together on our coastline. What tradi- 
tional American foods and activities will 
GDA choose to share with our guests from 
the other side of the world? — JK '& 

<» p„h onn^ 1 Q 

Living a Dream 

By Perry Nelson 





'^■^B j 





Pern* Nelson on Mt. Kenva 

Last year I took a year away from GDA 
to pursue a dream that's been dancing 
around in my head since my Peace Corps 
days in Africa. The dream is to improve 
understanding and cooperation between 
African nations and the United States. A 
major step towards making this dream a real- 
ity would be the creation of an exchange 
program between GDA and a secondary 
school in Kenya. To give my dream some 
shape, form and direction. I decided to spend 
some extended time in Kenya. My partner in 
this adventure and dream, my wife, Kristen 
Grubbs, and I set off for Kenya last January 
for a three-month stay. We lived an hour 
south of Nairobi with a Kenyan family from 
the Luhya tribe. From this home base we 
traveled throughout the country visiting 
schools and taking in all the amazing sights 
that Kenya has to offer. This was my third 
visit to Kenya, and I was struck once again 
by how beautiful this country is, how won- 
derful the people are, and by the great 
potential this country holds. In the near 
future, I hope GDA students and faculty will 
have an opportunity to visit Kenya and 
become part of a boarding school commu- 
nity there, and that Kenyan students and fac- 
ulty can become part of our community at 

Kenya is a country overflowing with 
natural beauty. It possesses a long coastline of 

beautiful beaches and invitingly warm, azure 
water. The mountains are mighty and majes- 
tic; the plains are vast, the sky expansive, the 
valleys are lush, and the plateaus fertile. 
Seeing all the birds of vibrant colors and the 
animals big and small in the national parks is 
truly a stunning experience. Kenya's natural 
beauty is ineffable and needs to be experi- 
enced firsthand to be truly appreciated. 
However, the natural beauty 7 wasn't even the 
highlight of the trip. The highlight was get- 
ting to know our Kenyan host family and 
talking with the teachers and students in the 
schools we visited. I felt that being part of a 
Kenyan family's daily rhythms and visiting 
schools offered a great window into the 
Kenyan culture. The window was small yet 
valuable. Here are a few insights and snap- 
shots into the Kenyan way of life from my 
personal lens and vantage point. 

Kenyans are very welcoming and 
friendly people who want to make visitors 
feel at home. As their guests, we were invari- 
ably treated to a cup of delicious Kenyan tea 
and, on a number of occasions, we were even 
honored bv beina; served a freshlv butchered 

Caring for children is a community 
effort, and kids are given a great deal of 
attention, as well as independence and 
responsibility. I was amazed that I rarely saw 
babies cry and, even though they didn't have 

a million accessories and toys, all their needs 
seem to be met. 

Kenyans most definitely put a very high 
priority on education. The students are very 
eager to learn and achieve, though they often 
lack books, paper, writing utensils, shoes, and 
a nutritious meal to reward and renew them 
at the end of the day. Their teachers are 
knowledgeable, capable, and very dedicated 
to their students, and deal effectively with 
their classes of nearly 40 to 50 students. 

It caught me off guard to see that most 
Kenyans now communicate via cell phones 
and text messaging and that they are very 
much plugged in to the worldwide web. 

I was struck by how free the press is; the 
papers are expressing loudly and clearly that 
Kenyans want a truer democracy and a less 
corrupt government. 

Even though I've read a lot about trib- 
alism in Africa, I was surprised that Kenyans 
still identify so strongly with their tribe, that 
stereotyping of other tribes is prevalent, and 
that their understanding of nationhood is 
very different from ours. It is clear to me 
that Kenya is still being shaped in many ways 
by the former British Empire and that there 
are still many wounds that are festering from 
this period of colonial rule. 

I learned that Kenyans are very 
resourceful, hard working, and resilient and, 
even though they don't have a lot of mate- 

A classroom in western Kenva 

2" Ilv Archon— F.ill 2nhS 

Perry Nelson with his niece in Aberderes National Park 

rial goods, they seem to be happy, full-of-life, 
hopeful and optimistic. 

More than half of the Kenyans live on a 
dollar a day, and their staple diet is comprised 
Df maize, fresh fruit, and Coca Cola's panoply 
of drinks. Eating chicken, beef, or goat is 
reserved for special occasions, and having a 
oarbecue is one of their favorite weekend 

They also seem to consume a healthy 
diet of religion, for everywhere you look 
diere is some kind of church. 

Getting around Kenya is very easy on 
Dublic transportation and most Kenyans 
:ravel in 14-passenger vans called matatus; 
out in the country, taking a bicycle taxi is a 
rommon way to get around town. 

From all my observations, the Kenyans 
ire working very hard to raise their standard 
of living and they want to become a more 
'modern" country, but they also want to 
somehow preserve their cultural traditions 


and their strong sense of family and commu- 
nity. The Kenyans want their nation to be a 
"developed" country, but they are also heed- 
ing the message of their recent Nobel Peace 
Prize winner, Wangari Maathai (Mother 
Nature). For the last 30 years she has literally 
and figuratively planted the seeds that have 
kept Kenya's forests alive and given birth to 
Kenya's environmental movement. The 
Kenyans are striving to preserve their natural 
treasures, while at the same time addressing 
their economic needs, and they are definitely 
experiencing the tensions of trying to bal- 
ance this equation. 

Living with a Kenyan family and visit- 
ing schools throughout the region certainly 
opened my eyes and my mind in many valu- 
able ways. Very few people from the United 
States have an accurate understanding of life 
in Kenya and, conversely, Kenyans have very 
little understanding of what life is really like 
in the United States. Much of what Kenyans 
learn about the U.S. comes from old Dallas 
re-runs and from watching the World 
Wrestling Entertainment on Saturday nights. 
Kenyans are too smart to believe everything 
they see on television, yet too much of their 
understanding is left to their imaginations. 
The Kenyans' view of the U.S. is just as 
incomplete as our view of Kenya, based on 
stereotypes, videos, and popular culture. 
There is no question that the world is get- 
ting smaller, more integrated, and complex, 
and, in Thomas Friedman's words, "flatter." 
In order for people and societies to survive 
and thrive in this new paradigm, it is imper- 
ative that different peoples from around the 
world have a fuller and more accurate under- 
standing of each other. There are many 

things that need to be done to realize the 
goal of global understanding and coopera- 
tion. An exchange program with a school in 
Kenya would provide one small step towards 
achieving this goal, but a global step for 

My trip to Kenya was enriching, 
refreshing, and successful. I located two 
boarding schools that would be perfect fits 
for an exchange program with GDA and 
these schools are very interested in partner- 
ing with GDA on this venture. Being away 
from GDA and the US was also a valuable 
reminder for me that GDA isn't the center of 
the universe, nor is the U.S. the center of the 
universe, and that global education is essen- 
tial to being a productive citizen of the U.S. 
and the world. With that said, I am still very 
happy to have GDA be at the center of my 
professional universe and very happy to be 
back in Byfield! SS 

Perry Nelson has taught in the History 
Department at GDA since 1987. 

Masai Mara 

Aberderes National Park 

rr-ll nr\r\c 1 1 

'tfirv ul& /\rc/ui>, 


Several recent acquisitions to the GDA Archives arrived with entertaining tales of their storied past. 

Dodge's Cider Days 

Peter Dorsey '69 P'08 donated an old jug 
from Dodge's Cider Mill to the Archives 
along with this reminiscence. 

'"No student shall ride his bicycle along or 
across Route One was one of the biggies 
as far as rules went in the 1960s at 
Governor Dummer Academy. If they 
caught you riding along Route One you 
were toast, period. 

There was really only one exciting place to 
ride our bicycles in my days at GDA, and 
that was Dodge's Cider Mill in Rowley. We 
could get big gallon jugs of cider and 
apples, or sometimes donuts or maple 
sugar candy or root beer-flavored candy in 
long hard sticks made by Salem Candies. 
Remember; these were the days when 
freshmen and sophomores only got one 
weekend per term when they could take a 
weekend home. Maybe you got two week- 
ends if you were on honor roll, but I was 
never even close to that. 

These were also the days before comput- 

ers of any kind or the internet, or cell 
phones, or iPods or MTV or video games 
or even Frisbees; we had to make up our 
fun. It was ping pong, throwing the football, 
trying to keep away from seniors who 
wanted to throw you into the pond, and 
riding your bike or homework (heaven for- 
bid!). Dodge's was the only place you could 
ride your bike to buy something to eat or 
drink without going across or along Route 
One. The only possible destination was the 
Jewel Mill, but none of the boys was really 
very interested in buying brightly colored pol- 
ished rocks from 'North America's oldest con- 
tinuously operating water-powered mill.' 

My first trips to Dodge's Cider were in my 
freshman year when my dorm was the 
now defunct Ambrose, located about a half 
a mile down Middle Road past Ingham. I 
guess the school figured a half a mile was 
too far to walk or ride every day twice a 
day for breakfast and classes and sports 
and study hall. But for us, Ambrose was 
already a half a mile closer to Dodge's 
Cider Mill than the rest of campus. Riding 
to Dodge's was something of an adventure 
for a young kid. We had to remember the 
way, since there was a maze of small back 
roads lined with old stone walls, fields, 
farmhouses, and not much else. I don't 
even know if the roads had names. I imag- 
ine there were some kids who tried to find 
Dodge's Cider Mill, and got lost. Imagine 
how long it might take to find your way 
back to campus if you were lost on those 
back roads without the benefit of today's 
cell phones or GPS navigators! The trip was 
about seven miles from the campus, there 
and back. (I know, because I measured it 
with my car just two weeks ago to make 
sure.) That was quite a trek considering 
that on the way back we had any number 
of heavy cider jugs dangling from our bikes, 
along with whatever other good food we 
could fit in our pockets or had money to buy. 

So, we'd ride away from campus on Middle 
Road to a right hand turn onto Coleman 

Road. Nowadays you'd be riding past the 
entrance to Triton School, but in my GDA 
days, it wasn't even there yet. We'd ride a 
mile to a scary downhill sharp right hand 
turn onto Hillside Road. If we forgot to 
turn right there, and kept going straight, 
we'd end up at the Jewel Mill and Route 
One. We'd ride another mile on Hillside to 
a left turn onto Wethersfield Street, and 
another .8 mile to Route One and our des- 
tination: Dodge's Cider in Rowley. 

What a great place! The aroma of freshly 
squeezed cider; the yellow jackets every 
where; the big clear glass cider bottles with 
the green labels with Pa Tater and the 
donuts and the candy On every jug was a 
green label with a sketch of Pa Tater and his 
six-line poem: 

If you want this cider old, 
Bear in mind to keep it cold. 

If you're out to make it hard, 
Set it right in the sunny yard. 

But if you really want a drink that's neat, 
Take the durn stuff when it's sweet. 

Probably every class back then had a guy 
nicknamed Pa Tater: for our class it was 
John Feuer I don't remember why it was 
he, but it was. 

It was a real accomplishment to ride to 
Dodge's and back. It would take most of 
the afternoon (because there were only 
three-speed bikes back then, not these 
fancy 2 1 -speed graphite cross country 
things.) Afterwards, we had a sense of hav- 
ing been somewhere, and having made it 
back none worse for the wear - and with 
food and sweet things as our rewards. 
Dodge's isn't there any more; its now 
called Jerrett & Sons General Contractors, 
but it used to be a focal destination point for 
young GDA students. It is one of those mem- 
ories of my GDA days that I still cherish." 

22 TheArchon ~ Fall 2005 

A Megaphone 
of Thanks; A 
Warm-Up Jacket for 
Casual Dress 

GDA's First Class Ring for Women 

Dick Pew '54 donated a mini megaphone and 
warmup jacket. 

"I believe the mini megaphones were awarded 
at the end of the fall sports season in 1953 to 
parents who had attended every varsity foot- 
ball home game. The purpose was to recog- 
nize and thank them for their interest and 
participation. I played football and my parents 
came down from Portland, Maine to watch 
every home game my senior year. As I recall, 
we were given the megaphones to take home 
to our parents at the Thanksgiving break, with 
some sort of thank you note from the school. 
I think the megaphones were awarded to var- 
sity soccer team parents as well. 

During the time I was at GDA (September 
1 950 through June 1 954) the warm up jackets 
were commonly worn when we were allowed 
to dress casually. We had to wear coats and 
ties to classes and meals during the week, but 
in the evenings and on weekends we were 
casual. The jackets were also used as part of 
some team uniforms. I know we wore them 
on the wrestling team before and after we 
'took to the mat'. Obviously, the baseball team 
used them as well." 

Kathleen heavy Livermore '19 donated her class ring to the Archives. 

"I'm pretty sure it was the first year class rings were offered for women." At that 
point, whenever women were included in GDA rituals, it was groundbreaking. 
(We still don't even have little red schoolhouse scarves to match the neckties!) 
Back then, class rings weren't really considered a prep school ritual, so I remem- 
ber the rings as a novelty. If any of us had a boyfriend, we didn't exchange rings 
like friends in public school did. The initials inside were for 'Kathleen Ann Leary'." 

Kathleen's family holds another "first" in GDA history.'Tm pretty sure Ted was the 
first GDA graduate whose parents both graduated from GDA. Meredith Baker 
'05 would be the second." 

The archives is currently seeking 
the following: 

• Student scrapbooks created while a student at GDA 

• Diaries written while a student at GDA 

• Correspondences from GDA students written during WWI, WWII, 
Korean War and Vietnam War 

• Photographs taken by GDA students during the 1930s, 1940s and 

1 950s reflecting student life and other on campus activities 

• Examples of team uniforms from the 1 920s, 1 930s, 1 940s and 1 950s, 
including football, hockey, basketball, soccer, lacrosse, etc. 

• Cheerleading sweaters, megaphones, banners, etc. 

Please send your questions or comments to: 

Kate Pinkham, Manager of the Archives, I Elm Street, Byfield, MA 01922 or call 978-499-3340 

TheArchon «* Fall 2005 23 

'Out, ti 

r -/i& /-{rc/iipes 

Kitchen, Phillips Building, 1952 

Enlarged reproductions of this and other photos from the GDA Archives now hang in the 
Jacob Dining Hall, fond remembrances of times past. Stop by next time you're on campus and see if 

you recognize any old friends staring down at you. 

24 TheArchon *- Fall 2005 



It is a pleasure once again to submit to you an Annual Report that demonstrates 
the generosity of the Governor Dummer Academy community as well as the 
! sound fiscal management talents of Headmaster Doggett and his administrative 
team. The dollars raised in the Annual Fund for 2004-2005 established a new 
record of almost $ 1.3 million dollars. This high record achievement in donations 

was coupled with the 31st consecutive balanced budget in the school's 


The success of the Annual Fund directly impacts the daily lives of our students and faculty. It has an 
influence on what takes place in the classrooms, on the athletic fields and in the dorms each and every 
day. It makes the difference between GDA being just a good school or the great school that we are. Many 
thanks to all who contributed to this year's successful Annual Fund and also to those who volunteered 
their time and effort in helping to achieve this exciting result. 

While the success of the Annual Fund is always noteworthy, by way of this letter I also want to shine the 
spotlight on another record breaking performance that has been quietly delivering unparalleled benefits 
to the school. Figuratively and literally, the landscape of our school has been changed by the Capital 
Campaign, " To Carry on the Work ". Before this year is finished, we expect that the monies raised 
through the Campaign will surpass the $ 50 million dollar mark. By way of comparison, this is almost 
three times more than the amount of dollars raised in the very successful "Campaign to Make a 
Significant Difference " of a decade earlier. 

Strategic Planning initiatives by the Board of Trustees and school leadership prior to the outset of the 
Campaign identified the needs of the Academy toward which the Campaign funds would be directed. As 
the Campaign nears its final goal, it is both heartening and humbling to see throughout our school the 
tangible impact of the monies raised to date. We owe so much to those who have given so generously. 

Compensation and support for our faculty was a primary area of focus for the Campaign. Because of the 
funds raised, we have been able to increase salaries, increase the percentage of the school's contribution 
to medical premiums from 50 % to 70 % at a time when such costs are increasing dramatically, increase 
the Academy's contribution to an individual's pension plan and provide new faculty housing units. 
Regarding scholarships for deserving students, significant funds have been directed to GDA's endow- 
ment for financial aid as a result of this Campaign. The campus has in many ways been transformed 
because of this fund raising effort as vital facilities were provided in support of our programs. The 
Pescosolido Library, The Center for the Study of Mathematics and Science, The Performing Arts Center, 
technological infrastructure throughout the campus, a new track and athletic fields as well as a new 
exercise facility and the massive renovation recently completed in the French Student Center all were 
created as a result of this Campaign. 

Thanks to so many of you who have given so much of yourselves, Governor Dummer Academy has steadi- 
ly surged forward in recent years. While it is gratifying to take a moment to reflect on what has been 
accomplished, it is more important to look to the future for the challenges and opportunities that lie 
ahead. It is what we have always done and what we will continue to do. The past can give insights to the 
future. Our past tells us that visions do indeed become reality. 

Thank you for your commitment to our school. 

Daniel M. Morgan'6y, P'97'02 
President, Board of TruAteeA 

Trustees of Governor Bummer i 

Daniel M. Morgan'67, F97, '02, President Christopher C. Beebe '55, Co-Vice President Gerry Mack, F87, '91, '93 Co-Vice President James I. Rudolph, '68, F05, Secretary 

Clifford J. Gillespie 

Lauren Gudonis F03 

Richard M. Kelleher F99, '01 

Kathleen L. Livermore '79, F04 

Steven G. Shapiro 74, F09 

Bruce C. Turner '83 

Sung J. An '95 

Grace P. Jeanes '92 


Jeffrey Gordon '69, Treasurer 

William L. Alfond '67 

Adrienne Berry-Burton P'96, '04 

Henry B. Eaton '70, P'03, '08 

Priscilla M. Mclnnis P'02, '03, '06 

Kara Moheban McLoy '88 

Haskell Rhett '54 

George S. Scharfe P'95, '00 

James C, Deveney Jr. '60, President, 
Alumni/ae Council 

Trustees not pictured: Christopher Collins P'07, Beverly Giblin P'04, '05, C. David Grayer P'OO, Stephen G. Kasnet '62, P'95, Reynolds E. Moulton Jr. '56, 
Brian H. Noyes '76, James Pierce '72, ¥08, C. Thomas Tenney Jr. '69, Jason G. Greenberg '96 



The Honor Roll of Donors 

Governor Dummer Academy wishes to 
thank the alumni and alumnae, parents and 
friends who generously contributed to the 
Academy in 2004-2005. Gifts to the Annual 
Fund promote the continuation of a strong 
tradition at Governor Dummer. 

Alumni and Alumnae, parents and friends 
who contribute S500 or more to Governor 
Dummer Academy are recognized as leader- 
ship donors, and qualify for membership in 
one ofGDA's six leadership societies. 
Graduates Of the Last Decade (GOLD) qualify 
as leadership donors with gifts ofSWO or 
more while young college undergraduates 
qualify with a gift of any amount. 

AW-Alumni Widow; GP-Grandparent; 
FR-Friend; FS-Faculty/Staffi P-Parent; 
TR-Trustee; '-Deceased 

The 1 763 Society 

In grateful appreciation to these alumni/ae, 
parents, and friends who gave $50,000 or 
more to the Annual Fund. 

Robert M. '67 and Anne Bass 
Estate of Will and Jane Frost 
Courtney S. Wang 74 
Robert '40 and 
Marilyn Schumann F6674, GF03 

The Milestone Society 

In grateful appreciation to these alumni/ae, 
parents, and friends who gave 525,000 or 
more to the Annual Fund. 

Mark and Regina Leibovitz F05'07 

Carrie W. Penner '88 

The Walton Family Foundation 

The William Dummer Society 

In grateful appreciation to these alumni/ae, 
parents and friends who gave $10,000 or 
more to the Annual Fund. 


Barbara Almy F86,'02,'05 
Christopher C. Beebe '55, TR 
Theodore '37 and 
Beverly Bergmann, F657075 
Philippe and Janet Bibi F08 
Christopher and Lisa Collins F07 
Jay Cooke HI '64 

Fidelity Investment Charitable Gift Fund 
Stephen and Beverly Giblin F04'05 
Stephen '62 and 
Marie-Louise Kasnet F95, TR 
Richard and Nancy Kelleher F99'01, TR 
Michael and Ellen Kenny F08 
Jae Lee and Kye Ryu F06 
Joshua '69 and Mary Miner F96'98, TR 
Mark and Sandra Muscatello F05'08 
Richard A. Nielsen '55 
The Nielsen Family Foundation 
Gary and Jill Rogers F04'07 
William and Susan Shea F07 
Robert and Suzanne Sullivan F07 
Stephen and Karen Swensrud GF04'05 
Tetsuo and Takako Takasugi F06 
John W. Tarbell '62 
Bruce C. Turner '83, TR 

S. Robson Walton F88 
Courtney S. Wang 74 

The Governor's Society 

In grateful appreciation to these alumni/ae, 
parents and friends who gave $5,000 or more 
to the Annual Fund. 


Guy and Maria Andrews F08 

R. Macdonald Barnes, Jr. '67 

Boston Red Sox Foundation 

Charles C. Bowen '50 

Preston and Allison Bradford F04'06 

William and Cynthia Burke F08 

Donald Carter F03 

Andrew Cotreau and 

Dyane Mini-Cotreau F06 
Hubert and Frances deLacvivier F03'06 
James C. Deveney, Jr. '60, TR 
Thomas and Susan Durkin F08 
Martin and Paula Fisch F08 
Putnam P. Flint '37, GF99 
William S. Friend '55 
Jeffrey L. Gordon '69, TR 
Paul and Lauren Gudonis F03, TR 
The Heatherfield Foundation 
David M. Hicks '54 
Brian and Kathy Hines P'08 
Crosby Hitchcock '43 
Inez Benjamin Foundation 
Suk Han Kim and Young Hee Kim F06 
Kathleen Leary Livermore 79, F04, TR 
Paul and Priscilla Mclnnis F02'03'06, TR 
William S. McPhee '62 
Timothy and Cynthia Moran F07 
Daniel '67 and Mayo Morgan F97'02, TR 
Nathaniel and 

Elizabeth Stevens Foundation 
Brian and Krystyna Owen F05'06 
Matthew E. Perkins '88 
James 72 and Polly Pierce 
Quaker Hill Foundation 
Haskell Rhett '54, TR 
George and Coreen Scharfe F95'00, TR 
Howard F. Stirn '41 
Peter Tan and Gail Nelson F06 
C. Thomas Tenney, Jr '69, TR 
Jay and Lynn Wailes F04 

The Master Moody Society 

In grateful appreciation to these alumni/ae, 
parents and friends who gave $2,500 or more 
to the Annual Fund. 


Michael and Laura Arrigo F06'08 
Stephen and Katherine Barrand F08 
James and Carolyn Berluti F05 
Stanley and Susan Bialek F07 
Catherine D. Burgess '91 
James and Ceann Carney F07 
Steve and Edith Dubord F01'02'06 
Eaton Foundation 
Estate of John Rolfe 
Bruce and Janet Ferland F07 
Fidelity Charitable Gift Foundation 
Fisher Scientific International Inc. 
Robert and Shirley French F76 
A. Charles Goodrich HI '39 
Thomas and Karen Guidi F07 
A.C. Hubbard '55 
Hurdle Hill Foundation 
Thomas P. Jones ni '60 
Edward and Diane Kelliher F07 
John and Barbara Kotzen F08 

James Krzywicki and 
Debra Scannell F06'08 
Laurence and Judith Lyons F01'03'07 
Timothy Maier '66 
Helen M-S Mazarakis '80 
Keith and Mary Ellen Moores F06 
Brian H. Noyes 76, TR 
Brian and Stacey O'Rourke F05 
Gregory and Sue Paskerian F08 
Robert 73 and Sherilyn Phillips F03 
Jeffrey and Carmen Pope F08 
Peter L. Richardson 71 
David 72 and Maryanne Rogers F06 
Joan Ross F00 

James '68 and Susan Rudolph F05, TR 
Robert G. Segel '63 
William 71 and Marcy Shack F06 
Jonathan Shafmaster '63, F90 
Steven G. Shapiro 74, TR 
Perry M. Smith 76 
Richard W. Snowdon HI '61 
Kurt and Ruth Somerville F08 
Peter N. Starosta '81 
Norman and Robyn Stavis F05'07 
Andrew J. Sterge 77 
The Grace Jones Richardson Trust 
Richard and Heidi Vancisin F05'06 
John A. Webster 78 
Albert B. Wende '55 
William and Martha Willis F07 
Nathan '58 and June Withington F84'97 

The Headmaster's Society 

With grateful appreciation to these 
alumni/ae, parents and friends who gave 
$1,000 or more to the Annual Fund. 


William L. Alfond '67, TR 
Jeffrey and Katharine Allsopp F08 
Sung- Jin An '95, TR 
Sumner R. Andrews '38 
Mrs. William B. Ardiff AW'55 
Karla A. Austen '81 
Ayco Charitable Foundation 
Andrew C. Bailey '40 
Jeffrey and Maura Banta F07 
Richard J. Bates 72 
Paul and Ann Bergman F05'07 
J. Derek Bergmann 75 
Carl A. Bemtsen HI '68 
William Berry & Sons 
Heather Blair 77 

Mr. and Mrs. Sherwood C. Blake F7379 
John A. Blau '87 
Alan D. Booth '61 
Peter and Dorothy Bragdon 
David F. Brainerd '55 
David S. Brown '81 
Norman G. Brown '47 
Andrew and Patricia Campbell F06 
John C. Canepa '49 
Kwangrae Cho and Yoonmi Lee F06 
Hyuntae and Soyoung Choi F07 
Jae Kook Bhun and 
Do Kyeong Jeong F08 
Gu-Haeg Chung and Seon-Woo Shin F07 
John 71 and Lalande dayman F07'08 
Anthony J. Cohen '91 
Orrin Colley '55 

Mark and Joanna Connors F06 
Andrew Conway and Janice Adie F07'08 
Gene and Lisa Corbett F03'06 
Robert 0. Coulter '49 
Wendy B. Cowie 79 
Robert D.W. Culver, Jr. '62 
Michael and Margaret Curran F02'04 
Douglas '67 and Linda Curtis F97 
Charles A. Davis '67 

Robert C. DeLena '87 
Robert and Patricia Dempsey F04 
Frank S. Dickerson LH '57 
Michael and 

Barbara DiGuiseppe F01'03'07 
Dominic and Emily DiMaggio GP '08 
Marty and Patty Doggett F04'07'08 
John and Maryjane Doorly F97 
Timothy and Mary Durkin F07 
Eastern Bank Charitable Foundation 
Henry 70 and Cathy Eaton F03'08 
John and Jane Ellis F02'07 
The Ellsworth Foundation 
David H. Ellsworth '48 
Elizabeth Tuthill Farrell '84 
Peter and Julie Ferriero F05 
Steven 76 and Debra French 
Hugh R. Friedman '84 
The Gardner Family 
Charitable Foundation 
Richard and Katherine Goglia F04 
David '41 and Elizabeth Goodhart F78'80 
Robert and Judith Gore F95'97 
Gorton's Seafoods 
Robert and Barbara Grant F06 
Richard H. Greenwood '50 
A. John Gregg '65 

Thomas Gross and Alfonsa Liambo F06 
Jeffrey and Laurel Harris F08 
Francis and Elizabeth Hatch F07 
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hatch GF07 
Donald R. Hayes, Jr. '68 
John E. Hellerman '89 
Roland Henneberger and 
Louisa Mackintosh F07 
William and Louise Hery F05 
David R. Hershey '50 and 
Brenda Heyward F77 
Dayna Hester F07 
Michael and Marie Hoffman F08 
Cyrus W. Hoover '62 
Tom and Mary Hyndman GF04'07'08 
Robert L. Jaffe 
Kevin L. James 75 
Grace P. Jeanes '92, TR 
Jonathan K. Jett '93 
Johnson Lumber Company 
E. William '49 and 
Consuelo Judson F79'83 
Mosa P. Kaleel '86 
Harry J. Kangis '68 
John and Kathleen Kavanagh F92 
John and Victoria Kelley F03 
Eui Chul Kim and Kyung So ok Lee F06 
Thomas P. King '53 
Frank R. Kitchell '35 
James M. Knott '47 
Joseph and Susan Lang F03'05'07 
Andrew D. Lappin 72 
Thomas H. Larsen '54 
Sung and Jong Lee F05 
Thomas and Joan Lemberger F07 
Randall and Cynthia Lilly F05'07 
Michael and Shari Linskey F07 
Tung-Ying and Claudia Lo P'06 
Seok Lyoo and Hae Shin F05 
Richard D. and Gerry Mack F87'91'93, TR 
Robert and Paula MacPhee F05 
Gordon G. MacVean '56 
J. Scott Magrane, Jr. '65 
John M. Markos '94 
D. Anthony Marquis ' 55 
Walter L. McGill '43 
George E. McGregor, Jr. '51 
M. Jason '89 and 
Kara Moheban McLoy '88, TR 
Merrill Lynch & Company Inc. 
John and Beth Miller F05'07 
Daniel and Nancy Miner F06 
Phebe Miner F69, GF96'98'06 

James Monroe, Jr. '41 
Stephen G. Morison P'88 
Matthew M. Murphy '91 
Sean and Karen Murphy P'07 
Michael and Andrea Norkus P'08 
Gordon Eric O'Brien 76 
J. Jeffcott Ogden 76 
John A. O'Leary '69 
William F. O'Leary 73 
The Oxford League 
John J. Pallotta, Jr. '55 
Paul and Joyce Perocchi P'08 
John and Marie-Louise Petrie P'07 
Richard '38 and 

Susanne Phippen P'71'7278 
Kenneth and Alison Pickering P'05 
The Pittsburg Foundation 
William R. Plumer '53 
Richard and Joan Purinton P'75'78 
Spencer L. Purinton 75 
Peter H. Quimby '85 
Robert M. Rex '53 
Bradley H. Roberts '45 
Lawrence and Sally Roche P'05'06 
Henry M. Rosen 79 
Lewis Rumford III, '67 
Scott and Lisa Rushford P'07 
Ronald and Barbara Schwartzbach P'06 
Frederick J. Sears '55 
Joseph and Yvette Shakespeare P'08 
Kenneth and 

Bernadette Shedosky P'96'01 
Dong Won Shin and Seon Young Min P'08 
Hyun Y. Shin '89 
Jay and Kathleen Siegel P'04'08 
Frederick M. Smith '52 
Larry Smith and Judith Wilson P'06 
Philip 73 and Winifred Smith P'08 
Russell and Frances Smith P'68'76 
Robert F. Smythe III '52* 
Jung Haon Song and Hyun Hee Lee P'08 
William F. Spence, Jr. '55 
David and Janet Splaine P'05'08 
Christopher H.A. Stafford '80 
David Strouss P'08 

Marcia Strouss and Brian Bernier P'08 
S. Cushing Strout, Jr. '41 
Daniel and Susan Sullivan P'07 
Charles and Tracy Sweetman P'08 
Brett and Joan Sylvester P'05 
Jeffrey P. Taft '85 
Peter C. Thomas '64 

The Polly and 

John M. Timken, Jr. Foundation 
John M. Timken, Jr. '69 
Jesus and Edra Torres P'06 
Bowen H. Tucker '55 
George '50 and Benson Tulloch P'77 
W. C. Cammett Engineering, Inc. 
Wachovia Foundation 
Samuel W. Wakeman '61 
James C. Waugh '44 
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Webster P78 
David and Elayne Weener P'90 
The David and Elayne Weener 

Family Foundation 
Nancy Weinstein P'05 
Josiah '47 and Donna Welch P'80'83 
Pamela Kurtz Welch '80 
Bea Whitney P'83 
Frank and Maureen Wilkens P'95 
The Williams Companies Foundation 
Elizabeth W. Winder P'04 
Robert L. Wise '64 
Byungsun Woo and Geumhee Chung P'07 

The Catherine Dudley 
Dummer Society 

In grateful appreciation to these alumni/ae, 
parents and friends who gave $500 or more 
to the Annual Fund. 


David A. Agger '83 

Linn Anderson and Frederick Joseph P'02 

Peter Arnold, Jr. 74 

Sideris D. Baer '66 

Jeff '80 and Maggie Bailly P'07 

Robert and Karen Barnett P'08 

William A. Barrell, Jr. '45 

Richard and Johanna Barton P'08 

Todd and Helen Blinder P'07 

Boeing Company 

Stephen D. Bottomley 74 

Kimberlee G. Burgess '84 

Peter T. Butler '62 

William N. Campbell '44 

Winn and Jill Carroll P'05 

Jennifer Carter P'03 

Joseph and Karen Cartolano P'07 

Edgar S. Catlin III 71 

Leonard and Ursula Ceglarski GP'02'04 

Richard and Lisa Chace P'06 

Thomas H. Chalfant '57 

Michael and Brenda Cody P'06 

Peter R. Conway 72 

Donald and Deirdre Cook P'07 

J. Linzee and Beth Coolidge GP'07 

George W. Cowles '53 

Timothy T. Crane 73 

Alexander and Katherine Crosett P'06 

Colin P. Cross 74 

Gail Cummer GP'07 

David and Clair Cushman P'05 

John W. Deering '47 

Archer '49 and Carol des Cognets P'88 

Design Technique 

Dudley A. Dorr '55 

Peter '69 and Susan Dorsey 

Michael and Catherine Durgin P'08 

Russell F. Ethridge 71 

John C. Everett, Jr. '64 

Arthur M. Fass '51 

Robert '63 and Elaine Fullerton P'89'95 

Howard and Naomi Gardner P'85 

Barry Gately '52 

Stephanie G. Ginsberg '85 

Louis and Elisabeth Gobin P'00'03'05 

Jessica A. Gould '85 

Irene Graham P'07 

Timothy G. Greene '50 

Irwin M. Grossman '49 

Richard Guenther 71 

Harold W. Sweatt Foundation 

Joel and Patricia Hartnett P'06 

James J. Healy '56 

International Paper Company Foundation 

Jewish Communal Fund 

Kenneth K. Kaiser P'91 

Thomas L. Killough '39 

Robert C. Kirkwood '58 

Anne M. LaGrippe P'92 

Timothy and Stacy Lamson P'07 

Lester and Robyn Lee P'01 

Harold 0. Leinbach '43 

J. Andrew Leonard II '66 

Peter F. Littlefield '55 

George M. Lord '39 

Kenneth L. Markin 71 

Brian P. Marsh '59 

Francis W. Martin '44 

Virginia E. Maurer P'04 

Gregory McCarthy and Heidi Taylor P'06 

Craig D. McConnell 75 

H. Thomas McMeekin 71 

Howard D. Medwed '59 

Christopher and Linda Mello P'05'06 

Mellon Bank Corporation 
Paul and Maureen Michaud P'07 
Richard A. Michelson '54 
Don and Ann Millard, FS 
Barry H. Miller 75 
Daniel M. Miller 76 
Anne Minster P'78'80 
Steven M. Moheban '80 
William R. Moore, Jr. '51 
Morgan-Worcester Inc. 
Robert L. Morrell '43 
Felix M. Motta '91 
Theodore P. Munro '40 
Thomas Nathan '36 
Northwestern Mutual Life Foundation 
Bruce and Pattiann Ocko P'08 
Richard H. O'Leary 75 
George Q. Packard, Jr. '52 
Arthur S. Page, Jr. '45, GP'90 
David and Jayne Peng P'05'07 
Peninsula Community Foundation 
David 0. Phippen 77 
William L. Phippen 71 
John and Noreen Pramberg P'74 
Providian Corporation 
Thoams C. Quinn II 71 
Willliam '50 and Judy Rex P73 
Peter Robart and Jane Shannahan P'07 
E. Stephen Robinson '68 
James J. Ronan 79 
Robert and Martha Rose P'83 
Richard and Nancy Russell P'89'95 
Saint-Gobain Corporation 
Roger and Dawn Samson P'06 
Richard and Susan Savage FS 
James B. Shay, Jr. '68 
Amy P. Shafmaster '90 
Douglas and Diane Shealy P'03'06 
Peter Sherin '59 

Humphrey '42 and Rosalie Simson P'72 
Gardner P. Sisk '67 
Richard J. Smith '48 
Jason E. Starr '42 

Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Stavis GP'05'07 
Joseph Story II '67 
Ete Szuts and 

Susan Olesko-Szuts P'96, FS 
Samuel A. Tamposi 71 
Henry L. Terrie III '69 
Widgery Thomas, Jr. '43 
Brent A. Tingle '84 
John and Susan Tomich P'08 
Towers Perrin 






ing no new students, to the opening of school on September 
13, 2005. Among this group of talented, curious, and enthu- 
siastic young people who make GDA an interesting place in 
which to live and learn are musicians who play varsity 
sports, artists who sing in our select chorus, philosophers 
who will star in our drama productions, and poets who 
thrive on scientific research. As you can see, there are 
numerous opportunities for growth and exploration during 
these formative years. 

Participation and involvement in the GDA Annual Fund 
makes these opportunities possible. With strong support of 
our alumni and parents, GDA will continue to enjoy a 
vibrant student experience. Faculty also benefit from a 
robust Annual Fund. The unrestricted money raised from 
year to year helps us recruit and retain some of the most tal- 
ented and dedicated faculty. All independent schools want 
to attract the best students and the best faculty. With our 
continued support, GDA can remain competitive in an 
increasingly competitive environment. 

Thanks to our alumni and parent community, GDA enjoyed a 
strong fundraising year: 

• $1,309,530 total dollars raised 

• 50% of the total contributed by alumni 

• 1,067 alumni contributions 

• 30 new alumni donors 

Besides contributing gifts of financial support, some of our 
fellow alumni are returning to the GDA campus and con- 
tributing in other ways. Ray Long '96 has returned as a fac- 
ulty member teaching mathematics, coaching football and 
basketball, and serving as a dorm parent in Perkins. Ray is 
a Morse Flag recipient, a graduate of Dartmouth College, 
and a former analyst with Accenture Partners in Boston. 
Also recently returning to GDA, to participate in the school's 
annual Alumni Networking Forum for the senior class were 
Derek Ambrosi '93, Kara McLoy '88, Eric Whittier '95, Chris 
D'Orio '88, Todd Bairstow '91, Brian Rybicki '96, and Molly 
Scharfe Prinn '95. Clearly, these alumni believe you can go 
home again...and share gifts from your life experience. 

The GDA Annual Fund supports all of the school's alumni 
activities, and I am most grateful to all of my fellow alumni 

David and Susan Turnbull P'00'03'06 


UBS Financial Services Inc. 

Robert A. Veasey 71 

Abbot W. Vose '60 

Peter Warren P'08 

John A. Whitmore '66 

J. Randall 70 and Joan Whitney P'01'05 

A. Roland '40 and Constance Will P72 

Irvine F. Williamson '45 

Charles C. Windisch '52 

John Witherspoon 

Mark E. Woodbury '81 

Benjamin T. Wright '40 

Wyeth Nutritionals 

The Lieutenant 
Governor Society 

With grateful appreciation to those Graduates 
Of the Last Decade who gave $100 or more to 
the Annual Fund (the GOLD graduates). 

Sung-Jin An '95, TR 
Jonathan N. Beradino '00 
Amy E. Collins '95 
Catherine E. Correia '00 
Andrew Doggett '04 
Stephen A. Kasnet '95 
Ashley A. Krasinski '95 
Matt Lee '01 
Raymond Long '96 
Mark R. McDonnell '00 
Katherine D. Meyer '96 
Jason S. Randlett '96 
Brian Rybicki '96 
Eve R. Seamans '00 
Michael J. Shedosky '96 
Joseph S. Shedosky '01 
Peter L. Wesson '98 
Eric J. Wittier '95 
Jessica S. Zaplin '99 

The College Club 

With grateful appreciation to those college 
undergraduates who gave to the 
Annual Fund. 

Lars T. Bjork '02 
Leonard S. Ceglarski III '02 
Gregory M. Ceglarski '04 
Caitlin M. Cooper '01 
Rachel A. Decareau '04 
Francesca E. Demeo '02 

Patrick R. Dempsey '04 
Jeffrey C. Desmarais '01 
Andrew D. Doggett '04 
Christopher J. Ebinger '03 
Laura E. Ellison '03 
Joseph M. Fannon '01 
Brad S. Ferry '04 
Erin K. Giblin '04 
Kathleen A. Glynn '04 
Lauren E. Goglia '04 
Kristen N. Gorham '02 
Daniel J. Guyton '03 
Katherine C. Harris '03 
Mathew R. Lee '01 
Daniel J. Lee '01 
Charles E. Livermore IV '04 
Jessica R. Long '04 
Andrew M. Lundquist '03 
Garrett A. Lyons '03 
Lawrence A. Lyons IV '01 
Melissa M. McDonnell '04 
Rachel E. Medeiros '04 
Alana E. Mercer '03 
Marienna H. Murch '02 
Meghan D. 0'Malley '03 
Kerri L. O'Neill '04 
Michael D. O'Neill '03 
Laura A. Pritchard '04 
Angela L. Rappoli '03 
Jake W. Rogers '04 
Jessica Ross '01 
Kate E. Shannahan '04 
Kelsey I. Shannahan '03 
Joseph S. Shedosky '01 
John C. Shuster '01 
Jarid B. Siegel '04 
Regina M. Suggs '02 
Douglas M. Turnbull '03 
Jessica E. Watson '01 
Stirling A. Winder '04 
Michael C. Woods '02 

Alumni/ ae 

Old Guard 

John P. English '28 
Howard J. Navins '31 

Class of 1933 

Amount Raised: $475 
Participation: 44.44% 
Stuart B. Barnard 
Harry C. Churchill 

who continually make a positive impact on the fiscal and 
spiritual well-being of the school. Thank you. 

Special thanks to Josh Miner '69, P'96, '98 our former 
Development Committee chairperson. Josh was a passion- 
ate and tireless trustee volunteer for many years. We will 
miss Josh's creative, thoughtful, and effective leadership 
and we know that Josh will be a presence in the GDA com- 
munity for years to come. Joining me as Co-Chair of the 
Development Committee Henry Eaton '70, P'03, '08. I wel- 
come Henry's help in raising the funds that are critical in 
supporting the operation of the Academy. 

Justin M. Smith 
Thomas N. Willins, Jr. 

Class of 1935 

Amount Raised: $1,975 
Participation: 85.71% 
Wells C. Bates 
Russell B. Brewer 
William V. Broe 
C. Nelson Corey 
Frank R. Kitchell 
Donald Lawrence 

Class of 1936 

Amount Raised: $945.00 
Participation: 62.50% 
Donald E. Hastings 
Julian Hess 
Stafford J. King, Jr. 
Thomas Nathan 
John C. Wells 

Class of 1937 

Class Agent: Putnam P. Flint 
Amount Raised: $21,263.00 
Participation: 100.00% 
Theodore G. Bergmann 
Putnam P. Flint 
John A. Hubbard 
W. Dana Jones 
Nathaniel N. Lord 
Edwin C. Murphy 
Clark Neily 
Melvin Salwen 
William P. Sheffield 

Class of 1938 

Amount Raised: $3,100.00 
Participation: 42.11% 
Sumner R. Andrews 
Harold H. Audet 
L. Alan Bullwinkel 
William R. Ferris 
Philip J. Hastings 
Charles T. Henrich 
Robert F. Olander 
Richard D. Phippen 

Class of 1939 

Amount Raised: $6,804.79 
Participation: 36.36% 
David F. Ellbogen 
A. Charles Goodrich III 
Thomas L. Killough 
George M. Lord 

Edmund G. Noyes 
Philip A. Simpson 
Donald W. Stockwell 
Gordon K. Tooley 

Class of 1940 

Amount Raised: $67,560.40 
Participation: 48.00% 
Andrew C. Bailey 
Willard S. Little 
Robert J. Lyle 
Charles E. McDowell 
Theodore P. Munro 
Robert F. Schumann 
Edwin S. Sheffield 
David H. Solomon 
Frederick Stanger, Jr. 
A. Roland Will 
Benjamin T. Wright 
Sanford P. Young 

Class of 1941 

Class Agent: David T. Goodhart 
Amount Raised: $19,750.00 
Participation: 50.00% 
William C. Abbott, Jr. 
Herbert S. Chase 
Richard T. Cleaver 
Robert E. Covert 
Neal W. Cox 
David T. Goodhart 
Lewis E. Harrower II 
Ployer P. Hill 
James Monroe, Jr. 
Paul S. Morgan 
Samuel M. Robbins 
Howard F. Stirn 
S. Cushing Strout 
Wilbur E. Webster 

Class of 1942 

Class Agent: Edward W. Stitt III 
Amount Raised: $1,920.00 
Participation: 43.48% 
Norton Cushman 
Robert B. Harris 
William E. Hill, Jr. 
David S. Jarvis 
D. Robert Kelly 
William B. Kirkpatrick 
Seward E. Pomeroy 
Humphrey B. Simson 
Jason E. Starr 
Edward W. Stitt III 

I also extend my thanks to all of our alumni, student and 
parent volunteers who enthusiastically raise funds for the 
GDA Annual Fund. Special thanks to all of the 2005 
Reunion Volunteers who helped to make Reunion Weekend 
an enjoyable occasion this past June for over 350 returning 
alumni and their family. Our student phonathon volun- 
teers continue to do their part in raising money for the 
GDA Annual Fund and I thank all of them for their willing- 
ness to lend a hand. Parents continue to do wonderful 
things for the school. Almost 75% of our current parents 
participated in the 2004-2005 Annual Fund! Your work as 
parent volunteers makes GDA a great school for your chil- 
dren and for future generations of Academy students. The 
lion's share of the school's fundraising effort is completed 
by our Class Agent volunteers, whom I respect, appreciate, 
and admire for their outreach. Though this core group 
spans generations, they are united by shared desire to keep 
GDA strong. 

Friends, thank you once again for your continuing and 
increasing support of the GDA Annual Fund. 

Sincerely yours, 

Christopher C. Beebe '55 







Class of 1943 

Class Agent: Walter L. McGill 
Amount Raised: $9,050.00 
Participation: 63.33% 
Thomas Akin 
Benjamin B. Brewster 
Roy E. Coombs 
Morgan Cooper 
Malcolm Goldstein 
Crosby Hitchcock 
Henry W. Kelly 
Harold 0. Leinbach 
Benjamin E. Mann 
David H. Mason 
Walter L. McGill 
Peter S. Morgan 
Robert L. Morrell 
Angus W. Park 
Philip N. Sawyer 
Robert S. Tannebring 
Widgery Thomas, Jr. 
Robert Wadleigh 
William C. Wiswall 

Class of 1944 

Class Agent: James C. Waugh 
Amount Raised: $4,945.00 
Participation: 61.29% 
Dennis D. Andersen 
Andrew L. Brillhart 
William N. Campbell, Jr. 
Courtland J. Cross 
Nathaniel N. Dummer 
Samuel J. Finlay 
Gordon J. Hoyt 
Steven K. Kauffman 
Francis W. Martin 
Benjamin Pearson 
Warren T. Perkins 
Leonard N. Plavin 
George A. Pollin 
John T. Scott 
Edmund C. Tarbell 
James C. Waugh 
Alan H. Welch 
John R. Whitney, Jr. 
Albert L. Wyer 

Class of 1945 

Class Agent: Donald G. Palais 
Amount Raised: $5,825.00 
Participation: 100.00% 
David W. Barnard 
William A. Barrell, Jr. 
Stephen D. Bean 
Edgar S. Catlin, Jr. 
Richard A. Cousins 
Warren W. Furth 
John S. Gillies, Jr. 
David P. Graham 
William J. Hale 
Stanley A. Hamel 
Joseph L. Hannan 
Edward C. Haynes, Jr. 
Frank H. Hinckley, Jr. 
Lon W. Homeier 
Edwin L. Hubbard 
Brewster W. Jameson 
Keith A. Johnson 
Archibald J. Kingsley 
Leon L. Noyes 
Arthur S. Page, Jr. 
Donald G. Palais 
Bradley H. Roberts 
Robert R. Simon 
Robert S. Steinert, Jr. 
Warren G. Symonds 
Allan H. Teel 
Irvine F. Williamson 
Paul Withington 

B. Botsford Young, Jr. 

Class of 1946 

Amount Raised: $565.00 
Participation: 30.43% 
Alan P. Carpenter* 
James E. Chase 
Herbert J. Levine 
Douglas L. Miller 
Theodore G. Mixer 
E. Lynden Watkins 
Robert W. Waugh 

Class of 1947 

Class Agent: John W. Deering 
Amount Raised: $4,630.00 
Participation: 40.54% 
Homer Ambrose, Jr. 

C. Benson Birdsall 
Norman G. Brown 
Jay C. Curtis 
John W. Deering 
Henry T. Dunker 
Kevin J. Gaffney 
Peter Hill 

Plato H. Kangis 
James M. Knott 
Robert J. McGill 
Charles W. Morse, Jr. 
Henry M. Sanders 
Peter R. Sutton 
Josiah H. Welch 

Class of 1948 

Amount Raised: $4,375.00 
Participation: 39.53% 
G. Fred Beaudry 
Harry R. Beaudry 
S. Kenneth Bruce 
Peter T. Case 
John H. Deuble 
David H. Ellsworth 
Philip Gemmer 
Pete Houston 
Jarvis W. Lambert 
Richard N. Macnair 
Richard S. Palais 
Landon Peters* 
William R. Quattrocchi, Jr. 
William I. Richter 
Robert B. Skeele 
Richard J. Smith 
James P. Weldon 

Class of 1949 

Class Agent: William L. Chamberlin 

Amount Raised: $5,535.00 

Participation: 53.66% 

Jacob B. Brown, Jr. 

John C. Canepa 

Robert 0. Coulter 

Archer B. des Cognets 

William H. Drake 

Thomas R.M. Emery 

Peter N. Fitch 

Robert W. Gove 

Irwin M. Grossman 

Manson P. Hall 

Chester R. Ham 

Philip E. Hopkins 

William T. Johnson 

E. William Judson 

Arthur B. Martin 

Thomas Otis 

A. Gordon Price 

Mansfield F. Smith 

Richard M. Tyler, Jr. 

John E. Veasey 

Donald L. Wochomurka 

Class of 1950 

Class Agent: Timothy G. Greene 
Amount Raised: $13,109.80 
Participation: 48.98% 
David C. Bailey, Jr. 
Souther H. Barnes 
Charles C. Bowen 
Robert T. Comey, Jr. 
Robert H. Cushman 
Ansel S. Davis 
William D. Engs 
Alan F. Flynn, Jr. 
Peter W. Gavian 
Timothy G. Greene 
Richard H. Greenwood 
Thomas R. Harris, Jr. 
David R. Hershey 
John G. Ives 
William E. Little 
Richard H. McCoy 
James H. McManus 
Richard W. Patton 
William E. Rex 
Malcoumbe C. Robertson 
Robert W. Squire 
Linwood R. Starbird 
George S. Tulloch, Jr. 
Arthur Withington II 

Class of 1951 

Class Agent: George E. McGregor, Jr. 

Amount Raised: $3,850.00 

Participation: 35.19% 

Ted H. Barrows III 

Kenneth M. Bistany 

E. Ronan Campion 

Peter D. Dunning 

Arthur M. Fass 

Robert H. Fleming 

Charles E. Hussey 

Louis A. Ireton 

George D. Kirkham 

George E. McGregor, Jr. 

William R. Moore, Jr. 

David A. Pope 

Charles C. Robideau 

Walter G. Staley 

Edward G. Stockwell 

Louis F. Tobia 

Robert L. Wenz 

Peter J. Whitney 

Class of 1952 

Class Agent: Franklin E. Huntress, Jr. 

Amount Raised: $5,650.00 

Participation: 36.17% 

Peter T.C. Bramhall 

Edward P. Carter 

John P. Eveleth 

Barry Gately 

Franklin E. Huntress, Jr. 

Walter R. Lawson 

John T. Lucas 

Richard J. Nader 

George Q. Packard, Jr. 

David L. Powers 

Howard E. Quimby 

Donald N. Rice 

E. Richard Rothmund 

Stephen B. Shohet 

Frederick M. Smith 

Robert F. Smythe* 

Charles C. Windisch 

Class of 1953 

Class Agent: George E Gale 
Philip T. Smith 
Amount Raised: $6,075.00 
Participation: 40.35% 
Arthur C. Bartlett 

Donald P. Bullock 
George W. Cowles 
Parker B. Field III 
George E. Gale III 
Charles F. Gibbs 
Lawrence W. Guild 
Joseph J. Hill 
Thomas P. King 
William D. King 
Percival M. Lowell, Jr. 
Richard T. Marr 
Richard B. Osgood 
Charles C. Palmer 
Norris R. Peirce 
William C. Pinkham 
William R. Plumer 
Robert M. Rex 
Henry H. Rogers 
David C. Smith 
Philip T. Smith 
Frederick C. Waldron 
Thomas M. Windle 

Class of 1954 

Class Agent: Richard H. Pew, Jr. 
Amount Raised: $13,130.00 
Participation: 36.36% 

Robert G. Abbott, Jr. 
Robert G. Abbott, Jr. 
David H. Alven 
Cary K. Bradford 
Robert C. Burr 
Howard V. Clarke 
Robert L. Fish 
Paul A. Getchell 
David M. Hicks 
Thomas H. Larsen 
Richard A. Michelson 
K. Dodd Miles 
Stuart L. Miller 
John M. Perrigo 
Richard H. Pew, Jr 
Haskell Rhett 
Gerard G. Vaughan 

Class of 1955 

Class Agent: William S. Friend 
Amount Raised: $39,780.12 
Philip A. Angell, Jr. 
Richard H. Bailey 
Christopher C. Beebe 
David F. Brainerd 
Thornton Burke 
Orrin M. Colley 
Dudley A. Dorr 
Lawrence G. Eliot 
Daniel C. Fog arty 
William S. Friend 
George 0. Gardner III 
David J. Hicks 
A.C. Hubbard, Jr. 
David M. Hutt 
Norman S. Jessop 
Allan R. Keith 
Peter F. Littlefield 
Edward S. Luneburg 
Bruce Macgowan 
D. Anthony Marquis 
Richard A. Nielsen 
John J. Pallotta, Jr. 
Peter F. Scott 
Frederic J. Sears 
William F. Spence, Jr. 
David G. Stockwell 
William P. Stone 
Bowen H. Tucker 
Albert B. Wende 
C. Frederic Young 

Class of 1956 

Class Agents: Joseph E. MacLeod 

John S. Wilson 
Amount Raised: $6,770.00 
Participation: 68.89% 
Richard A. Ananian 
Arthur E. Balser, Jr. 
Richard S. Bartlett 
Stephen C. Bartow 
Huntington Blatchford, Jr. 
George L. Boynton 
Robert B. Conklin 
James Dean III 
Stephen R. Domesick 
Clark G. Duncan 
Thomas P. Elder 
James S. Finger 
John M. Gardner 
James J. Healy 
John A. Henry 
Henry L. Hill, Jr. 
Herbert H. Hodos 
Joseph E. MacLeod 
Gordon G. MacVean 
True G. Miller 
George L. Needham 
A. Latham Nichols 
Peter H. Renkert 
Stanley W. Rhodes 
Otto P. Robinson, Jr. 
William W. Sayles 
Reaves E. Strobel, Jr. 
Thomas V. Urmy, Jr. 
John S. Wilson 

Class of 1957 

Amount Raised: $4,410.00 
Participation: 42.11% 
David H.M. Andersen 
Edmund C. Beebe, Jr. 
John A. Bissell 
Melvyn Blake 
Eugene R. Bouley 
Peter Y. Cadigan 
Thomas H. Chalfant 
Lyman A. Cousens III 

Frank S. Dickerson III 
Geoffrey E. Fitts 
Frank H. Gleason 
Donald W. Morse 
Richard J.V.C. Pescosolido 
Charles E. Reed III 
Chuck E. Schroedel, Jr. 
Edward J. Stone 

Class of 1958 

Class Agent: Harvey L. Hayden 
Amount Raised: $5,390.00 
Participation: 28.51% 
Ralph E. Ardiff, Jr. 
Maxwell Brace III 
Paul S. Clark 
Harvey L. Hayden 
William T. Hunt 
Robert C. Kirkwood 
Newton W. Lamson II 
James C. Main 
Edmund G. Meeker II 
John A. Schabacker 
Nathan N. Withington 

Class of 1959 

Class Agent: William J. Donnelly 

Amount Raised: $3,728.56 

Participation: 39.53% 

Courtney F. Bird, Jr. 

Edward S. Bliss, Jr. 

Walter B. Cannon 

John N. Catlett 

William J. Donnelly II 

James S. Foley 

Louis L. Frierson 

C. Randolph Light 

Brian P. Marsh 

Howard D. Medwed 

Roy C. Nash 

Charles R. Sawyer 

Peter M. Sherin 

Everit B. Terhune III 

Alan N. Tucker 

William B. Whiting 

Nathan D. Woodberry 

Class of 1960 

Class Agent: Carl M. Youngman 
Amount Raised: $13,625.00 
Participation: 36.73% 
Mark F. Acerra 
Robert H. Adams 
Donald G. Alexander 
James C. Deveney, Jr. 
Malcolm E. Flint 
James J. Gaffney 
Walcott B. Hamilton 
Richard L. Henry 
Thomas P. Jones III 
Willard R. Nalchajian 
Geoffrey H. Nichols 
S. Robert Rimer 
John L. Slater 
William F. Tuxbury, Jr. 
Abbot W. Vose 
Thomas S. Wadlow, Jr. 
Arnold S. Wood, Jr. 
Carl M. Youngman 

Class of 1961 

Amount Raised: $6,250.00 
Participation: 32.61% 
Alan D. Booth 
Peter L. Boynton 
John T. Brickson 
Geoffrey G. Dellenbaugh 
Theodore E. Dietz 
David W. Graff 
James F. Hunt, Jr. 
Thomas M. Mercer, Jr. 
Bertram S. Noyes, Jr. 
J. Stephen Sawyer 
Richard W. Snowdon III 
David D. Stringer 
Samuel W. Wakeman 
Thomas C. Woodruff 

Class of 1962 

Class Agent: Peter T. Butler 
Amount Raised: $40,104.86 
Participation: 37.93% 
Raymond A. Bird 

Peter T. Butler 
Douglass L. Coupe 
Robert D.W. Culver, Jr. 
Malcalm L. Donaldson, Jr. 
Darrell H. Hamric, Jr. 
Stanton T. Healy 
Charles A. Higgins 
Cyrus W. Hoover 
Benjamin J. Jameson 
Mark R. Johnson 
Stephen G. Kasnet 
Timothy W. McNally 
William S. McPhee 
Robert H. Michel 
Kenneth A. Pouch 
Joseph B. Selden 
Slater Smith 
John W. Tarbell, Jr. 
Thomas S. Tobey 
Anthony D. Whittemore 

Class of 1963 

Amount Raised: $6,905.00 
Participation: 25.53% 
Robert K. Cate 
Peter B. Coburn 
David R. Dent 
Robert G. Fullerton 
Frank B. Gummey III 
Robert P. Ingalls 
G. Calvin Mackenzie 
Robert F. Mann 
Robert G. Segel 
Jonathan S. Shafmaster 
Richard A. Stockton, Jr. 
Paul A. Thomas, Jr. 

Class of 1964 

Class Agent: John S. Mercer 
Amount Raised: $14,000.00 
Participation: 25.93% 
Jay Cooke III 
Peter Dolce 
John C. Everett, Jr. 
Robert S. Farnum 
Howard W. Foss 







Awards and Prizes for Alumni/ae Giving 

The Morris P. Frost '35 Bowl 

1 1 1 Nln Mnli LriiaL'LTll 

doHar rofaf 

Class of 1940, $67,560 

Middle Years (1955-1979) 

Class of 1967, $69,516 

Remington A. Clark HI and Jeffrey R. Harris 

Younger Set (1980-1994) 

Class of 1988, $31,508 

Carrie W. Penner 

The Putnam P. Flint '37 Bowl 

Old Guard (1928-1954) 
Class of 1937, 100% 

Putnam P. Flint 

Class of 1945, 100% 

Donald G. Palais & Richard A. Cousins 

Middle Years (1955-1979) 

Class of 1956, 69% 

Joseph E. MacLeod & John S. Wilson 

Younger Set (1980-1994) 
Class of 1980, 24% 
James A. Gardner 

ton Evans Bow, 


Remington A. Clark HI & Jeffrey R. Harris 


s with the highest dollar total as of 

Class of 1955, $39,780 

Christopher C. Beebe, William S. Friend, Daniel L. Leary, 
M.D., John J. Pallotta, Jr. 

The Reunion Class Prize 

h the highest participation total as 

Class of 1955, 63% 

Christopher C. Beebe, William S. Friend, Daniel L. Leary, M.D., John 
J. Pallotta, Jr. 

The Arthur W. Sager Bowl 

.e Last Decade) class with the 


Class of 1995, $1,645 

Gretchen E. Scharfe, Eric J. Whittier 

The Howard J. Navins '31 Bowl 

t Decade) class with the 


Class of 2000, 19% 
Jason M. Salony 

Paul S. Freedberg 
H. Laurence Henchey 
Richard B. Noyes 
Mark E. O'Brien 
A. Rocke Robertson 
Andrew J.E. Rose 
Peter C. Thomas 
Richard A. Tuxbury 
Robert L. Wise 

Class of 1965 

Class Agent: Jeffrey H. Kane 
Amount Raised: $3,372.00 
Participation: 18.37% 
Charles H. Dunton 
A. John Gregg 
Kenneth A. Linberg 
J. Scott Magrane, Jr. 
William E. Major 
James C. McGuire 
Stephen M. Rolfe 
Peter B. Sargent 
David B. Sullivan 

Class of 1966 

Class Agent: Timothy R. Keeney 

Amount Raised: $5,897.00 

Participation: 33.33% 

Sideris D. Baer 

Samuel G. Billings 

Robert C. Burnham 

Edgar M. Caldwell 

James T. Connolly 

Henry Y.W. Eu 

Malcolm P. Gourlie 

Peter C. Hicks 

Roy E.A. Hope. 

James H. Keeler III 

Timothy R. Keeney 

J. Andrew Leonard II 

Michael J. Little 

Timothy Maier 

Bradford H. Silsby 

David W. Stonebraker 

H. Scott Tenney 

David W. Tinker 

John L. Trickey 

John G. Wellman 

John A. Whitmore 

Dana W. Woodward, Jr. 

Class of 1967 

Class Agents: Remington A. Clark III 

Jeffrey R. Harris 
Amount Raised: $69,516.00 
Participation: 63.77% 
William L. Alfond 
R. Macdonald Barnes 
Robert M. Bass 
Bennett H. Beach 
E. Stark Beatty 
Roger T. Block 
Russell S. Bolles 
Richard D. Boucher 
Richard M. Brayton 
Winston S. Burt 
John W. Butler 
Donald H. Congdon 
Phillip S. Congdon 
Douglas J. Curtis 
Charles A. Davis 
Carter S. Evans 
Harper Follansbee, Jr. 
Stanley F. Greenberg 
William M. Haggerty 
Jeffrey R. Harris 
Paul A. Hemmerich 
Ray J. Huard 
Richard A. Jensen 

Anne-Marie Laverty 
Kevin R. Leary 
David R. Marsh 
Robert E. Marsh 
Michael V. Miles 
Daniel M. Morgan 
Charles M. Murphy, Jr. 
Andrew G. Nichols 
Ralph H. Perkins 
Wilfred C. Poon 
H. Reid Pugh II 
Dwight H. Reid 
Gene D. Romero 
Alan F. Rothfeld 
Lewis Rumford III 
F. Jay Ryder III 
Gardner P. Sisk 
Joseph Story II 
Jonathan W. Strater 
George H. Swift III 
Thomas G. Taylor 

Class of 1968 

Class Agents: Carl F. Spang, Jr. 
MarcK. Tucker 
Arthur H. Veasey, III 
Amount Raised: $9,985.00 
Participation: 47.06% 
Wayne A. Barbaro 
Peter M. Barkin 
Carl A. Berntsen III 
William H. Black 
James F. Brooks 
Howard W. Burns, Jr. 
Steven B. Cox 
William M. Degen 
Paul A. Gares 
Donald R. Hayes, Jr. 
R. Thomas Jacobs 
Charles B. Johnson, Jr. 
Charles S. Johnson III 
Harry J. Kangis 
Richard C. Kaye-Schiess 
Evan S. Leviss 
Robert M. Lord 
David J. McGowan 
David S. Mitchell 
Fred J. Nahil 

D. Christopher Page 
Robert W. Parsons 

E. Stephen Robinson 
James L. Rudolph 
James B. Shay, Jr. 

J. Hale Smith 
John W. Sowles 
Robert T. Stewart 
C. Wilson Sullivan 
Marc K. Tucker 
John W. Wannop, Jr. 
Joseph W. Worthen II 

Class of 1969 

Class Agent: Peter K. Dorsey 
Amount Raised: $33,050.00 
Participation: 37.50% 
Robert H. Amsler 
Christopher C. Barker 
James. C. Bayley, Jr. 
William S. Clyde 
Johnston P. Connelly II 
Peter K. Dorsey 
Wilson C. Durham 
David W. Francis 
Jeffrey L. Gordon 
Edmund C. Lattime 
Garrett R. Martin 
Joshua L. Miner IV 
John A. 0'Leary 
John L. Pates 


Brian Pfeiffer 
Thomas M. Pierce 
William B. Strider 
C. Thomas Tenney, Jr. 
Henry L. Terrie III 
Michael H. Terry, Jr. 
John M. Timken, Jr. 
Richard G. Whitten 
Steven P. Worthen 

Class of 1970 

Class Agent: Henry B. Eaton 
Amount Raised: $2,400.00 
Participation: 21.42% 
Jeb Bradley III 
Van Cherington 
Henry B. Eaton 
Michael L. Franchot 
Chandler R. Gilman 
Robert L. Jaffe 
Nicholas P. Meyer 
Terry E. Nolan 
Thomas A. Price 
Benjamin T. Smith 
Frederick R. Statler 
John A. Stichnoth, Jr. 
Guy A. Swenson III 
J. Randall Whitney III 
Andrew S. Winneg 
Christopher C. Wyle 

Class of 1971 

Amount Raised: $12,371.40 
Participation: 34.29% 
Edgar S. Catlin III 
John M. dayman 
Scott L Collins 
Russell F. Ethridge 
James S. Fleming 
Wayne A. Gray 
Richard Guenther 
Michael W. Hoover 
Kenneth L. Markin 
H. Thomas McMeekin 

Michael L. Mulligan 
Jeffrey S. Molitor 
Eric H. Nietsch 
Theodore H. Northrup 
Albert P. Pettoruto 
William L. Phippen 
Thomas C. Quinn II 
Peter L. Richardson 
Jonathan Roof 
Scott H. Seaver 
William P. Shack 
David H. Shove 
Samuel A. Tamposi 
Robert A. Veasey 
Ellis B. Withington 

Class of 1972 

Amount Raised: $11,920.00 
Participation: 18.29% 
Richard J. Bates 
Robert R. Bryan 
William S. Connolly 
Peter R. Conway 
Jonathan P. Davis 
Geoffrey A. Durham 
George G. Freimarck 
Andrew D. Lappin 
Robert M. Murphy 
Benjamin Pearson 
James Pierce 
Sarah Ewell Smith 
Harrison M. Smith II 

Class of 1973 

Class Agent: G. Douglas Pope 
Amount Raised: $7,165.00 
Participation: 13.19% 
Roberto Arguello 
William C. Arthur III 
Sheldon L. Chase 
Ian B. Chisholm 
Timothy T. Crane 
Charles C. Holleman 
Arthur McClement 

David D. Metcalf 
William F. O'Leary 
Robert E. Phillips 
Arthur A. Scangas 
Philip C. Smith 

Class of 1974 

Class Agent: E. Scott Williams 
Amount Raised: $17,100.00 
Participation: 23.66% 
Alexander M. Andrews 
Peter Arnold, Jr. 
Carl M. Bosch 
Stephen D. Bottomley 
Raymond E. Brooks 
Colin P. Cross 
Steven S. Epstein 
Virginia H. Hodgkins 
Stephen A. James 
Randi Birenbaum Lapidus 
James I. Leighton 
Kim Potter Navarre 
Jonathan B. Sendor 
Steven G. Shapiro 
Robert E. Spaulding 
Timothy H. Statler 
Daniel Sze 

P. Woodbridge Wallace 
Courtney S. Wang 
E. Scott Williams 
Steven M. Winer 
Lawrence B. Woolson, Jr. 

Class of 1975 

Class Agent: Spencer L. Purinton 
Amount Raised: $7,170.00 
Participation: 29.76% 
Seth B. Arsenault 
J. Derek Bergmann 
Daniel G. dayman 
James C. Covis 
Stephen C. Dunfey 

Keith Esthimer 
P. Wheeler Gemmer 
Samuel A. Gilliland, Jr. 
John Harrington 
David F. Ingrassia 
Kevin L James 
Louise S. Johnson 
Victoria Bell Jones 
Robert A. Kaplan 
Fiona Harris Lubbock 
Craig D. McConnell 
Barry H. Miller 
Richard H. Neyman 
Richard H. O'Leary 
Pamela D. Pandapas 
D. Gregory Pope 
Spencer L. Purinton 
Winston S. Rice, Jr. 
Michael P. Sapuppo 
Ethan A. Stone 

Class of 1976 

Class Agent: Perry M. Smith 
Amount Raised: $9,650.80 
Participation: 25.71% 
Stephen W. Allison 
Thomas P. Balf 
Gordon D. Boulger 
John J.R. Cavendish 
Steven B. French 
Mary Weldon Karlin 
Nina Chiara McElroy 
R. Neal McElroy 
Daniel M. Miller 
Brian H. Noyes 
Gordon Eric O'Brien 
J. Jeffcott Ogden 
Lisa Palais 
Catherine Rooney 
Andrew P. Skaff 
Perry M. Smith 
Murray J. Swindell, Jr. 
Stephen Titcomb 
William C. Woods 





Class of 1977 

Amount Raised: $5,31 0. 00 
Participation: 12.64% 
Heather Blair 
Jeanne Waltz Gorham 
Huw R. Jones 
C. Eric Laub 
John T. Lu 
Sally Pendleton 
David 0. Phippen 
Christopher L. Poole 
Allison McElroy Quinttus 
Andrew J. Sterge 
Frank P. White, Jr. 

Class of 1978 

Amount Raised: $3,970.00 
Participation: 21.79% 
Robert M. Barnes 
Jody R. Baum 
Ray A. Casey 
Todd A. Dagres 
H. Thomas Diehl III 
William F. Drislane 
David R. Drukker 
James M. Giampa 
M. Philip Graham 
William C. Jerome III 
Tomas G. Mathews 
Richard P. Neville 
Andrew W. Stephenson 
Dana L. Stetson 
Laurel Altschuler Struzziero 
Isaiah Suggs, Jr. 
John A. Webster III 

Class of 1979 

Class Agent: Steven I. Sterman 
Amount Raised: $14,014.36 
Participation: 20.00% 
Stuart R. Cawley 
Wendy Bixby Cowie 
Monique Cremer Duckworth 
Kathleen Leary Livermore 
John S. Perlowski, Jr. 
Stephen L Perry 
James J. Ronan 
Henry M. Rosen 
Anne C. Sandt 
Hal F. Sizer 
Steven L Sterman 
Richard E. Theriault 
Michael Weldon 

Class of 1980 

Class Agent: James A. Gardner 

Amount Raised: $6,900.00 

Participation: 23.53% 

R. Jeffrey Bailly 

William M. Bartlett 

Kevin W. Callahan 

Jennifer Quinn Crook 

Emily Woolf Economou 

Erica Baum Goode 

Sally 0. Lee 

Frederick H. Long 

Helen Mackay-Smith Mazarakis 

Andrew M. Minster 

Steven M. Moheban 

Jamie D. Rosenthal 

Jeffrey M. Segil 

Christopher H.A. Stafford 

Matthew D. Tomlinson 

Pamela Kurtz Welch 


Class of 1981 

Class Agent: Michael M. Reilly 
Amount Raised: $6, 060. 00 
Participation: 13.79% 
Karla A. Austen 
David S. Brown 
Daniel L. Cooke 
Sherman D. Horton III 
Sargent L. Kennedy 
Michael A. Menyhart 
Andrew W. Morison 
Tracey Meehan O'Dea 
Peter N. Starosta 
Benay Lazo Todzo 
Mark A. Whitney 
Mark E. Woodbury 

Class of 1982 

Amount Raised: $1,385.00 
Participation: 12.35% 
Richard D. Brown 
Claire Dober Danaher 
Sally A. DeGan 
John F. Leary III 
John B.A. Nye 
Kristen P. Saunders 
Paul J. Shoulla 
Sloan A. Tyler 
Nancy Lord Wickwire 

Class of 1983 

Amount Raised: $11,230.00 
Participation: 11.76% 
David A. Agger 
James H. Aimone 
David S. Dow 
Aaron L. Halpern 
Frederick J. Hare 
David S. Hoffman 
Karen Gronberg Schulte 
Bruce C. Turner 
Amy S. Welch 
Hope A. Williams 

Class of 1984 

Class Agent: Charlotte Johnson Amorello 

Amount Raised: $4,920.00 

Participation: 18.92% 

Kimberlee Grillo Burgess 

David H. Carlson 

Matthew B. Carothers 

Michael D. DiModica 

Elizabeth Tuthill Farrell 

Hugh R. Friedman 

Michael P. Graf 

Alison Hagstrom McNamara 

Daniel T. H. Nye 

Cathleen Riley Scerbo 

Steven C. Shula 

Kathleen M. Sullivan 

Brent A. Tingle 

Kathleen Lambert Watt 

Class of 1985 

Class Agents: Anthony P. Fusco 
Amount Raised: $4,670.00 
Participation: 18.75% 
Steven M. Bornstein 
Robert L. Cloutier 
Peter D. Condon 
Anthony P. Fusco 
Dennis P. Gately 
Anna Hill Gerry 
Stephanie Gardner Ginsberg 
Courtney Church Goldthwait 

Jessica A. Gould 
Jeffrey P. Kelly 
Sean Mahoney 
Meredith G. McPherron 
Peter H. Quimby 
Jeffrey P. Taft 
Rebecca Chase Werner 

Class of 1986 

Amount Raised: $2,290.00 
Participation: 11.69% 
Jennifer Glasmann Arthur 
Mosa P. Kaleel 
Eric S. Krukonis 
Karen Rybicki McCann 
Kimberly Mooney Mcnulty 
Paul B. Nardone 
Anne W. Pollock 
Monique Proulx Walter 
Robert H. Studley, Jr. 

Class of 1987 

Class Agents: Lucy Armstrong Henkes 

Robert C. DeLena 
Amount Raised: $4,230.00 
Participation: 19.28% 
Jeffrey L. Ashworth 
Peter G. Barton 
Anita Russo Bartschat 
John A. Blau 
David A. Bonenko 
A. Kipchoge Brown 
Lisa A. Carrigg 
Robert C. DeLena 
P. Cris Dobrosielski 
Amy Mack Forsthoffer 
Anne Taylor Kindblom 
David R. Miller 
Kristen LaBrie Poulin 
Mark C. Romboletti 
Kimberly Macdonald Shiff 
Sharad Utram 

Class of 1988 

Class Agent: Carrie Penner 
Amount Raised: $31,508.00 
Participation: 13.00% 
Wayne M. Belleau 
Jordan J. Burgess, Jr. 
Meganne Murphy Fabrega 
David J. Hanlon 
Denice Hannon-Perera 
Heather E. Hinrichs 
Damon K. Kinzie 
Kara Moheban McLoy 
Andrew B. Noel III 
Hugh M. Ogilvie 
Carrie Walton Penner 
Matthew E. Perkins 
Charity Lombardi Simard 

Class of 1989 

Class Agents: Robert T. Wattie III 
Amount Raised: $4,215.00 
Participation: 10.47% 
Adam M. Barton 
Lauren Jellinek Flower 
John E. Hellerman 
Catherine MacLachlan 
Jason McLoy 
Victoria Hill Resnick 
Patrick E. Riley 
Allison Hyder Rynak 
Amy Russell 
Hyun Young Shin 

Class of 1990 

Class Agents: Margo Doyle Dhaliwal 
Amount Raised: $1,085.00 
Participation: 9.21% 
Shannon Ballard Davenport 
Margo Doyle Dhaliwal 
Michelle B. Kahn 
Kerry Campbell Morrison 
Amy P. Shafmaster 
Elizabeth A. Shea 
David M. Smith 

Class of 1991 

Class Agent: Todd M. Bairstow 

Stratton B. Newbet 
Amount Raised: $6,533.81 
Participation: 15.12% 
Todd M. Bairstow 
Catherine D. Burgess 
Anthony J. Cohen 
Nicole F. LaTour 
Scott D. McLeod 
Felix M. Motta 
Matthew M. Murphy 
Stratton B. Newbert 
Brian J. Novelline 
Bench W. Oliver 
Karen B. Queen Stern 
Alanna Caffrey Rosenberg 
Jason Uttam 

Class of 1992 

Class Agent: Amy Daniels Spellman 
Amount Raised: $1,700.00 
Participation: 11.24% 
Carolyn Mclnnis DiGiammo 
Nicole Bellaire Downer 
Grace P. Jeanes 
Joshua C. Lappin 
Joseph P. Montminy 
Hoyt D. Morgan 
Stephen D. Peabody 
Christopher Ruggiero 
Brooke Whiting Cash 
Catharine A. Wickes 

Class of 1993 

Class Agent: Jennifer L. Saunders 

Amount Raised: $1,500.00 

Participation: 9.30% 

Use E. Abusamra 

Jonathan K. Jett 

Katherine G. Mack 

Shawn T. Markey 

Michael A. Nadeau 

Dana A. Pascucci 

Anne Savage 

Miika S. Silvennoinen 

Class of 1994 

Class Agent: Rahul K. Sivaprasad 
Amount Raised: $2,490.00 
Participation: 6.82% 
Elizabeth D. Griffin 
Joshua R. Manring 
John M. Markos 
Timothy C. O'Keefe 
Matthew T. Prunier 
Nicole Abdulla Prunier 
Justin E. Rivera 

Class of 1995 

Class Agents: Gretchen £ Scharfe 

Eric J. Whittier 
Amount Raised: $1,645.00 
Participation: 9.52% 
Sung-Jin An 
Amy E. Collins 
Chandlee R. Gore 



Stephen A. Kasnet 
Ashley Russell Krasinski 
Gretchen E. Scharfe 
Ksenija Topic 
Eric J. Whittier 

Class of 1996 

Class Agent: Brian Rybicki 
Amount Raised: $906.96 
Participation: 14.81% ' 
Scott M. Grenier 
Jeffrey R. LaBelle 
Raymond M. Long 
{Catherine D. Meyer 
Lea B. Miner 
Catharine L. Pear 
Jason S. Randlett 
Brian Rybicki 
Aaron M. Sells 
Michael J. Shedosky 
Michael T. Silverio 

Class of 1997 

Amount Raised: $84.44 
Participation: 3.75% 
Meta M. Mason 
Mara N. McManus 
Nicole R. Suggs 

Class of 1998 

Amount Raised: $361.00 
Participation: 8.79% 
Kelly M. Barry 
Joshua L. Miner 
P. Shane O'Neill 
Stoddard R. Panall 
Brooke L. Peltzman 
Jessica M. Savage 
Sarah M. Turner 
Peter L. Wesson 

Class of 1999 

Class Agent: Joseph P. Turner, Jr. 
Amount Raised: $576.00 
Participation: 8.97% 
Sarah E. Avalon 
Naomi V. Fink 

Megan A. McShane 
Marlena L. Mercer 
Rebecca L. Messinger 
Joseph P. Turner, Jr. 
Jessica S. Zaplin 

Class of 2000 

Class Agent: Jason M. Salony 
Amount Raised: $765.00 
Participation: 18.75% 
Natalia M. Averett 
Meghan K. Barry 
Jonathan N. Berardino 
Karen E. Bissell 
Diana K. Burnell 
James E. Clair 
Catherine E. Correia 
Bradford C. Downey 
Gretchen Gee 
Lindsay R. Gobin 
Daria C. Grayer 
Sarah L. Jameson 
Marc McDonnell 
Bijou I. Mgbojikwe 
Otis S. Panall 
Jason M. Salony 
Eve R. Seamans 
Elizabeth D. Turnbull 

Class of 2001 

Class Agent: Derek Falvey 
Amount Raised: $560.00 
Participation: 12.99% 
Caitlin M. Cooper 
Jeffrey C. Desmarais 
Joseph M. Fannon 
Mathew R. Lee 
Daniel G. Lee 
Laurence A. Lyons 
Jessica Ross 
Joseph S. Shedosky 
John C. Shuster 
Jessica E. Watson 

Class of 2002 

Class Agent: Shane MacDonald 
Amount Raised: $210.00 
Participation: 7.45% 
Lars T. Bjork 
Leonard S. Ceglarski III 
Francesca E. DeMeo 
Kristen N. Gorham 
Mareinna H. Murch 
Regina M. Suggs 
Michael G. Woods 

Class of 2003 

Class Agent: Brooke Eaton 
Daniel Guyton 
Amount Raised: $265.00 
Participation: 22.08% 
Christopher J. Ebinger 
Laura E. Ellison 
Daniel J. Guyton 
Katherin C. Harris 
Andrew M. Lundquist 
Garrett A. Lyons 
Alana E. Mercer 
Meghan D. O'Malley 
Michael D. O'Neill 
Angela I. Rappoli 
Kelsey I. Shannahan 
Douglas B. Turnbull 

Class of 2004 

Class Agent: Pat Dempsey 
Kerri O'Neill 
Jackie Ward 

Amount Raised: $479.00 

Participation: 17.43% 

Gregory M. Ceglarski 

Rachel A. Decareau 

Patrick R. Dempsey 

Andrew D. Doggett 

Brad S. Ferry 

Erin K. Giblin 

Katie A. Glynn 

Lauren E. Goglia 

Charles E. Livermore 

Jessica R. Long 

Melissa M. McDonnell 

Rachel E. Medeiros 
Kerri L. O'Neill 
Laura A. Pritchard 
Jake W. Rogers 
Kate E. Shanahan 
Jarid B. Siegel 
Donald M. Wiezorek 
Stirling A. Winder 




Campaign Donors Since Inception 

The Academy extends its gratitude to these donors who have made capital gifts designated for scholarships and the construction, acquisition, and endowment of facilities and equipment that 
enhance Governor Dummer Academy's educational experience. 






Mr. and Mrs. Harold Alfond 
The Harold Alfond Foundation 
Mr. Peter G. Alfond 
Mr. and Mrs. William L. Alfond 
The William Alfond Foundation 
Mrs. Barbara Almy 
Ms. Linn Anderson and 
Mr. Frederick Joseph 

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph E. Ardiff, Jr. 
Arthur W. Sager Memorial Fund 

Mr. and Mrs. William W. Atwell 
Mr. Dana H. Babcock 
Mr. and Mrs. Swift C. Barnes III 
Robert and Anne Bass 
Mr. and Mrs. Bennett H. Beach 
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher C. Beebe 
Mr. Wayne M. Belleau 
Mr. and Mrs. James L. Bildner 
Mr. and Mrs. George K. Bird N 
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth H. Black 
Mr. Anthony J. Bolland 
Boston Red Sox Foundation 
Mr. and Mrs. Peter W. Bragdon 
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen M. Brox 
Mr. and Mrs. John N. Burnham 
Mr. and Mrs. Peter T. Butler 
Mr. Donald C. Carter 
Central New York Community Foundation 
Mr. and Mrs. Adisorn Charanachitta 
Mr. Christopher CM 
Mr. Jonathan Clifford* 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Clunie 
Mrs. Joan Cook 
Mr. Jay Cooke III 
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene M. Corbett 
Mr. John H. Costello 
Mr. Andrew Cotreau and 
Mrs. Dyane Mini-Cotreau 
Mr. Jay son T. Coughlin 
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Crocker II 
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel C. Cross 
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Curran 
Mr. Todd A. Dagres 
Davis Family Foundation 
Mr. and Mrs. James Dean III 
Mr. and Mrs. Hubert deLacvivier 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Dempsey 
Mr. Archer B. desCognets 
Mr. James * and Mrs. Mary Deupree 
Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation 
Mrs. Edward L. Dillinger 
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Doggett, Jr. 
Mr. Christen H. D'Orio 
Mr. and Mrs. Frank D'Orio, Jr. 
Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey R. Dornbush 
Eaton Foundation 
Elizabeth M. Lyman Trust 
Mr. and Mrs. George Ellison 
Mr. John P. English 
Mr. and Mrs. C. Peter Erickson 
Estate of Arthur W. Strenge 
Estate of Corinne Peterson 
Estate of John Chandler 
Estate of John Rolfe 
Estate of Leonard Poor 
Estate of Murray Munroe 
Mr. Thomas Farrell and Ms. Elizabeth 
Tuthill Farrell 

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey S. Ferry 
Mr. and Mrs. Porker B. Field III 
Ms. Anna Finch 

First & Ocean National Bank 

Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Fish 

Fisher Scientific International Inc. 

Mr. and Mrs. McNeil Fiske 

Mr. Putnam P. Flint 

Mr. Brendan M. Forrest 

FMC Foundation 

Mr. Lucas A. Franco 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L.V. French 

The French Foundation 

Mrs. Elizabeth Friend 

Mr. Mirick Friend 

Keewaydin Fund 

Mr. and Mrs. James L. Gallagher 

Mr. Peter Gardner 

Mr. Aaron F. Gartland 

Mr. Barry Gately 

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Giblin 

Mr. and Mrs. P. Prentice Gilbert 

Mr. and Mrs. Clifford J. Gillespie 

Mr. and Mrs. Louis R. Gobin 

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey L. Gordon 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Gore 

Mr. Stanley A. Hamel 

Mr. David J. Hanlon 

Harold Curtiss Trust 

Mr. and Mrs. David H. Harris 

Mr. and Mrs. James Hearty 

Mr. and Mrs. John E. Hellerman 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Herron 

Mr. and Mrs. David R. Hershey 

Mr. and Mrs. Morton Hooper 

Mr. Michael E. Hoover 

Mr. and Mrs. Gordon J. Hoyt 

Mr. and Mrs. David A. Huebner 

Rev. Franklin Huntress 

Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Jameson 

Mr. and Mrs. Peter W. Jenkins 

Mr. Jonathan K. Jett 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Johnson III 

Mrs. Charles S. Johnson, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Theodore 0. Johnson 

Joseph Cook Memorial Fund 

Mr. Stephen A. Kasnet 

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen G. Kasnet 

Mr. and Mrs. John E. Kavanagh III 

Mr. Robert K. Kealler 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Kelleher 

Mr. and Mrs. Sargent L. Kennedy 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. King 

Mr. and Mrs. Frank R. Kitchell 

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel F. Kitchell 

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Knapp 

Mr. Thomas H. Larsen 

Lawrence Thomas Piatelli Scholarship Fund 

Mr. Willard S. Levings 

Mr. and Mrs. J. Tyler Livermore 

Reverend Mally Lloyd 

Mr. and Mrs. George M. Lord 

Mr. John E. Lowe 

Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Lucy 

Miss Sylvia B. Lunt 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Lyle 

Mr. Kevin J. Lydon 

Mr. and Mrs. Laurence A. Lyons 

MacDonald Family Foundation 

Dr. and Mrs. Richard D. Mack 

Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. MacLennan 

Mr. and Mrs. Gordon G. MacVean 

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Mahler 

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce M. Male 

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen C. Marsh 

Mr. Casper Marl in 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul G. Mclnnis 

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher R. Mello 

Mr. Stephen C. Metz 

Mrs. Anne Meyer 

Mr. and Mrs. Joshua L. Miner W 

Mrs. Phebe Miner 

Mr. and Mrs. Daisuke Mizutani 

Mrs. Alexander G. Moody 

Mr. and Mrs. David S. Moore 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Morauer 

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel M. Morgan 

Mr. Dodge D. Morgan 

Morgan-Worcester Inc. 

Mr. and Mrs. Irving Morris 

Mr. and Mrs. John F. Morse III 

Mr. Reynolds E. Moulton, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Edwin C. Murphy 

Mr. Willard R. Nalchajian 

Nathaniel & Elizabeth Stevens Foundation 

Mr. Andrew J. Nelson 

Mr. and Mrs. Martinus H. Nickerson 

Mr. and Mrs. Gaylord C. Noblitt 

Mr. Andrew B. Noel 

Mr. Brian J. Novelline 

Mr. and Mrs. Brian H. Noyes 

Mr. and Mrs. J. Jeffcott Ogden 

Mr. and Mrs. Lee B. Ogden 

Mr. and Mrs. Philip M. Ogden 

Mr. and Mrs. Steven Ogden 

Mr. and Mrs. William F. O'Leary 

Mr. and Mrs. Brian D. Oct 

Mr. and Mrs. Brian D. Owen 

Mr. Carl Panall and Ms. Susan Chase 

Mr. and Mrs. Jackson A. Parker 

Mr. Brian C. Payne 

Ms. Emily A. Pearl 

Mrs. Rosalind Peck 

The Penates Foundation 

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Penner 

Mr. and Mrs. Carroll Perry III 

Mr. and Mrs. Carl A. Pescosolido 

Mrs. Evelyn Pescosolido 

Mr. and Mrs. James Pierce 

Lispenard Phister Trust 

Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Porter 

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Pribadi 

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Purdy 

Quaker Hill Foundation 

Mr. William Quigley and Mrs. Leslie Cargill 

Mr. John W. Ragle 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Rex 

Mr. and Mrs. William E. Rex 

Mr. Haskell Rhett and Ms. Janet Rollings 

Mr. James L. Richards 

Mr. John D. Roach 

Ms. Diane Rock 

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald E. Rodgers 

Dr. Young Roe 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rose 

Dr. and Mrs. Michael E. Rowan 

Mr. and Mrs. James L. Rudolph 

Mr. Christopher Ruggiero 

Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Rumford 

John G. Salinger Trust 

Mr. and Mrs. Taiichiro Sato 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Savage 

Mr. Thomas* and Mrs. Patricia Sayles 

Mr. and Mrs. George S. Scharfe 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Schumann 

Mrs. Linda R. Schwartz 

Mr. Peter D. Scott 

Mr. Jonathan S. Shafmaster 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Shalvoy 

Mr. and Mrs. Steven G. Shapiro 
Mr. and Mrs. James Sheatzley 
Mr. F.J. Shephard 
Mr. and Mrs. Peter M. Sherin 
Ms. Nancy S. Shilts 
Mr. Hyun Ri Shin 
Mr. Hyun Young Shin 
Mr. and Mrs. Steven L. Shuster 
Mr. and Mrs. W. Lucas Simons 
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick M. Smith II 
Mr. Larry Smith and Mrs. Judith Wilson 
Mr. Richard J. Smith 
Mr. and Mrs. Herman A. Spigel 
Mr. and Mrs. Peter W. Stokes 
Mr. Derek J. Sullivan 
Mr. Devin C. Sullivan 
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel A. Tamposi 
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Tarbell, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Tataronis 
Mr. and Mrs. C. Thomas Tenney 
Mr. and Mrs. John £ Thomas, Sr. 
The John M. Timken, Jr. Family 
Mrs. Cornelia Tobias 
Mr. Shaun M. Toomey 
Mrs. Cynthia Tracy 
Mr. and Mrs. Walter E. Trent 
Mr. and Mrs. Bowen H. Tucker 
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce C. Turner 
Mr. and Mrs. George C. Twombly 

Mr. Petr Vasicko 
Mr. James R. Walsh 
The Walton Family Foundation 
Mr. and Mrs. Josiah H. Welch 
Mr. and Mrs. Donald H. Werner 
Mr. Peter Werner 

West Indies Management Company 
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wilkens 
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony P. Wilson 
Ms. Liane Y. Wood 
Mr. Michael S. Yeagley 
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Youngblood 

Current Parents 

Current Parents annually play a significant 
role in contributing to the Annual Fund. For 

2004 - 2005, Brian and Krystyna Owen 
P'05'06 and Rick and Heidi Vancisin P'05'06 
were the co-chairs for the Current Parents' 

2005 Parents 

Captains: Winn and Jill Carroll 

Brian and Stacey O'Rourke 
Steve and Bev Giblin 

Christopher Baker 

Julie Ferriero 

Louise Eery 

Jane Holt 

Lorraine Kelly 

Susan Lang 

Kathleen McKinnon 

Chris and Linda Mello 

Paul Morrissey 

Robin Stavis 
Amount Raised: $118,888 
Participation: 68% 
Michael and Sue Adams 
Mark Ahem and Polly Chin-Ahern 
Barby Almy 

Paul and Ann Bergman 
James and Carolyn Berluti 
Robert and Cynthia Brierley 
Winn and Jill Carroll 
Stanley and Kathleen Chaloux 
Stephen and Susan Clark 
Albert and Cecile Colarusso 
John and Catherine Correia 
David and Clair Cushman 
Bonghee Dalins 
Robert and Mary Dodge 
Peter and Julie Ferriero 
Garson and Nancy Fields • 
Gary and Kathleen Genovese 
Douglass and Ellen George 
Stephen and Beverly Giblin 
Robert and Marsha Gmyrek 
Louis and Elisabeth Gobin 
Rene and Jennelle Graziano 
John and Christine Grigun 
J. Douglas and Katherine Guy 
Joseph and Dorothea Guyton 
William and Louise Hery 
Bruce and Jane Holt 
Scott and Doreen Johnson 
Jan and Kimberly Kapstad 
James and Lorraine Kelly 
Joe and Susan Lang 
Sung and Jong Lee 
Mark and Regina Leibovitz 
Randal and Cynthia Lilly 
Seok Lyoo and Hae Shin 
Robert and Paula MacPhee 
Barbara Mahoney 
Casper Martin and Linda Woolford 
Johnny Martin and 
Racquel Daniels-Martin 
Christopher and Linda Mello 
Jack and Beth Miller 
John Moberger and Kathleen Hirbour 
Mark and Sandra Muscatello 
Brian and Stacey O'Rourke 
Brian and Lorraine Ott 
Brian and Krystyna Owen 
Jack and Susan Parker 
David and Jayne Peng 
Kenneth and Alison Pickering 
Timothy and Kristal Reil 
Beth Riley 
Lawrence and Sally Roche 

James '68 and Susan Rudolph 
Hal and Anju Scheintaub 
David and Janet Splaine 
Norman and Robyn Stavis 
Stephen and Karen Swensrud 
Brett and Joan Sylvester 
Richard and Heidi Vancisin 
Kathleen Ward 
Nancy Weinstein 
Andrew Wheelwright 
J. Randall 70 and Joan Whitney 

2006 Parents 

Captains: Mark and Joanna Connors 
Andrew and Dyane Cotreau 
Bob and Barbara Grant 
Peter Tarr and Gail Nelson 

Lisa Chace 

Cathy DiFronzo 

Joel Hartnett 

Shawn and Laurel McKenna 

Daniel Miner 

Dave and Maryann Rogers 
Amount Raised: $113,963 
Participation: 78 % 
David and Marilyn Archibald 
Michael and Laura Arrigo 
David and Pamela Arthur 
Dennis and Donna Becker 
Michael and Cheryl Bielinski 
Daniel and Denise Block 
Anthony Boadu 
Preston and Allison Bradford 
Robert and Cynthia Brierley 
David and Catherine Budd 
Andrew and Patricia Campbell 
Richard and Lisa Chace 
Kwangrae Cho and Yoonmi Lee 
Michael and Brenda Cody 
Mark and Joanna Connors 
Gene and Lisa Corbett 
Andrew Cotreau and Dyane Mini-Cotreau 
Alexender and Katherine Crosett 
Hubert and Frances deLacvivier 
Peter Donovan and Elsie Hambrook 
Steve and Edith Dubord 
Michelle Eudailey 
William Eudailey 
Andrew and Louise Fischer 
Bernard Frey 

Robert and Barbara Grant 
Thomas Gross and Alfonsa Liambo 
William and Margaret Gurney 
Joseph and Dorothea Guyton 
Peter and Susan Harmeling 
Joel and Patricia Hartnett 
Pamela Huebner 
James and Deborah Hughes 
Dawn Keith 

Eui Chul Kim and Kyung Sook Lee 
Suk Han Kim and Young Hee Kim 
James Krzywicki and Debra Scannell 
Jae Lee and Kye Ryu 
Jonathan and Joanne Light 
Tung-Ying and Claudia Lo 
Stephen and Sandi Lundquist 
Carolyn Malleck 
Clare Marquis-Rutkowski 
Gregory McCarthy and Heidi Taylor 
Paul and Priscilla Mclnnis 
Shawn and Laurel McKenna 
Christopher and Linda Mello 
William and Jacqueline Mercer 
Daniel and Nancy Miner 
Ramona Montilla 
Keith and Mary Ellen Moores 
Brian and Krystyna Owen 
Brian and Kathy Pelletier 

Joseph and Carol Rinaldi 

David and Nancy Russell 

Roger and Dawn Samson 

Ronald and Barbara Schwartzbach 

Judith Sharland 

Douglas and Diane Shealy 

William 71 and Marcy Shack 

Larry Smith and Judith Wilson 

Tetsuo and Takako Takasugi 

Peter Tarr and Gail Nelson 

Samuel Tinsley and Susan MacMillan 

Jesus and Edra Torres 

Frank and Joanne Tortorici 

David and Susan Turnbull 

Richard and Heidi Vancisin 

2007 Parents 

Captains: Joe and Karen Cartolano 
John and Beth Miller 
Timothy and Cynthia Moran 
Jill and Gary Rogers 

Maura Banta 

Rodney and Theresa Cook 

Jane Ellis 

Roland Henneberger 

Diane Kimball 

Michael Linskey 

Judith Lyons 

Sean Murphy 

Jane Peng 

Susan Sullivan 
Amount Raised: $117,595 
Participation: 75 % 

Jeff '80 and Maggie Bailly 
Paul and Ann Bergman 
Stanley and Susan Bialek 
Todd and Helene Blinder 
James and Ceann Carney 
Robert and Maria Carpino 
Joseph and Karen Cartolano 
Peter and Elizabeth Chandler 
Hyuntae and Soyoung Choi 
Gu-Haeg Chung and Seon-Woo Shin 
John 71 and Lalande dayman 
Christopher and Lisa Collins 
Andrew Conway and Janice Adie 
Donald and Deirdre Cook 
Rodney and Theresa Cook 
Michael and Barbara DiGuiseppe 
Marty and Patty Doggett 
James and Paula Doherty 
Timothy and Mary Durkin 
Michael and Kathryn Early 
John and Jane Ellis 
Pamela Evans 
Bruce and Janet Ferland 
Phillip and Karen Glendye 
Irene Graham 
Thomas and Karen Guidi 
Francis and Elizabeth Hatch 
Roland Henneberger and 
Louisa Mackintosh 
Dayna Hester 
Audra Humphreys 
Edward and Diane Kelliher 
Bruce and Diane Kimball 
Yung Oh Kwon and Ji Min Lee 
Timothy and Stacy Lamson 
Joe and Susan Lang 
Mark and Regina Leibovitz 
Randal and Cynthia Lilly 
Thomas and Joan Lemberger 
Michael and Shari Linskey 
Laurence and Judi Lyons 
John Maker 

Paul and Maureen Michaud 
Jack and Beth Miller 

Timothy and Cynthia Moran 

Sean and Karen Murphy 

James and Janet Nicholson 

Maureen Nicholson 

Paul and Sandra O'Connor 

Graham and Sarah O'Donahoe 

Jozef and Irena Osowski 

Brian and Lorraine Ott 

David and Jayne Peng 

Steven and Denise Perich 

John and Marie-Louise Petrie 

Peter Robart and Jane Shannahan 

Gary and Jill Rogers 

Scott and Lisa Rushford 

Gary and Margaret Sabens 

Rocco and Zita Scippa 

William and Susan Shea 

Sylvain St. Pierre 

Norman and Robyn Stavis 

Robert and Suzanne Sullivan 

Daniel and Susan Sullivan 

Kathleen Ward 

Robert and Mary Ward 

Sheppard and Lisa Weisman 

Andrew Wheelwright 

William and Martha Willis 

Byungsun Woo and Geumhee Chung 

2008 Parents 

Captains: Tom and Sue Durkin 
Brian and Kathy Hines 
Jim Krzywicki and Deb Scannel 
Lynn and Jay Wailes 

Jeff Allsopp 

Laura Arrigo 

Karen Barnett 

Kitty Barrand 

Rod and Joanne Jones 

Michael and Ellen Kenny 

Fran LeSaffre 

Greg and Sue Paskerian 

Paul and Joyce Perocchi 

Jeff and Carmen Pope 

Keith and Sharon Reidell 

David and Patty Vanrossum 

Amount Raised: $80,849 

Participation: 81 % 

Janet Adams-Wall 

Jeffrey and Katharine Allsopp 

Guy and Maria Andrews 

David and Marilyn Archibald 

Michael and Laura Arrigo 

Robert and Karen Barnett 

Stephen and Katherine Barrand 

Richard and Johanna Barton 

Philippe and Janet Bibi 

David and Kathleen Bryson 

William and Cynthia Burke 

Jae Kook Chun and Do Kyeong Jeong 

John 71 and Lalande dayman 

James '66 and Graciela Connolly 

David and Clair Cushman 

Conrad and Elizabeth Dampolo 

Ronald Davitt and Doreen McClaire-Davitt 

Dominic and Sally DiMaggio 

Lee and Patricia Dodier 

Marty and Patty Doggett 

Richard and Nancy Duchaney 

Michael and Catherine Durgin 

Thomas and Susan Durkin 

Henry 70 and Cathy Eaton 

Martin and Paula Fisch 

Charles and Anne Goodwin 

Richard and Diane Griesbach 

Jeffrey and Diane Gwynne 

James and Jayne Hill 

Brian and Kathy Hines 




Eames, Wilkie, Ragle, Bragdon, and 
Doggett. These men represent nearly 
75 years of leadership at GDA, impor- 
tant links in the chain of the school's 
long history. Each era of headmaster- 
ship was unique, reflecting the 
dynamic changes our country experi- 
enced in what was arguably the great- 
ntury of the United States. 

One might almost dismiss the connection between GDA 
and American history because of the pastoral remoteness of 
South Byfield if it were not for the fact that life at GDA is very 
much a microcosm of the world around us: Our school is a 
major employer. We have customers from all over the world. 
We have a substantial real estate development that is con- 
stantly growing. We spend enormous time and money on R & 
D as we constantly upgrade the product we offer to the world. 
We have legal, environmental, economic, and social issues 
facing us that the largest corporations contend with every 
day. We market our product in nearly every corner of the 
globe, and once a sale is made, the relationship with that cus- 
tomer must be nurtured throughout an entire lifetime. All of 
these aspects of our "business" have evolved in much the 
same way that the nation has, and it is no easy task to be the 
CEO and the CFO of an institution that has been around for 
241 years. 

The corporate metaphor always fascinates me because, as 
much as I want to remember my school experience as por- 
trayed in my yearbooks, I cannot help but marvel at how hard 
people have worked over the years at making this a success- 
ful, enduring business. This success has not happened by 
accident. The five headmasters since 1930 have been strong 
leaders with vision. They have hired master teachers whose 
impact on their students echoes across the years. The four 
business managers, now referred to as Chief Financial 
Officers, since 1938 have focused on managing the school's 
financial affairs in support of our mission to achieve academ- 
ic excellence. And, most importantly, there have been strong, 
disciplined Boards of Trustees who have given support and 
guidance to the Headmasters who have led this school so well. 

We just closed another year with a balanced budget. 
Despite all the "real world" issues with which we contend on a 
daily basis, the Academy is in a strong financial condition. 
Our endowment has rebounded nicely, and the budgets that 
we are building for the out-years reflect our school's long tra- 
dition of measured steps on the glide path towards being the 
finest small boarding school in the country. The Headmasters 
who have led us through this last century and into the next 
deserve our profound respect and gratitude, and as the 
Doggett years unfold, we continue to celebrate the enduring 
"GDA experience." 


Jeffrey L. Gordon '69 
TreaMirer, Board of TniAtee* 

Charles and Deborah Hughes 

Roger Jones and Joanne Muther-Jones 

j a?- Biaiai-. 

Michael and Ellen Kenny 

Daryl and Laurel Encaid ar.a Barbara Karaer. EBrayvriaki ara Be::a Srar.r.eV. 

Jeffrey and Alison Kuller 

Thomas and Amy Lyons 

Joyce Murray-Allen 

Mark and Sandra Muscatello 

iairae era Ar.aiea B::.:a: 

B:_:e arr Ba:::arr Irk: 

David and Diane Oxton 

I-recary ar; Sue Baikeriar. 

? :rarr ?a:a::a 

Paul and Joyce Perocchi 

ierrre ar: B:re 

Allison 77 and Michael Quinttus 

Keith and Sharon Riedell 

Ernesto Rodriguez and Ligia Quinonez 

i.serr ar: B e::e Baaaesreare 

Bar.: "■'■": r. Shir, ar: Sear. B:ar: Mir 

Jay and Kathleen Siegel 

Philip 73 and Winifred Smith 

Kurt and Ruth Somerville 

Jung Etaon Song and Hyun Hee Lee 

i:ir 5:v_:.::r::r ar: iaa.:r iiieir 

la a: ar: iare: :r aire 

David Strauss 

iia:::a 5:::_;i ar: Berne: 

Charles and Tracy Sweetman 

Bar: are 5 ar: 

John and Susan Tomich 

Felix Vera and Maria Cruz 

Jay and Lynn Wailes 

Peter Warren 

.■.ark ar: ?:::.:.: i'iraair: 

Parents of Alumni, 
Grandparents and Friends 

Pie fund-raising efforts of patents of alumni 
were led this year by Stephen and Candace 
Fabey ¥01, '03 and grand parents by 
Dominic and Emuy DiMaggio GF08, whose 
generosity and diligence helped to highlight 
: ':-. ■—_:-■- -;_ :/:.;. ::~j :: :'--: 
Annual Fund. 


Ruth Accolla 

Donald '60 and Ruth Alexander 

Baear Ai'.er. 

Bar: a: a Arrr.v 

Baaa era _::::.: Arasie: 

Birr. -r:e:.:r era Brerieri.k i:serr 

Philip '55 and Rosalie Angell 

Ralph and Anne Antell 

Bear A::a::aia 

Anthony Atwell 

Wayne '68 and Jayne Barbara 

William and Elizabeth Banaclough 

Timothy and Dale Barry 

Harold and Anne Baumann 

Dennis and Donna Becker 

Joseph and Claire Berardino 

y.i:::: Be::~ar 

Theodore '37 and Beverly Bergmann 

Lawrence and Mildred Berry 

Adrienne Berry-Burton 

]■'.:. and ":;. Sherwood C. Blake 

Huntington '56 and Sharon Blatchford 

Daniel and Denise Block 

Robert and Sally Bohanon 

Jane Bonaventura 

Mildred Bonow 

Gary and Cheryl Borden 

Anne Boyce and Paul Swift 

Preston and Allison Bradford 

Leslie and Barbara Brewer 

Benjamin '43 and Anne Brewster 

Brrr. ar: iieassa Brae 

Peter and Beatrice Britton 

Roberta Britton 

Baa: ara Ba:r eer Brysar. 

Philip and Patricia Bucci 

Baaays i-a:a:e 

Beth Bullock 

Jordan Burgess 

Robert and Helen Bums 

Bartley and Katherine Calder 

Donald Carter 

ierr.fe: iarae: 

Joseph and Deborah Casey 

Edgar '45 and Marilynne Catlin 

Charles and Brenda Cavallaro 

Baa". B, ia"ara:a 

Hugh and Elizabeth Cawley 

Leonard and Ursula Ceglarski 

Leonard and Catherine Ceglarski 

.are 3. irarae 

Craig and Merrill Chapin 

James Childs 

Susan K. Clancy 

Elizabeth Clark 

Lincoln and Nancy Clark 

Be::;: B.ark 

Ronald and Judith Clark 

Ruth Clark 

iieier B.arksar. 

Richard and Kathryn Clunie 

Robert H. Colgate 

William and Frances Connelly 

Grace Conway 

J. Linzee and Beth Coolidge 

i-ere ar: Lisa iaraeae 

John and Catherine Correia 

Breae era Maria Irara 

Gail Cummer 

Michael and Margaret Curran 

Douglas '67 and Linda Curtis 

Thomas and Linda Darisse 

Bar: Baviasar.'.a Bariaa ara B::eer. iir Ziaare-B aaraa 

Defiance Graphics Corporation 

Kara:: ar; Braaaeas aeBa::a:ae: 

Delande Supply Company 

Robert and Patricia Dempsey 

i i ar: Arrr.e Bernssr 

Archer '49 and Carol des Cognets 

Design Technique 

Bar ara Barer Besrr.araas 

Franck and Maria Dibble 

_:errer ara Ha:r:e: B:i:::: 

Marge Baar.:e: 

Dominic and Emily DiMaggio 

B:::a:: ar; Bear :: B::e: 

Helen E. Dobrosielski 

Annabelle Doggett 

Marty and Patty Doggett 

Harry ar; B:r:a Briar. 

Mr. and Mrs. John Dooling 

John and Maryjane Doorly 

William and Eleanor Dorsey 

Steven and Betsy Dosh ara Barrenre B: 

Kevin and Kelly Driscoll 

Steve and Edith Dubord 

John and Esty Duff 

Harry and Mary Durham 

Janet A. Eagleson 

Henry 70 and Cathy Eaton 

Lawrence '55 and Charlotte Eliot 

John and Jane Ellis 

Bonnie Fabrizio 

Jeremiah and Phyllis Falvey 

Stephen and Candace Falvey 

Putnam P. Flint '37 

Robert and Shirley French 

Bernard Frey 

William '55 and Judy Friend 

Robert '63 and Elaine Fullerton 

Harold and Sarah Galpern 

George '55 and Karen Gardner 

Howard and Naomi Gardner 

Philip Gemmer '48 

Stephen and Beverly Giblin 

Clifford and Alina Gillespie 

Dorothy D. Gilman 

Louis and Elisabeth Gobin 

Richard and Katherine Goglia 

Leo and Betty Goldberg 

Robin Goodenough 

David '41 and Elizabeth Goodhart 

Robert and Judith Gore 

Robert '49 and Isobel Gove 

Claude and Rose Grayer 

0. Eric and Anne Gronberg 

Paul and Lauren Gudonis 

Janet Gurski 

Joseph and Dorothea Guyton 

Peter and Barbara Haack 

Denis Hamboyan 

Genevieve Hansen 

Martin and Carol Harband 

Richard and Susan Harris 

John D. Hartnett & Son, Inc. 

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hatch 

Charles and Charlotte Hefford 

David '50 and Brenda Hershey 

Donald and Patricia Hesselbach 

Frank '45 and Helen Hinckley 

Ruth Hoffman 

Jeffrey and Lois Hogan 

Susan Holden 

Katherine Howe 

Ray '67 and Paulajeanne Huard 

John '37 and Jeanette Hubbard 

Eleanor Hubbard 

Hurley Construction & Roofing 

Charles '51 and Barbara Hussey 

Tom and Mary Hyndman 

Thomas and Laurie Hyndman 

John '50 and Monica Ives 

Benjamin '62 and Ellen Jameson 

Johnson Lumber Company 

Mrs. Charles B. Johnson 

Denise Johnson 

Richard and Edith Johnson 

Susan T. Johnson 

Roger Jones and Joanne Muther-Jones 

Judith Joyce 

E. William '49 and Consuelo Judson 
Kenneth Kaiser 

Plato '47 and Gwenette Kangis 

Frank and Betty Karakula 

Richard and Linda Karon 

Betsy Karp 

Stephen '62 and Marie-Louise Kasnet 

John and Kathleen Kavanagh 

Paul and Judith Keaney 

Allen Keith '55 and Winifred Ward 

Richard and Nancy Kelleher 

John and Victoria Kelley 

Edward and Carol Anne Khantzian 

Richard and Christina Kimball 

Frank and Suzanne Kinzie 

George '51 and Mary Kirkham 

Mrs. Dudley Knott 

Elaine Krol 

Anne LaGrippe 

Joe and Susan Lang 

F. Stephen Larned 
Mary-Beth Lathrop 

Donald '35 and Ellen Lawrence 
Hartley C. Laycock, Jr. 
Lance and Cyrille Lazo 

Richard N. Leavitt 
Lester and Robyn Lee 
John and Margaret Leonard 
Barbara Levings 
Michael '66 and Terri Little 
Tyler '69 and Kathleen 79 Livermore, TR 
George '39 and Maribel Lord 
Robert and Barbara Lovejoy 
Michael and Patricia Lucy 
Paul Lufkin 

Stephen and Sandi Lundquist 
Sylvia B. Lunt 
Robert '40 and Thelma Lyle 
Laurence and Judith Lyons 
Richard and Gerry Mack 
Justin and Meredith Mackay-Smith 
Helen Magrane 
Bradford and Sharon Malt 
Thomas W. Manring 
Bradford Marvin 
Richard and Judith Masinter 
Frank and Sheila Mastrangelo 
Virginia Maurer 
Frank and Janet McCormick 
Lane and Ann McGovem 
Helen McGuire 
Paul and Priscilla Mclnnis 
Kristin Mcintosh 
Shawn and Laurel McKenna 
Jack and Susan McLeod 
Michael McShane 
Michael and Gail Medeiros 
Frank and Yvonne Mefferd 
William and Jacqueline Mercer 
Douglas '46 and Margaret Miller 
Jeannette Miller 
Joshua '69 and Mary Miner 
Phebe Miner 
Bijay and Janaki Misra 
William and Jacalyn Mitchell 
LuAnn Mizener 
David and Elaine Moody 
Michael Moonves 
Barbara Moore 
David and Robin Moore 
Sandra Moose 

Daniel '67 and Mayo Morgan 
Paul '41 and Anne Morgan 
Stephen G. Morison 
Charles '47 and Pricilla Morse 
Donald '57 and Judith Morse 
Sherman and Anne-Lise Morss 
Kathy Mullen 
Chris and Mary Murch 
Murphy Construction Co., Inc. 
Edwin '37 and Elizabeth Murphy 
Wallace and Eleanor Murray 
Norman and Barbara Myers 
Howard '31 and Frances Navins 
George L. Needham '56 
Clark '37 and Eleanor Neily 
Carol Neville 

Joseph and Renee Nicastro 
Martinus and Sheila Nickerson 
Philip and Janet Notopoulos 
Northern Business Machines 
David and Martha Novis 
Mark O'Brien 
Marie O'Connor 
David and Pamela O'Neill 
Anthony Oreto and 
Margaret Layden-Oreto 
Richard B. Osgood '53 
David and Diane Oxton 
Arthur '45 and Barbara Page 
Donald '45 and Judith Palais 
Carl Panall and Susan Chase 
Mark S. Panall 
Jack and Susan Parker 
Richard '50 and Lynda Patton 

Richard Paul 

Benjamin '44 and Jean Pearson 

Carroll and Anne Perry 

Paul and Beverly Peterson 

Shirley Phillips 

Robert '73 and Sherilyn Phillips 

Richard '38 and Susanne Phippen 

William and Susan Picardi 

Maya Pool 

David '51 and Suzanne Pope 

Port Paint N Paper 

David '52 and Runie Powers 

Noreen Pramberg 

Jean Paul R. Proulx 

Richard and Joan Purinton 

Bill Quigley and Leslie Cargill 

Howard E. Quimby '52 

John W. Ragle 

A. Lachlan and Martha Reed 

William '50 and Judy Rex 

Alfred and Linda Reynolds 

George and Charlotte Richards 

S. Robert '60 and Paula Rimer 

Alvin and Doris Robins 

William and Susan Rodgers 

Gary and Jill Rogers 

Rolco Refrigeration Inc. 

Anne Roome 

John and Helen Rooney 

Robert and Martha Rose 

Joan Ross 

Michael and Elizabeth Rowan 

Wallace and Carol Rowe 

David and Nancy Russell 

John and Roberta Russell 

Richard and Nancy Russell 

Salter Transportation, Inc. 

L. Manlius Sargent 

Sylvia and Chris Schanbacher 

George and Coreen Scharfe 

Hal and Anju Scheintaub 

Mary Helen Schultz 

Robert '40 and Marilyn Schumann 

Linda R. Schwartz 

Seacoast Tent Rentals, Inc. 

Richard and Kathleen Searles 

Alan and Ruth Shachman 

Jonathan '63 and Carol Shafmaster 

John and Katherine Shanahan 

Judith Sharland 

Andrew and Shirley Shea 

Douglas and Diane Shealy 

Thomas and Anne Shealy 

Kenneth and Bernadette Shedosky 

Edwin '40 and Dorothy Sheffield 

Steven and Martha Shuster 

Jay and Kathleen Siegel 

Gladys Simmons 

W. Lucas and Susan Simons 

Humphrey '42 and Rosalie Simson 

Douglas and Rosemary Sloane 

Jeanne Smith 

Russell and Frances Smith 

John Soursourian and Judith Klein 

Mrs. H. Stephen Spacil 

Jackson Sprince and Barbara Evans 

Cathy Marie F. St. Pierre 

Mrs. Albert F. Statler 

Peter '49 and Brenda Statler 

Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Stavis 

Elizabeth Stone 

William '55 and Ellen Stone 

Julie Storm 

Frederic A. Stott 

Ike '78 and Dorothea Suggs 

Peter '47 and Jean Sutton 

Stephen and Karen Swensrud 

Ete Szuts and Susan Oleszko-Szuts 

Samuel '71 and Sharon Tamposi 

Robert '43 and Nancy Tannebring 

Taylor Rental Center 

Allan '45 and Leilani Teel 

Michael and Marjolein Terry 

Widgery '43 and Jonnie Thomas 

TMS Associates, P.A. 

Patricia Tobin 

Dennis and Marianne Tompkins 

Cnythia Tracy 

Alan Tucker '59 and Ruth Evans 

Marc '68 and Sharon Tucker 

George '50 and Benson Tulloch 

David and Susan Turnbull 

Joseph and Sandra Turner 

Gail Turner 

Mary Twichell 

David and Susan Van Ness 

Joseph and Elizabeth Vancisin 

Chris and Janet Vincze 

W.C. Cammett Engineering, Inc. 

William Berry & Sons 

Jay and Lynn Wailes 

Louis and Sandra Walor 

Eleanor Walsh 

Joan Walsh 

S. Robson Walton 

Paul Wann and Bonnie-Jean Wilbur 

John and Anne Webster 

W.C. Cammett Engineering Inc. 

Hans and Janet Weedon 

David and Elayne Weener 

Josiah '47 and Donna Welch 

James '48 and Virginia Weldon 

Lee W. Wesson 

Whipplehill Communications 

William '59 and Roberta Whiting 

Bea Whitney 

J. Randall '70 and Joan Whitney 

John '44 and Katharine Whitney 

Bradford and Geneva Whitten 

John and Sheila Whittier 

Mary Whittier 

Kenneth and Diane Wieczorek 

Frank and Maureen Wilkens 

Valleau and Donna Wilkie 

A. Roland '40 and Constance Will 

N. Laurence and Lorna Willey 

Elizabeth Winder 

Mark and Dorieanne Winters 

Daniel and Susan Wise 

John Witherspoon 

Nathan '58 and June Withington 

Paul Withington '45 and Drusilla 


Marjorie Withington-Watson 

Michael Wong 

Donald and Jane Woodbury 

Robert and Dede Woods 

Kenneth Woods 

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Woolson 

James and Joyce Zafris 

Donald and Audrey Ziemer 



Gifts from Corporations and 

fisher Scientific International, Inc. 

Morgan-Worcester, Inc. 

Towers Perrin 


William and Cynthia Burke P'08 

Daniel '67 and Mayo Morgan, P'97'02, TR 

Robert and Judith Gore P'95'97 

Governor Dummer Academy is grateful to the 

Peter S. Morgan '43 

corporations and foundations that have 


Fleet Matching Gifts Program 


tributed generously to the Academy through 

Raymond A. Bird P'OO 

Nathaniel & Elizabeth Stevens Foundation 

Elizabeth T. Farrell '84 

direct gifts and matching gift programs. 


Danis Hamboyan '62 

Joshua L. Miner IV '69, P'96'98, TR 

Academy also thanks the alumni/ae and 


Karen R. McCann '86 

Mrs. Phebe Miner P'69, GP'96'98 

UBS Financial Services Inc. 

ents v/ho have made the extra effort to obtain 

A. John Gregg '65 

funding for the school 

GenCorp Foundation 

Mark A. Whitney '81 


Sherman D. Horton '81 

Union Mutual of Vermont Con 

Abbott Laboratories Fund 

Ian B. Chisholm '73 

Grace P. Jeanes '92, TR 

General Mills Foundation 

Northwestern Mutual Life Foundation 

Donald '57 and Judith Morse P'83'87 

Larry Smith and Judith Wilson P'06 

The Vanguard Group, Inc. 

American Express 

Jeffrey S. Molitor '71 

David and Nancy Russell P'02'06 

Gorton's Seafoods 

The Oxford League, Inc. 

Richard and Heidi Vancisin P'05'06 

Timothy and Mary Durkin P'07 

Wachovia Foundation 

Arbella Mutual Insurance Company 

Richard and Nancy Russell P'89'95 

David R. Dent '63 

John S. Perlowski '79 

The Home Depot 

Karen A. Schulte '83 

Providian Corporation 

Catherine D. Burgess '91 

Bank Julius Baer 

Gordon Eric O'Brien '76 

Wyeth Nutritionals 

P. Wheeler Gemmer 75 

Houghton Mifflin Company 
Alan P. Carpenter '46* 

Quaker Hill Foundation 

Brett and Joan Sylvester P'05 

Boeing Company 

Daniel and Nancy Miner P'06 

Gerald G. Vaughan '54 

Intel Foundation 

Joshua L. Miner N '69, P'96'98, TR 

Richard A. Michehon '54 

Kathleen L. Watt '84 

Raytheon Corporation 

CIGNA Foundation 

International Paper Company Foundation 

Richard and Linda Karon P'93 

Kenneth A. Pouch '62 

Peter Arnold '74 

William C. Jerome III '78 

Eastern Bank Charitable Foundation 

Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Co. 

Saint-Gobain Corporation 

Daniel and Susan Sullivan P'07 

Kenneth Pouch '62 

Melvyn Blake '57 

James '68 and Susan Rudolph F05, TR 

Hal F. Sizer '79 

Amy E. Collins '95 
Irvine F. Williamson '45 

Eli Lilly and Company Foundation 

Mellon Bank Corporation 

Dennis P. Gately '85 

Robert D. W. Culver '62 

State Street Bank & Trust 

The Ellsworth Foundation 

Merrill Lynch & Company Inc. 

Nicole R. Suggs '97 

David H. Ellswo r 

David I Goodhart '41, P'78'80 

SunTrust Bank Atlanta Foundation 

Michael T. Silverio '96 


Emerson Electric 


Robert H. Amsler '69 

Philippe and Janet Bibi P'08 

The Stanley Works 


Robert C. Burnham '66 

Edmund G. Noyes '39 


Fidelity Foundation 

Robert H. Studley, Jr. '86 


Joseph and Susan Lang P'03'05'07 

Time, Inc. 

William and Martha Willis P'07 

Naomi V. Fink '99 






from the will of William Dummer, 1761 


*Ms. Sylvia B. Lunt 

*Mr. and Mrs. Richard Savage 

*Mr. and Mrs. Peter W. Bragdon 

Class of 1933 

*Mr. Thomas N. Willins, Jr. 

Class of 1934 

*Mr. and Mrs. Seth N. Baker 

Class of 1935 

*Mrs. Cynthia Tracy P'60,'63 
(AW Gerry J. Dietz '35) 

Class of 1936 

*Mr. and Mrs. David H. Harris 
*Mr. Julian Hess 

Class of 1937 

*Mr. and Mrs. Theodore G. Bergmann 
*Mr. Putnam P. Flint 
*Mr. and Mrs. Edwin C. Murphy 
*Mr. William P. Sheffield 

Class of 1938 

*Col. and Mrs. Harold H. Audet 
*Mr. and Mrs. William R. Ferris 

Class of 1939 

*Mrs. George M. Simson 
(AW George M. Simson '39) 
Mr. and Mrs. C. Thomas Tenney 

Class of 1940 

*Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Lyle 
*Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Schumann 
*Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin T. Wright 

Class of 1941 

*Mr. and Mrs. Howard F. Stirn 

Class of 1942 

*Dr. and Mrs. William E. Hill, Jr. 

*Mr. C. Derek Lagemann 

*Mr. Edward W. Stitt III 

*Mr. and Mrs. Humphrey B. Simson 

Class of 1943 

*Mr. Crosby Hitchcock 

*Mr. and Mrs. Widgery Thomas, Jr. 

*Mr. Robert Wadleigh 

Class of 1944 

*Mr. and Mrs. Wallace L. Bolton 
*Mr. and Mrs. Albert L. Wyer 

Class of 1945 

'Mr. and Mrs. Warren W. Furth 

Class of 1946 

*Dr. and Mrs. Herbert J. Levine 

Class of 1947 

*Mr. and Mrs. G. Gorton Baldwin 

*Rev. Robert W. Peale 

*Mr. and Mrs. Josiah H. Welch 

Class of 1948 

*Mr. Richard J. Smith 

Class of 1949 

*Mr. and Mrs. Jacob B. Brown 

*Mr. and Mrs. William L. Chamberlin 

*Mr. and Mrs. Bruce M. Denkert 

*Mr. Kimball M. Page 

*Dr. and Mrs. Mansfield F. W. Smith 

Class of 1950 

*Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Comey, Jr. 
*Mr. and Mrs. Timothy G. Greene 
*Mr. Dodge D. Morgan 
*Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Patton 

Class of 1951 


*Mr. and Mrs. George D. Kirkha 
*Mr. William R. Moore, Jr. 
*Mr. Robert L. Wenz 

Class of 1952 

*Mr. Barry Gately 

*Mrs. Linda Remis Schwartz P'84 

(AW Peter R. Remis '52) 

Class of 1953 

*Mr. and Mrs. Arthur C. Bartlett 
Mr. and Mrs. George E. Gale III 
*Dr. and Mrs. Newton E. Hyslop Jr. 
*Mr. Richard B. Osgood 
*Mr. and Mrs. Frederick C. Waldron 

Class of 1954 

Mr. and Mrs. David H. Alven 

Mr. Thomas H. Larsen 

*Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Michelson 

Mr. and Mrs. John H. Raymer 
*Mr. and Mrs. Haskell Rhett 

Class of 1955 

*Mrs. William B. Ardiff 
*Mr. and Mrs. Frank Peter Haendler 
*Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Nielsen 
*Mr. Albert B. Wende 

Class of 1956 

*Mr. and Mrs. John A. Henry 
*Mr. and Mrs. Otto P. Robinson, Jr. 
*Mr. John S. Wilson 

Class of 1957 

*Mr. David H. M. Andersen 

*Mr. and Mrs. Frank S. Dickerson III 

*Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. V. C. Pescosolido 

Class of 1958 

*Mr. and Mrs. Harvey L. Hayden 
*Mr. and Mrs. John F. Morse 

Class of 1959 

*Dr. James S. Foley 

*Mr. Mirick Friend 

*Mr. and Mrs. William B. Whiting 

Class of 1960 

*Mr. and Mrs. James C. Deveney, Jr. 
*Mr. Randolph J. Fuller 
*Mr. and Mrs. John R. Hyslop 
*Mr. C. Frederic Lyman, Jr. 
*Mr. and Mrs. Arnold S. Wood, Jr. 

Class of 1961 

*Mr. and Mrs. David D. Stringer 
*Mr. and Mrs. Philip Haemo De 
Thorneycroft Teuscher 

Class of 1. 

'eter T. Butler 

Class of 1963 

*Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Hawkins, Jr. 

Class of 1965 

*Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Shepard 

Class of 1966 

*Mrs. Walter A. Bodwell 
(PP Geoffrey K. Yohn '66) 

Class of 1968 

*Mr. Carl A. Berntsen III 

Class of 1969 

*Mr. Swift C. Barnes III 
*Mr. and Mrs. Peter K. Dorsey 
*Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey L. Gordon 
*Mr. Brian Pfeiffer 

Class of 1972 

*Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Bates 

Class of 1974 

*Mr. Stephen D. 

Class of 1976 

*Mr. Perry M. Smith and Ms. Eva Ribarits 

Class of 1980 

*Mr. and Mrs. Alvin G. Robins P'80 

Class of 1981 

*LTC. and Mrs. David W. Critics 
*Mr. Daniel C. Cross 

Class of 1982 

*Ms. Ann K. Rooney 

Class of 1983 

*Mr. John M. Stahl 

Class of 1985 

*Ms. Nathalie E. Ames 
*Mr. and Mrs. Rene Cloutier 
(PP Robert L. Cloutier '85) 

Class of 1986 

Mrs. Elizabeth Lyman 
(PP John Wentzel '86) 

Class of 1997 

*Ms. Betsy Karp (PP Julia R. Davis '97) 

Class of 1998 

*Mr. and Mrs. P. Prentice Gilbert 

Class of 2000 

*Mrs. Joan M. Ross (PP Arnold P. Ross'OO) 

' Denotes Founding Member, AW - Alumni Widow, PP - Past Parent 


lid llililliii hi • • 

II ill! llll ll 


1930 31 32 33 34 35 36 3? 38 39 )WC 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49195851 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59(98(1 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 691978 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79IS58 81 82 83 84 85 86 87 

191 92 93 84 95 96 97 

Endowed Scholarship Fund 

Governor Bummer Academy's scholarships are 
made possible through gifts from alumni/ae 
and friends, operating funds and by income 
from the following funds established through 
the years: 

The Alfond Scholarship 
Established in 2003 by the Alfond family to 
benefit students from Maine who are athletes 
or from families of past and present shoe 
workers of Dexter Shoe Company, or its affili- 
ate and other shoe manufacturers. 
Harold and Bibby Alfond F67'71 
The Harold Alfond Foundation 
Peter Alfond 71 
Emily Pearl '90 and Todd Seavey 

The Charles Z. Abuza Memorial Scholarship 
Established in 1988 by his family and friends 
in memory of this alumnus, Class of '53 
Mrs. Charles Abuza AW53 

The George I. Alden Trust Scholarship Fund 
Established in 1989 by the George I. Alden 
Trust of Worcester, Massachusetts and alumni 

The Alumni/ae Scholarship Fund 
Established and supported by Governor 
Bummer Academy graduates to provide finan- 
cial aid to deserving students 
Mirick Friend '59 

The Francis R. Appleton Fund 
Established in 1909 by Francis R. Appleton 

The Col Harold H. Audet Scholarship Fund 
Established in 1989 by Col Harold H. Audet 
'38 for a "day boy" from Newburyport, 

The Sarah Avalon Scholarship Fund 
Established in 1999 by Putnam '37 and 
Borothy Flint GF99 to honor their grand- 
daughter Sarah Avalon '99. Benefitting a 
Senior who through four years of work, deter- 
mination and strength of character, has 
worked to develop his or her potential to the 
fullest and in doing so, has been a true credit 
to Governor Bummer Academy. 

The James Barriskill Fund 

Established in 1960 in memory of the former 

Governor Bummer Academy master teacher 


Peter M. Sherin '59 

The William L. Brian IE Memorial 
Scholarship Fund 

Established in 1990 by his family and class- 
mates in honor of this alumnus, Class of '59 

Kerry Anne Carson Memorial Scholarship 
Established in 1995 by her family and friends 
Richard and Elizabeth Carson 
Mark and Sarah Cicchini 
Roger and Susan Cicchini 
Shiela O'Leary Cobban 
Deborah Galvin 
Kevin Garvey 

Christopher and Andra Hepler 
WJ. and Margaret Holtz 
Peter and Helene Hutchinson 
Frank Landry 
Susan Leonard 
Thomas Lydon 
MSA Research LLC 
Claire Murphy 




Judd and Martina Nathan 
Terry and Nancy Nightengale 
Joseph and Jane Olivere 
Charles and Kathleen Partridge 
Bavid and Linda Paul 
John Raffael 

Richard Siegel 
Paul Skinner 
Michael Spence 
Normand and Lee Veilleux 
Peter Wemer 

The Bavid Knowles Chilton Memorial 

Scholarship Fund 

Established in 1986 by Mr. and Mrs. Herman 

Chilton in memory of their son, Class of '61. 

Awarded to a student "who best demonstrates 

the high principles of Governor Bummer 


The Class of 1950 Scholarship Fund 
Established in 2000 by the graduates of 
the class of 1950, in celebration of their 
fiftieth reunion 
Charles C. Bov/en '50 

The Edmund Coffin Colman Scholarship Fund 
Established in 1939 through the vnll of 
Elizabeth Tappan to provide aid for 

The Coming Fund 

Established in 1989 by Nathan £ Corning to 
provide financial assistance to the children of 
Governor Bummer Academy Staff 

The Cumings Scholarship Fund 
Established in 1948 by Mrs. Fred T. Cumings 
in memory of her husband and in honor of 
their son Allen H. Cumings '48 

The Richard Little Bodge Fund 
Established in 1957 in memory of this 
alumnus. Class of 1940, by his family 

The Edward W. Eames Scholarship Fund 
Established in 1975 in tribute to the head- 
master who led the Academy for 29 years 

The Eastman Fund 

Established in 1983 by the bequest of 
Elizabeth Eastman Hall in memory of her 
nephews Robert Kimball Eastman, Jr. and 
Charles Bond Warner Eastman 

The Vida F. Ellison Scholarship 
Established in 1989 by William G. Griffith '37 
and John £ Griffith '40 for a student from 
Colorado or Wyoming 

The Ellsworth Family Scholarship Fund 
Established in 1990 by Bavid H. Ellsworth '48 
in honor of his family 

The G. Heberton Evans III Memorial 
Scholarship Fund 

Established in 1985 in memory of this 
teacher, coach and dorm parent of 34 years 

The Richard Hawes Francis 36 
Scholarship Fund 

Established in 1930 in memory of this 
alumnus by his family 

The Friend Family Scholarship Fund 

Established in 1987 by Mirick Friend '59 and 

family in memory of his father Robert A. 


The William Pinkham Gove Scholarship Fund 

Established in 1926 by his wife and son, 
Karl '27 

The Joanna Grugeon Scholarship Fund 
Established in 1990 by her family, faculty 
and friends in memory of this Governor 
Bummer Academy master teacher 
Susan K. Clancy 
Bavid Gould 
Jessica Gould 

The Carl D. Hale Scholarship Fund 
Established in 1980 through the will of Grace 
Hale in memory of her husband, class of 
1896, to provide financial aid 

The Henley Group Scholarship Fund 
Established in 1988 by the Henley Group, Inc. 
of Hampton, NH, to benefit a deserving 

The Janet G. Higgins Memorial 
Scholarship Fund 

Established in 1976 in her memory by her 
family and friends 

The Bernard K. Holdsworth Scholarship Fund 
Established in 1987 by Clifford Holdsworth 
in memory of his son, a member of the 
Class of '44 

The Ingham Scholarship Fund 
Established in 1927 by the family of the late 
Samuel Kellogg Ingham, v/hose son 
Br. Charles C. Ingham became the 22nd head- 
master of Governor Dummer Academy 
H. Thomas Biehl '78 

The E. Randall Jackson Memorial Fund 
Established in 1966 by the bequest of his 
mother Lillian A. Jackson, to benefit a young 
person from Banvers, Massachusetts 

The Christian A. Johnson Endeavor 
Foundation Scholarship Fund 
Established in 1982 to enable a worthy stu- 
dent to attend an independent school 

The Kitchell Family Scholarship Fund 
Established in 1989 by Frank Kitchell '35. 
Members of the Kitchell family who attended 
the Academy include Frank '35, Peter '36, 
Samuel '38 and Webster '48 

The George Laite Scholarship Fund 
Established in memory of this alumnus from 
the Class of '32 by his family 

The Leary Family Scholarship Fund 
Established in 1989 by Jack '48 and Mary 
Leary and their children, '79 '81 '82 '84 '85, 
to benefit a student from Newburyport, 
Massachusetts, demonstrating a strong per- 
sonal character and financial need 

The Barry Nebon Lougee Scholarship Fund 
Established in 1989 to honor this alumnus of 
the Class of '51 by his classmates and family 

The Burton Machinist Scholarship Fund 
Established in 1987 by his family to honor 
this Class of '36 graduate 
Peter B. Machinist '62 

The Bavid Macomber Scholarship Fund 
Established in 1978 in his memory by his 
family and the Class of 1957 

The Magoun Family Scholarship Fund 

Established in 2001 by Thomas Magoun '48 in 
honor of his family, to benefit a deserving 
student from Rockingham County, New 

The Magrane Family Scholarship Fund 
Established in 1994 by members of the 
Magrane family — Mrs. Helen Magrane 
P'65'67, J. Scott Magrane '65 and Ross 
Magrane '67 — to benefit a student who con- 
tributes to all aspects of the Academy 

The Christopher Marden '96 Fund for the 
Performing Arts 

Established in 1996 in his memory by his 
mother Joanne and sister Elysa '86 to support 
the performing arts at the Academy. 

The Thomas McClary Mercer Scholarship Fund 
Established in 1992 by Charles A. Goodrich 
HJ '39 in appreciation for all this former 
English master teacher contributed to the 

The Montrone Family Scholarship Fund 
Established in 1988 by Mr. and Mrs. Paul 
Montrone P'82'87 to benefit a deserving stu- 
dent from the New Hampshire seacoast area 

TheC.W.& L.H. Morse Scholarship Fund 
Established in 1988 by the Morse family in 
honor of Charles W. and Louise H. Morse of 
Newburyport, Massachusetts given by their 
sons and grandsons, seven alumni of the 

The Howard J. Navins '31 Scholarship Fund 
Established in 1988 by a former student and 
alumni in honor of this alumnus, coach, and 
master teacher of 41 years to recognize 
courage and high personal standards 

The John and Dorothy Ogden Scholarship 
Established in 2004 by their sons Jeff '76, 
Phil '78 and Lee and Steve to honor John, 
former teacher, coach, and dorm parent and 
Dorothy, former Associate Director of 
Admissions at Governor Bummer. 
Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation 
Peter Gardner 
Irving and Ellen Morris 
Jeff and Jennifer Ogden 
Lee and Lela Ogden 
Philip and Debra Ogden 
Steve and Julie Ogden 

The Edward Parish Noyes Fund 
Established in 1915 in memory of the former 
student (Class of 1873) and trustee (1895- 
1913) by Joseph Lee of Boston 

The Ben Pearson Scholarship Fund 
Established in 1988 by Benjamin Pearson LX 
'44 and Anne Pearson ofByfield in honor of a 
five-generation relationship v/ith Governor 
Bummer Academy 

The Carl. A. Pescosolido, Jr. '55 Award 
Established in 1992 by family and friends of 
Carl A. "Skip" Pescosolido, Jr., President of 
the Academy's Board of Trustees from 1980- 
92. The award is presented annually to the 
top male and female scholar-athletes in the 
junior class whose academic and athletic per- 
formances exhibit the character and commit- 
ment to excellence of Carl A. Pescosolido, Jr. 

The Lee C. Peterson '74 Scholarship Fund 
Established in 2004 in his memory by a 
bequest of his mother to enable a deserving 
student to attend GDA, where Lee spent the 
four happiest years of his life. 

Non Sibi Sed Aliis 

Special thanks to all of these volunteers who committed their time to strengthen the 
community of Governor Dummer Academy. These individuals fulfill the true spirit of 
Governor Dummer's motto "Non Sibi Sed Aliis" - "Not for self but for others. " 

The Reader's Digest Endowed Scholarship Fund 
Established in 1981 by the Reader's Digest in 
honor ofDeWitt Wallace, its founder 

The Peter R. Remis '52 and James A. Remis 
'84 Scholarship Fund 

Established in 1991 by Linda Remis Schwartz 
in memory of her husband Peter and son 
Jimmy. Peter Remis served the Academy for 
many years as a Trustee 

The Revere Scholarship Fund 

Established in 1982 by Howard Zuker '57 for 

deserving students from Revere, Massachusetts 

The 1763 Scholarship Fund 
Established in 1946 by the Alumni 

The Arthur W. Soger Scholarship Fund 
Established in 1987 by his friend C. Thomas 
Tenney '39, to benefit deserving students 
from the state of Maine 

The Ellsworth H. Sherin Memorial 

Scholarship Fund 

Established in 1985 by his children and 

employees. Ellsworth Sherin was the father of 

Peter Sherin '59, a GDA alumnus and former 


The Senator Benjamin A. Smith LJ '35 
Scholarship Fund 

Established in 1991 by family and friends in 
memory of U.S. Senator Ben Smith to benefit 
a deserving student 

Angel Talavera '95 Scholarship Fund 
Established in 1995 by his classmates and 
their parents to honor his memory 

The Grace S. Tisdale Memorial 
Scholarship Fund 

Established in 1981 by Mr. and Mrs. Arthur 
Buettner of Auburn, Maine, in memory of 
Mrs. Buettner's mother 

The Richard Tucker Fund 

Established in 1930 in his memory by family 

and friends 

The Asa Wilson Waters Fund 
Established in 1930 to honor his grandpar- 
ents and great grandparents 

The Timothy Rogers Whittemore Fund 
Established in 1963 in his memory, by his 
sophomore classmates 

The Thomas N. Willins Scholarship Fund 
Established in 1990 and given in memory 
of his father by Thomas N. Willins, Jr., 
Class of '33 

The Nathan N. Withington Scholarship Fund 

Established in 1990 by a classmate in honor 

of this alumnus, former trustee, and GDA 

parent, Class of '58 

The Henry Hornblower Fund, Lnc. 

A. Laurence and Katherine Norton P'82 

Nathan '58 and June Withington P'97 

The John Young Scholarship Fund 
Established in 1943 by Dr. John Young 

Reunion Committee Volunteers 

Class of 1955- 50th Reunion 

Chris Beebe 
Bill Friend 
Dan Leary 
Jack Palotta 

Class of 1960 - 45th Reunion 

Jim Deveney 
Bill Tuxbury 
Bill Vose 
Carl Youngman 

Class of 1965 - 40th Reunion 

Dudley Glover 
Ken Linberg 

Class of 1970 - 35th Reunion 

Henry Eaton 
Morocco Rowers 
Jay James 
Randy Whitney 

Class of 1975 - 30th Reunion 

Rob Kaplan 
Pam Pandapas 
Greg Pope 
Spencer Purinton 

Class of 1980 - 25th Reunion 

Kevin Callahan 
Jim Gardner 
Lisa DeNey 
Lynne Durland 
Elizabeth Evans 
Sally Lee 
Carl Schwartz 
Chris Stafford 
John Wise 

Class of 1985 - 20th Reunion 

Nathalie Ames 
Ben Armstrong 
Sam Blatchford 
Vicki DeLisle 
Stephanie Ginsberg 
Anthony Fusco 
Courtney Goldwaith 
Jessica Gould 
Sean Mahoney 
Quinn Pollack 
Peter Quimby 
Jeff Toft 
Becky Werner 

Class of 1990 - 15th Reunion 

Margo Dhaliwal 
Nikki DelliColli 
Kyrie Stevens 

Class of 1995 -10th Reunion 

Gretchen Scharfe 
Eric Whittier 

Class of 2000 - 5th Reunion 

Catherine Correia 
Jason Salony 

Phonathon Volunteers 

Donald Palais '45 
Bennett Beach '67 
Meredith Baker '05 
Kelsey Correia '05 
Nicole Greco '05 
Meaghan Lafond '05 
Jon Mahoney '05 
Robert Rudolph '05 
Barrie Stavis '05 
Ari Blinder '07 

Reunion Volunteers 

Alex McLain '07 
Jon Mahoney '05 
Danielle Dillihunt '07 
Cassandra Duchard '05 
Daniel Galajda '05 
Rebecca Kelly '05 
Jillian Mann '07 
Grant Rogers '07 
Alex Riley '05 
Hassan Sulley '07 
Keara Thomas '07 









In Memory of Joseph Cook '53 

Mr. David Rich 

In Memory of Mr. David Huebner P'06 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Chace 

Mr. Larry Smith and Mrs. Judith Wilson 

In Memory of Frederick McVeigh '31 


In Honor of Howard Navins '31 
Mrs. Shirley Davidson 

In Memory of Mrs. Vivian Neyman P'75 

Mr. Richard Neyman 

In Memory of Thomas Sayles '49 

Mr. Robert Frame 
Mr. Thomas Otis 

In Memory of Robert Smythe '52 

Mr. Barry Gately 

In Memory of Benjamin Towne '45 

Mrs. Joy Towne 

In Honor of Paul Wann P'94 

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Guy 

In Memory of Mrs. Mary Wright 

Mr. Arthur Hage 

In Honor of recent GDA alums by 
Mr. Barry Gately '52 

Nicholas Clark '05 
Christian Colarusso '05 
Chris Genovese '05 
Brian Morrissey '05 
Gardiner Parker '05 
Alex Whitney '05 


Thanks to members of our faculty 

and staff for their support of the 

GDA Annual Fund! 


Yvonne Abenate 

Janet Adams-Wall 

Tom and Penny Aham 

John and Cathleen Banister-Marx 

Peter and Molly Bidstrup 

Geoffrey Brace 

Fontaine and Kate Bradley 

Peter and Dottie Bragdon 

Jamie and Amy Brayshaw 

Leonard and Cathy Ceglarski, Jr. 

Mark and Joanna Connors 

Lori Correale 

Michael and Martha Delay 

John and Patricia Doggett 

Anna Finch 

Matthew Getting s 

Richard and Diane Griesbach 

Douglas and Kathy Guy 

Lloyd and Maud Hamovit 

Melvin Huberdeau 

Scott and Doreen Johnson 

Jeffrey '85 and Dionne Kelly 

Kenneth and Sandra Keyes 

Carolyn Kimball and Alex Macquisten 

Karen Knezevic-Gold 

Jason Lacroix 

Richard Leavitt 

Beth Liffers 

Aaron Mandel 

Shawn Markey '93 

Marilyn McKeen 

William and Jacqueline Mercer 

Don and Anne Millard 

Michael Moonves 

David and Robin Moore 

Erin O'Connell 

Tracey O'Dea '81 

Irina Okula 

David and Diane Oxton 

Carl Panall and Susan Chase 

William Quigley and Leslie Cargill 

Chris and Judy Rokous 

Marty and Joan Ryan 

Richard and Susan Savage 

Hal and Anju Scheintaub 

Richard and Kathy Searles 

John Soursourian and Judith Klein 

Tracy and Meg Stickney 

Ike 78 and Dorothea Suggs 

Peter Swift 

Ete Szuts and Susan Oleszko 

Richard and Patricia Thomas 

David and Susan Van Ness 

Paul Wann and Bonnie-Jean Wilbur 

James and Nancy Warner 

Timothy and Christina Weir 

Peter Werner 

Christopher and Elaine White 

Jeffrey and Cheryl Wotton 


Class Secretaries 

Harold Audet '38 
Pacific Grove, CA 

Donald W. Stockwell '39 
Brattleboro, VT 

William H Torrey '40 
Babylon, NY 

R. Andrew Little '41 
Little Falls, NY 

Seward E. Pomeroy '42 
Worcester, MA 

Benjamin B. Brewster '43 
Plymouth, MA 

Steven K. Kauffman '44 
Williamsburg, VA 

Richard A. Cousins '45 
Newburyport, MA 

George E. Duffy '46 
Tucson, AZ 

Homer Ambrose '47 
Falls Church, VA 

Robert C. Hill '48 
Naugatuck, CT 

Thomas R.M. Emery '49 
Charlottesville, VA 

Alan F. Flynn '50 
Rehoboth, MA 

Ted H. Barrows '51 
Bristol, RI 

Franklin E. Huntress '52 
Marblehead, MA 

William C. Pinkham '53 
Estes Park, CO 

Michael B. Smith '54 
McLean, VA 

George 0. Gardner '55 
Acton, MA 

James Dean '56 
South Berwick, ME 

Lyman A. Cousens '57 
Boscawen, NH 

Ralph E Ardiff '58 
Danvers, MA 

Mirick Friend '59 
Mirror Lake, NH 

John C. Elwell '60 
Newburyport, MA 

Thomas S. Tobey '62 
Los Altos, CA 

Louis H. Higgins '64 
Lake Placid, NY 

Kenneth A. Linberg '65 
Lsla Vista, CA 

Michael J. Little '66 
Waterville, ME 

Bennett H. Beach '67 
Bethesda, MD 

Daniel C. Look '68 
Marietta, GA 

Jeffrey L. Gordon '69 
Newport, RI 

J. Randall Whitney '70 
Concord, MA 

Mario Rivera '71 
Sunrise, FL 

Geoffrey A. Durham '72 
Libertyville, IL 

Edward C. Young '73 
Phoenix, AZ 

Pamela McElroy Toner '74 
Fairfield, CT 

Pamela D. Pandapas 75 
Quincy, MA 

Carol Ann Goldberg-Aydin '76 
New York, NY 

Carolyn Lyons Nissi '77 
Evanston, IL 

Scott M. Pope '78 

Kingston, NH 

Troy A. Dagres '79 
Newburyport, MA 

Lynne E. Durland '80 
Londonderry, NH 

Jennifer Graf Steward '81 
Boxford, MA 

Nancy Lord Wickwire '82 
Bedford, NH 

Danielle Schwartz Jacobs '83 
Marblehead, MA 

Laurie Nester Murphy '83 
New York, NY 

Cathleen Riley Scerbo '84 
Stratham, NH 

Nathalie E. Ames '85 
Chicago, IL 

Paul B. Nardone '86 
Lynnfield, MA 

Melinda C. Stahl '86 
Los Angeles, CA 

Amy Goldstein Northup '87 
Charlestown, MA 

Kristen LaBrie Poulin '87 
Byfield, MA 

Deana Giamette Boyages '87 
Columbus, OH 

Kristin A. Brown-Hirsch '89 
Weston, MA 

John S. Wilson '89 

Dallas, TX 

Nicolle Fardy DelliColli '90 
Andover, MA 

Nicole F. LaTour '91 
San Francisco, CA 

Catherine A. Wickes '92 
Colorado Springs, CO 

Kristen Lynn Marvin '94 
Van Nuys, CA 

Laura Beth Barnes '95 
Kowloon HK, China 

Brian P. Crowe '95 
Boston, MA 

Janna Panall De Risi '96 
Greenwich, CT 

Jeffrey R. LaBelle '96 
Chicago, IL 

Sandra T. Padilla '97 
North Hollywood, CA 

Jacob A. Chase '98 
Cambridge, MA 

Elizabeth E. Erickson '98 
Boston, MA 

Stuart W. Gilfillen '99 
South Hamilton, MA 

Jessica S. Reed-Zaplin '99 
Boston, MA 

Meghan K. Barry '00 
Wenham, MA 

Catherine E. Correia '00 
Wakefield, MA 

Maria E. Moore '01 
Providence, RI 

James M. Morrissey '02 
Winchester, MA 

Michael G. Woods '02 
Everett, MA 

Laura E. Ellison '03 
Newburyport, MA 

Michael D. O'Neill '03 
Byfield, MA 

Gregory M. Ceglaski '04 
Byfield, MA 

Kelsey M. Quigley '04 
Byfield, MA 

Lesley T. Clunie '04 
Newburyport, MA 


Statements of Financial Position 

June 30, 2005 and 2004 


Cash and cash equivalents 

Accounts receivable 

Tuition notes receivable, net of allowance 

for doubtful accounts of $30,808 and $38,020 

in 2005 and 2004, respectively 

Other assets 

Deferred compensation 

Contributions receivable, net 

Beneficial interest in Phillips Trusts 

Investments, at market value 

Land, buildings, and equipment, net 

$ 6,486,307 

$ 3,673,542 















Total assets 

$ 119,703,605 $ 112,214, 


Accounts payable and accrued expenses 

Annuities payable 

Deferred revenues and deposits 

Note payable 

Bond payable 

$ 709,616 

$ 673,272 









Total liabilities 

$ 13,943,672 $ 13,549,470 

Net assets: 

Plant Available for operations 
Funds functioning as endowment 

31,985,253 30,984,757 

22,756,824 23,008,179 

Total unrestricted 

$ 54,742,077 $ 53,992,936 

Temporarily restricted 
Permanently restricted 

26,472,599 20,326,572 

24,545,257 24,345,210 

Total net assets 

$105,759,933 $ 98,664,718 

Total UabiUties and net assets 

$119,703,605 $ 112,214,188 


Statements of Changes in Unrestricted Net Assets, 
Current Operations 

June 30, 2005 and 2004 


Education and general: 

Tuition $ 11,060,800 $ 10,451,560 

Less: student aid (2,177,882) (2,083,370) 

Net tuition revenues 8,882,918 8,368,190 



Special programs, activities and fees 


Investment income 

Phillips income 

Other income, Oper. int. 

Total revenues 














Education and general: 



Operations and maintenance of plant 

Student services 

Special programs, activities and fees 
Facilities use charge 

Total expenditures 

Designated for: 

Unexpended plant 
Faculty housing 

$ 3,670,108 

$ 3,510,503 


















Total designations 



Net change 

Balance at beginning of the year 

Balance at end of year 

$ 276,531 

$ 276,531 

Outright GiftA 

Donors may transfer cash and other assets directly to the Academy for 
immediate use in funding any of the needs of the Campaign or the Annual Fund. 
Such gifts can be made by check or in the form of securities, real estate, or gifts- 
in-kind (antiques, art, jewelry, coin collection). Gifts may qualify as a charitable 
deduction, as allowed by law. 

Pledges are encouraged for up to three years but may extend over a period 
of five years. Gift payments may be made in convenient installments. 

-^. '>■'-. : : -' v - 

Life Income GiftA 

In making a significant gift to Governor Dummer Academy, you may com- 
mit to the gift now but delay the Academy's possession and use of the gift until 
your death or that of the final beneficiary. Charitable Remainder Unit Trusts 
and Charitable Annuity Trusts offer the satisfaction of making a gift to 
Governor Dummer Academy while retaining income from the principal for your 
personal use. These irrevocable trusts qualify for special tax consideration. 

Corporate Match GiftA 

Way so} 0vfi§ 

As a donor, you may be able to increase your support for Governor 
Dummer Academy by taking advantage of your spouse's or your employer's 
matching gift program. 

Life LnAurance 

Naming Governor Dummer Academy as the 
primary beneficiary of a life insurance policy is 
another giving option. This enables the donor to 
retain ownership of the policy and have access to 
the policy's cash value. This type of gift can reduce 
your estate tax liability. 

Should you wish a more immediate tax bene- 
fit, you may name Governor Dummer Academy as 
the owner of the policy. This becomes an irrevoca- 
ble assignment of all rights in the insurance policy 
to Governor Dummer Academy. You are allowed an 
immediate federal income tax charitable deduc- 

Charitable Lead TruAt 

This type of trust provides for a gift of pay- 
ments from the trust property to Governor 
Dummer Academy for a term of years, after which 
the property reverts to you or passes to a non-char- 
itable beneficiary designated by you. The charita- 
ble lead trust, depending upon the manner in 
which it is structured, can significantly reduce or 
even eliminate either the gift or estate tax. 


.v J > "VH ft J H 


ReAidence or Farm 

Donors may give a personal residence or farm to Governor Dummer Academy while retaining the 
right to occupy the residence or operate the farm. This type of gift provides an income-tax charitable deduc- 
tion that frees up tax dollars into spendable income without causing any disruption to your lifestyle. It also 
permits you to escape any potential capital-gain tax on the built-in appreciation. 

A single-family dwelling, condominium, vacation home, or stock owned by you as a tenant stockhold- 
er in a cooperative housing corporation qualifies as a personal residence if used each year by you. 


Gifts by bequest will build the school's endowment and provide a stream of operating income to 
Governor Dummer Academy in future years. Charitable bequests may specify a dollar amount or a percent- 
age of your residual estate. In each case, the amount of the gift is excluded from the valuation of your 
estate for estate tax or inheritance tax purposes. 

For more information about giving opportunities, please call the Development office at 
(978) 499-3173 or consult the website at 

in memoriam 

Elwood N. Chase '32 of Bethesda, MD died 
on April 1, 2005. He was retired from the 
Navy and was buried at Arlington National 
Cemetery with full military honors. After 
GDA, he attended Brown University for 
three years before joining the Navy as an 
Aviation Cadet. He is survived by his wife 
Clara and two daughters. 

Spencer L. Curry '33 of Stamford, CT died 
on October 8, 2004. He is survived by his 
wife Josephine and two daughters. 

John W. Hutchinson, Sr. '34 of Falmouth, 
MA died on March 16, 2005. He is sur- 
vived by his wife Eleanor and two sons. He 
graduated from Bates College in 1938. He 
suffered a stroke 20 years ago that left him 

Howard L.Jenkins '45 ofWilliston,VT died 
on April 17, 2005. He is survived by his 
wife Jeanne and children three daughters. 

Robert R. Simon '45, died at home on 
Dataw Island, SC on July 14, 2005. He was 
born and raised in New York on Long 
Island. After graduation, he enlisted in the 
US Navy and was sent to the University of 
Virginia for one year before transferring to 
Duke University where he earned a BS in 
Engineering. There, he was a member of 
Beta Theta Pi fraternity. At age 16, he 
earned his pilot's license and then later a 
commercial license. He worked for his fa- 
ther's firm, Liberty Aircraft, Inc., following 
WWII, and later founded Liberty Aero, Inc. 
in Hauppauge, NY. He was a member of 
the Huntington Country Club, Cold 
Spring Harbor Beach Club, Indian Hills 

CC, Dataw Island Club, the "Monday O.E 
Club", and the "Thursday Club". He is sur- 
vived by his wife of 54 years, Barbara 
Cruthers Simon, four children and eight 

Landon Peters '48, re- 
tired banker and in- 
vestment advisor, died 
April 9, 2005 in 
Princeton, New Jersey 
of a cerebral hemor- 
rhage. A graduate of 
Princeton University, 
he served in the 
United States Air 
Force during the 
Korean Conflict. He 
joined The Bank of 
New York as a securi- 
ties analyst, retiring af- 
ter 25 years as Executive Vice President and 
Treasurer. He was a senior manager of The 
YMCA Retirement Fund from 1982-1986, 
before joining the investment firm 
Delafield, Harvey, Tabell from 1986 to 1991. 
He was a director of both The Adams 
Express Company and Petroleum and 
Resources Corporation from 1974 until the 
present. He joined the Seeing Eye Board of 
Trustees in 1971, served for 30 years, and 
was awarded The Buddy Award at his re- 
tirement for outstanding service. He was a 
member of the Pretty Brook Tennis Club, 
The Springdale Golf Club, and The Nassau 
Club. He summered in Edgartown, MA. 
He is survived by his wife of 53 years, 
Florence Lamborn Peters, four sons and five 

David L. Connor '60 of Duxbury, MA died 
on July 24, 2005. He is survived by his wife 

Donna Hartwell Wilkie, wife of former 
GDA Headmaster Val Wilkie, died suddenly 
on September 4, 2005. She graduated from 
Texas Christian University with a 
Bachelor's degree in history and from The 
University of Texas at Arlington with a 
Master's degree in education. During her 
career, she was director of volunteers of the 
Fort Worth State School, manager of area 
councils of the Fort Worth Chamber of 
Commerce, director of development of 
Fort Worth Country Day School, head of 
Country Day School of Arlington, and a 
consultant to All Saints Health Foundation. 
She is survived by her husband of 21 years, 
three children, two step-children, and eight 

lass notes 



Pre 1939 
Harold H.Audet '38 

511 Crocker Avenue 

Pacific Grove, CA 93950-3705 

(831) 373-5652 

audet3 73@yahoo.coin 


Class of 1931- 75th 
Class of 1936- 70th 

Phil Simpson '39, Sue Simpson, Alice Stockwell, and Don Stockwell '39 

John English '28 is now 95 years old 
and continues to lead an active life on Cape 
Cod. He is still secretary for his class at 
Williams College and prods the remaining 
14 members for updates on their activities. 
John held the same job for his class at GDA 
until a few years ago when all classes prior to 
1939 were merged into one group. 
Marshall Clinard '28 and his wife Arlene 
haven't been doing as much traveling as in 
prior years. He has been busy preparing his 
book on corporate crime for reprinting by 
Rutgers University Press. He has prepared a 
new introduction with the title Corporate 
Crime Yesterday and Today. Stuart Barnard 
'33 writes that he is still hanging in there in 
spite of having turned 91 years of age. I as- 
sume that he means that he is still getting 
around and, like the rest of us, accepts his 
aches and pains as inevitable. I expect that 
everyone in our group has had at least one 
cataract removed, and I wonder what per- 
centage of our group has trouble at the radar 
check point at the airport because of our 
metal knee joints. As a note to readers from 
recent classes, I'll tell them that we are hap- 
py to be able to go through the airport 
checks even if we turn on all the bells and 
whistles when we go through. 

John Whittlesey '33 is still living in 
Ch.ippaqua, New York, and is partially re- 
tired after many years of legal practice. 
Phyllis Hastings sent me a long letter about 
Don Hastings '36 and told me that they 
have just celebrated their 55th wedding an- 
niversary. This summer he celebrated his 

65th anniversary of the graduation of his 
class from Amherst College.They are still liv- 
ing in Amherst, MA and their children and 
grandchildren live in that area. Charles 
Somerby '37 has been through two hurri- 
canes, and is happy that he wasn't near New 
Orleans when Katrina went through there. 
He is keeping busy with work on the histo- 
ry of Milton, Florida. Bill Ferris '38 is still 
in Auburn, CA and has two children on the 
west coast and two in the east. He and his 
wife play golf from time to time, but he 
doesn't mention their scores. I assume that, 
like the rest of us, he is getting more swings 
of his clubs per round than in earlier years. 
During the summer he went surfing several 
times, and I wonder if he is the last member 
of our group to engage in that sport. 

Harry Churchill '33 reports: "I'm 
lucky to be able to say my wife Betty and I 
just celebrated our 64th anniversary and I 
just had my 90th birthday. We're both pret- 
ty slowed down but still getting around and 
in pretty good health. We can't make it to re- 
unions any more but hold our memories of 
GDA dear." (Written on behalf of Harry 
Churchill by his daughter) 


Class of 1939 

Donald II.' Stockwell 

39 Conn try Hill 

Brattleboro, VT 05301 

(802) 254-5504 

Once again Phil Simpson and I, with 

our wives, made the June reunion and, as al- 
ways, we had a great time. The powers that 
be are perfect hosts and spread out the wel- 
come mat. Although we wish more of our 
class could have been there, we served the 
Class of '39 well. How I ended up with the 
bottle pictured in The Archon I do not 
know, although I strongly suspect one of our 
fellow alums had to be the culprit. It was, as 
always, a fun weekend. The campus was 
beautiful and, if you haven't been back in re- 
cent years, you are in for a treat. At the same 
time, you can reminisce and picture what it 
was like in your Byfield years. 

Tom Tenney, as always, came through 
and expressed his regret at not attending our 
66th reunion. He says golf is getting tougher 
with the normal aches and pains of old age. 
As usual, he is a man of few words but they 
are always welcome. I wish he would stop in 
some day on his way north to Pomfret,VT. 

The harness racing sport is not a lucra- 
tive one. That comes from Tom Killough, 
who ought to know, as he has been on the 
racing scene this year. Life has been good to 
this old horse owner and says he has nothing 
to complain about and much to be thankful 
for. He regrets not making the reunion but 
hopes to be on hand next year. 

John Gannett, one of my regulars, is 
living the good life in Manchester, ME. He 
and his wife, Pat, says Phil Simpson is able 
to take proper nourishment, either solid or 
liquid, as he met him and Sue at a cocktail 
party on the lake in his home town. John's 

!.. Irchon * I ..II 2005 

wife, Pat, visited a couple of hospitals this 
summer but is coming along fine as she con- 
tinues to keep him busy with a variety of 

Phil Simpson is apparently flying on 
one wing as he reports a steel ball has been 
inserted in his shoulder socket. His right 
arm will be in a sling for several weeks 
which prevents him from doing much of 
anything. However, he and Sue went to 
Boothbay Harbor, ME for a few days of re- 
laxation. Hopefully, he will be making a rap- 
id recovery and will be able to lift that arm 
at next year's reunion. 

John Klotz was a little late in getting 
his notes to me but he had a good excuse. 
He has not been feeling well of late and was 
hospitalized for three weeks. Hopefully, he 
will snap back soon. He tells us that he is 
entering an assisted living retirement home 
with all the benefits. Yes, John, old age is 
sneaking upon all of us. Join the crowd. 

Class of 1940 

William H. Torrey 

112 Fire Island Avenue 

Babylon, NY 11702-3902 

(631) 6539-2301 

Andy Bailey and his wife Joanie were 
in residence in Dedham, MA for the summer 
and are back to Naples, FL this fall. Andy vis- 
its his office in Boston most business days, 
helping to run two private foundations. 
Andy and Joanie are off to Europe soon for 
three weeks - Prague,Venice and Paris, figur- 
ing they should do this as long as they are 
mobile. A. Roland Will: Bob is still known 
as "Dapper" or "Dap" particularly on the 
curling ice. He has recently been nominat- 
the Grand National Curling Club of 

Robert Goodspeed business with the 
China sheepskin tannery continues to grow 
- over 40 million dollars this year. He and 
his wife are now back in NH with their 
eight children (combined) + 21 grandchil- 
dren. Charles McDowell and his wife 
Candy are "still alive and kicking" and going 
to water aerobics five times a week and stay- 
ing busy with work at their church. Dave 

Gearhart wrote of his displeasure in regard 
to changing the name of the academy. Dave 
and his wife Harriett are in their fourth year 
at Blakehurst, a retirement community in the 
Baltimore area. His athletic activities are cro- 
quet and putting, and as much of the com- 
petition is over 90 and have visual problems, 
he enjoys some success. Dave's two older 
daughters have moved back to join a broth- 
er in Baltimore, and his daughter in 
California comes to visit. 

Bill Torrey 's wife Joy writes: "As Bill's 
health has deteriorated he is really not able 
to write these notes, so I have to do it for 
him. He sends his best wishes to one and 


Class of 1941 

R. Andrew Little 

146 Fincks Basin Road 

Little Falls, NY 13365-5019 

(315) 823-1662 

65th Class Reunion 

June 9, 10, 11 2006 


Class of 1942 
Seward E. Pomeroy 

29 Berwick Lane 

Worcester, MA 01602-1401 

(508) 152-1469 

We had a nice note from Bob Harris 
who is writing an autobiography of his years 
in yacht design. He writes that if he finds a 
publisher to print it he will send a copy. The 
file name for this work is "A Peripatetic 
Yacht Designer" because he had so many 
work addresses. He goes to say that "Pat and 
I are well and busy in our co-op home in 
False Creek, biking, sailing, walking and gar- 
dening. I'm hoping to get back to the acad- 
emy for our 2006 alumni days. Art Sager was 
still there when I last went back. It will not 
be the same without him." 

Bill Hill writes: "Hello again. Still thriv- 
ing in Maine. Will reach 82 years of age this 
coming October 28th. Health perfect. Took 
my own advice to heart that I gave my pa- 
tients and, therefore, I am a survivor. No 
special news. Take one day at a time is good 
advice. Don't believe everything that you 

read in the newspapers!" Tom Fenn sent a 
card saying, "Still traveling by motor home, 
but - not quite as much!! Hope to attend 
reunion next year, and on May 22, 2006 we 
will celebrate our 60th wedding day!! 

From Ted Stitt an interesting card on a 
subject that no one else in our class has 
picked up on. Here's Ted's comments exact- 
ly as he wrote them: 

1. Please keep G.D.A. name as is! 

2. If not : go to Governor's 
Academy or G.D.A. Academy 

Stu - I know this isn't a lot, but these are 
my feelings. Best to you all. No hurricanes 
yet?" The "no hurricanes yet?" comment, of 
course refers to Ted's specific location. 

Finally, from your class secretary: 
Cornelia and I took a trip to Eastern Canada 
with a group from Assumption College in 
Worcester where I have been teaching mete- 
orology for close to a dozen years in their 
Continuing Education program. We spent 
three days in Montreal and another three in 
Quebec City. We had been to Western 
Canada some years ago, and always wanted 
to go to Eastern Canada so this provided the 
opportunity. Had a great time. There were 
27 of us on the trip which was in May. We 
had our usual enjoyable summer in Rhode 
Island and now are ready for come-what- 
may in the approaching winter. 

How about more cards from the rest of 
our class? 


Class of 1943 

Benjamin B. Brewster 

88 Warren Avenue 

Plymouth, MA 02360-2428 

(508) 146-1306 

This class secretary thing can be a drag. 
You '43ers will have to do better. All I've 
gotten this time is a note that George 
Twombly died in July and an e-mail from 
Bob Wood that he had a cancer problem in 
his stomach. Our very best wishes go to Bob 
and our condolences to George's family. 

The Ben Brewsters seem to wake up 
each morning and find something to occupy 
the day. There is some danger that we will 
travel to New Zealand to see our daughter 

c 1 

ass notes 

and family who are there for six months or 
so. We will accept any and all contributions 
toward first class tickets. The thought of 23 
hours in steerage class is intimidating. I urge 
each of you to go and see what they have 
done to your school. It is most impressive 
and might even get you to let the rest of us 
know what you are doing. Then I will have 
something to report. Cheers. 


Class of 1944 

Steven K. Kauffman 

125 Wareham's Point 

Williamsburg, VA 23185 

(757) 220-9013 

Hall Cushman and Marion, his wife, 
have recently moved to Santa Rosa, 
California from Springfield, Vermont! They 
have a small house in a Quaker retirement 
community, "no white substance," and two 
of their three sons nearby; quite a change 
from the rigorous winters they are used to. 
Hall and Marion are grandparents "at long 
last." Welcome, Andrew Walker Cushman. If 
he attends GDA from California he will help 
with the geographic diversity problem. 
Maybe we should encourage a diaspora of 
GDA graduates from New England. Then 
their progeny could be encouraged to follow 
the path from wherever to Byfield, hopeful- 
ly from far enough away so they could not 
run home every weekend. 

"Pinky" Whitney and Kay, his wife, 
proudly attended their grandson's graduation 
from GDA this year. He and she were im- 
pressed at graduation with the talk by Brian 
McGrory of the Boston Globe. In an article 
in the Globe, McGrory seemed to think that 
changing the name was not the best idea he 
had heard recently. McGrory suggested that 
the trustees ask: "If a kid took a pass on 
Governor Dummer because of its name, is 
that the kind of student they really want in 
their s< hool?" And the controversy goes on. 
I guess if all of us outside New England did 
a little recruiting we might change the de- 
mographics. Maybe the new alumni rela- 
tions person can make that a project. 

Colonel George A. Pollin, USA (Ret) 
reports thai he and Ins lovely wife took a trip 
to I ren< li Polynesia, the Society Islands, in 


George Pollin's father stationed in 

Tahiti in 1944 and George with wife 

Carolyn in Tahiti 2005 

May. (http :/ /www. thetahiti traveler, com/ maps 
/society.asp has a good map and lots of in- 
formation.) They flew to Tahiti, boarded the 
MS Paul Gaugin with 318 other passengers 
and "lots of good help." Sailed from Papeete 
to Raiatea,Taha'a, Bora Bora, and Moorea in 
seven days. George got his picture taken on 
a road on Bora Bora on the same spot where 
his father's photo was taken in 1944. His fa- 
ther was the island commander during WW 
II. (See the photos nearby.) George also sent 
me a picture of a beautiful sunset and of a 
barefoot man in bathing trunks thirty feet up 
on a banyan tree hanging out his nets after 
fishing. The latter, too, was taken in 1944. 
(Why George did not send photos of 
Tahitian beauties he did not say. Prudence is 
the better part of valor?) 

As a friend of mine ends all his emails, 
"Stay well!" 

Class of 1945 

Richard A. Cousins 

71 Federal Street 

Newburyport, MA 01950 

(978) 462-4542 

It is with sadness I report the death of 
our classmate, Bob Simon, on July 14 at his 
home on Dataw Island, South Carolina. On 
behalf of his classmates and the school, I ex- 
tend our sympathy to his wife, Barbara, and 
their four children and families. 

We received a total of 23 replies to the 
question concerning the possible change of 
the school's name. Of these, there were 15 
"NO" and 8 "yes" votes. Many votes were 
qualified to some degree, but clearly a ma- 
jority of the class is opposed to a name 

A record number sent in news items for 
The Archon. Thank you all. 

Brad Roberts writes: "Sorry to have 
missed our 60th. I had already purchased 
our tickets; then had surgery. One heart 
valve repaired, one replaced. Complications 
set in so I could not travel. Looking forward 
to our 65th. In favor of the name change." 
Bill Barrell writes: "As I approach my 80th 
birthday in October, Sandy and I will cele- 
brate the arrival of our tenth great-grand- 
child. Sandy and I are in good health and 
expect to stay that way." Tim Catlin says: "I 
am getting old with the rest of you but 
haven't figured out how to halt the process. 
It is fun to watch the grandchildren 
progress." Warren Furth writes: "Margaret 

I. on Homeier '45 and Peter Bragdon 
after a breakfast in Bryn Mawr. 

/ \nhon « Fall 2005 

and I had a great time at the 60th reunion. 
It was a wonderful opportunity to meet old 
and new friends. Included in this trip to the 
states was a most pleasant week in New York 
City with theater, concerts and museums, as 
well as old friends. Looking forward to the 
65th." From Jack Gillies: "Am seriously 
thinking of moving to "Caldwell Farm," an 
over-55 condo unit in South Byfield right 
next to the old post office. I'd have no ex- 
cuse not to return to reunion even if the 
weather was hot and humid." 

Bill Hale reports: "Sorry no news, but 
good health to all. Our country is in deep 
trouble." Keith Johnson writes: "No news 
is good news as they say — however I was 79 
years young on 8-18-05. Funny saying 
'young' and being 79 years old. Must be the 
oldest grad in the 1945 class. Regarding 
name change, one of the things I'll be most 
proud of will be to say I'm a graduate of 
Governor Dummer Academy. My vote - 
No Name Change." Arch Kingsley says: "I 
got a pace maker implant the other day. 
Amazed at the increase in energy! I feel like 
a tiger — an old one, but a tiger never the less. 
Life is good! Bots Young writes: "Sorry I 
missed the 60th Reunion, but was "stove up" 
with elderly infirmities. Recovered in time 
to enjoy month with entire family at Eators 
Ranch in Wyoming during parts of July and 
August. Fun watching your tribe grow up 
and mature in ranch country away from the 
hustle and bustle of city life. Best wishes to 
all classmates." 


Class of 1946 

George E. Duffy, II 

14161 North Ageratum Way 

Tucson, AZ 85737 

(520) 825-4710 

60th Class Reunion 

June 9, 10, 11 2006 

Notes written by Val Duffy for George. 
"He will be coming home from a nursing 
home on Sunday and I will care for him at 
home until Hospice time. We have pretty 
well tapped out our resources with his long 
illness and can no longer depend on help 

The annual lacrosse classic between Virginia Military Institute and Washington and Lee 
on April 13, 2005 atVMI Alumni Memorial Field. Score wasVMI 12 and W&L 4. 

Homer Ambrose '47 holds the trophy. 

from Veterans because of budget cuts. His 
Parkinson's has not robbed him of his sense 
of humor or his devotion to GDA and his 

It was great to hear from Charlie 
Stevens after such a long time. He and 
wife Nia raise German warm-blooded 
Hanoverian horses in Camden, SC. They 
show them and Nia rides in Jumper compe- 
titions. Bill Silver reports that they survived 
Katrina in their new fifth floor condo over- 
looking Biscayne Bay. Still working as a con- 
sultant in Forensic Odontology, lecturing 
and identifying the unknown. Bob Hadley 
continues to enjoy retirement and visited his 
daughter and granddaughter in Holland. "I 
can't get over the changes at GDA and still 
miss old friends in So. Byfield." John 
Kimball continues to be recognized in the 
art world, most recently in a review in Art 
New England of his show at the University 
of New England, Portland. "Occasional or 
not, Kimball's pieces engage and delight. 
One suspects the artist is always casting an 
eye on the world around him, waiting to 
pounce." Miguel Ortega called us last night 
from Colombia. He is so worried about "the 
terrible things happening in your country 
and my dear friends from GDA." I didn't 
have a chance to ask him if that included our 
current administration. Anyway, I'm sure the 
hurricanes were on his mind especially since 
Lyndy and Marilyn Watkins live on a bay 
just north of Galveston. I haven't been able 
to reach them, but hope they're OK. From 
the map, it doesn't seem that they were in the 
worst part of Rita. Fondly, Val 


Class of 1947 

LTC Homer Ambrose, Jr. 

5601 Seminary Road #2205N 

Falls Church, VA 22041 

(703) 379-8011 

hambrose@erols. com 

Jim Knott recently provided a tour 
of the renovated Riverdale Mill in 
Northbridge, MA, that allowed chemical en- 
gineers and others an opportunity to learn 
about the state-of-the-art manufacturing of 
wire-mesh products. This tour was hosted by 
the WPI Venture Forum and The Association 
of Chemical Engineers and was free and 
open to the public. According to the WPI in- 
formation sheet, "Riverdale Mills employs a 
unique process design minimizing waste and 
enhancing worker safety." Riverdale Mills is 

Peter Bragdon and Hank Sanders '47 

after breakfast at Betty's in North 

Hampton, N.H. 

TlieArchoH &* Fall 2005 57 




the recipient of the 1999 Governor's Prize 
for Toxic Use Reduction and the 2002 
National Association ol Manufacturers 
Industrial Award of Merit (for workplace 
safety) . 

Bud and Connie Snow "traveled to 
Belgium and Holland this past April to see 
the tulips — especially the 80-acre 
Keukenhof Gardens. The day was perfect, 
sunny and warm. There was quite a crowd 
because it was a Sunday and the Dutch peo- 
ple were there too. These gardens are only 
open for eight weeks. There were tulips that 
we had never seen. Another attraction was 
the Aalsmeer Auction Market. They claim to 
sell 19 million cut flowers a day. The place 
was huge, covering 250 soccer fields. The 
buyers sit in lecture-hall-type chairs and an- 
nounce to the auctioneer when they wish to 
buy. This is all done with computers. These 
flowers are then trucked to the Amsterdam 
Airport for shipment to all parts of the 
world! It was a great trip; we traveled by riv- 
er ship through the canals from Belgium to 

Les Richard organized a panel discus- 
sion on, September 11, 2005, sponsored by 
the Area Ecumenical Network of the Fox 
Valley (Wisconsin). The topic was "What 
Comes After Death — an Interfaith 
Discussion." The panel consisted of clergy 
representing the Muslim community; Jewish 
community; and First Congregational 
Protestant, Greek Orthodox, and Roman 
Catholic communities. Dana Mayo was 
scheduled to undergo open-heart surgery at 
the Maine Medical Center in late August. 
He expected to be in good hands since his 
daughter Sara, a surgeon, would be at his 
side. In mid-September, Wings checked in 
with a report that, despite some complica- 
tions, he is now in full recovery. 

On a final note, the Class of '47 sends 
our best wishes to our Headmaster for a 
speedy and complete recovery. 


Class of 1948 

Robert C. Hill 

143 Hickory Lane 

Naugatuck, CT 06770-1724 

(203) 758-2962 

rchill 5 ( 

I received a pretty good return of my 
request for information. Thank you all. 

Now a word about me. Since most of 
us are in our mid-70s, along the way we 
sometimes encounter ill health, the loss of a 
loved one, or an injury caused by an accident 
leaving one incapacitated. To be brief, I was 
working for an individual who was a retire- 
ment planner. He was convicted of fraud 
and theft to the tune of around $5 million 
dollars and is awaiting conviction and jail 
time. In addition to taking a large sum of my 
retirement monies, he also took money from 
people that I recommended to the office. 
Now I have to live with the thought that 
some of my close friends are in an extreme- 
ly uncomfortable financial position. 
Hopefully, we have a capable attorney work- 
ing in our behalf. Time will tell. Anyway, 
that's my story. Now about better things. 

Bill Richter says that no news is good 

news. "Still alive and kicking. In good 
health except for diabetes which is con- 
trolled by medication-no needles. Still enjoy 
my cars. I am restoring a 1929 Buick coupe 
now. I go to car shows almost every week- 
end. If too far to drive to with the 1931 
Chevrolet, I go in my 2005 Audi and just 
look. This is at least some response to your 
letter. I hope to see you in 2008. Bill:" Nice note from Houghton 
Carr. He says, "My wife Jennifer and I spent 
last March in St. Croix as we do every year. 
Went to England for her mother's birthday 
in May. We go to France the end of 
October. Here inVacationland of Maine, the 
summer time is when we are visited, it 
seems, by almost everyone. For me, I am 
happy to say I am in good health, and living 
here in a condominium is best of all worlds, 
as we can travel and 'do' without having to 
worry about such things as snow plowing, 
mowing grass, etc. My best regards." Fritz 
Freeman says, "Hi Bob, I was overwhelmed 
to receive the letter from John Doggett that 
I had been selected to The Governor 
Dummer Athletic Hall of Fame, along with 
Buster Navins and three other people. It re- 
ally took my breath away. I consider it a real 
honor and one of the highlights of my life. 
And, to go in with Buster is such frosting on 
the cake. He has forever been my mentor. 
Needless to say, my whole family will be 

Bill Lindquist '48 pointing to Bob Hill's "KIIYK" CT license plate 

58 TheArchon - Fall 2005 

Stories by Pete Houston '48 

present for the ceremonies in early 
November at the school. Family all well. 
Best regards, Fritz KIIYK too".... Thanks for 
the KIIYI, Fritz. 

Harry Beaudry retired from teaching 
10 years ago. He says, "Now my wife, 
Nancy, and I spend our summers in Crested 
Butte, CO where we still enjoy hiking and 
the mountain air. Winters are in Fort Worth, 
TX — my home town! Five children have 
given us eight grandchildren and we hope 
for more. Greetings to all." A note from 
David Rock bears out what I said in my 
opening remarks. David says, "Remnant 
prostate cancer, hospice and a dysfunctional 
pelvic floor keep this old day student hob- 
bling about on a sassafras cane. The summer 
weather (showery) and Judy's green thumbs 
are producing a bumper crop of vegetables 
and the Troy, ME. Planning Board has finally 
given birth to a 40-page overhaul of the 
Town's 30-year old Subdivision Ordinance." 
Richard Griffiths says, "He lives! Survived 
four plus years Army service - finally com- 
pleted advanced education and with some 

success tolerated nearly 30 years of cor- 
porate servitude. Retirement at 55 was 
sweet — as living in the Shenandoah 
Valley. (Note: 1st report since fleeing 
GDA in '48). Thanks, Richard." Hope 
to hear more from you in the future 
from the beautiful Valley. 

Pete Wagner and his wife Lee, a 
retired teacher live on Bainbridge 
Island, WA. They have vineyards, a large 
garden and a cabin cruiser at Port 
Ludlow(?) which they use for 
Dungeness Crab pots. Also have a 44- 
ft. Silver Phantom yacht built in 1999 
in New Zealand which was sailed dur- 
ing the America Cup Races in 
Auckland. "Yacht is for sale in Ft. 
Lauderdale, FL — check it out at Web 
site, Silver Price $475K 
- cost new, $1 M. Sold Coach Home 
at the Brooks in Bonita Springs, FL, 
now building carriage home at Rapallo 
in Estero, FL. Playing lots of tennis in 
Florida (rating 3.5-4.0), in two leagues, 
so visit many clubs. Heading off for 
Med. cruise including tours of Lake 
Coma, Lugano, Venice aboard 
Holland/ America Rotterdam II for 
two weeks. Have seven grandchildren, 
three in Portland, Oregon, four in Santa 
Rosa, CA. Portland bunch are ranked 
squash players — travel the Ivy Circuit and 
shooting for Dartmouth. My class was 1953. 
All the best, Honus Wagner." 

Pete Houston says, "July 1st marked 
the 10th year living in Williamsburg, VA, the 
29 in Amherst becoming only a distant 
memory. The year has included a variety of 
trips around the country visiting friends and 
family members. Geologist son lives in 
Denver and digs gas wells around the 
Western lands. Air Force daughter is a 
Second Lt. stationed in Spokane trying to 
decide whether to make the service a full 
length career. I had a few ills, including a cut 
of a surgeon's knife, but all is fine now. The 
photo included was taken during a story 
telling performance a while back". 

(For your information, Pete Houston 
was nominated and became a member of the 
Wit and Wisdom Society, a community 
group of 50 men. They meet once a month 
for dinner. Each time a member prepares a 
not more than 20-minute paper on a topic 
not related to their past or present line of 

work. A question and answer period follows. 
Peter will be speaking on 2/1/06 on the 
subject of "aging". I have a copy of his pres- 
entation paper if anyone is interested.) 

Bob Skeele has been busy climbing 
around the Rocky Mountains and reports 
the following: "Nancy and I recently spent 
ten days in magnificent Montana — first time 
there. First week at Amherst 'Rocky 
Mountain Alumni College' at camp in Red 
Lodge, featuring low-key talks on geology, 
and plant ecology as we took various walks, 
hikes, and other outings. Then a few days on 
our own. I spend a LOT of time on Amherst 
'52 Class Notes every nine months — the 
alumni magazine is quarterly, and we have 
three class secretaries in rotation, so now I 
have eight months off. In tax season I keep 
busy doing returns for 'old folks' mostly my 
age or older, at the local senior center. Rest 
of the year busy, like all retirees, on dozens of 
other things. Good amount of contact with 
fellow college alumni but not enough with 
GDA." (There's a message for you fellows — 
let's try and keep more in touch with one 

Received a nice long note from Ken 
Bruce who was our Class of '48 and '49 PG. 
Bruce and lovely wife, Nancy, both suffered 
heart attacks, but are doing fine now and says 
"I'm happy with life." They sold their sum- 
mer cottage on Block Island and have been 
in Naples, FL for 15 years — travel 3-4 weeks 
in June/July and August/September at Lake 
Sunapee, NH. They also have a timeshare 
condo at Cabo San Lucas at the end of Paja 
Peninsula in Mexico. Dave Ellsworth and 
Jean Laskey visited the Bruces this summer 
while returning from a trip to Quebec City, 
Canada. Dave still lives on Cape Cod and 
occasionally does professional acting. In the 
past, my wife, Mary Cay, and I enjoyed din- 
ners out with Ken, Nancy, Bill and 
Dorrie Lindquist and Dave and Jean down 
in the Ft. Myers Beach, FL area. In 
August, Ken visited his Yale roommate 
Archer desCognets '49. Archer lives in 
Williamstown, MA/Cape Cod six months 
and Melbourne, Australia the other six 
months. Believe it or not, between Archer 
and Ken, they have 11 children and 30 
grandchildren. Ken had lunch recently with 
Bill Chamberlin '49. Bill is active in his 
Dartmouth Class of '53 despite having had a 
stroke and open-heart surgery. Ken was 
hoping to visit with John Morgan, but 

Tli e Arch c 

Fall 2005 59 

class notes 

found out he has moved to Hawaii. Ken and 
I have been in touch with Bill Lindquist 
and, with the exception ot a few health is- 
sues, they are doing fine. They split their 
time between Sanibel Island, FL and 
Kennebago, ME. Ash Eames and I try to 
get together in Florida, but somehow just 
miss out. Ash will be in the Sarasota area 
again this February. We'll keep trying, Ash! 

All the verv best, and KIIYK 

T " 



of 1949 


Thomas R.M. Emery USN 

312 Rookwood Drive 

Charlottesville, VA 22903-4729 

(434) 977-8763 

For those of you who have not ex- 
pressed your views as to the name change, I 
encourage you to do so! I am an advocate 
for retaining our current name. I think the 
excellence of the entire school speaks vol- 
umes for its status quo. 

Gordon Price writes, "Last year, among 
other things, included a fair amount of trav- 
eling. In the fall we went on a tour in China 
beginning in Beijing, then to Xian, 
Changqing, along the Yangtze Raver, and 
home from Sanghai — quite an adventure. 
This spring we went to France and traveled 
by train to Daen and the Normandy 
Beaches, then to Grenoble, Ansee and Paris 
with our 14-year-old grandson. In June a 
heart attack followed by three stents at Mass. 
General slowed me down for awhile. All is 
fine now. Recently had a nice visit with Bill 
Lacy '50 when he arrived in Portland, ME 
by boat." 

Jake Brown inquires about the golfing 
expertise on the Cape, "Did you break your 
arm or your pocketbook? I'm still looking 
for that repeat performance." Manson Hall 
reports on his extensive travels. "This was 
our year to travel and so you will understand 
how happy Alison and I are to be back home 
in ( .hatham on the Cape. We spent a month 
in Rome from mid-June to mid-July 
Alison's brother who teaches at the 
University of Washington runs a humanities 
program in Rome and we rented an apart- 

Arch desCognet '49 and his wife Carol, and Ken Bruce '48 and his wife Nancy 

ment and tapped into the talks, the visits to 
museums and ancient archeology sites as well 
as the trips outside of the city. The fruit and 
vegetable markets, the friendly Italian people 
and the delightful evening Italian meals in 
the many outdoor restaurants has charmed 
us forever. Before that we spent 10 days on 
a theater trip to London with the Weston 
Theater Company of Vermont. We read the 
plays in advance, and enjoyed talking with 
the actors, directors and theater critics that 
met with us after each play. Last fall we spent 
a month in Greece with friends. So w r e look 
forward to being stay-at-home folks for 
awhile. I am still singing with the Highland 
Glee Club which rehearses in Needham. It's 
a men's group that began in 1908 and has 
been performing a wide range of music ever 
since. And I might add that we would love 
to have any interested GDA alumni who 
might like to join us to contact me at 508- 
945-9079. Reading is a passion as it is with 
many in our class. So I strongly recommend 
the following books: Tracy Kidder's 
Mountains Beyond Mountains, about Dr. Paul 
Farmer who works wonders in Haiti. 
Khrushchev by William Taubman. This is a 
Pulitzer award biography which takes you 
inside the workings of the Soviet govern- 
ment. The Devil and the White City about 
Chicago's great fair in I W)3 by Erik Larson. 
It is a gripping tale of murder and how a city 

came of age. And finally, Wlien Heaven and 
Earth Changed Places by Le Ly Hayslip. It is 
a marvelous true story about a Vietnamese 
woman whose family is caught between the 
Viet Cong and the South Vietnamese forces. 
Enough! Hope all my classmates know that 
Alison and I would enjoy seeing them down 
here on the elbow of the cape." 

Phil Hopkins says, "Leave the name as 
it has been for all these years! I am in the ad- 
vanced stage of ALS and spend most of my 
days in my wheelchair." As a footnote, I 
would encourage everyone to give Phil a 
call. His phone number is 978-774-7954. In 
contrast, Tom Otis wrote: "We have been 
traveling (U.S. and abroad) and entertaining 
children and grandchildren in South 
Dartmouth. We look forward to a visitation 
of Tom and Gale Emery in September. 
The Academy's name will be changed, for 
the sound reasons set forth in the Marketing 
Committee's recent report to the Trustees. 
'Governor's Academy' would be a fine 

Kim Page speaks glowingly of his island 
in Maine. "Okay, Tom. we go. Picture 
this: It's Tuesday, the day after Labor Day and 
I'm reflecting on some 19 family members 
and friends who've spent at least one night 
with us since late May and wondering how 
many are yet to come. I check our reserva- 

\rchon • I .ill !0l 

dons book, actually just the back of an old 
envelope, and find that John has added a few 
names to the list. I must have been practic- 
ing selective hearing (don't we all?), as I can- 
not recall his telling me that we have not the 
seven I expected but an additional five visi- 
tors coming before our departure date of 
November 16th. Great grief, this means Id 
best check the basement freezer and see if 
any of my specialties remain to help feed the 
coming invaders. Alas, there are none. A 
hurried list of required ingredients is thrust 
into John's hand and he's off for the 14-mile 
drive to Brunswick. It's a beautiful day, cool 
and bright so I harvest a load of tomatoes 
(from a much larger crop than last year) and 
check out what it was a neighbor used to 
make his asphalt drive look so good. By 
making a mental note to do ours after the 
snowplows wreak their damage, assures I'll 
have an early spring project to play with! 
John returns about noon, retreating from my 
scene of action to attack some underbrush 
with the weed whacker. I try to concentrate 
on putting together four of my Hash Brown 
Pies. It's more of an assembly operation with 
no rocket science expertise required. It's an 
almost crystal clear afternoon and I'm chop- 
ping onions as I look out over the most 
northern section of Casco Bay some 125 feet 
below and count five sailboats moving along 
in a fair breeze and three lobster boats work- 
ing their way amongst the thousands (literal- 
ly) of buoy markers. I think of Bob Comey 
'50 and Sallie's place at Small Point, seven 
miles distant and remember our being to- 
gether enjoying the opening night of 
MAME in August. A ringing phone breaks 
my reverie. Guess who's there? It's you, 
Tom! Well, here I am on the phone while 
my melting butter turns to ashes on the 
stove. I'm not surprised. After all, I seem less 
able to hold more than two thoughts in my 
head anymore. Burned butter aside, Tom, I 
always enjoy talking with you and remember 
the great joy and laughter you brought to 
many at GDA. After our conversation, I dis- 
covered John bought only enough material 
for two pies! So tomorrow, it's back to the 
kitchen. I'm hoping for another gloriously 
clear day with much boating activity too. 
And there you have it: a not so typical day 
in the life of a member of the Class of '49. 
And hey, Tom, I won't even hold you to the 
_ lb of butter." 

Your secretary's PS.: "Hello, John 

Mozzicato. Welcome to the environs of 
The Archon! We look forward to your con- 
tinued participation. John brings us up to 
date. He writes: 'Would like to see 
Governor Dummer's name to stay the same. 
If the name is to be changed, here are some 
possibilities; Phillips Dummer, or Phillips 
Byfield. I retired in 1975 as a major with 21 
years in the Air Force. I also retired from 
Boeing, Wichita, in 1993 where I 'was in 
Research and Development. Have lived 
from 1995-July 2005 in Plant City, FL. Moved 
in July to Peoria, AZ to be near my oldest 
daughter. New address is 19451 North 87th 
Drive, Peoria, AZ 85382. My email is jj-" 

Finally, for those of you who have not 
called or written to Phil Hopkins, please do! 
His number is 978-774-7954 and his ad- 
dress: 16 Princeton Street, Danvers, MA 
01923. He will be most appreciative!! 


Class of 1950 

Alan F. Flynn,Jr. 

1 Katherine Road 

Rehoboth,MA 02769-1938 

(508) 252-6482 

For the first time in my experience, the 
great class of 1950 has not been so great. 
There have been only five responses from 52 
of us. 

Perhaps those who attended the re- 
union in June felt that they had responded 
recently, and they had. In attendance were 
amRhein, Bishop, Bowen, Cushman, Esty, 
Flynn, Gavian, Greenwood, Hershey, 
McManus, Tulloch, Withington, Yesair, 
and a dozen spouses. Dave Yesair attended 
all reunion events and demonstrated his de- 
termination to overcome the impact of his 
recent stroke. 

Tim Greene, off singing in Vancouver 
while we gathered in Byfield, went to visit 
Dave and Ruth in early August. He found 
Dave to be progressing well and following a 
physical therapy program both at home and 
at Anna Jaques Hospital in Newburyport."He is 
attempting to rejoin the Newburyport Choral 
Society in September if he feels his voice has 
returned to normal by then." Tim urges any 
classmates or friends to call Dave (978-465- 
3970). He really appreciates the contacts. 

I just spoke to Dave on the telephone. 
He is back with the Newburyport Choral 
Society and preparing for the holiday pres- 
entation of the Messiah. He sounds great, or 
they wouldn't let him sing. 

The report from Dave Esty indicates, 
"Brand new titanium-chrome cobalt-stain- 
less steel new knee gizmo will permit me to 
do my outdoor stuff. President of Friends of 
Tuckerman Ravine requires me to ski dance 
down the headwall. Great seeing the '50 
hoodlums at our 55th and seeing that they 
don't look older than at our 50th." The card 
from Tim Greene stated, "I plan to be there 
in 2007, God willing." 

"The reunion was a good time and the 
2007 plan is great," says George Tulloch. 
"Afterwards we went to Key West; the 
weather was warm but the price was right 
and the food great. In August we took the 
whole mob to Lake Placid and had a good 
time water skiing (I drive the boat), swim- 
ming, etc. Michael, our oldest, brought his 
two yellow labs who amused us all with their 
ball retrieving skills. Planning our 50th an- 
niversary next year, which is exciting with 
three kids, nine grandchildren and compli- 
cated summer schedules." 

The real focus is on the Tribe's bid for 
post-season play, but Bob Comey found 
there was time for the following message. 
"Sorry not to have attended the 55th, but it 
came just before a wonderful two-week trip 
to Alaska. Sallie and I started with a motor 
coach tour that included Anchorage, 
Fairbanks, and Denali and ended with a 
cruise through the Inland Passage. The 
scenery was superb, particularly during a 
floatplane excursion over glaciers and moun- 
tains from Wasilla to Prince William Sound 
and a close-up view of Hubbard Glacier. 
The latter was the most spectacular sight 
we'd seen since a nighttime visit to Red 
Square in 2003. A month later, we were in 
Maine and enjoyed our annual boating get- 
together with Bob and Dee Cushman, 
which included a glimpse of Dodge 
Morgan's house. Back-to-back phone calls 
from Al Flynn and Tim Greene filled me 
in on both 'name evolution' and the reunion. 
Bob, it seems as though Cleveland may still 
beat Chicago for the American League 
Central championship, but the loser of that 
race will be the wild card winner. Red Sox 
fans are most uncertain." 

The Archon w Fall 2005 61 

lass notes 

I hope that you all have been reading 
about scholar-athlete Brian Morrissey '05. 
After captaining three teams, winning All 
League, All Independent School, All State, 
All American, etc., he won the Moody Kent 
Prize in English at graduation. Bob Comey 
will be happy that he's going to Williams. He 
was our first Class of 1950 scholarship recip- 
ient. We are still waiting to hear who won 
the award for this year. 

Please plan on more news for the 
Spring 2006 Archon, with pictures. The 
deadline will be in January. 

world, when the Board of Directors tries to 
do something the shareholders disagree 
with, they get voted down. 


195 1 

Class of 1951 

Ted Barrows III 

4 1 Ridge Road 

Bristol, RI 02809 

(401) 254-1909 

tedbarrows@cox. net 

55th Class Reunion 

June 9, 10, 11 2006 

The request for information about our 
fellow classmates to put in The Archon, 
Governor Dummer Academy's notable 
alumni magazine, has been overshadowed by 
the letters, calls and emails in strong opposi- 
tion to poorly conceived idea of changing 
the name of our school. Amongst others, 
George Kirkham, Richard Zelig, John 
Losch, and Ken Bistany wrote strong letters 
of opposition to any change (Mercer would 
have given all an A+). And our Class 
President, George McGregor, put it suc- 
cinctly, "If an applicant's top criterion in 
choosing a school or an important criterion 
is the name of a school, they are missing the 
boat in more ways than one." Mai Davidson 
writes that he went to his 50th reunion at 
Middlebury with Floogle Robert Fleming 
in June. He reports: "Still working, though 
not as much as 30 years ago." And Jim 
White says he is looking forward to our 
55th Reunion in June. We hope to have a 
large turnout; so everyone start planning for 
it! For my part, I hope the name change idea 
will be behind us by then. In the corporate 

Class or 1952 

Franklin E. Huntress. Jr. 

5C Independence Way 

Marblehead, MA 01945-4659 

(781) 631-4785 

Sabu and Larry Sawyer have had a bit 
of bad health and need our thoughts and 
prayers. Sabu has trouble in communication 
and speaking due to a cranial and medical di- 
agnosis. He is in a rehab program and is 
making slow and steady progress. Let's hope 
for him to be soon back on the sidelines at 
GDA football games. Larry has had a stroke 
but continues to make some progress back to 
good health. It is always good to see Larry 
and Barbara at the Reunion lunch for the 
Olde Guard and do hope they can soon be 
back in with us. As we know, Rib Smythe 
has passed away due to a sudden onset of 
cancer of the pancreas. He, as well, enjoyed 
being at football games on lovely autumn af- 
ternoons and will be missed by all who en- 
joyed his company at many GDA events. It 
was so good to hear from John Gill after, lo, 
these many years. John asked about Rick 
Blackmur and Rib Smythe who, to his dis- 
appointment, have passed on to that greater 
life we all aspire to - but I did reassure John 
that Rube Rice and Ned Werner are still 
with us. He asked to be remembered to 
them and does hope to come this way from 
Palo Cedro, Cal. Now, we do know there are 
many others out there, so come to the sur- 
face with a postcard to let us know of your 
whereabouts and circumstances. The name 
change update seems to have again gone to 
ground after being shot full of holes by so 
many of us who just cannot see any reason 
for such a move. Stay tuned for any non fur- 
ther developments. 

Dave Powers reports: "I am riding 
more, invited to join 'The 10 Most Wanted', 
group of us to ride for nearly a week for a 
ranch in Colorado. Hope to have a restored 
army M-38 jeep soon!" John Gill reports: 
"After leaving GDA, I spent two years at 
Trinity College in Hartford, CT. I finished 
up at the U. of Miami, FL. I went in to the 

U.S. Air Force through the ROTC program 
and retired in Redding, CA in 1979 after an 
exciting career. My wife of 50 years and I 
enjoy visiting as often as possible with our 
three children and their families in Ashland, 
OR, Richmond, VA and Sacramento, CA." 
John Eveleth says: "This past year was a 
busy one. My little bank was bought out and 
I became a retiree. Have been trying to fin- 
ish up on various home projects. My golf 
handicap is going up like a rocket. Still have 
three sons, all living nearby. I'm going to 
take a trip to Europe in September." 

Henry McFarland reports: "I am help- 
ing found, edit, and write for a new online 
non-profit monthly magazine called Rye 
Reflections. Check it out at www.ryereflec-" Franco Derba says: "The reason 
for my wanting to write to you was to ask 
news of Robin Goodenough. As I men- 
tioned, I was in touch with him via email 
and then all of a sudden the messages I was 
sending him were rejected by postmaster. I 
tried several times to get in touch with him, 
but in vain. In my last email I sent him some 
pictures that I have always kept with great 
care; quite often I find myself dreaming with 
them in my hands... what a wonderful time. 
I have had some copies reproduced out of 
them, and I am herewith enclosing them, 
sure that you will like them. The photos 
have been taken by Steve Shohet, except 
for the one snapped under the sailor's mon- 
ument at Gloucester, MA where you will 
certainly recognize Mr. Manning, JJ 
Murdoch, Ricky Blackmur, John Gill and 
myself... I can't remember who is the other 
guy (the second from left). And also except 
for the one with the singers in old Lang 
Gym snapped by Bob Comey. In the back 
of one of the originals there were some 
notes, which I am copying and hereto at- 
taching as well. Of course, I will not make 
any comment on 'the finger' shown by a very 
good friend of mine.. .but I could blackmail 

You can see from Franco's letter that he 
was anxious to track down Robin 
Goodenough and I am very pleased to say 
that he has surfaced at his home in Virginia. 
We had a long chat about olde tymes amid 
happy memories of students having to en- 
dure his math and wrestling classes! He par- 

62 I n m Fall 2005 

ticularly asked about Dick "Ward" Nader, 
John Sellstrom, Silvia Lunt, George 
Broadbent, George Tullock, and Walter 
Lamson (whom he hopes now has some de- 
cent wrestling moves!!). The name change 
was brought up and we are both of one 
mind: NO! For any of us who want to be in 
touch with him, his address is as follows: 
Robin Goodenough, 2378 North Danville 
Street, Arlington, VA 22207-4923. I know 
that he would love to hear from any of us, so 
do be in touch. 


Class or 1953 

William C Pinkham 

760 Meadow Circle 

Estes Park, CO 80517-8409 

(970) 586-0992 

sbpinkham@charter. net 

Windy Gale writes that he's had a 
wonderful summer with wonderful weather 
and "life is good." Hopes all is well with our 
classmates and families. 

From Phil Smith: "Julie and I had a 
wonderful July trip through British 
Columbia and Alberta. We made good use 
of all the great hotels, wonderful rivers, sev- 
eral ski lifts and spectacular views. The trip 
concluded at the Calgary Stampede for two 
days of adventure. Next stop was Livingston, 
Montana for our daughter's wedding held 
along the banks of the Yellowstone. Next 
subject. I have just completed a second read- 
ing (am I slowing down or what?) of the 
Trustees' "Report on the Proposed Name 
Change". I am totally convinced they are on 
the correct track. My knee jerk reaction to 
the change when first I heard of it was ex- 
actly that. On the "Save GDA" web site you 
may have noticed my name in support of 
keeping the name we all know so well. 
However, I have asked that it be removed. 
Apparently I simply reacted to the past we all 
loved, the fond memories and couldn't 
imagine the school with a new name. The 
school now seems to be experiencing its 
own portion of Tom Friedman's The Earth Is 
Flat as potential 13-year-old candidates make 
the initial choice on the web and GDA is out 
of the race before it really starts. If each of 
you read the report carefully, I feel certain 
you will come to the same conclusion. 
Incidentally, Dick Marr is on the Advisory 
Committee so let's all make him feel proud 

of '53 by supporting the Trustees." 

From the Pinkhams . . . Hot Lips has 
taken on a new meaning since our Rotary 
Exchange student arrived. And I thought I'd 
had hot Tex-Mex food. . . On a serious sub- 
ject... I support Phil's assessment of the 
need for a name change. Thought the com- 
mittee's analysis was excellent. Fall will be 
busy for Sue and me. All the relatives we in- 
vited to come visit five years ago are sud- 
denly arriving - non-stop. After they leave, 
Sue and I are off to Dinosaur National 
Monument for a week of camping and hik- 
ing. Then off to PA to see the kids for a few 
days. In the midst of this, I'm heading up a 
new 15-member community Economic 
Development Committee. The timing is 
good with gas over $3.00. 

In closing, our thoughts and prayers are 
with Newt Hyslop and his family in New 
Orleans. Their home is about 14 blocks 
from the Mississippi. 


Class of 1954 

Ambassador Michael B. Smith 

1315 Merrie Ridge Road 

McLean, VA 22101-1826 

(703) 351-6940 

windsabre@aol. com 

Bob Abbott writes that he's about to 
get both knees replaced, but he also states 
that his doctor has told him not to cancel his 
trip next March to Vail. Bob also comments 
that he continues to be amazed at the 
amount of energy being expended on the 
possible name change. He doubts (as do 
many others of his classmates) that the 
school will ever air the controversy fairly, let 
alone publish letters from those like Bob 
(and your Class Secretary) who are opposed 
to changing the school's name. 

Howie Clarke sent word that he is 
"hanging in there" in his medical treatment. 
Ann and he went to Europe this past May, 
traveling by barge from Amsterdam to 
Vienna. They expect to winter in Florida for 
five months beginning this November. Best 
of luck, Howie - your classmates are rooting 
for you! "Seed" Moore dropped a line to 
say that Renate and he were spending the 
summer in Ruidoso, New Mexico to escape 
the hot summer heat of south Texas. The 

family will join them including the grand- 
triplets who are now 20 months and doing 
just fine. 

John Moyer's gaggle of grandchildren 
increased by a new grandson, so Sandy and 
he are grandparents to six, ranging in age 
from 21 months to 21 years. Should the 
Academy change its name, John's pick would 
be "The Governors' Academy". John 
Perrigo e-mailed that things were getting 
back to order after last year's hurricanes in 
Vero Beach. It took ten months to get the 
Perrigo house back together (imagine how 
long the folk in New Orleans are going to 
need!). The Perrigos recently discovered that 
they are just a few miles from the Abbotts 
whom they see occasionally. Joan and John 
visited with Barbara and Dodd Miles last 
March in Arkansas. As many classmates, John 
remains opposed to changing the name of 
our school. 

Fritz Raymer suffered two episodes of 
AION that left him with limited vision but, 
happily, with enough to get around. He re- 
mains adamantly opposed to any name 
change. Fritz asks that as many classmates as 
possible give to the GDA Archive Fund - 
something your Class Secretary heartily sec- 
onds. He looks forward to our class trip to 
the Napa Valley next spring. Gardiner 
White writes that Sonja and he cruised to 
Bermuda in June with seven other couples. 
Great weather and the only way to travel, 
Gardiner opines. He will resume his trips to 
Florida this fall, and already has eight forays 
scheduled. Gerard Vaughan reports: "Am 
still a Boeing Pilot Flight Instructor instruct- 
ing AF Pilots in the G17 globe master III. 
Great job and I love it. Just returned from a 
Norfolk, VA to Bermuda 9 day cruise. 
Perfect smooth seas both directions and great 
weather in Bermuda. Broke down and 
agreed to attend aVaughan family reunion in 
Virginia the end of June. Never done it be- 
fore, have been renovating our home. If I 
had to do it over it might be worth it to buy 
new. What a mess renovations make and it 
seems like a mess forever." 

Your Class Secretary traveled to the 
Far East in late spring on a State Department 
speaking tour in Vietnam and Thailand, and 
earlier on a separate business trip to Malaysia 
and Japan. Son Devereux is in his third year 
at Kent and is a starting nose tackle for 

The Archon e* Fall 2005 63 


lass notes 

son Tyler has already produced two fine 
granddaughters. I don't mind name change! 
How about Byfield Academy?" 

Jack Ragle, Peter Bragdon, Patty Doggett, Betsy Winder P'04, 
Rey Mouton '56 at commencement 2005 

Kent's championship football team. Son 
Christian is a freshman at Georgetown Prep 
and on the freshman football team there. 
One grandchild, Alyssa, is a freshman at the 
University of Chicago and another, Marielle, 
a junior at Towson State. 

Attention all Classmates: Tom Larsen is 
busily making arrangements for the wine 
tour May 8 to 11. He needs to know as soon 
as possible how many classmates and spouses 
are planning to participate in what promises 
to be a terrific gathering. Please let Tom 
know by e-mail at thomas.larsen@com- Tom will be happy to send you 
complete information including the itiner- 
ary and tour details. 


Class of 1955 

George O. Gardner, III 

53 Woodbury Lane 

Acton, MA 01720-3912 

(978) 263-3052 

We had a great turnout for the '55 re- 
union. The classmates I met were: Phil 
Angell, Chris Beebe, David Brainard, 
Thornton Burke, Colin Curtis, Dudley 
Dorr, Larry Eliot, Bill Friend, Don Hicks, 
AC Hubbard, Allan Keith, Dan Leary, 
Peter Littefield, Tony Marquis, Jack 
Pallottajohn Palmer, Fred Scribner, Fred 
Sears, Bill Spence, Bill Stone, Bowen 
Tucker. Albert Wende, and Fred Young. A 
wide variety of activities were arranged and 
enjoyed by all. A highlight of the weekend a delicious clambake hosted by Dan 
Leary. We were all entertained by a thun- 

derstorm with vibrant lightning. As usual, 
Dan and Betsy were prepared with a very 
large tent covering the festivities. Despite 
the tent and soggy ground, the weather did 
not dampen our good time. Thank you Dan 
and Betsy. Everyone enjoyed renewing old 
friendships. Let's all plan to attend our next 
major reunion. 

Congratulations to Sir Colin Curtis 
who was recently knighted in recognition of 
his longtime service to one of Bermuda's 
largest charitable organizations, The Order of 
St. John. Colin was knighted alongside 
Nelson Mandela! Colin attended Harvard 
and Oxford Universities where he was a 
Rhodes Scholar. His family founded the 
Bermuda Perfumery & Gardens, an historic 
Bermuda tourist-spot. Colin recently sold 
the business and property and now resides in 


Class of 1956 
James Dean, III 
P.O. Box 186 

South Berwick, ME 03908-0186 

(207) 384-9184 

dianncdean @ao\. com 

50th Class Reunion 

June 9, 10, 11 2006 

Pete Renkert says: "Am now vice 
president of local Chamber of Commerce 
North Idaho Chapter of Trout unlimited. 
Daughter Meredith to marry September 4, 


Class of 1957 

Lyman A. Cousens, III 

4 Goodhue Road 

Boscawen, NH 03303-2500 

(603) 796-6446 

As we approach "Old Guard" status, the 
Class of 1957, aka "GDA's Brightest Class," 
has become "GDA's Youngest Old Class." 
Too old to understand email; shaky, illegible 
handwriting; inability to focus without 
drooling on the keyboard; hand rails in the 
bathroom; open accounts at the Scooter 
Store, all very valid reasons for their lack of 
communication with their alert and alive 
Class(less) Secretary. Nevertheless, we perse- 
vere and advise classmates that Jeff Fitts re- 
tains his youthful appearance and 10 golf 
handicap. Still hard at work while bringing 
four grandchildren into the world, Jeff still 
cannot outrun wife Sandy even with her 

Howard Zuker '57 receiving his diploma 

from the Owner President Management 

Program at Harvard Business School. 

64 IhArchon — Fall 2005 

two new knees. Speed is over rated anyway. 
Also heard from "The Beeb", aka Ned 
Beebe who has been doing a lot of traveling 
after retiring as the Emperor of the Beebe 
real estate conglomerate in Nashua. In the 
last year, Florida (home), Portugal, Spain, 
Mexico and Nova Scotia. Plenty of opportu- 
nities to practice the Spanish he picked up 
from Senor Barriskill! Sorry about your dad, 

Write if you get work!! 

years away. Let's start getting in the reunion 
spirit by being slightly more communicative 
with your Secretary. 


Class of 1958 

Ralph E. Ardiffjr. 

238 Conant Street 

Danvers,MA 01923-2528 

(978) 774-3336 com 

There is very little news to report from 
the Class of 1958. I can only assume that my 
classmates are so wrapped up in their retire- 
ment plans, community activities, and travel 
that they have not had time to respond to 
my pleas for updates for The Archon. I am 
now in my 16th year as Class Secretary, and 
I am still looking for a replacement. Harvey 
Hayden volunteered his services, but sug- 
gested that it may not be advisable for him to 
take over the secretarial role until he learns 
to read and write. 

Max Brace reports that he is now the 
grandfather of Bastian Maxwell Brace this 
past spring. Mike Dunsford reports that he 
is still selling real estate in the Tahoe area of 
California. He works just hard enough to 
support his various and sundry outdoor ad- 
ventures, both summer and winter. Mike 
stays in great shape and really enjoys his time 
with his kids and grandchildren. Despite re- 
tirement, Fred Sayles continues to work 
every day at the Woods Hole Oceanographic 
Institute on Cape Cod. He no longer un- 
dertakes research trips to exotic places, but 
indicated that he would be heading off to 
Alaska for a cruise from Juneau to 

Like most of you, I have just received 
my Medicare card and will be going on 
Social Security in a few months. My south- 
ern California daughter recently had her first 
baby (our fourth grandchild), so Martha and 
I will be visiting sunny southern California. 

Our 50th reunion is just a couple of 


Class of 1959 

Mirick Friend 

P.O. 540 

Mirror Lake, NH 03853-0540 

(603) 569-4812 

Sound the English horns. Brian Marsh 
informs us that in the January New Year's 
Honours List, Her Majesty the Queen ap- 
pointed him an "Officer of the most excel- 
lent Order of the British Empire," hereforth 
to be addressed as Brian Marsh, OBE. 
Congratulations, Brian. Robert Dietz 
writes to us about his activities during the 
summer."The year is barely half over and I've 
already climbed volcanoes in Ecuador, been 
to the Galapagos, hiked the Turquoise coast 
in Turkey, and backpacked over the Chilkoot 
on the Alaska/Canadian border. The 
Chilkoot was the famous pass in the 
Klondike gold rush. In May, I spent a lovely 
evening with Brian Marsh at his estate in 

Rob Dietz '59 at Chilkoot Pass 

Kent. I also spent an enjoyable evening with 
John Catlett in London where we saw the 
sensational Mexican actor, Gael Garcia 
Bernal, perform (in English) Garcia Lorca's 
Blood Wedding. Robert tells us that Pete 
Bostwick and wife, Pik, have finally uproot- 
ed themselves from Hawaii and are adapting 
rapidly to life in New Mexico. They are 
madly trying to finish a remodel of their 
house in Corrales (just north of Robert] be- 
fore the movers arrive. I hope GDA keeps its 
name. I am going to be one unhappy camper 
if 'Dummer' disappears." 

Steve Volpone e-mails us that his sec- 
ond career is as a selectman in Hampton 
Falls, NH has been very satisfying. His most 
rewarding experience to date has been being 
part of the move to conserve open spaces by 
negotiating to buy the development rights to 
farm lands in the area as a solution to the ur- 
ban sprawl that we are seeing here in north- 
ern New England, he feels that while small 
town politics is a kin to watching grass grow, 
he has been fortunate enough to be involved 
in some important issues that will impact the 
character of his community in perpetuity. 
Walter Cannon is still flying his glider in 
the US National Championships, this year 
to 1 1 th place. His two new grandchildren 
bring the total to four. He continues to 
work hard as a thoracic surgeon at 
Stamford AND he may retire in July 2006 
after talking about it all these years. Jim 
Foley tells us his planting was delayed al- 
most three weeks this spring due to our 
cold and rainy May. He lost his goose of 
five years to a fisher this summer. He says 
if you live in the country one has to be 
prepared to feed the wildlife. 

Alan Tucker has been out of com- 
mission for awhile with health problems 
but he says he is now back, 'Thank God!' 
Glad to here you are doing better, Alan. 
He tells us the he and Ruth have four chil- 
dren, eight grandchildren and two great 
grandchildren. What a blessing! In his last 
seven years of retirement he has kept busy 
with some traveling, doing genealogical 
research, clearing trails in his woods, riding 
his tractor and playing with his 'N' scale 
railroad set up. As with all of us, while he 
has lots of time in which to do these 
things, it takes longer to do them. Finally, 
Denise Atchley, widow of Dana Atchley 
'59, co-founder and director of the Digital 
Storytelling Festival, is busy planning the 

Tlte Archon e» Fall 2005 65 


lass notes 

eighth Annual Festival to be held for first 
time in San Francisco this fall. With the pre- 
sentations, keynote address, boot camp ses- 
sions and SIG activities, this looks to be an 
intense few days for those who are passion- 
ate about digital storytelling. 

Keep yourselves aware of the proposed 
name change debate by visiting the GDA 
website www. and Take 
time to watch a few sunsets. 


Class of I960 

John C. Elwell 

266 Hioli Street 

Newburyport, MA 01950-3838 

(978) 462-8749 

We had a small but spirited 45th re- 
union this past June. The Class ot "60 day- 
boys clearly outnumbered the boarders. 
Hopefully for our big 50th a large number of 
boarders and dayboys will turn out. 

Bob Adams emails: "Great reuniting 
and catching up with classmates, some ot 
whom I had not seen in 45 years. One of the 
highlights was seeing our Class Secretary's 
fully restored 1965 Mustang convertible. 
Looking forward to our next big reunion 
when we can plan a special event!" Very 
special thanks go to Bob and Bonnie Adams 
for hosting a Class of '60 reception at their 
beautiful home and gardens in West 
Newbury! Walcott Hamilton reports he 
was unable to make the reunion because 
they were selling their house and have 
moved to Buenos Aires where his wife Sheila 
comes from. They are in the process of buy- 
ing a home and will spend the next few 
months renovating it. He says. "It'll be an in- 
teresting adventure for me, and I'm looking 
forward to it." His current email address is Some people retire 
ipe Cod. Florida, or Arizona! Buenos 
Aires is a new one. I hope you leave your 
porch light on for your Class of '60 class- 
mates, Walcott! 

Greg Myers writes that their seven- 
old son is now in second grade at the 
Jewish Private School in Largo. Greg and his 
wife |o.iii .ire m the process of selling their 
rental houses along with their primary 

Walcott Hamilton'60 with his wife Sheila 

residence to move into a more suitable home 
for the three of them, in a gated property or 
similar abode. Presently Greg is on medical 
leave from Bush Gardens having hyper-ex- 
tended his right knee which is why they 
were unable to attend the 45th reunion. 
Greg states, "Hopefully. I will be in good 
shape in time to resume snow skiing along 
with tennis and other extra-curricular activ- 
ities." Uhhmm? Greg also scolded me for 
not including his notes from the last request 
and stated that he "expected to see my last 
notes along with these." Well, Greg, as I stat- 
ed the last time, as soon as our great Postal 
Service gets me the notes I will include 
them. A caveat to all... be careful if your kids 
leave home and use a Change ot Address 
card. You might not see your mail for a long 
time especially if your first names are even 

John Silver writes that he and Lee have 
been married for 40 years, and they have two 
daughters. Heath and Jennifer, a grand- 
daughter Katleigh and a grandson Doran. 
John reports that he is retiring from archi- 
tecture practice on December 1 this year. His 
hobbies include sailing, kayaking, model 
boats, reading, and traveling. Sounds great to 
me! And the best news is that John and Lee 
are both cancer survivors, enjoying good 
health and very active. Attaboy. . John and 
Lee! Now that is great news! And to top it 
all off they spend their summers in Rangely 
Maine and their winters m Cape Coral. 
Florida. Can't get much better than that! 
John would be willing to have visitors in 
Maine or Florida and to stop off 111 between 
when he is traveling up and down the 
Eastern Seaboard. His phone number in 
Maine is 207 864-8176 and 239 542-8176 in 
Florida. Great to hear from you, John! 

I don't recall if I shared this unfortu- 
nate news with you or not. but I am sad- 
dened to report that Neil Morgan, Jr. 
passed away last October 21 ( 2004). Neil 
and his wife Betty who lived in Florida at- 
tended our 40th reunion. Betty reports 
that "he was so proud of his school, GDA. 
was a Silver Life Master in bridge and was 
a great person." He is survived by his son 
Chris and daughter Jennifer. I remember 
vividly Neil and Betty attending our 40th 

Carl Youngman reports that he and his 
wire Joan were "consumed with the plan- 
ning and execution of the marriage ot their 
daughter. Julie." (I hope Carl wasn't implying 
that marriage is like an execution.) The wed- 
ding took place over Labor Day weekend 
and was a true Boston celebration, complete 
with Red Sox games, Duck Boat Tours, and 
great seafood. Congratulations to Carl and 
Joan! Sounds like it was a very special occa- 
sion as our children's weddings should be! 
Stan Duke Morton wrote that the 
Cleveland area house is for sale as they move 
to Cape Cod. His new address is Box 42. 
Wings Neck, Pocasset, MA 02559. Bill 
Tuxbury has also moved to the Cape so you 
two should look each other up. 

Yours truly is still plugging away at 
Maple Crest Farm 111 West Newbury. 
Hopefully, the deer will go easy on me this 
fall and not eat the tops off my strawberry 
plants and Christmas seedlings. I have spread 
the word to the wildlife world that I do have 
my firearms permit now and several appro- 
priate instruments. In addition to "raising 
deer." I also am still doing some educational 
consulting and teacher training which I 
thoroughly enjoy. Candy and I have three 
grandchildren and another one on the way 
in March. Our oldest son. Che. and his wife. 
Jacki, have a baby girl Ashley who is 19 
months. Our daughter Erin (GDA '92) and 
her husband Eric have two boys, Aidan (3_) 
and Colin (6 months), along with a new 
house in West Newbury right near the Farm. 
Second son Kane is still single and working 
in Columbus, Ohio. Youngest son Jonathan 
is teaching science in the Springfield, MA 
public schools, and he and his wife Melinda 
are expecting their Erst child in March. We 
spent a week on Squirrel Island in Boothbay 

■ I ill 200 

Harbor, Maine this summer and managed to 
get all of the family up for part of the time. 
We didn't spend as much time this summer 
at the lake in Norway, Maine, and as a result 
golf has been limited to say the least. But, 
there is always snowmobile season if one can 
afford the gas! 

Keep in touch. Remember the porch 
light is always on for you but then again, 
with electrical costs rising, it might only be 
a nite light! 


Class of 1961 

Tim John R. Hill 

255 Mabery Road 

Santa Monica, CA 90402-1205 

(310) 454-1658 

Thomas M. Mercer 

5311 Edlen Drive 

Dallas, TX 15220-2101 

(214) 987-3090 

tmercer@cerescap. net 

45th Class Reunion 

June 9, 10, 11 2006 

NEWS from both coasts... from 
Westport, Connecticut I had a lengthy letter, 
complete with photos, from Philip Haemo 
de Thorneycroft Teuscher, aka "Phil." 
When we spoke, he filled in some gaps. He 
was fresh in from polo, a sport he's played for 
years both here and abroad. An avid eques- 
trian, he rode in 2004 with the "Eagle Men" 
in Kazakhstan, Western Mongolia, where the 
Kazakhs hunt from horseback with Golden 
Eagles. That seems a tame turn of the reins 
from his horseback fox and stag hunting in 
Ireland, the UK, and France. Now retired 
from his photojournalist and filmmaker ca- 
reers, he is mulling over the idea of building 
a boat to cruise the oceans. While skilled at 
tying the bowline, Phil was a bit slow to tie 
the marital knot, not having married until 
age 52, yet he seems to adore his bride of 1 1 
years, Alicia Garcia Gimenes, a Brazilian at- 
torney who is a banker. Sailing through 
Martha's Vineyard, Phil touched down with 

Edgar Kaiser '61, awarded 

Honorary Doctorate of Laws by 

University of Victoria. 

George Hartman, arguably according to 
Philip, a mechanical genius surrounded by 
the makings of all manner of machinery. 
Phil is a licensed 100-ton (i.e. the ship's size, 
not Phil's) sea captain, which leads me to 
think he should host the next reunion 
aboard his vessel at a port of some distinc- 

Phil Teuscher '61 

tion. Send your votes for location and ves- 
sel specifications... Phil WILL ATTEND 

My west coast contact... ALSO AT- 
TENDING THE 45TH will be Edgar 
Kaiser and his wife Susan, both currently 
residing in Vancouver. Edgar has four chil- 
dren, and he and Susan are now proud 
grandparents of two, with the birth this 
year of Hunter. In June 2005, Edgar was 
awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Laws 
by the University of Victoria, British 
Columbia, for his commitment in estab- 
lishing the Centre for Addictions Research 
at the university. In 2003, Edgar was 
awarded the Order of British Columbia 
for service to the Province and Canada. 
Edgar continues to serve as Chairman of 
Kaiser Resources, Ltd. Edgar's career as a 
businessman, philanthropist and humani- 
tarian has touched the lives of persons the 
world over. You may recall he holds the in- 
ternational around-the-world speed record 
in class, flying a British Aerospace 800 jet to 
raise public awareness of the problems asso- 
ciated with drug and alcohol use. Given that 
expertise, it seems that Edgar ought to be 
able to provide the shuttle service to Phil 
Teuscher's vessel wherever it may be 

Lastly, I was surprised and pleased to 
hear from Dave Stringer and Al Booth, 

calling from Florida. They both are healthy, 
relaxed, and golfing, golfing and golfing. 
You'll recall, Albie is retired and golfs at 
least as much as Phil plays polo. And, while 
this is not the fundraising arm of GDA, I'd 
like to close with the notion that Albie and 
Dave are onto quite a healthy plan in 
which classmates might make generous 
contributions to the Academy. Thus, think 
generously as you may hear from them in 
the near future. 

And, as for myself. . . I continue to sell 
real estate in the hot Southern California 
market. It has been a terrific new career 
for me. Danielle and I have a grand- 
daughter, Althea Sade Malley-Hill, now al- 
most 18 months old, and she sparks us 
with joy. My wife and son both continue 
their movie careers, she as a writer/pro- 
ducer and he as a writer/ director. I still 
work my border collie herding sheep as an 
avocation. And, I sail the Santa Monica 
Bay with frequency, but alas my boat can- 

The Archon s>» Fall 2005 67 


lass notes 

not hold the whole class, so it's not a reunion 
candidate. For the few visiting LA, a cruise 
can be arranged. 


Class of 1962 

Thomas S. Tobey 

59 West Portola Avenue 

Los Altos, CA 94022-1209 

(650) 941-5060 

We have all been reading about the pro- 
posed name change. It is unfortunate Bob 
Michel wrote. "I was going to join those 
who consider the dropping of the name 
Dummer from Governor Dummer 
Academy's name to be historically and intel- 
lectually dishonorable. Name is identity pure 
and simple. Can you imagine Harvard or 
Amherst or McGill doing the same thing?" 
He went on to say. "But after the strong re- 
action against the proposal by so many alum- 
ni and students, I for one suspect that the 
Trustees" real intention, cleverly masked, was 
to reinforce the existing name once and for 
all! By pretending to undermine it. they pro- 
voked massive, well publicized support for 
this quirky old New England name and, like 
good marketers, imbedded their product's 
name in the public consciousness for years to 
come. When we took American historv from 

Thomas Tobey '62 and wife Karen 
in Cape Town 

Cyrus Hoover '62 and Tom 
Tobey '62 111 Tulsa, OK 

Bill Sperry I think we heard of the cry from 
the Civil War: 'There is Jackson standing like 
a stone wall.' With the Trustees well timed 
help, the name Dummer seems doing the 

For whatever it is worth, I was very 
pleased to see that close to one third of our 
class weighed in with various reflections on 
the name change process. We have all re- 
ceived the recent summary and in some cas- 
es a personal appeal from Dan Morgan, head 
of the Board of Trustees. I was pleased with 
the thoughtfulness of your input. 

Bob MacLaughlin popped me an 
email just recendy saying, "I'm doing -well 
and am living on South Pond in Warren at 
the bottom of a dead-end road. The summer 
has been magnificent, the garden bountiful. 
and the water wet. In July, I broke my vow to 
never leave Maine in the summertime and 
went to New Jersey for a couple days. When 
I got back. I threw my arms around the trees 
and have hardly left since. I am planning a 
kayaking trip on the salt, though, and am also 
thinking about climbing Katahdin before the 
weather gets too gnarly up there." 

John Tarbell logs in from New York 
that he and his daughter, Liza, had a won- 
derful time this summer with a trip to 
Wyoming. Apparently we better be sure that 
Anne accompanies John next time as he was 
thrown by the horse and broke two ribs. 
John also reports, "I am awaiting the results 
of the outcome of the name change discus- 
sions. It seems to me it can't be ignored if ad- 
missions are being affected." The voice of 
reason to be sure. 

Andy Whittemore was honored re- 
cently by the Boston Business Journal as a 
"Champion in Healthcare." He was recog- 
nized in the administrative category for his 
work that has helped to reduce medical er- 
rors, particularly with residency programs 
which produce inordinately long shifts. Andy 
is in the Division of Vascular Surgery and 
the Chief Medical Officer at Brigham 
Women's Hospital in Boston. Our class, as 
well as the many patients he has treated, gives 
Andy a stronger endorsement. As we know, 
one of his earliest honors was as the 1962 re- 
cipient of the Morse Flag. He is now main- 
taining his great scholarship and leadership 
in the world of medicine. Andy and Rhodie 

are reported to be spending more time with 
grandchildren these days. 

Stan Healy reported last winter that he 
had moved from his Dogwatch business to a 
franchise operation called BatteriesPlus. He 
recently reported "the search for space for 
the initial location is now complete and I 
have signed a long term lease for approxi- 
mately 2,400 square feet in Marlborough. 
The Marlborough location is intended to be 
the 'hub' for the other six BatteriesPlus loca- 
tions I plan to develop over the next five 
years." As the "hub." the site will provide 
space for not only the retail store but also fa- 
cilities for commercial sales activities, fi- 
nance/administration and limited central 
warehousing for all locations in the Boston 
Metro-West and Worcester development 
plan. Stan emailed today that he is about 
ready to launch. 

Taking a Sunday drive must never be 
taken for granted by Mac Donaldson. Mac 
lives on Sunday Drive in Beverly! Mac 
writes: "We had our first grandchild last year 
- a girl. What a trip!" Mac says his wife, 
Nancy, is spoiling her. Mac became the 
General Manager of Manchester Marine re- 
cently. He reports seeing Steve Kasnet 
there with great regularity. Al "Pebble" 
Rock is still running the Arizona Credit 
Corregularly and yes, he is still firing off sub 
par rounds as he did more than 40 years ago 
on the Ould Newbury course. I would love 
to see a head to head match at our next re- 
union with Pebble, Jim Everett and Slater 

I spoke with Jim Gordon tonight. 
Technology being what it is he was calling 
from the beer island of his Woodinville. WA 
grocers' store. Jim's son is in Camp Lejune 
and soon to be shipped out to either Iraq or 
Afghanistan. We should all send him good 
thoughts in his tour over there with a heavy 
equipment company. He was recently elevat- 
ed in rank for the second time this year. He 
must be doing a good job. Jim and Marcia's 
daughter Laurel is teaching in Hungary 
following graduation from Columbia. No 
dull moments in the Gordon family Last 
February I had a rare opportunity to travel to 
Tulsa, OK. I had never been to Tulsa. It has 
long been my habit when traveling to con- 
sult my alumni directory. Sure enough, there 
was Cyrus W. Hoover. Cy was stationed at 

■1 ■» Fall 2005 

Fort Sill in the late 60s and liked the area so 
much he decided to stay. After some discus- 
sion I found the real reason for his choice to 
stay. Cy met, married and raised a family in 
Tulsa. He and wife, Deana, have three daugh- 
ters and recently built a lovely home there. 

Karen and I had the unique opportuni- 
ty to spend five weeks in South Africa this 
past summer. Karen was teaching at the 
Summer Academy at Cape Town for high 
school students from independent schools in 
the U.S., the UK, Ghana, Nigeria, 
Switzerland and Bahrain. The school was in 
Simonstown, about 45 miles from Cape 
Town. On our last day of the school pro- 
gram, we had the unique opportunity to 
meet Archbishop Desmond Tutu. 

Our last reunion was a great success. 
The 45th is about a year and a half away. The 
small, but not so insignificant, bowl sits on 
my dresser as a reminder of being a part of a 
great turnout. We were recognized for hav- 
ing the best participation of all classes in 

I fi 


Need Secretary 

Robert Mann '33 reports: "So Florida 
continues to be kind to residential realtors 
like me - with the rest of private school and 
college for now 13-year-old daughter. 
Retirement seems way in the distance! See 
Fully who just retired from A. Airlines." 
Peter Morrin says, "My daughter Becca 
starts freshman year this fall at the Maryland 
Institute College of Art. Son Matthew, 10 
years older, works in Washington, DC at the 
Capital City Redevelopment Authority, as a 
developer for the District of Columbia. I am 
still director of the Art Museum in 
Louisville. We are now planning another ex- 
pansion. Exciting times!" 


Class of 1964 

Louis H. Higgins 

P.O. 268 

Lake Placid, NY 12946-0268 

(518) 523-9682 




Class of 1965 

Kenneth A. Linberg 

677 5 A Pasado Road 

Isla Vista, CA 93117-4907 

((805) 685-1868 

linberg@lifesci. ucsb. edu 

Class of 1966 

Michael J. Little 

82 A Summer Street 

Waterville, ME 04901 

(207) 859-9925 

40th Class Reunion 

June 9, 10, 11 2006 

My plea for news did not go unheeded 
this time. Lenny Johnson dropped me a 
note to say that he is busy doing what New 
Englanders do in the fall - stacking wood 
and getting the boat out and ready for win- 
ter. I hope that all the rest of you are ready 
for the change of season. Those of us in the 
north will be joining Lenny's activities short- 

Greg Kelleher wrote to say that 
he is retiring after 30 years with 
PricewatershouseCoopers. His youngest is 
married, so he and Joanne plan to spend a lot 
of time sailing "Narragansett Bay and be- 
yond." He won't be idle; this fall he begins 
a job as an adjunct professor at UMass 

Good luck, Greg! 

We are coming up on the 40th anniver- 
sary of our release from GDA - so let me 
know what's happened to you since then. 


Class of 1967 

Bennett H. Beach 

7207 Denton Road 

Bethesda, MD 20814-2335 

(301) 951-9643 

ben_beach @tws. org 

In the space of a couple of weeks in 

Class of 1967: Dan Morgan, Lew 

Rumford, and Ben Beach in Worcester in 

August, hours before Dan gave away his 

daughter Mayo 
August, at least three of us gave away our 
daughters. Mac Barnes did the honors for 
Nellie in Locust, N.J.; Paul Hemmerich 
passed off Adria in Hollis, N.H.; and Dan 
Morgan handed off Mayo in Boylston, Mass. 
In the fall, Rem Clark and Bob Bass did 
the same, in Massachusetts and down in 

Dwight Reid's youngest daughter, 
Andrea, has left the country for college. She 
is attending McGill University in Montreal. 
School officials have noted that there are 
4,600 restaurants in Montreal, and Dwight 
figures that even with four years of 365 days 
and three meals a day, Andrea cannot try 
them all — unless she stays for grad school. 
Kentucky without Roy Meyers: It's true. 
He has landed in Key Biscayne (about 100 
yards from the ocean) and has moved out of 
the restaurant business and into real estate. 

Carter Evans' oldest (Carter, Jr.) has 
graduated from Boston University and is 
working for Lehman Brothers, while Robert 
is studying environmental subjects at 
UConn. Grace, 10, raised $614 for victims of 
Katrina at her fifth annual Labor Day 
Weekend lemonade and cookie stand. 
Previously, Grace raised a couple thousand 
dollars for the library in Cape Porpoise, a lit- 
tle fishing village in Maine, more than dou- 
bling the book budget. Elizabeth is still at 
JPMorgan, and Carter remains at Alvarez & 
Marsal, now heading up a new research de- 
partment that seeks out companies likely to 
require A&M's turnaround/crisis manage- 
ment services. Success stories include 

The Arch c 

Fall 2005 69 


lass notes 

Warnaco, Levi-Strauss, and Health South, 
and it looked like the Orleans Parish school 
system was going to be added to the list un- 
til Katrina hit town. 

Rich Brayton and Mardi have moved 
from the house that he designed 1 1 years ago 
to a smaller spot in San Francisco, and they 
are building a new camp at their place on 
Tomales Bay Their oldest, Whitney is a film 
major at U.C. Santa Cruz, while Dan is a 
sophomore at Marin Academy. In August, 
Anne-Marie Laverty tracked down Fred 
Burchsted at Harvard's Widener Library to 
help search for sources Anne-Marie needed 
for a study of soldiers' diaries describing 
WWI troop trains. "Fred muttered a few 
strange imprecations at his computer termi- 
nal, and in a few minutes led me straight to 
what turned out to be the mother lode," 
Anne-Marie reports. "The amount of eso- 
teric information about the peculiarities of 
different bibliographical cataloguing systems 
that man has at his fingertips is quite aston- 
ishing. This sort of research would be work 
for most people, but it's been a holiday for 
me." She is teaching English and history 
part-time at Langara College in Vancouver. 

Bill Barnes is working in the regulato- 
ry compliance field, helping companies meet 
OSHA standards. He is volunteering with 
the local animal rescue league and, over the 
summer, went sailing as often as possible. 
Harper Follansbee has begun his eighth 
year at Kingswood-Oxford School in West 
Hartford, teaching English to sixth and sev- 
enth graders, coaching soccer and hockey, 
and advising the literary magazine. Now in 
his 27th year as an educator, Harper says, 
"Overall, I still enjoy it, even though I'm be- 
ginning to feel a little bit older than my stu- 
dents." His older children are all on their 
own, "so it's just me and Harriet and 'Little' 
Harper (age 4) chilling together." 

Joe Story has settled in as one of the 
three selectmen for the Town of Newbury, 
debating such issues as the management of 
Mum Island. Have we had other town offi- 
cials besides Selectman John Butler and Bill 
Haggerty, who sat on a planning board? On 
May 10, the voters who elected Joe also se- 
lected Ward Westhafer as town library 
trustee. Some of you will remember that the 
caption under Ward's Milestone candid read: 

"A fine on this book Mrs. Thurlow." Rem 
Clark was in Mexico in July to surf with 
Scott Cameron, who may be moving soon 
to British Columbia. Jeff Forte blew into 
Boston last summer for his annual look at 
the Red Sox. "He looks great," reports Rem. 
"He has to be the youngest looking guy in 
the class." Doug Curtis's company 
Guidewire Technologies is doing well, but 
"explosive growth" is hard when there's a 
company that controls 85 percent of the 
market. Daughter Lindsay '97 is in London, 
managing a department of eight for JP 
Morgan Chase. Virginia graduated from 
Manhattan College in May, and as of press 
time was training as a manager for a high- 
end Manhattan fashion store while trying to 
decide whether she'd rather teach history. 

As of press time, Gardner Sisk was pre- 
dicting that both his daughters will graduate 
from college in December. He says that 
Gardner Mattress is expanding — slowly. 
Stanley Greenberg's daughter Forest, last 
seen in Thailand teaching English to 
Buddhist monks, has started law school at 
Northeastern. Son Aaron got an eraser stuck 
in his ear, but Stanley says no lasting harm 
was done. Back in September, Bill 
Dougherty was predicting that he would 
become a grandfather on Veterans Day, 
thanks to his oldest, William. Bill's other 
"kids" are in LA, Rochester, and Cleveland. 
He continues to manage investments for pri- 
vate clients in Rochester while trying to ad- 
just to his company's most recent merger. 
Thanks to Bill Haggerty, we now have a 
presence in Little Rhody He moved over the 
border recently to Woonsocket and com- 
mutes from there to Worcester. Bill's 
youngest, Erin, has graduated from college 
and started work as a marketing director for 
a promotional company. "I am celebrating 
the end of tuition payments," he reports. 

Rick Jensen's longtime Florida friends 
no longer tease him about moving to 
Tornado Alley (Oklahoma). "The occasional 
twister that comes late on a spring evening 
passes by quickly," he says. "It's a little fright- 
ening but doesn't have the fury seen in 
Florida, Texas, and New Orleans this year." 
Wind storms with gusts of 91 mph took 
three of Rick's big maples in June. He con- 
tinues to plant loblolly pines and river birch, 

which hold up better. This year's 'canes did- 
n't cause any problems for Dick Boucher in 
Ft. Meyers. In fact, he appreciated the cool, 
dry air that Rita blew in. Dick is looking 
forward to getting up to Byfield in June 
2007 for our 40th. 

Edwin Beatty is helping two nonprof- 
its, Voices in Wartime and Washington Legal 
Advocacy for the Disabled, mostly with 
writing, fundraising, and multimedia devel- 
opment. He continues to enjoy outdoor ac- 
tivities, including kayaking, usually on Lake 
Union, which is within sight of his Seattle 
digs. Don Gay sang in the world premier of 
the opera Margaret Garner, starring Denyce 
Graves. In the spring, he will be doing Aida. 
Daughter Candace is in her final year at the 
University of Michigan, where she is pursu- 
ing a double major in Spanish and Japanese. 
Candace, who is six feet tall, played on the 
volleyball team and won an International 
Poet of Merit award. Don and Emily were 
regulars at her games, home and away. 


Class of 1968 

Daniel C Look 

3287 Whitfield Drive 

Marietta, GA 30062-1285 

(770) 977-3135 


Rick Schiess is enjoying his new avo- 
cation as an "on call" firefighter in Shapleigh, 
Maine. He is still teaching fourth grade and 
observing his kids grow, travel and find their 
way on this crazy planet. Rick is against the 
name change, feeling that it was good 
enough for us and others can learn from dis- 
cussions about the school. He is OK with 
the revisionists marketing plan. "On with 
the scholarly work to be done." Ned 
Bennett celebrated 33 years of marriage on 
July 29. All three of their children are mar- 
ried with two living in Virginia and one son 
on the Cape. He continues to run Bennett 
Auto Repair in Hyannis and is currently 
building a second home on Pine Island 
Florida. Ned and his wife Gretchen have 
one grandchild, Victoria Rose. 

Tom Jacobs is still living in Maine. He 
had a difficult summer with the loss of his 
mom. He writes that Marc Tucker has been 

70 TheArchon — Fall 2005 

a great help to him over the summer. He 
was planning to play in the GDA golf tour- 
nament with Jim Rudolph. Charles S. 
Johnson III writes that life in Henderson 
remains both quiet and predictable. "School 
has started and Spencer is doing very well - 
could be GDA material some day. Laura and 
I remain actively involved in local projects, 
which bring their own satisfactions. The 
only fly in the ointment is the continuing 
saga of the name change/evolution. Since 
I'm far removed from S. Byfield and unable 
to get info more directly, I'm forced to pick 
up what I can from proponents of the two 
sides and the occasional article on the inter- 
net. I'm opposed to the change for a lot of 
reasons that are personal to me but I'm re- 
luctant to 'punish' the school by withholding 
contributions for the actions of the board. I 
would find it easier to accept whatever out- 
come if I knew how fellow classmates, and 
indeed the entire GDA community, felt (vot- 
ed) on this divisive issue. So far it has only 
served to embarrass all of us without resolv- 
ing a thing." 

Harry Kangis "just got back from a 
fabulous adventure to the northernmost 
Alaska national parks, where we had to take 
five airplanes from Cincinnati to a river cab- 
in in Gates of the Arctic, each plane getting 
quite smaller than the one before. We're now 
past halfway on our quest to hike and pho- 
tograph all 58 US scenic parks. My strategy 
and branding consulting remains busy, in- 
cluding new client Dunkin' Donuts, where 
they offer free donuts in the cafeteria all day 
long!" Harold Levine writes: Hi Dan: I am 
responding to your '68 GDA Archon notes 
thingy. I am well, as we all age gracefully, or 
not, as the case may be. We still live on Cape 
Cod awaiting the summer tourist exodus 
that we might have it back. I continue to 
play MD gastroenterologist and my kids are 
getting ready to go back to college: Jake will 
be a sophomore at Wesleyan and Libby a 
junior at Connecticut College. Tempus 
fugit, as Mr. Navins would say. Hope all is 
well with everybody in Marietta as well as 
the rest of our GDA universe. While we are 
on the Name Debate controversy, I favor the 
Governor Dummer name continuation. I'm 
not a Republican yet, but slowly aging in 
that direction, exclusive of some of the 
Washington types." 

Ben Brewster writes: "It has been illu- 

minating to read some of the recent discus- 
sion on the 'proposed, possible, future' name 
change; particularly from the proponents of 
the change. With the exception of the few 
communications from the Board, I have, pri- 
or to this, heard almost nothing but negative 
responses, many on the verge of outrage. 
While I am disinclined to support the 
change, I do see some small reason to have 
investigated the possibility. I would hope 
that this is not just the result of a cursory fo- 
cus group and slick marketing plan mentali- 
ty. I understand that the decision is ulti- 
mately in the hands of the Board of Trustees 
and not the Alums, but it would seem fool- 
ish to alienate so many of their primary fi- 
nancial supporters without giving a fuller 
explanation of their reasoning. It feels awful- 
ly much like an imperial, 'We know better 
than you, what is good for you.' I would 
hope that they deserve more credit than that, 
and that they take some action soon to disa- 
buse us all of such a notion. Barring such an 
action, I find it very hard to support a move 
as significant as 'dis' in the Gov'." 

Dave Mitchell writes: "Good hearing 
from you in the form of a form letter. I'll 
look forward to the class notes to hear what 
you've been up to. I must say I've enjoyed 
reading and participating in the debate on 
the name change issue. Perhaps the most 
pertinent fact is that the GDA name is not as 
old as many think, having been changed in 
1930 by Ted Eames (by executive fiat, I'm 

sure) for the same reasons we are discussing 
today. Everything else seems moot when one 
finally considers the recency of today's name 
which should dampen the fervor for keeping 
it as is. It's also a great evolution from 
Dummer Academy to Governor Dummer 
Academy to The Governor's Academy (I'd 
be amazed if that were not the new name). 
So in the end, I have no problem with the 
change. Other than that, the summer has 
been going well. Moved into a new (only 45 
years old) house in May. Hoping to start 
demolition on a few rooms shortly that need 
updating. For some reason Lin doesn't like a 
12' square kitchen. Continue to consult on 
marketing and licensing issues and am look- 
ing at acquiring a licensing agency or two. 
Grandchildren are still the best and make 
one forget about the not so good." 

Will Black writes: "After 51 years of 
living in the E. Mass. area, I am relocating to 
the 'kinder, gentler' South. Less harsh win- 
ters, travel, cost, etc. Oh, yes, the GDA name 
change; you figured I'd get around to that. 
Since I graduated GDA in 1968, 1 have come 
in contact with 1000s of people. Yes, some of 
them in a casual manner, but some in a not 
so casual manner. Yes, some were VERY fa- 
miliar with GDA, some not so. Yes, some ol 
Class of 1968 vintage, some older or younger 
(in some cases considerably). NOT ONE 
person who was familiar with the school has 
ever mentioned a word about the school 
name. More importantly, those people who 

^- - * IT 

9 MW_ w~~ ■ ^^H^IL" 


Jim Rudolph '68 with his son Robert on GDA graduation day 2005 

The Archon s- Fall 2005 71 

class notes 

were not really at all familiar with the school 
have never even raised an eyebrow to me 
about the school name. No one has ever 
mentioned it directly or indirectly It also 
seems curious to me that anyone associated 
with the school has managed to live with the 
(still) current name for a lot longer than I 
have ever been around. So what is the big 
deal?? I agree with one of our class members 
who feels that the investigatory board has 
more than likely not been totally open with 
all of us as to what is going on. Since I con- 
tribute annually to the Annual Fund, and also 
receive a very kind note from Headmaster 
Doggett, I do receive mail from the school 
from time to time; it seems to some that en- 
rollment is down, etc. etc. I doubt seriously 
that the school name has had any effect on 
that. I simply don't!! Nor do I feel that 
changing the name would alter that condi- 
tion in the least. (I also don't believe for a 
minute that GDA is really having trouble 're- 
cruiting'.) There are a few other observa- 
tions that will remain unsaid at the risk of 
being a bit verbose. Needless to say, I guess 
no one should have any doubts as to which 
'camp' I am in. Now that I have that out of 
the way, may the school go on in its splendid 
glory, and let's get down to some really seri- 
ous issues here. Anne and I have had an 
eventful and challenging summer. We went 
to Europe this summer for the first time for 
each of us. Most of our time was spent in 
Italy with its phenomenal scenery, food and 
incredibly gracious people. I'm hoping we 
can get back. I then spent most of my sum- 
mer on the Vineyard living with and caring 
for a friend of mine who was fighting can- 
cer. An insidious disease that unfortunately 
he lost his battle with in early August. Other 
than that, we have been home working and 
enjoying our two-year-old grandson Patrick. 
We are also in the process of planning a wed- 
ding for next summer. This is a planning 
process that I very quickly realized my role 
in is finance not logistics. I hope you are all 
well and call if you get to Atlanta." 

After practicing law in Keene, NH for 
29 years Jay Worthen is moving back to 
Massachusetts to join Jim Rudolph's law 
firm. Jay's practice is focused primarily on 
real estate and business transactions. He will 
live in Marblehead where he and his wife 
dy, also an attorney, purchased a home 

last year. Founded two years ago, Rudolph 
Friedmann LLP ( has 
25 lawyers. The law firm has expertise in 
business law and litigation, construction law, 
bankruptcy and insolvency and real estate 
law. Jim Rudolph reports that his son, Billy, 
graduated Babson College last spring and 
started this fall at Suffolk Law School. His 
son, Bobby '05, graduated GDA in June and 
is attending Colby College. Bobby is in 
Salmanca, Spain for his first semester. 
Daughter Katie is in the sixth grade. 


Class of 1969 

Jeffrey L. Gordon 

Slocum, Gordon & Co. 

39 Mill Street 

Newport, RI 02840-3016 

(401) 849-5893 

Peter Dorsey was a member of the 
Advisory Committee to the Board of 
Trustees on the school name initiative. Peter 
is also proud to report that his son, George, 
will be enrolled at GDA this fall as a sopho- 
more, class of '08. Murray McGuirk sends 
his regards from Pt. Arena, California where 
he owns a sheep and goat farm in the moun- 
tains. He says "he recently received visits 
from Albie Nelthrop, Ned Lattime, 
Heckie, Gwid, and Conrad. All are doing 
well and send their best to Joe Mclntire." 
Peter Wheeler writes that he "still has a 
wife and three kids and all are getting older." 
He works in financial services and continues 
to surf, ski and snowboard as much as he can. 
"Everyone is healthy and life is good," he re- 

Jonathan Williams writes that he en- 
joyed meeting Marty Doggett at the Brown 
Palace Denver GDA reception. His reaction 
is that "he seems like a good man for GDA." 
Jonathan has been working hard at his con- 
tracting business with occasional time-outs 
for water skiing. Tim Tenney has been 
working hard on the GDA Marketing 
Committee of the Board of Trustees. Having 
run his Pepsi Bottling Company for some 
time now, he has great marketing instincts 
that have helped GDA in raising its national 

I had a long telephone call from David 
Forbes a month or so ago. He and his wife, 
Julie, live in New Hampshire and continue 
to thrive in their landscape architect busi- 
ness. Springer spaniels are the other part of 
their lives, just as they are for Jan and me. We 
just got a new Springer puppy, our third 
spaniel over a span of about 28 years. The 
first one we got in 1977 was from a litter of 
one of Heb's Springers, Tinker. I'm sure 
many of us can remember those great dogs 
of his curled up in the corner of his math 
classroom in Parsons. Doug Bradshaw was 
the photographer at my daughter's wedding 
this summer. He did a spectacular job at the 
wedding which was at our home in 
Portsmouth, RI. A photo of the wedding 
group is nearby. 


Class of 1910 

J. Randall Whitney, III 

77 Coolidge Road 

Concord, MA 01742-3301 

(978) 369-0914 

jrwhit 1 

Tom Price writes from Jamestown, NY 
that, while his family has lived in this area 
since the 1830s, the next generation may 
choose elsewhere. His eldest, married this 
year, has moved to Miami, FL. Next in line 
lives in New York City; another is attending 
Davidson College, and finally, a daughter is 
still at home as a sophomore in high school. 
Maybe there is still hope, Tom! 

Reunion Weekend last June will be re- 
membered for many reasons... Barkley 
Simpson, Guy Swenson, Rich Welch, Jeb 
Bradley, Steve Worth, Henry Eaton, Jay, 
Randy, John Newman, Adam Levin, 
Morocco Flowers, were all there. Stillman 
Davis phoned in his regrets from the UK. 
But it was a hot weekend in Byfield. Really 
hot. Thanks to all who made the effort. 

Condat N.A. 

72 TheArchon - Fall 2005 


Class of 1971 

Mario Rivera, Jr. 

12264 N. W. 32nd MNR 

Sunrise, FL 33323-3004 

m rivera @gemaire. com 

35th Class Reunion 

June 9, 10, 11 2006 


Class of 1972 

Geoffrey A. Durham 

504 Roosevelt Drive 

Libertyville, IL 60048-3120 

(847) 549-8407 

gdurham3@aol. com 

Jim Whitmore is "alive and well in 
Gloucester. . .Would love to hear from Peter, 
George, David, Bill and others. John (8), 
imily (5) and wife Tess are all great... re- 
reshed after family week at Omega and two 
veeks at our camp on Kezar Lake in Maine. 
Generally not doing badly for an old bastard!" Tim Traver 
ays hi to his friends from the great class of 
972. He and his wife Delia still live in 
faftsville, VT, a metropolis of approximately 
i8 residents, not including dogs and sheep. 
ie has two children in college this fall, leav- 
ng a 15-year- old boy at home to contend 
vith his parents alone. Tim is working for a 
ion-profit housing group, coaching soccer, 
vriting a book about salt marshes, and driv- 
ng a truck in his spare time. He still is play- 
ng lots of music. Delia travels all over the 
vfational Park Service. Tim sends his best 
vishes to all. 

Kevin Kearney wrote a letter to Don 
Werner, the Chair of the Advisory 
Committee on the Proposed Name Change, 
expressing his feelings about the issue. Some 
)f his thoughts are: "We're led to believe by 
he Board at GDA that the name change will 
ncrease the number of applicants from far- 
her geographic reaches. Certainly many of 
jDA's competing brethren are under a sim- 
lar dwindling applicant base. I would imag- 
ne these other schools are mounting mar- 

keting campaigns to attract students from a 
farther geographic base as well. Nowhere in 
any of the discussions on the subject at hand 
have I seen anything else proposed to market 
GDA other than the name change. This 
seems simplistic and dramatically inadequate. 
The name change proposal has been good 
for GDA. It has brought forward to the en- 
tire GDA community awareness of a major 
fundamental change that has taken place in 
secondary education and continues. There's a 
much bigger issue here than the name of our 
school. GDA has to look to where it needs 
to be today, in 5 years, and 25 years from 
now. Does GDA survive as a boarding 
school? Does GDA need to enhance/im- 
prove its "Academic Excellence" and ability 
in "Providing a Quality Education" to attract 
those that are capable of and willing to spend 
the extra money? These are far more impor- 
tant issues to consider than changing the 
name of the school." 

As for the Durham family, "life has not 
changed much lately. Work at Allstate has 
been very busy. The family is fine. Our 12th 
grade daughter, Andrea, turns 18 in October 
and is starting the college hunt. My wife, 
Jana, is active in Girl Scouts as council regis- 
trar and service unit manager. I volunteer in 
the local ER on Sundays. 



Class of 1973 

Edward C.Young 

15602 N 13th Avenue 

Phoenix, AZ 85023-4491 

(602) 504-0651 

eyoung@allsaints. org 

Geoff White writes that he works as a 
consultant in Sydney, Australia for Applied 
Scholastics. Apparently, his company uses the 
very effective study methods of L. Ron 
Hubbard. Geoff reports that the company is 
expanding all over Asia. Geoff is also an 
artist whose work can be seen on Brown 
Flower Creative Group website. Geoff 
would be interested in hearing from any and 
all of us from '73. Dave Metcalf recently 
moved to West Palm Beach, Florida. He 
writes that all are welcome to visit when in 
the area. In January, wife Toni and Dave had 
their second son, Sam. At the time of Dave's 
note, his son was within one week of crawl- 
ing. I'm sure he's walking by now! Dave is 
still practicing engineering transportation fa- 

cility planning and design. Dave, thanks for 
writing. It is always good to hear from you. 
Geoff Peters wants to lay claim as the first 
classmate to have a defibrillator/pacemaker 
implant. In his own words — "seems I died 
back in June and I'm working on my second 
chance (and planning to run/walk the 
Chicago marathon)!" As they used to say, 
"You go, Geoff". 

And yours truly is holding his own. I'm 
officially living with cancer now as my can- 
cer of 2003 has returned. But I'm at work 
every day and as active as usual. God is 
good. My family is well. Eddie Young grad- 
uated Pomona College in May and is now an 
English teacher at Kent Denver School in 
Englewood, Colorado. Kristina Young, GDA 
2002, is a senior at Pomona College, and 
Aaliyah Young is living life in the fast lane 
while enjoying third grade at my school. 
Sheila is holding us all together. Hope to 
hear from more of you on the next go 

Class of 1974 

Pamela Jo McElroy Toner 

223 Riverside Drive 

Fairfield, CT 06824 

(203) 254-2371 

Douglas Morse reports: "As an alum- 
nus, I want to register my opinion with re- 
gard to the current debate about the pro- 
posed name change as follows. I was fortu- 
nate to have the opportunity to attend GDA 
before it went through any identity crisis. I 
find consideration of the opinions of the 
alumni (both living and deceased) a token 
gesture, since your 'Questions & Answers' 
sheet seems to be contrived by an outside 
consulting firm. This is very disturbing and 
a slap in the face to the history and charac- 
ter of the school." 

Steve James lives in Sunapee, NH and 
Boston, MA. He has two daughters, one at 
Holderness and one at Brooks. He and his 
wife just returned from the Tour de France 
where they saw two stages. They cycled 5-6 
hours per day in the Pyrennes. He is an 
Executive Vice President and Principal of 
Hunneman Commercial Real Estate in 

Your scribe has joined the Real Estate 

TheArchon sp> Fall 2005 73 

class notes 

ranks as a Sales Executive with Prudential 
Connecticut in Fairfield, CT.We are prepar- 
ing to send our oldest to private high school. 



Class of 1975 

Pamela D. Pandapas 

202 Central Street 

Rockland, MA 02370 

Hiya, classmates! I hope you all have had 
a good summer. I suspect so since so few of 
you have bothered to respond to my (as 
Sammy Gilliland refers to it) "histrionic" 
pleas for notes!!!!!! Those of us who showed 
for the reunion had a super time. The hot 
and sticky weather notwithstanding, we 
managed to enjoy 30 years later. And Mike 
Moonves... You're the tops! I am taking a 
quick note to pay homage to those victims 
of hurricanes Katrina and Rita. My heart 
and good wishes goes out to all of them. If 
ya'll can, please donate to the American Red 
Cross and to the Habitat For Humanity. 

Lisa Johnson is still being an educator 
at Brookwood School. She also is a parent to 
five young'uns with her partner. She says it 
was a treat to see everyone looking so well 
and reconnecting with all. Michael 
Sapuppo says there isn't a lot going on on 
the left coast. He did manage to be back here 
for about a month at the Concord Inn in 
Massachusetts. He said he had forgotten how 
humid it gets here. He should have been at 
the reunion! His daughter, Sophia, attended 
day camp there and evidently had a super 
time. He also saw Greg Pope, who we were 
all pleased to see en famille at the reunion, at 
Plaice Cove, New Hampshire. He says his 

parents own a condo there close to the 

"Pope Compound"! Rich O'Leary writes 
that he a great time at the reunion. He is 
very impressed with the physical plant of our 
alma mater. The students he met were also an 
impression. His summer began after that. He 
and his wife, Susie, have been "single and free 
at 21 "...whatever that means. Kids were busy 
at camp in New Hampshire and 
Vermont. ..Tim at Dudley and Sarah at 
Lochearn. He says this is their equivalent of 
our boarding school experience. ...let's hope 
not! His experience at the reunion was a 
good One and hopes more of you come to 

the 35th. 

Peter Richardson writes that he had 
intended to be at the reunion but other 
pressing matters came up. I think he just 
can't deal with the fact that we are all so 
bloody old! He and his wife, Beth just 
moved to a six acre farm (green acres?). 
Evidently, Beth is quite the avid gardener 
and needs space for her veggies and chick- 
ens. They have 10 hens, one of which turned 
out to be a rooster!!!! and expect many eggs 
by now. His older son, Bennett, is a senior at 
Colgate. He leads their men's cappella group, 
the Colgate 13. His younger son, Seth, is 13 
and in the eighth grade.... Gosh, remember 
that? He's an expert guitar player and an avid 
participant in sports, lacrosse being his fa- 
vorite. Peter is still with Key Bank in Maine 
in a regional management position, oversee- 
ing investment management from Maine to 
Florida. Beth is, besides her farming activi- 
ties, a business professor at Maine's St. 
Joseph's College. She's teaching business 
ethics and human resource management in 
the Republic of Macedonia this winter on a 
Fulbright fellowship. Got a smart one there, 
huh, Peter???!!! He sends his best to all. He 
bumps into Jamie Goduti and Craig Clark, 
and Brian Noyes and Chip Weickert from 
other classes. The Portland connection is 
alive and well. 

Stephanie Eames Farrar is sorry she 
didn't make the reunion. She has developed 
her own product and started a company, The 
Canine Cookie Company. Her products are 
in four stores and two vets' offices. She has 
also done custom work for several events and 
has other specialty customers as well. While 
she is working herself silly, she is also hugely 
gratified. Steph was in Newburyport in 
October for long overdue R&R. But if there 
are any alums in Dallas, give a yahoo at tex- By the by, Stephanie has 
started a campaign to stop the credit card 
hawkers from preying on students with 
promises of anything they want. If you have 
kids on campus, please get involved. A bad 
choice now could mean disaster later... like 
when they want to buy a house. Thanks. End 
of public service announcement. 

Scott Draper tells me life is great. His 
wife, Susan, and he have been married for 12 
years. They just put their youngest, 

Christopher on the bus for kindergarten! 
Their daughter Alexis is in the second grade. 
Scott joined a small LLP, Susquehanna 
Investment Group where he trades equity 
options. He invites anyone who finds them- 
selves in Armonk, New York, to give a call at 
914-275-1178. Sam Gilliland accuses me of 
histrionics and being Aegean or Ionian. But 
I got an answer. . .Anything that works! I 
know there is more to his rich life but he 
says the long and short of it is that he was 
featured on the cover of the July issue of The 
Greenwich Magazine for his car racing hob- 
by. Rich O'Leary, Sammy hasn't seen you 
despite your close proximity. You're hard at 
work, but give him a holler! ! ! ! 

Dian Entekhabi is still living in Iran. 
Yikes! What is that like? Dian thinks that 
maybe, in spite of nostalgic feelings, the 
name change is not so bad. Everybody is en- 
titled to their opinion! Rob Kaplan charac- 
terized my requests as a "tirade" but, again, 
he answered! '"Slamming suds' with Dave 
Bohman, (who must be very busy right now) 
Greg Pope, Rich O'Leary and Spence 
Purinton was a good time. And the biggest 
news in the household is the family trip to 
Alaska in August. Bears, Caribou, Eagles, 
Salmon, Whales, Sea-Lions, Glaciers, raft 

rides, etcetera Wife, Katherine and the 

boys are well." He also invites anyone in 
Newburyport to give a shout. 

Okay. That's it for now. Until next 

I remain (for now) your loyal class sec- 



Class of 1976 

Carol Ann Goldberg-Aydin 

301 East 94th Street, 24B 

New York, NY 10128-4722 

(212) 410-1781 

30th Class Reunion 

June 9, 10, 11 2006 

74 The Arch 

Fall 500 


Class of 1977 

Carolyn L. Nissi 

102 Haseltine Street 

Bradford, MA 01835 

(978) 372-0722 

Tracie Ackerman Fornaro is engaged! 
She says, "Met a wonderful man skiing in 
Chamonix, France over five years ago and it 
was meant to be. I've been busy with my 
work as a contingency recruiter in general 
administrative support along with work in 
IT, Accounting/Finance and Database 
Marketing. Clients both in Boston and 
NYC. My son is entering his junior year of 
high school and will be reaching 16 soon 
and driving a car! Had a great spring reunion 
with Carrie Lyons Nissi, Amy Kaplan, and 
Joe Pietrefesa. Dave Phippen was a virtu- 
al participant. The stories and year book 
pictures got better as we wined and dined. 
Planning another one with the same guests 
but would love to add others from the area. 
Sue Baker, you need to come next time and 
Tim Richards, I was looking for your 
phone number but couldn't find it. Who 
else would like to drink too much wine and 
enjoy lots of good memories? We're in 
Newton, Mass. and would love to get in 
touch with others in the area to be put on 
our Special Dinner Guest List! Here's the 
best way to reach me: Tracie Ackerman 
Fornaro, Laufer and Associates, 45 School 
Street, Old City Hall, Boston, MA 02108" 

Sam Adams writes: "Mike Tulloch 
said I had to email you, although I am sure 
that you haven't heard from HIM yet!!!! So 
let's see... For that last two years I have been 
stone sculpting. It has been great! I have sold 
one piece, and have made 14. As one of my 
friends put it... there are starving artists be- 
cause their work is bad, but you are starving 
because you don't want to sell any of your 
pieces!!!! So, finally I am ready. I have en- 
tered several juried shows. I have now been 
accepted in eight shows. I still can't believe 
it. I figured that I had to start doing some- 
thing as Ariana is now 16 and a junior (new 
to Cambridge School ofWeston) and will be 
heading off to college soon! My stepson is a 
junior at Brown and loving it. And lastly I am 
still in love. So, Mike, thanks for 'encourag- 

ing' me to write! I hope everyone else will 
follow suit!" 

Bill Cronin writes: "Howdy folks. ..liv- 
ing at the southwestern tip of the continen- 
tal U.S. in quest of warmer water and surfa- 
ble waves in Coronado, California... running 
my general contracting business, keeping an 
eye on my son who is the junior class presi- 
dent, starting point guard in hoops, and a 
generally obnoxious teenager... My daughter 
started college at SDSU after pulling down 
some scholarships for her high school theatre 
involvement. She practiced her drama at 
home every day, and I have the gray hairs to 
prove it... Anyhow, if you find yourself in the 
area, let's have lunch and I'll throw you out 
there on a surfboard... BTW, I think the 
school name change is a good idea... the 
school will remain the same great place..." 

Sarah Barry writes that "I'm still living 
in Florida, but missing New England more 
each year. Hurricanes are just 'another 
thing' on the West Coast where I live. I 
bought my first home this year and finally 
understand the reason why I have always 
rented! I do believe I bought the 'money 
pit!' As I do not have any children of my 
own, most of my extra time from work is 
spent with my sisters (three of them) who 
also live here. Wow, it doesn't seem possible 
that almost 30 years ago I dreamed of being 
a sports coach and today I coach those that 
work for me into loving their jobs and just 
coming to work! Looking forward to seeing 
everyone soon and can't wait till our 30th! 
Go GDA!!!!" 

Colin Kellog writes: "I'm in my sec- 
ond year of doing an itinerant consulting 
business for owners of old air-cooled 
Volkswagens ... Gave up the quasi-corporate 
life with pagers and cell phones and "cus- 
tomer service-speak" for the open road. I've 
been surprised by the enthusiasm with 
which people have greeted this endeavor — a 
cable-TV crew filmed me last year in 
Portland, Oregon and is doing a repeat this 
year due to continuing interest. NPR is in- 
terviewing me in Austin, Texas, and I will 
find out if Bentley Publishers wants to pub- 
lish the book I am writing/illustrating when 
I visit them in Cambridge, MA, in late 
October. My girlfriend of 13 years and two 
kids are not too happy with all of this travel- 
ing, but I am hoping to bring them along 
next year! Regarding the GDA name 

change — I hope we can all prevail with the 
current name, there is no honor in catering 
to silly first impressions of fickle children. 
Let's just win them over with the quality and 
spirit of the school " 

David Metcalf reports: "my wife Tony 
and I had a baby boy on 26 Jan. I am sleep 
deprived, but otherwise fine." 

I, Carrie, am up to my eyeballs in 
homework while I try to master the Master's 
program in education at UMass Lowell. 
Meanwhile, I am subbing and trying to work 
my way into the system and get a full-time 
teaching position in sixth grade. Joseph is 
working hard to bring home the bacon. The 
kids are great. My stepdaughter, Emily, be- 
gan Brooks School this year and is adjusting 
well. Sarah is in fifth grade and loving it. 
Andrew is doing well at his special school. 
We, like most of us, are juggling it all and 
working at having an occasional family din- 
ner. Was fun to see Vicki, Joe, Tracie, and 
Amy last spring. We are planning another for 
anyone who would like to join us. As al- 
ways, my email is Write 
with news! For those of you who didn't 
write: Shame on YOU! And remember, our 
30th is right around the corner. 


Class of 1978 
Need Secretary 

Curt Fox reports: "Doing well, living 
in Philadelphia around the Art Museum. 
Daughter Christine Jr. is at American 
University, fall semester U Capt Town in S. 
Africa. Enjoy riding '03 Harley Roadking, 
contractor's license in two states (NJ and 
PA). Hope to learn sailing next few years, 
love Annapolis, MD. Best to all." Philip 
Pescosolido says: "I split my time between 
Exeter and So. Lake Tahoe, CA. Farming cit- 
rus in California and building a ski resort in 
Asia. I skied with Goodhart at Tahoe last 
spring; record snow falls in the Sierras! 
Goody looked like a hugh snowball rolling 
down KT 22 at Squaw." 

TheArchon 1* Fall 2005 75 


lass notes 


Class of 1979 

Troy A. Dagres 

6 Henderson Circle 

Newburyport, MA 01950-3406 

(978) 465-6672 

troydagres@aoL coin 

Well, must have been a very busy sum- 
mer for most of us, judging by the very low 
response rate. Short and sweet. Martha 
Blake Ficke has a nephew Blake Riley who 
will be a freshman at GDA this fall. Her son 
Andrew will be freshman at Gunnery in 
Washington, CT. Both are sure to make an 
impact on their respective football and 
lacrosse fields. My son Andrew is applying 
now to GDA (or whatever "they" decide to 
call it) to be a freshman next fall. Life goes 
on as usual on the Funny Farm for Avery, 
and business for Brickhouse Construction is 
still great. His offspring Caleb starts ninth 
grade at Triton, Eliza in eighth at Triton and 
Amelia in fifth at Newbury Elementary. He 
still thinks changing the name is a stupid 
idea. Ian Fitch is still doing his thing in 
Bradford and climbing mountains. Isn't it 
easier to get a ride up and just walk down? 

Henry Rosen writes: "I have had a 
good summer and spent some, but not near- 
ly enough, time with other GDA alums. 
John Perlowski and I watched Troy 
Dagres recapture his youth with an out- 
standing pitching performance and win at 
the Alumni baseball game. The only disap- 
pointment for me was that Troy's mom, 
Betty, a fixture at all of her son's athletic 
events, missed her first game in 30 years due 
to a prior commitment with one of her 
grandchildren. Fortunately, she TlVOd the 
game and she, Jr., Troy and Todd - he was 
available via video conference from the 
South of France - broke down the game 
film, including Moon's team selections and 
the umpires' erratic strike zone and ques- 
tionable calls, later that evening until the wee 
hours of the following morning. I also had 
the privilege of attending Troy's birthday 
party that his wife hosted in early August, 
and the Dagres family Labor Day party in 
Newburyport. Very good times. I had a nice 
dinner in late August with Rick Theriault, 
his wife and their three daughters in boston 

during their annual summer vacation in 
New England. I went back to Vegas a few 
rimes this summer and will be there this fall 
as well for more adult fun and games. 
Finally, I am still practicing commercial real 
estate and corporate law at Choate Hall & 
Stewart in Boston, and was named a 
Massachusetts Super Lawyer this year. This is 
an annual listing of lawyers who (apparently) 
have 'attained a high degree of peer recogni- 
tion and professional achievement' which 
will be published this fall in a magazine 
called Super Lawyers and in Boston 
Magazine. Less than five percent of 
Massachusetts lawyers receive this honor. 

I met up with Brad Cavanaugh to dis- 
cuss financing options. He is still spending a 
lot of time on the water and is now going for 
a license to captain wicked big boats (I think 
that is the technical description). 

I am still a mortgage broker covering 
MA and NH focusing on prime lending in 
residential real estate. It's a stable niche that 
tends to not cycle with changing interest 
rates. That's all the news that's fit to print. 
Hopefully I will get more info next time 


Class of 1980 

Lynnc I:. Durland 

1 14 West Road 

Londonderry, NH 03053-5141 

(603) 421-0940 

Class of 1980 Reunion 2005 

Where to start? Well, the reunion was 
fun if really hot and muggy. It was fun 
Friday night wandering around with John 
Fain, Carl Schwartz, Matt Tornlinson and 
Chris Stafford. Avoiding the mosquitoes 
and hearing the tales of our teenage es- 
capades was great fun! Lunch and dinner 
Saturday were also wonderful events. All told 
we had about 15 or 16 of us show up, not 
bad. We shall do better in five years! It was 
also fun being in contact with some of you 
who didn't show up for reunion but did help 
in the planning: Sally Lee, our resident chil- 
dren's author, Liz Evans who was in 
Bermuda for the reunion, John Wise and 
several others whom I had not seen or talked 
with in years! 

And speaking of not seeing or hearing 
from people in a long time, Janine Bruce 
Banks sent this along to my recent plea for 
news. "Hello, everyone! 25 years? Where 
has the time gone? I'm here in the Lake 
Champlain Islands of Vermont and loving 
country life with my husband of 21 years, 
David. We have no kids, but we have two 
very special cats and too many hobbies! 
Gardening and tropical fish keeping run my 
life, but I also enjoy boating and soaking up 
all Mother Nature has to offer when it isn't 
10 below zero. I haven't run into anyone 
from GDA in a long time - Debbie, Ray, 
Dan, Charlie, Jeff, Matt, Dave, Emily - where 
are you all? I welcome emails at and if anyone is in the 
Burlington,VT area, give me a call, as I'd love 
to get together. Cheers to the class of 1 980 

Ifa-Arrhon •• Fall 200S 

Class of 1980 at Reunion 2005 

- I hope you're all happy and enjoying life!" 

And one last classmate coming out of 
the mists, with irony Apparently for five 
years I have been driving by one of our class- 
mates' brothers, who was, I think, Class of 
'79. I am really sorry I missed reunion. I saw 
the photo that came out in The Archon. It 
was heart-warming to see everyone's faces. 
It is so amazing to me that although we all 
have aged (and changed our hairstyles), the 
personalities come shining through. I don't 
know if you know it, but my brother Tom 
(whom you might remember) lives in 
Londonderry. My wife and I and our two 
girls were up in NH for a week in mid-July 
Kibby (though I've not been called that for 
20 years or so - I'm better known now as 
Charlie Atkinson) 

The only other news I have, I think be- 
sides that sometime in the future I will be 
getting married, is that once again Jonathan 
Welch has headed south on the boat 
through the inter-coastal waterway to 
Florida. So Matt and anyone else interested 
in watching his progress can go to, click on the link for 
Wulfden, and then type his ham radio call 
sign into the box. His call sign is N1JN. So, 
don't wait for the next nag, let's keep in 
touch, my email address is KBlFEM@adel- (third character is the number one) 


Class of 1981 

Jennifer G. Steward 

715 Main Street 

Boxford,MA 01921-1118 

(978) 352-7694 

jgsteivard@comcast. net 

25th Class Reunion 

June 9, 10, 11 2006 

I hope everyone enjoyed a terrific sum- 
mer. It's amazing to me to think that next 
summer we will be returning to campus for 
our 25th Reunion! I am hopeful that over 
the course of the next few months many of 
you will be in touch. It would be wonderful 

Members of Class of 1981 

to have strong representation from our class. 
I encourage you to contact me or the 
Development Office if you have ideas you'd 
like to share. The more alumni involved the 

As you can see from the pictures I have 
included, I was able to have a few mini re- 
unions with classmates from the area. I en- 
joyed a wonderful afternoon in Marblehead 
at Lisa Louden's home, with classmates 
Clarissa Hughes, Vinca Ingram, Kathryn 
Shilale, and Jennifer Schaffher. The back- 
yard was full of children- Lisa's daughter 
Casey being the youngest at 16 months, my 
daughter Abby the oldest, at 14 years. It was 
really wonderful to reconnect with every- 
one, and got us all very excited for reunion. 

I've also really enjoyed reconnecting 
with Tracey O'Dea this summer. As many 
of you know, she had quite an eventful fall, 
as her mother was living in New Orleans at 
the time Hurricane Katrina ravaged the city. 
Her mom is now nicely settled in Amesbury 
Tracey wanted me to stress how much the 
support she has received from classmates 
meant to her, particularly the ongoing sup- 
port Eric and Patty Adell have provided. 

Let me pass on news I received by mail. 
Richard Aranosian wrote in from Florida: 
"I hope that you are all well. I am writing 
this by candlelight while I endure the wrath 
of Katrina! I will prevail! I look forward to 
seeing everyone next June. Any plans for an- 
other party at your place, Jen? Best wishes to 
all." In answer to Rich's question, the sched- 
ule for reunion is open. We'd like to do 
whatever brings the most folks back! David 
Critics checked in from abroad. "This is my 
last year in the Army. I'll be returning from 
the current assignment in Brussels on July 
1st, 2006 and plan to find a job in Europe for 
the next few years after that to pay for 
Daniel and Rebecca's college. It is very nerve 
wracking to see my children the same age I 
was when at GDA, lo those many years ago. 
God bless you all." 

From Cynthia Horner: "Had a great 
summer- although hard to believe it's almost 
over! Still working at my local practice two 
days a week and being mom to Nicole (4), 
and Grace (2) full time. Hoping to return 
to Sierra Leone in 2/06 to set up the 
permanent medical clinic we've been 
planning a great day that will be!" 
What an amazing contribution, Cynthia! 

Vie Archon <sb Fall 2005 77 

class notes 

Members of the Class of 1981 taken on August 19 at Lisa Loudens home in 

Marblehead, MA. Front row (left to right): Kathryn Shilale with daughter 

Elizabeth, Clarissa Hughes with daughter Cady, Lisa Louden with daughter 

Casey. Back row (left to right) :Vinca Ingram, Jenny Steward, Abby Steward, 

Jennifer Schaeffner with son Max and daughter Isabelle. 

Congratulations and best of luck with the 
trip. Also heard from Susan McCleary 
(Miller): "Wow, 25 years! It seems like 
yesterday... well, I've been teaching 17 years 
now, (middle school science), happily mar- 
ried with three teenage stepchildren, and of 
course, my awesome 16-year-old son, 
Lyler. Would love to hear from classmates, 
especially Pam Kelly. My email is awsg@ya-" (I hope I got that address right, 
Susan! Tricky handwriting! J). 

Class of 1981 :Vinca Ingram, Clarissa 
Hughes and Jenny Steward 

Mike Reilly and his family enjoyed a 
great summer, and got together with some 
classmates. "Our summer has flown by. 
I see Eric Adell, Larry Schwartz, and 
Tom Johnson occasionally played golf with 
Robert Sudduth and Peter Starosta at 
Pete's club in Woods Hole in August. Our 
four kids keep us pretty busy- our oldest, 
Colin, is in 1st grade this year! Our class re- 
ally should make a strong showing at 
Reunion, despite the name change foolish- 
ness. Count me in to help in that regard." 
Thanks, Mike. I am hopeful, that though 
many of us strongly disagree with the name 
change and the reasons given for its necessi- 
ty, participation in reunion will remain high. 
If you have not yet done so, I would encour- 
age everyone to return the feedback ques- 
tionnaire sent to you by the Trustees. I be- 
lieve it is very important that the potential 
impact of the name change be recognized. 

Antea von Henneberg and her family 
had an amazing adventure. "We ventured to 
Tanzania, Arusha for seven weeks with our 
children, Ford (4), and West, (1 1 months). 
Looked for work, met lots of incredible peo- 
ple- and went on five safaris. Tanzania is a 

magical place... It was truly an experience 
of a lifetime. Saw Julie Duff '80 at a GDA 
'rename' party, and Kathryn this summer- 
great fun!" 

Chris and Abby and I actually have a 
globetrotting adventure on our calendar as 
well. As I write this, we are two weeks away 
from a trip to Bhutan, the last Himalayan 
Kingdom. We are very excited to be able to 
make this trip as a family. Should be quite an 
adventure. Upon our return we delve right 
into the process of visiting secondary schools 
for Abby. Like David, I am amazed to realize 
that my child is now the age I was when I 
met most of you at GDA. I can only hope 
that the friendships she develops are as rich- 
what a blessing that would be! 

My best to all, and please be in touch 
and help plan Reunion! I'll look forward to 
hearing from you! 


Class of 1982 

Nancy Lord Wickwire 

33 Caron Road 

Bedford, NH 03110-6201 

(603) 472-8993 

anu>ick@comcast. net 

The dark horse, out of nowhere, 
Martha Krauch was actually the first to re- 
spond this time! She wrote: "Not much to 
report from Chelmsford. Emily (10), 
Charlotte (7), Eliza (5) and I spent most of 
the summer swimming, playing tennis and 
doing other fun outdoor activities. The 
summer weather was perfect! We had a great 
time 'camping' with Nance and her crew at 
our house. We managed to accomplish all 
the necessary camping rituals from the com- 
fort of our home... That's my idea of camp- 
ing! Gary left his job at Portsmouth Naval 
Shipyard this month (in the nick of time!) to 
begin his new job at the Natick Army 
Research Base as an electrical engineer. 
Much easier commute! In two weeks I'll be 
back at work as a third "rade teacher in 
Chelmsford. Life, and all its crazy after- 
school commitments, begins again! Love to 

Heather (Vickers) Ryan writes: "I can 
tell you about my summer ...After 1 1 years 
with Lotus/IBM, I took a Family Medical 

Hon ■ I. .11 200 

Bobby Low '82 with wife Stacey. 

Leave of Absence to care for my two elderly 
parents (in addition to my three small kids) 
for the summer. Although daily living was 
definitely hectic, it was nice to get away from 
my desk job for a change and spend more 
time outdoors with the family." 

From John Parker: "I really don't have 
any news of substance to report from the red 
neck capital of the world. But one of my fa- 
vorite times of the year is when I get the 
message from the class rep that the time has 
come, once again, to look back and fortify 
the feeling of community that was borne on 
the campus of Governor Dummer Academy. 
It seems that when the call goes out for any 
and all information pertaining to former 
GDA students and their families I become 
reflective. Our oldest (Cameron) was a 
member of the swim team this year and in 
her first season did very well culminating 
with a sixth place (out of 100+ 8 and un- 
ders) in the end of season "City Meet," high- 
est on her team. We were beaming. Tess (5) is 
beginning to enjoy horses. She will begin 
formal lessons very soon. We made a journey 
to the North Carolina coast. Albeit brief, it 
was a fun time. The girls met a 'boy' ('he's 15, 

Daddy...' giggle, giggle) and his name is — 
wait for it— Stainless Steele. No, his mother is 
not a famous Hollywood actress. I never got 
the backstory on the name but he was a nice 
kid. Our children attend an extended year 
school, so they have been back in almost 
three full weeks before the county public 
schools (they love that....). Cameron is in the 
third grade and Tess is starting kindergarten. 
I have been getting nagging feelings that I 
am getting older. I pulled a muscle the other 
evening getting into bed. Yes, we all have to 
deal with the realities of getting older and, 
frankly, I personally plan an unconditional 
surrender any day now. If you haven't no- 
ticed, there is not much to report form down 
here in North Cackalackee. Just cruising 
around trying hard not to press the accelera- 
tor pedal down too far — the gas prices and 
all. Best to all GDAers that read this." 

Bobby Low writes: "Got hitched 
August 13 to Stacey Westley, who will be a 
coach and dorm advisor at Holderness. 
Honeymooned in beautiful Jackson Hole. 
Moved apartments. Did the sportscamp cir- 
cuit again this summer. Looking forward to 
emptying dozens of boxes... Good to catch 
up with Eggs, Hollo-Lounge, Baby Bull, and 
BirdMeister... Spent a couple of days at GDA 
(lacrosse camp). Place looks good. If anyone 
is in NH White Mt. area, stop in!" Bobby 
sent a photo from his wedding, and referred 
to it as "Low caught dancing." While it does 
reflect Bobby and his lovely bride, on a 
dance floor, with a band in the background, 
it proves nothing. If you look closely at the 
photo, you will note that both of Bobby's 
feet are planted firmly on the floor. I told 
him we'd need video to convince us he'd ac- 
tually "danced." 

Chapman Mayo writes: "I'm still in St. 
Paul, MN - it's been 12 years now. My wife 
(Lohini) and kids - Hugh (10) and Hazen (8) 
are all doing great. We survived a major 
home remodeling project to our house 
which is now 100 years old (that's old in the 
Midwest). Latest addition to the family has 
been a new dog, Hobbes, (a schnoodle). 
Marketing 101 - take a mutt and re-brand it 
as a schoodle, goldendoodle, etc and voila ... 
charge pedigree prices. For the last six years 
I've been working with Lohini's family's 
business, Agro-K, which is an agricultural 
manufacturer of sustainable fertilizers and 
animal feed additives that are marketed as al- 
ternatives to pesticides. The business is 

growing and will be 30 years old in 2006. 
Lohini and I are working to transition the 
business to the next generation - it's a lot of 
work but a great opportunity. Most of our 
business domestically is on the west coast in 
the fruit and vegetable market. I particular- 
ly like the vineyard market - and testing the 
end results! We also export to about a dozen 
countries. Congrats, Bobby, on your wed- 
ding. Hi to Billy Dee and John Nye". 

From Jane (Boisvert) Burns: "The 
only thing new here is Tim. He's now al- 
most seven months old and doing great. 
Hope all is well with you and your family. 
Ted Larned offered a quick note. "Terry and 
I are scheduled for a C-section tomorrow 
(9/2), so we are looking forward to baby #2. 
It is a girl. She will be joining her 3.5 year 
old brother. Everything else is going fine. 
Best to all". Scott Maguire says, "Yes, my 
family and I survived the London bombings. 
Thanks for inquiring. Sorry for the delay in 
responding but I just got back from a three- 
week holiday (my longest holiday in my pro- 
fessional life, a trend I would like to contin- 
ue!) with my daughter and wife. I bought a 
house in Florida two years ago and finally 
had the opportunity to put it to use. If you 
or any class mates plan on coming to 
London, I would be happy to entertain. 

Barbara Mackay-Smith gave her 
news. "I had a wonderful five weeks on the 
east coast with the kids at my family's farm 
before returning to the Bay area, only to 
have to turn around and go to Chicago for a 
week and a half of re-training with United 
in August. Yup, I'm returning to the 'fiend- 
ly'- oops, I mean 'friendly'- skies. A little 
sooner than I'd hoped, but having taken al- 
most four years off, I can't (or at least I 
shouldn't) complain. Anyway I'll probably 
get more sleep on my lay-overs than I do at 
home with a three- and a five-year old 
crawling into my bed in the middle of the 
night! And speaking of home, we're getting 
settled into our new place in Novato; finally 
getting the curtains up, pictures on the walls, 
and landscaping the back yard. Of course, 
any fellow alums should look us up if in the 
area. Hope all's well with you on the east 
coast. I'll be thinking of you with the beau- 
tiful tall colors." 

A blast from the past, we haven't heard 
from Mark Nichols in quite a while. He 

TheArchon &» Fall 2005 79 

class notes 

writes: "Thanks for being so patient with 
me. I have been incredibly busy with many 
exciting things going on . First, and most 
importandy. our daughter Jordan Leigh 'was 
born on July 12, 2005. Karen and the baby 
are doing great. Moreover, Jordan has al- 
ready found numerous ways to tell mummy 
and daddy how things are going to be - - the 
next 18 years should be very exciting! My 
CPA firm is almost five years old and con- 
tinues to grow rapidly. Recently, I com- 
bined forces with a financial planner and 
launched Sapphire Financial Group, LLC, 
which offers integrated tax, accounting and 
wealth management sendees for businesses 
and individuals (check us out — www.sf- Things are really taking off. In 
fact, for residents of Andover, North 
Andover, Methuen, Lawrence and North 
Reading, you can view our TV commercials 
on CCN, CNBC, NECN and Fox News 
during the morning and evening hours. 
Additionally I continue to serve as a board 
member on North Andover 's Finance 
Committee. This is a rewarding endeavor, al- 
beit very time intensive. Just this past week- 
end my wife and I. along with some of our 
neighbors, organized a charity road race for 
the fourth straight year. The event was very 
successful with over 400 runners. The pro- 
ceeds fund the largest single scholarship 
awarded to a graduating North Andover 
high school senior as well as various pro- 
grams at our local youth center to strength- 
en the fabric of our community. All in all, we 
are doing very well - but as you can see - 
very busy. Hello to all of my fellow grad- 
uates. Please feel free to look me up any- 

From your secretary: I am a busy lady 
now, as my position as deputy clerk of court 
reverted, after thrree blissful years, from part- 
time back to full time. Balancing a full time 
job with two kids in school can be a bit 
dicey but it's working out fine so far. My 
husband Andy transferred (still with Fidelity) 
from the Boston office back to Merrimack, 
NH at the same time as I returned to full 
time which made it much easier to cope. 
Eddie flOj and Layla (7) are enjoying school 
this fall. The new activity is horsemanship 
lessons on Fridays. They don't smell very 
good when they get home, but they love it. 
We're all looking forward to the start of ski 

season! On the Dummer front, I am hop- 
ing to keep the D in GDA. I don't object to 
ADDING to the name (For example: 
Governor Dummer 's Academy) but am op- 
posed to REMOVING part of the name. 
There is a large and active group of alumni 
who feel the same. Visit to get 
information on the list serve if you are inter- 


Class of 1983 

Danielle L. Jacobs 

91 Pond Street 

Marblehead, MA 1 945-2604 


Laurianne Murphy 

101 W End Avenue Apt 32D 

New York, NY 10023-6381 

(212) 579-0822 

David Agger '83 and Peter Bragdon after 
dinner in San Francisco. 

Lily Esmiol wrote in that she is moving 
to Ventura, CA with her two dogs and cat. 
She is getting married in June to an archae- 
ologist named Kelly Minas. She will be vol- 
unteering for the National Park Service and 
trying to stay away from the restaurant busi- 
ness (she writes: "I've had enough!") She 
plans to someday finish her degree in 

Last February, Caroline Krause got 
married and is blissfully happy in Bradenton, 

I saw my cousins Amy Whynott 
Morrill '86 and Paul Whynott '89 and 
their families at a family reunion 111 
Massachusetts. They each have a daughter 

and a son. All of the kids are adorable (well, 
look at the parents!) and being with them 
made me more homesick for Massachusetts 
than ever... Even my daughter is asking if we 
can please move to Rockport or 
Newburyport (she likes those 'port' towns 
for some reason)." 


Class of 1984 

Cathlcen Riley Scerbo 

35 Winterbeiry Lane 

Stratham, NH 03885-2472 

(603) 778-3169 


Class of 1985 

Nathalie E. Ames 

526 West Grant Place, B 

Chicago, IL 60614 

(773) 883-1325 

Hi class of '85! 

It was great to see many of you at the 
reunion! Everyone looked well and it was 
great catching up with people: 

Ben Armstrong and his wife Ann just 
moved to their new home in Newburyport, 
MA, Sam Blatchford looks great (I can't 
believe the oldest of his four kids is 16 al- 
ready!). Becky Chase Werner and her hus- 
band Mike ran the pie race with their three 
kids. Meredith Lazo McPherron said it 
was great to catch up with everyone at re- 
union! Her kids now want to go to GDA! 
They will be moving into their new house 
by the time of the next GDA mailing. Their 

Anthony Fusco, Sam Blatchford, Jeff Taft 

at Reunion 2005 

\rchon •*• F ..II 2Mit 

Becky Werner '85 

Ben Armstrong '85 and Nathalie Ames '85 

1 lr ^ 

\ III !■■■]■ 

\ * ' M 

^^~ - y^ % JU 

\ y*^^H 

^^^HL ^^IOM& :B| 



Members of the class of 1985:Vicki deLisle, 
Raquel Adito-Barletta and Jessica Gould 

new address will be 121 Rockport Road, 
Weston, MA 02493. Raquel Ardito-Barleta 
came in from Panama; Jessica Gould and 
her new husband came, along with Lisa 
Demeri who has a beautiful four-year-old 
daughter! Other reunion alumni were 
Stephanie Gardner Ginsberg, Anthony 
Fusco, Nolden Johnson, Jeff Kelly, Sean 

GDA faculty member Jeff Kelly '85 
runs the Pie Race Reunion 2005 

Mahoney, Stephanie Migliozzi, Jeff Taft, 
Alex Konovalchik, Anna Gerry, 
Courtney Church Goldthwait, and John 

Esmee Huggard Williams is still living 
in Seattle, WA. Their kids are growing fast — 
Jon (6) and Cate (3). They have been enjoy- 
ing the great outdoors - camping, fishing, 
boating, etc.. Esmee is still working at asVP of marketing. She 
was sorry to miss the reunion! She would 
love to see everyone! Dinah Daley is well in 
Seattle. She enjoys working for the Seattle 
Symphony in event planning. Doug Kirk is 
living in North Carolina with his wife and 
two children. He is now running his own 
large construction company. Chris Chance 
says all is well with her family, husband Neal 
and daughter Sasha (almost 2!) in Exeter, 
NH. Her new private practice is going well. 
She is sorry to miss the 20th reunion — She 

will have no excuse for the 25 th! 

I hope all is well with Victoria de 
Lisle. I have tried to e-mail her after 
Hurricane Katrina. I hope they are safe 
and sound and that she and her husband 
made it out of New Orleans in time and 
their house is not ruined. 

AH is well in Chicago. Laura (now in 
sixth grade!) is almost as tall as me and has 
started to play field hockey. This summer 
we were able to spend time with Becky 
Chase Werner and her family deep sea 
fishing in Gloucester, MA. The kids all 
caught small sharks! Quite a day!! I also 
went to Ireland for a week and heard U2 
play in Dublin. We had a fun summer! 
Please keep in touch! It was great to see 
all of you again! 



Class of 1986 

Paul B. Nardone 

190 Summer Street 

Lynnfield,MA 01940-1857 

(781) 334-2037 

Members of the class of 1985: Sean Mahoney, Sam Blatchford, Nolden Johnson, 

Ben Armstrong 

20th Class Reunion 

June 9, 10, 11 2006 

We're coming up on our 20th reunion 
and I'm looking forward to seeing all who 
make the trip back in time. I continue to 
track the Governor Dummer name change 
debate and appreciate all the feedback I've 
received. If our class giving had such a high 
response rate, we'd be the highest contribut- 
ing class!! While there does not seem to be 
much support for a name change with the 
classmates I've heard from, a change in the 
name seems like a foregone conclusion based 
on the continuous flow of propaganda. 

Kim Carey Rochford says, "Life is 
good in the Rochford household. I love be- 
ing a stay at home mom. Kyle is five and will 
start kindergarten soon. Lauren is 14 months 
and a lot of fun. It was a great summer with 
lots of trips to Storyland and the beach. I've 
seen a lot of Hedi Charde and Kim 
McNulty and their families. Kim and I are 

TheArchon a- Fall 2005 81 


lass notes 

Kim Stam '86 and her Family 

going to see U2 in October. See everyone at 
our 20th this Spring." 

Kim Mooney McNulty writes: "Just 
spent the day with Hedi Charde and Kim 
Rochfbrd and our eight children at Plum 
Island. My practice is very busy. Life is 
good." From Greg Friedman: "Was a pilot 
with American Airlines for three years 
(Boston). I was mobilized with my Navy 
Reserve unit while on furlough. I recently 
finished training on the Airbus A-320 which 
I'll be flying for Jet Blue Airways. My son 
Tyler just turned 12. My daughter Rachel is 
eight. My wife of 15 years, Hannah, is recov- 
ering from her second bout with Hodgkins 
Lymphoma. Hope all is well with all." From 
Hedi Charde: '"Baby boy #3 came along on 
May 2, 2004 - Max Mathew joins Nicholas 
(7) and Aidan (4). Went skiing in Switzerland 
this past year. Aidan got to ride in the 
ambulance when he broke his leg while ski- 
ing there (like Kim Mooney did when she 
came with me there in 1986!). Still living in 
Concord (MA)." 

Kim Stam writes: "After graduating 
from Princeton, I lived in the Boston area 
and worked for a non-profit for two years 
before moving to New York City to go to 
law school. When I finished law school in 
1995 I worked for a while as an associate in 
a big NYC law firm. I wasn't loving the 
lifestyle, so my husband Kurt and I decided 
to move to The Netherlands in 1996 (where 
Kurt was born and raised). We lived in the 
Amsterdam .irc.i for three years. Our oldest 
daughter. Brooklyn, was born in 1997. I 
worked first for a Dutch law firm and later 
for an American software company in 
Amsterdam. In 1999, we decided we had 

Monique Proulx Walter '86 daughers 

Brianna, 7 and Allysha, 5 with Eeyore 

at Disney World. 

enough of life outside the US and moved 
back to Ipswich. I work lor EBSCO 
Publishing, also in Ipswich, managing a 
group of account managers and doing legal 
work. Our second daughter, Holland, was 
born in 2000, and our newest little girl, 

Liberty, was born in December 2003. 
We're loving life with all our girls just 
down the road from Crane Beach. I've at- 
tached a photo of my family taken last fall." 

Monique Proulx Walter reports: It's 
hard to believe that we are coming up on 
our 20th reunion in the coming year.Yikes! 
I feel old. My girls Brianna (7) and Allysha 
(5) are starting school soon. We have 
moved to Boxford, so they are in a new 
school system as well. Last April, we took 
our first trip to Disney World. What a blast! 
It has changed and grown so much since I 
went as a kid. I still talk with Tanya Curry- 
Hoffman quite often. She has a boy and a 
girl and lives on Staten Island in New York. 
I am also still running the Equestrian Shop, 
and my dad is trying very hard to retire. I 
would love to hear from you, so here is my 
e-mail address if anyone's interested in get- 
ting in touch and reminiscing! equestrian- Hope everyone is well 
and I will hope to see you all at our re- 

Hope the city slicker did ok in the 
woods camping - can't wait to hear the sto- 

Anyway, here are my thoughts for the 
Fall Archon: 20 Years - that's what Paul 
Nardone said to me last time we saw each 
other. For the class of '86, that is what we 
are looking at next year — 20 Years. Where 
does the time go? 


Brianna, and Allysha placed their pony 
in a show this summer. 

Class of 1987 

Amy B. Northup 

84 Central Street 

Byfield,MA 01922 

(978) 465-0724 

Kristen M. Poiilin 

P.O. Box 255 

Byfield,MA 01922 

(978) 462-9953 

Greetings from Byfield. We hope you 
had a great summer - pretty hard not to here 
in the northeast with all of the great weath- 
er we've had! I (Kristen) was lucky enough 

H2 Hi' Irchon 

Anita Russo Bartschats' children: Christoph fourth grade; Nicholas first grade; Alexa, 

preschool; John 14 months; and friends. 

to run into Anita (Russo) Bartschat dur- 
ing Newburyport's Yankee Homecoming 
celebration in August and spent a day at 
Plum Island with her and her crew: 
Christoph in fourth grade, Nicholas in first 
grade, Alexa in preschool and John 14 
months (see picture). Anita also met up with 
Heather Moore Roche '88 and her kids 

for some Yankee Homecoming activities. 
While spending time on the beach with 
kids, Anita ran into Lisa Carrigg with six- 
week-old Caralena. Lisa and her husband 
David Cancel welcomed Caralena 
Jane Cancel into the world on June 18th. It 
sounds like Lisa is staying quite busy!! 

Alex Moody '89, Derek Sullivan '89, Kevin Lydon '89, Peter Bragdon, Jane Piatelh, Chris 
D'Orio '88, and Nolden Johnson '85 at the induction of Larry Piatelli into The 

Massachusetts Hockey Hall of Fame. 

Anita Russo Bartschat reports: "I 
moved to Northville, MI in December '04. 
John Otto was born July 1 , 2004 so now we 
have four children. I have on my 'to do' list 
to send in a photo. I am working as a full- 
time mom and usually enjoying it. Planning 
to spend a few weeks on Plum Island in 
August, hoping to catch up with some GDA 
friends! Beach party anyone?" Amy (Mack) 
Forsthoffer and her husband Mark recently 
took the plunge into home ownership! 
They are now living in Fairfax, VA. While 
visiting Amy's family on Plum Island over 
Labor Day weekend, Mark and Amy met up 
with Paula (McCarthy) Haas and Lucy 
(Armstrong) Henkes and their families. 
Lucy and Thilo are also in a new house - 
they made the much awaited move north 
from Cambridge to Georgetown. 

Taylor Twining writes, "I am still living 
on the Jersey shore and working in 
Manhattan. My kids; Madeline (8), Mason 
(5) and Logan (1) love it down on the shore 
and we would welcome any '87 visitors who 
are in the area. I keep in touch with Crabber 
(Jackson, WY.) and Zraket (Washington, 
DC.) See you at our 20th! Hope for a big 
turn out! Rob DeLena writes that all is well 
in Sudbury with his wife Mary Beth and 
children, Ryan (4) and Abigail (3) . He also 
reports that, in his capacity as a member of 
the Advisory Committee on the proposed 
name change, he has enjoyed hearing from 
many of the '87s that have weighed in on the 
issue. He also invites anyone else with an 
opinion to contact him at delena@legal- Peter Barton writes, "Life is 
good here. I'm still a litigator in 
Washington, DC. The best of news is that 
I'm recently married to Laura White. The 
wedding was in Boise, Idaho, her home- 
town. It was an amazing day." 
Congratulations, Peter! 

That's all we have for this addition - 
we'd love to hear from more of you any- 
time! Have a great fall. 


Class of 1988 

Deana Dominica Boy ages 

1911 Cambridge Street 

Upper Arlington, OH 43221 

dhoyages@columbus. rr. com 

TheArchon ^ Fall 2005 83 


lass notes 



Class of 1989 

Kristen A. Brown 

Cambridge School oflleston 

45 Georqin Road 

Weston, MA 02493 

(781) 893-3523 

krisitinjbro wn @post. harvard, edi 1 

John S. ir/fcti// 

5530 Lindenshire Lane 

Dallas, TX 75230-2138 

(972) 980-6899 



Class of 1990 
Nicolle Fardy DelliColli 

20 Post Office Avenue, Apt. 25 

Andover.MA 01810-3651 

ndellicolli@aol. coin 

Lucas David Stancill, son of Danielle 
(Kealler) '90 and Ryan Stancill, born 

March 4. 2005 

A big HELLO to the class of 1990 and 
anyone else reading in us. There are lots of 
great reports from classmates this time 
around. To start us off. a cheerful note with 
lots of news comes from Danielle (Kealler) 
Stancill who writes: "Hey Nikki. It sounds 
like you are doing great and keeping busy! 
Hopefully the summer has been bright and 
sunny for you! Anyway, just wanted to write 
in and say hello. There is some exciting news 
in my world so I thought I would share. My 
husband. Ryan, and I are still living in 
Atlanta, CiA and arc wry happy. We recently 
bought a house in a northern Atlanta suburb 
just m time for the arrival of our first child. 
Lucas David was born on March 4th and is 
now almost six months old. It is hard to be- 

lieve and it goes by so fast. He is an absolute 
treasure and so happy, we have a lot of fun. I 
have attached some pictures from our vaca- 
tion last month to the beach in the Outer 
Banks, NC and Lucas was five months. We 
also have been back and forth to Boston (and 
Andover of course) several times already this 
summer and it has been as hot as Atlanta! 
Our plan of escaping the heat did not work! 
:-) We are off to Kennebunkport. Maine in 
September for a family wedding and also 
some R&rR. Rough Life indeed! She will 
not write in herself, so I will for her. Beth 
Ashby and her husband Marshall Tisdale 
have a daughter, Katharine, who is now 16 
months and as cute as can be. They live in 
Westford, MA and are great. They came to 
visit us in Atlanta last month for July 4th 
weekend and we had a really wonderful vis- 
it! Andy Baird also was in touch out of the 
blue recently which was a really nice sur- 
prise! Sounds like Phoenix is still treating 
him well. He filled me in on Eric LaCroix 
being a Dad and by now Nick Vachon is as 
well (I think they were due in July) so big 

j^li /TYf 

Margo Dhaliwal, Shannon Clifford 

Davenport and Regina Glanzberg at 

Shannon's wedding in July 2005. 

Shannon Davenport '90 and Molly 
( VHandlcy at Reunion 

Kevin. Jen and Jack O'Handley '90 

congrats to them! A big hello to everyone 
and it ever in Atlanta, please get in touch. 
Enjoy the rest of the summer." 

Paul Salemme writes: "I am currently 
living and working in Chelmsford (57 
Kennedy Drue. Chelmsford, MA 01863 
(978)764-0061) due to high gas prices. I 
work as a small business specialist for Bank of 
America. I haven't written in a while but I 
think we all should. Nikki takes a lot of time 
out of her busy schedule, we should at least 
spend five minutes to fill out this card." 
Ahhh, Thank you, Mr. Salemme, so much for 
recognizing. Typically, it is my pleasure, yet 
some neglect to acknowledge me with even 
a "Hi Nikki" in their notes, which can make 
this task tiring. Anyhooo 

Emily Pearl writes: "Still running my 
own animal boarding kennel groom business 
in Southern Maine. Having a baby boy at 
the end of October. Life is good. Think 
Snow!" Shannon Davenport writes: "Hi, 
evervbodv! I'm back at Winnacunnet High 
School for my seventh year teaching. I'm re- 
turning after a fabulous summer of wedding 
one Jamie Clifford. I have had a crush on 
him since he played soccer with my brother 
Josh ("88) on my dad's local traveling team 
when I was about 15. He grew up in Exeter 
and own remembers Ian Jones ('90) from 
Kensington. We married on July 9th 111 
North Hampton. NH and had our reception 
under a rainbowed sky at Odiorne Point in 
Rye, ocean side. It was catered by the Take 
Away C..\fc run by Carl Schwartz ('80 or 
'85). Margo (Doyle) Dhaliwal ('90) was one 

li /,,„, » 1 

grapevine. Until next time — be cool 
or at least try! :) 

Colin Dhaliwal, born March 17, 2005, at 


of my bride's maids, and Regina Glanzberg 
('88) made it up from Long Island. It was a 
load of fun, including my getting a fat lip in 
the Clifford-the-Big-Red-Dog-jumpy- 
thing! We honeymooned in St. Lucia where 
we enjoyed our own private villa and plunge 
pool nestled between two enormous moun- 
tains — the remnants of a volcano. The rest of 
the summer has been consumed by my ob- 
session to paint the house. It is, of course, 
taking far longer than I ever would have an- 
ticipated. Colm Dhaliwal, by the way is ab- 
solutely gorgeous, as are Molly and Jack 
Durgin O'Handley. Sorry more of you did 
not make the spring reunion. Hope to see 
you next time. And... my new name is 
Shannon Clifford Davenport. Strange but 

And last but far from least, the almighty 
Mr. David Smith writes: "Hello Nikki, I 
didn't make it to reunion because I had to 
attend a bachelor party for a college buddy. 
Shaun Toomey was married this summer. 
Harris, Needham, and Rodgers attended 
the wedding. I didn't, but hey, what can you 
do. I am sad summer is over but am looking 
forward to the upcoming year. I have almost 
finished my house and look forward to being 
able to relax. Brian Rodgers and his wife 
Tasha are expecting a child in November. 
I'm out of space-You Rock!" 

Well, thanks to all of you who help keep 
the lines open and the letters coming. 
Congrats on more exciting marriages and 
children to those above who wrote and all of 
you we're hearing of through the GDA 




Class of 1991 

Nicole F. LaTour 

9 Worcester Street 

Boston, MA 02118 

(617) 267-2008 

15th Class Reunion 

June 9, 10, 11 2006 

I can't believe that fall is here as it seems 
like summer only just started. Of course one 
of the highlights of the summer was Todd 
Bairstow's now second annual "Mustachio 
Bashio" which took place at his house in 
Medford. There is nothing like seeing your 
old friends parade around a party in weird 
facial hair and speedos (yes, there are photos 
out there). Participants of this year's bashio 
were Todd, Matt Murphy, Stratton 
Newbert and Zane Craft '93. When not 
hosting theme parties Todd was busy launch- 
ing his own new web marketing agency, 
Keyword Advisors, which I am sure will be a 
successful venture. It was also a treat to have 
Catherine and Billy Batchelder back east 
for a little while from San Francisco where 

AndyTanton '91 and Peter Bragdon at a 
ballgame in Camden Yards. 

they are still living. Billy has a new sales job 
in the Bay Area with Network Appliance 
and Catherine is busy coaching and teaching 
lacrosse and also running after their kids, Will 
and Callie. 

It was nice to hear from some people 
who hadn't checked in for a while. Brian 
Novelline is still loving life in Chicago with 
his wife Kristen and 18-month-old daugh- 
ter, Carly. Brian is still working as an analyst 
for DRW Investments. Brian was nice 
enough to pass along some other notes of 
classmates he sees or keeps in touch with. 
Merrideth Kalil also lives in Chicago and is 
doing well working at a unit of Havas 
Advertising and just bought a place close to 
Brian's. Andy Tanton and Dave Graichen 
are still in Baltimore working in equity trad- 
ing, Andy at Brown Investments and Dave is 
with Wachovia. Congratulations are in order 
for Andy as he was recently engaged and is 
planning on getting married next spring. 
Brian was able to make it back East for a bit 
this summer and catch up with his family in 
Falmouth, while there, he hooked up with 
Dave Corbett to run in the Falmouth Road 
Race. Brian was then able to meet Corbett 's 
new son, Finn, who according to Brian 
"similarly does not have much hair". In oth- 
er baby news, Phil Gatchell and his wife 
Emily also became new parents this summer, 
welcoming their son Creighton. 

Regan Jones Thompson writes that 
she gave birth to her second daughter in 
April, Peyton, so with two children under 
the age of two, she has her hands full. Regan 
doesn't live far from Megan Price Hight 
and Leah Colangelo Benander so she is 
able to see them often. Leah also had her 
second child, a daughter named Tuesday this 
summer. Alexis Colby Yates and her hus- 
band Tim welcomed their second Son, 
Charles, this summer and also moved to a 
new house in Fairfield, CT Toby Levine 
continues to conquer the Boston Yoga scene 
and was recently engaged to her boyfriend 
Michael and is looking forward to planning 
her early spring wedding. Cathy Burgess is 
still working at Evergreen Investments cov- 
ering New England and spent her summer 
preparing for a national designation exam in 
Financial Planning and also playing lots of 
golf. Cathy is now living in Charlestown in 
her new condo in the Navy Yard. Karen 
Queen Stern is still busy working at Foley 
Hoag in Boston and she and her husband, 

TlieArchon <* Fall 2005 85 

class notes 

Ben. caught up with Todd Graff and his 
wife Candi who recendy moved back to the 
Boston area and also became new parents 
this summer welcoming their daughter. 
Alison, in early July. As for me. I am almost 
fully acclimated to life back in the Northeast 
alter a year and still busy with my own de- 
sign practice. LaTour Decor. 

Clearly these notes illustrate people 
have a lot going on whether it be a new 
business venture or expanding families. I 
hope that this fall finds you all prospering in 
whatever endeavors you might be undertak- 
ing. Also, a reminder that we have a reunion 
year approaching. Next spring is our 15th (if 
you can believe that). I hope that we can get 
a good group together. 

Matthew Remis '92 and his wife. Cindy 

Weener Remis, recently had their first 

child, a daughter. Abigail Faith, on June 1. 

2 | i | 6. Everyone is doing just great! 


Class of 1992 

Catharine "Cassie" A. Wkkes 

6155 Fountain Valley School Road 

Colorado Springs, CO 80911 



Class of 1993 

Shawn Markey 

Governor Dummer Academy 

I Elm Street 

Byjield.MA 01922 

(978) 499-3166 

Well, I am glad to see that my guilt trip 
worked on a few of you and hopefully the 
momentum will build for the winter issue. I 
have returned from a wonderful ten-day 
honeymoon in Hawaii just in time to resume 
my duties here. In my wedding last month 
were best man Jon Kazanjian '92 and ush- 
er Eric Edholm, who is a writer for Pro 
Football Weekly in Chicago. Anyone looking 
for advice in fantasy football should seek him 
out. Amongst those of us hitting the big 3-0 
this summer was Saundra Watson who is 
now teaching special education at the third 
and fourth grade levels and seeking her 
Master's in special ed. Chris Yeagley and 
wile, Isabel, are still enjoying New York and 
he writes: "I left Merrill Lynch in May to 
join Deutsche Bank, where the German I 
learned from Mr. Seufert is coming in 
handy." Jill Kiedaisch (Hindle) was 
married last September and the newlyweds 
are living in a tent on their front lawn 
as they await the completion of their new 
home in central Vermont. She has a great job 
working in the Programming/Production 
department of Vermont Public Radio. The 
great year in Boston sports has kept Mike 
Nadeau entertained as he is still living in the 
heart of Boston just around the corner from 
Fenway Park. Dawn Wilson (Morrill) was 
also recently married (June '04) and honey- 
mooned in Hawaii. She and her husband 
bought a house in Aver. MA where her hus- 
band is a chemist for Wyeth Research and. as 
you could have guessed, Dawn is using her 
math/science skills working for Idenix 
Pharmaceuticals. She would love to catch up 
with people who can email her at mor- 

Unlike me, Use Abusamra is training 
hard for both the New York City and Boston 
marathons. It must be in the genes. She is still 
living on the upper west side of New York 
City and working as the I )ircctor of College 

Madison (3-1/2) and Devon (1) children 
of Derek and Kristen Ambrosi '93 

Jeromy Lyons '93 and fiancee Julie 

Counseling at a small private school. Cara 
Doran (Endyke) decided to check in and 
has been rather busy since we last saw her 
jump the wall. Getting married is the least of 
things as she spent three years in Nicaragua. 
moved to Baltimore with her husband to 
earn a Master's degree in public health from 
Johns Hopkins and now has two children (4 
and 2) while awaiting the arrival or her 
third. You can all feel a little safer when trav- 
eling to Martha's Vineyard next summer 
with Chris Cini as a paramedic and Jim 
Morse a sergeant with the Oak Bluffs police 
department. Chris is now married and a 
home owner. He and his wife live in West 
Tisbury on the Vineyard and occasionally he 
is on the same scene as Jim. Jim has been an 
officer on Martha's Vineyard for nine years 
and has somehow managed to get his 


Cara Endyke's '93 two children at her sister's wedding 

Master's and law degree in Boston when not 
on duty over the last five years. He will be 
working double duty as an officer and lawyer 
doing general civil practice and real estate. 
Katie Mack is living in San Francisco fin- 
ishing a M.S. in marriage and family therapy. 
She loves the west coast and would like to 
get in touch with some old classmates espe- 
cially if they are visiting the area. You can 
reach her at 

Stephanie Schermerhorn is living 
"The Nanny Diaries" as a professional nan- 
ny for the past ten years. She has traveled to 
Europe and is now living in Manhattan. 
Shoot her an email to keep in touch at 
Shirani Wickramasinghe is back in Erie, 
PA with her husband Martin. She has 
opened a yarn store,, 
with her mora and along with sales, teaches 
people how to knit. She loves it and hopes to 
see Coral Rabey (Keith) and her family 
over the holidays. Shirani would love to get 
back in touch with you so contact her at sr- Looking for a place 
to stay in New York? Dave Mollov is your 
man. After completing his MBA from the 
University of Chicago in June, he took a po- 
sition in the corporate offices of Starwood 

Hotels and Resorts. Married in March of 
'02, the happy couple just celebrated their 
son Mark's first birthday this July. Get in 
touch at Next 
time you are rooting on the Irish in South 
Bend, IN give Amy Cornell (Chase) a call. 
She, her husband and their three pets moved 
from Pennsylvania in December and she is 
still working for a staffing company called 
Spherion while her husband coaches lacrosse 
for Notre Dame. Lissa Murnane is married 
and still working in Boston as chief of staff 
for a state senator, so give her a call if you get 
a parking ticket. Nancy Stevenson is excit- 
ed to start her new job in December inde- 
pendently running an internet business. She 
is still living in Portsmouth, NH and wishes 
everyone well as she hands over the reigns as 
class secretary. Derek and Kristen Ambrosi 
have a busy fall ahead celebrating their sec- 
ond year in their house in New Jersey, 
Madison's fourth birthday, and their five-year 
wedding anniversary. Derek has received 
many accolades lately including three Emmy 
awards. For more stop by 
They hosted Archie and Mackenzie Seale 
to catch up on old times in July and they at- 
tended Anne Olney's wedding in 
Manchester-By-The-Sea in August. 

Life is good for Jeremy Lyons. He is a 

commercial insurance broker in Carlsbad, 
California where he just purchased a home 
and adopted a dog. Next up for him is a 
wedding with his beloved bride-to-be Julie. 
Matt Casellini and Robbie Kealer will be 
out in CA for the wedding and Jeremy re- 
ports Keals is still in Atlanta and expecting 
his second child. I ran into Matt Cas last 
week at Leo's House of Pizza and he is do- 
ing well, living in Georgetown and working 
in Boston, although he is currently looking 
to shorten the commute. Alberto 
Dominguez-Beautell is a doctor and soon 
to be a urologic surgeon. He is living in 
Belgium and working throughout Europe. 
He wishes the old Eames boys well and says 
hi to the rest of the class of '93. Watch any 
good documentaries lately? Chances are 
John Shea had a hand in them. He is work- 
ing for Fox entertainment and was recently 
shooting a series of documentaries in Alaska. 
His travel schedule is hectic, but he lives the 
good life in the Los Angeles area. Jim Walsh 
is a financial planner for Legg Mason. He 
was married last fall and is living in Southie 
like a true Irishman should. He's busy but 
still manages to get in a few rounds of golf 
each summer. Speaking of busy, Dana 
Pascucci just had a baby last month. He is 
still living in New Jersey and working in 
New York City. Like some of us he wants the 
15th to be better and would also like to meet 
some of the gang around here at the Grog 
the next time he is in town. Okay, there are 
some legitimate reasons from some of you 
for missing the tenth reunion (getting mar- 
ried, attending a wedding or being overseas), 
but on the whole a better effort is needed in 
'08. Great to hear from those mentioned 
above and keep in touch! 

David, Darlene and Mark Molov '93 

TheArchon e>* Fall 2005 87 

class notes 


Class of 1994 

Kristai Marvin Hughes 

14335 Burbank Boulevard Apt 6 

VanNuys, CA 91401-4819 

(818) '80-1309 

Kate Savage was married on 
September 10 to Steven Conner from 
Orlando. Florida. They were married in 
Northeast Harbor. Maine. Lisa Masinter. 
Anne Savage "93 and Jessica Savage '97 
were all bridesmaids. Kate and Steven will 
be residing in Atlanta. Georgia. Meg Vaught 
writes that she recently unearthed some au- 
dio copies of all the Guilds from the Springs 
of 1992-1994. If anyone would like copies of 
any of them, to email her at mvaught@op- Josh Manring has opened up a 
photography gallery. Journeyman Gallery. 
where he lives in Naples. Florida. Because 
he's been traveling on and off for a few years 
taking photographs, his friends dubbed him 
the journeyman." thus the gallery name, His 

MegVaught's '94 twin daughters at 18 months 

photos consist of landscapes, cityscapes, peo- boyfriend Christian and is working as an 
pie and cultural scenes from all around the Associate Producer for a Post-Production fa- 
world. You can check out his stuff online at cility. Cutters, which is in nearby Venice. Dave Costa writes (and yes. I'm going to 

quote what you wrote. Dave, because I'm 

Kasev McGarrisle recently moved out 
here to Santa Monica. CA with her 

too lazy to paraphrase): "'I've been a Loan 

Kn> Marvin '94 and Ryan Hughes wedding. From left to right: Tim Gould '95. Karen Hesschbach '94. Ryan Hughes. 

Kris Marvin '94. Kasey McGarngle '94, Erin Canavin '94, Brian Marvin '^7 

HH TheArchon -*- F .ill 2'>m=> 

Officer at The Mortgage Specialists in 
Plaistow, NH for three years now and a li- 
censed realtor in Massachusetts and New 
Hampshire for the past two years. My wife 
Michelle is starting her sixth year as an ele- 
mentary school teacher at The Steward 
School in Topsfield, MA. She taught first 
grade there for four years and this will be her 
second year teaching second Grade. We are 
doing just fine, living in our home in 
Haverhill, MA. We were married in 
Camden, Maine on August 20. John 
Markos was my best man and Tommy 
Faulkner was one of my groomsmen. Also 
in attendance were Michelle Dumas, Justin 
Rivera and Melissa King. We spent the 
Honeymoon in Playa del Carmen, and we 
would definitely recommend the Royal 
Porto Real Resort. It just opened in April 
of this year and we had a great time. We 
played in the Lynne Markos Memorial Golf 
Tournament this year and saw Mike 
Moonves and Sani Silvennoinen '93, who 

Wedding of Scott Mathew Grenier '96 to Mindy Bell in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 

June 2004. In attendance were Jason Richter '97, Chris Coleman '96, 

Carla Gottschall '96, Scott Coulon '96, Matt Perry '96 

Tom Faulkner '94, Justin Rivera '94, Michelle Costa, 
Dave Costa '94, Michelle Dumas '94, John Markos '94 

seems to be enjoying his married life in 
Connecticut. We see Justin Rivera quite a 
bit and Tommy Faulkner and his baby. And 
Cheri Malo and I still connect, albeit once 
a year on our birthday, March 1st. (sorry 
Cheri, I can't remember your married name, 
I'm a bad friend, I know.) My turn to be 30 
this year, Cheri. ..It's not that bad, is it? 
Anyhow, I hope everyone out there is doing 
well and if anyone is looking to buy or sell a 
house or in MA or NH, or thinks they might 
benefit from a refinance in any state, I'd ap- 
preciate the opportunity to earn (my mort- 
gage payments), er, I mean, your business. 

Hey, I've got mortgage pay- 
ments to make, too, ya know. 
Seriously though, call me 
for any reason if you like 
617.877.9577 or send me an 
email ( 
just to catch up or whatever. 
Good luck everyone, work 
hard, do what you love." 

As for me, I got married 

on March 20 to Ryan Hughes 

who is originally from 

Brisbane, Australia. We were 

married at the Bedford Village 

Inn in Bedford, NH. Karen 

Hesselbach, Kasey 

McGarrigle, Tim Gould 

'95, Erin Canavin and my 

brother Brian Marvin '97 

were in attendance. We definitely had a blast 

drinking and dancing. Ryan and I live in Los 

Angeles and I'm currently working as a 

writer on Freddie, a new sitcom airing this 

fall. We hang out a lot with Kasey 

McGarrigle, Michelle Dumas, John 

Markos and my brother as they live all live 

here in Los Angeles as well. That's it from 

the class of 1994. Hope everyone is doing 

well, and look forward to hearing from more 

of you next time. 



Class of 1995 

Laura B. Barnes 

P.O. Box 12219 

Kowloon Central Post Office 

Yau Ma Tei 

Kowloon, Hong Kong SAR 

(852) 91181153 

Ibharnes 1 

Class of 1996 

Janna De Risi 

Southdown Landing 

3 Ladder Court 

Huntington, NY 1 1 143 

(631) 659-3036 

Jeffrey R. LaBelle 

2835 North Cambridge Avenue #1 

Chicago, IL 60651 

jeffreylabelle@hotmail. com 

10th Class Reunion 

June 9, 10, 11 2006 

TheArchon e» Fall 2005 89 


lass notes 

Carla Gottschall '96 with friends at her wedding. 

Janna Di Risi reports: "My little boy 
Hudson will be starting nursery school this 
fall which is very exciting. My, how time 
flies! I am going to be class mother which I 
guess will be similar to my roll as social com- 
mittee president at GDA but just for a gag- 
gle of pre-schoolers! Darren and I are still 
settling into our new home and having fun 
decorating after a very busy summer filled 
with lots of traveling and special events. One 
of the highlights being Carla's wild Boston 
bachelorette weekend which was a blast. I 
drove through campus this afternoon on my 
way back to New York and I was shocked at 
how young all the students looked milling 
around in front of the dorms! Were we all 
really ever that young? We thought we were 
so mature and my goodness we were just ba- 
bies! I am really looking forward to seeing 
everyone at our ten year reunion in June." 

Brad Walker writes that he is current- 
ly the assistant chef at Platinum Plus located 
id Atlanta, GA. He did not finish culinary 
school as he hoped, but things worked out 
anyways. His responsibilities include tossing 
the salad everyday as well as manning the 
roasl beef cart. Thanks for the update, Mr. 
w';ilker and good to hear that things are 
working out for you. Michael Silverio 
writes that he just gol married and is look- 

90 TheArchon • I ..II 2<«r-> 

ing forward to the 10 year. Jane Livingston 
writes that not too much is going on with 
her. She works in the labor and delivery 
room as a nurse and she is busy building a 
house and becoming a "grown up". She is 
looking forward to the reunion. "Bring it 
on". Raymond Long officially left 
Accenture on August 3rd. He officially start- 
ed teaching at GDA on September 13th. He 
is living in the apartment on the first floor of 
Perkins, the one closest to Boynton. It's go- 
ing to be a crazy year, but he is really excit- 
ed. He is looking forward to the 10-year re- 
union. He will be the kid in the tweed blaz- 
er. Jason Greenberg writes that he is still in 
NYC working for ESPN on football and 
basketball programs. He was recently ap- 
pointed as an alumni trustee at GDA and he 
is looking forward to a minimum of four 
trips annually to Byfield. If in the NYC area, 
feel free to contact Jason at (917) 674-0992 

For the first time since I started compil- 
ing these cards, I did not hear from Jason 
Rivera. Everything is going well with me. 
Been in touch with Todd Walters down in 
Washington DC and Jari Vasicko in Miami. 
Looking forward to the 10 year. 


Class of 1997 

Sandra 77 Padilla 

1523 Sacramento Street #7 

San Francisco, CA 94109 

(310) 254-7073 

Hello, everyone! It's been great to hear 
from all of you. I've recently started my first 
semester at Columbia Business School, and it 
has been quite hectic! However, I'm really 
enjoying New York and actually being back 
in school. 

Jodi Levorone has had quite a busy 
summer. She got married on June 25th. 
Congratulations! She had a wonderful day. 
Meghan Earle was one of her bridesmaids, 
and Laura Hirsch, Deke Fryberg, Eric 
Bornhofft, and Kevin Bromby were in at- 
tendance. The day was just perfect. Jodi is 
now working back in the hospital. She will 
graduate from medical school in June, and 
hopes to pursue a residency in Internal 
Medicine and Psychiatry. Meghan Earle re- 
ports that she's had an amazing summer. 
She's still working in Manhattan and living 
m I loboken, but one thing has changed. 


Meghan got engaged to her boyfriend Jon 
this past June. Meghan and Jon will be mar- 
ried at GDA next summer. Meghan also 
writes about Jodi's very special wedding. 
"She (Jodi) looked beautiful and the party 
was GREAT." Jessie Gannett writes in from 
Florida. She and her fiance moved to 
Orlando this past June. They are both teach- 
ing in Florida, and enjoying the city and all 
the sun! Susan Gilberg is still living outside 
of Philadelphia. She and her husband Jordan 
are enjoying their six-month-old daughter 
Lily. Susan will be returning back to work as 
a teacher at the same inner city spot she has 
been teaching at for the past three school 
years. Nicole Suggs was married this past 
June at GDA. Congratulations! It was a 
beautiful day and they had lots of fun. 
Adrienne Berry-Burton (mother of Ray and 
Jess Long) gave a wonderful service. After 
the wedding, Nicole and her husband Geoff 
went to an island no one had every heard of 
(Canouan). It was quiet and peaceful, and a 
good place to just go and relax. Nicole is 
still working at State Street while pursuing 
her MBA. 

As always, it's great to hear from you. 
Please let me know if you're every in the 
area! Hope all is well! 


Elizabeth Evans Erickson 

238 Cambridge Street, Apt. 6 

Boston, MA 02114 

(617) 254-6225 

ericksone_e@yahoo. com 

Hi All! I recently visited my fiance's 10- 
year High School Reunion - it is amazing to 
think that ours is only two years away! I 
have been keeping busy planning my wed- 
ding and finishing school here in Boston. In 
fact, Emily Novis writes that she has finally 
finished college! She is now out in Portland, 
OR working as a nurse in Family Birth at a 
hospital in the city. She is enjoying the west 
coast and exploring the mountains and 
beaches and can't wait for ski season! She 
would love to hear from old friends at eno- Jillian Welenc has just re- 
turned to school this year, starting a Master 
of Interior Design at New England School 
of Art and Design. Ramsey Hasan reports 
that he has just been promoted to Senior 
Fund Accountant at State Street in Boston - 
Congratulations, Ramsey! Philip Venturelli 

is currently serving as a project Engineer for 
Ratheon Company, while also pursuing a 
PhD in Physics and Engineering at UCLA. 
He is happy to have just bought his own 
condo in El Segundo only one block away 
from the beach. You may email him at Eric Blair has just 
moved to Alexandria, VA. He is starting 
Business School at George Washington. He 
writes that "DCs a great city and so far I'm 
having a blast." Finally, I spoke with Hilary 
St. Jean a few weeks ago. She said that she 
put off her law school plans for one more 
year because she was asked to join the 
Rolling Stones Tour. She has been working 
to organize VIP parties on tour for bands for 
several years, but an offer from the Rolling 
Stones was too good to pass up! 


Class of 1999 

Jessica S. Zaplin 

24 Allston Street 

Charlestons, MA 02129 

(617) 797-5134 

jessrz66@hotmail. com 

Paul Morrissey just graduated and 
moved to Prague, Czech Republic on Sept. 
10th. He is going to be teaching English as 
a foreign language. "The assignment lasts at 
least one year, so if anybody happens to be in 
Europe between Sept. '05 and Aug. '06 they 
should contact me at this email address:" Tim Chase 
has been living in Krakow, Poland since 
October of last year. He has been teaching 
English a bit but also playing music, writing 
for an English language magazine, Krakout 
(, and most recent- 
ly he started his own website devoted to pro- 
moting live music in Central Europe 
( "Actually Courtland 
Gilbert came over to Krakow this summer to 
help me get the website off the ground. 
While I have no definite plans concerning 
how long I intend to stay in Krakow and 
Central Europe, I'm not going anywhere 
anytime soon. If anyone in the GDA com- 
munity is interested in learning more about 
some of the cities and music scenes in 
Central Europe I encourage you to check 
out MEMusik. Adios." 

Lindsay Gadd is still in Colorado 
Springs. She just finished her Master's of 

Arts in Teaching at Colorado College and 
will be teaching German this year at a high 
school. "I have been to orientation and am 
really excited! I saw Justin Marshall recent- 
ly at a gathering for GDA alumni in Denver. 
It was awesome to see how many GDA 
alumni have made it out here. I'd love to 
hear from everyone. You can e-mail me at 
Lindsay26 1 98 1" Robin 
Klein just got back from traveling with her 
boyfriend for about eight months in Fiji, 
New Zealand, Australia, Thailand, Laos, 
Vietnam, Cambodia and Hong Kong. They 
lived and worked in Sydney for a few months. 
"All fantastic places - can't wait until we have 
enough money to go traveling again." 

Rebecca Messinger writes: "I am a 
Peace Corps Volunteer on a South Pacific 
Island called Pohnpei. I teach English to 
children ages 10-15, while I am learning 
Pohnpeian. I also work with girls to help 
them develop better gender identity." 
Naomi Fink writes: "All is well. . .still work- 
ing at Time Inc. in marketing research on 
five titles, including Teen People, People en 
Espanol & Sports Illustrated for Kids. I see 
Eric Gordon '97 who is living in Brooklyn. 
Other than that, just trying to make 
the most of what I have. Hope all is well." 
Charlene MacDonald is starting her 
Master's in Public Policy at Harvard this fall. 
She reconnected with Caitlin Marino 
and Alex McHale this past year and 
would love to catch up with other 
GDA alum. You can email Charlene at: 

Polly Titcomb writes, "Hello from 
Berkeley, CA! I am currently in graduate 
school in San Francisco studying philosophy 
and religion. The program is called 
'Philosophy, Cosmology and Consciousness.' 
I am aspiring to be a professor of philosophy 
of cosmology and also an astrologer. I hope 
to move into Ayurvedic medicine - an east- 
ern form of healing - as well, integrating all 
of these into one career/lifestyle. 

Things are going well; I couldn't be 
happier. Miss you all!" 

Peter Bragdon heard from Greg Moore 
over the summer. Greg wrote: "Things here 
are fine. I've almost reached the six-month 
mark here in sunny Iraq. I'm currently the 
Company Executive Officer, and Combat 
Engineer Platoon Commander. We've been 
pretty busy so far. We're due to redeploy back 

TheArchon &> Fall 2005 91 

class notes 

the US fairly soon, so I should be back in 
New England area shordy after my return to 
visit people. I cannot discuss current opera- 
tions but my platoon has built numerous 
structures, emplaced lots of fencing, built ob- 
stacles, swept for mines, and repaired all sorts 
of things. Not one of my marines has been 
injured, so over all a nice deployment. The 
Euphrates is surprisingly beautiful, and it is 
also the only place with vegetation around it. 
And my limited interaction with the locals 
has been fine (I spent 98% of my time work- 
ing on the air base) . As for life in general, I 
got married last October. Eight days later I 
went to CA for three weeks. Back for 
Thanksgiving, and three more weeks to AZ 
for training. Six weeks, then off to Iraq." We 
hope Greg is stateside by now or very soon. 
Email Greg at 


Class of 2000 

Catherine E. Correia 

87 Green Street 

Wakefield, MA 01880-3957 

(781) 245-0244 

Hi, Class of 2000! It was wonderful to 
see so many of you at Reunion this past 
June. I just recently relocated to Gainesville, 
Florida because my boss in Boston took a 
position at UFL's medical school. I am still 
doing medical research and having a great 
time with that. I am slowly adjusting to 
Southern and college town life. Football 
season is crazy here, but fun. If anyone hap- 
pens to be in Northern Florida or wants a 
place to warm up this winter, I'd love to hear 
from you! 

Bettina Romberg writes that her sum- 
mer has been pretty busy juggling work and 
school, but she did manage to go to Martha's 
Vineyard one weekend and fit in a few trips 
up to Maine. She says it was great to see 
everybody at reunion! Michelle Wheeler 
sent me a quick email with pictures from 
Kauai, Hawaii where she is currently living 
and working. Her pictures are just spectac- 
ular, she must be having an amazing experi- 
ence there. Dan Fanaberia has been in Los 
Angeles for seven months and is studying 
acting. He's filmed a few small projects and 

is pursuing a career in acting. Dan attached 
his email,, and 
would like to connect if anyone is in LA. 
Tania Hamboyan had her third and final 
wedding reception over Memorial Day with 
friends and her Dad's family at the Karoun 
restaurant in Newton. Among those in at- 
tendance were Gen Reynolds, Jess 
Rybicki, and Kai Kaiser. They had a fun 
and relaxing honeymooned in Pennsylvania. 
Tania is now happily settling into the house 
that she and here husband, Rob, bought in 
Grasonville, MD. They've just finished paint- 
ing and Rob put in bamboo-flooring. 

Nick Mincolla is finishing up his BA 
in English at Franklin Pierce College this 
fall. He had a great summer working, surf- 
ing, and hiking as much as possible. Jay 
Salony is living in Cambridge, working for 
a management consulting firm, and running 
a lot. Josh Freeman is working in Copley 
Square for a property management company 
and plans to finish up school this May He 
plans to stay on where he is working after 
graduation. Right now Josh spends most of 
his time in Boston and often hangs out with 
Marc, Pete, Seth, Jimmy C, and JD. 
Gretchen Gee writes that she is living in 
Albany, GA. She is working as the 
AmeriCorps Habitat for Humanity 
Volunteer Coordinator for the local affiliate. 
She loves her job and the people she works 
with; however, the humidity she could do 
without. She says it was great to see everyone 
at reunion. Courtney Marino is now 
working at Vera Wang on Newbury Street 
selling wedding dresses. If you're in the mar- 
ket for wedding dresses, Courtney can show 
you some amazingly, gorgeous ones. 
Courtney and Meghan Barry celebrated 
their recent birthdays together in Boston. 
Many GDA alums helped to celebrate. 
Zenovia Wright writes: "Natalia and I 
have decided to give the roommate thing a 
go again. Nine years later, and are living in a 
townhome in Fairfax County, VA with my 
sister. So far things are going well... we defi- 
nitely have more space than we did in the 
corner room of Moody! I am still working 
at Covance and Natalia has recently taken a 
position with SAIC. Hope everyone and 
everything is well!" 

Emily Sears is still living in Portland, 

Jjt% ■■ ; .■ ^m 

* '■■ %%-, 

B^f\ ~A 

% cj 

;. , :; ... 

-~ -^\ ' -^ft •-.' t 

-i J 

Photos from Michelle Wheeler '00 in 
Kauai, Hawaii where she is now living. 

ME, and has gone 
back to school to 
pursue a career in 
nursing. Jamie 
Gilberg is quite 
busy right now 
between working 
and finishing up 
plans for her up- 
coming wedding 
in October. This 
summer, her fi- 
ances family 
threw her an 
amazing bridal 

shower at Tavern on the Green in New York 
City. Meghan Barry, Emily Dana, 

Daniel Fanaberia '00 

')2 TheArchon - I ..II 2005 

Courtney Marino, and Megan Rothwell 
all made it. Emily Dana is moving into 
Boston soon and sees Meghan Barry, 
Courtney Marino, Rachel Abdulla along 
with many others. Emily is very excited to 
see Jamie Gilberg get married this fall. 
Daria Grayer writes: "I'm working as edito- 
rial fellow at NPR with the weekend show 
All Things Considered and working as part of 
Next Generation Radio (also with NPR). I 
just finished my first piece on Masonic ar- 
chitecture in Washington, DC. Everything is 
exciting and interesting. Just finished 
Master's in Ethics and Policy and is starting 
JD/PhD in journalism." Lindsay Gobin 
writes that she is working at the National 
Passport Center and it is going well. 
Although work has increased dramatically 
from taking on the work from the New 
Orleans Branch and she is working lots of 
overtime. Lindsay is still doing the Rocky 
Horror Picture Show in Cambridge every 
Saturday. If anyone is in Harvard Square 
around midnight, you should stop by. 

Madeline Scheintaub spent this past 
summer working for the USGS doing bio- 
logical field work in Idaho and Nevada. This 
fall she is starting a graduate degree program 
in Ecology at Colorado State University 
(Fort Collins, CO). Elizabeth Turnbull 
spent her past summer leading a bike trip 
across the lower US from Savannah, GA to 
Los Angeles. A large part of the trip ran 
along Rt. 66 and other smaller roads linking 
the country. She is currently working at 
WBUR, Boston NPR station. Simon 
Panall writes that he had a lot of fun at 
Reunion and that he is living in a new apart- 
ment in Portland, ME. Yori Senser writes 
that it was great to see everyone at Reunion. 
She is getting ready to start a new school 
year and will be teaching Pre-K art and 
dance in Dover. Yori went to visit Simon 
and Patti Waters in their new place in 
Portland. Also recently she was out listening 
to some music and was surprised to see the 
Nat Baldwin was one of the musicians. 
Natalia Averett reports: "I'm living in 
Arlington, VA across the bridge from 
Georgetown. I'm enjoying my job as a cam- 
pus organizer for the Feminist Majority 
Foundation and all the traveling that comes 
with it. This summer and fall I'll be in 
Nashville, Atlanta, Cleveland and possibly 
Dallas. I agree with Joe Turner on the name 
change. While preserving some of the mem- 

ories of past generations is important, the 
Trustees have the best interest of future stu- 
dents at heart and want to improve the 
school for everyone. Try to look at the name 
change as an opportunity to embrace posi- 
tive change." 



Class of 2001 

Maria E. Moore 

3 Central Street 

Byfield,MA 01922 


5th Class Reunion 

June 9, 10, 11 2006 

Justin Becker graduated Cum Laude 
from Elmira College successfully completing 
the arduous task of earning a Baccalaureate 
of Arts, with two majors, International 
Studies and Political Science plus a minor in 
history. During his Elmira days Becker was 
the starting defender on the Elmira College 
varsity lacrosse team for the past four years. 
He also was the Captain during the past two 
seasons receiving numerous honors for his 
performances on the field as an athlete and 
in the classroom as a scholar. As a member 
of the Cornell University's ROTC program, 
Justin received his Military Science degree 
and subsequently graduated from Ft. Lewis, 
WA in July of 2005. His father, Dennis, 
proudly "pinned" Justin as a 2nd Lieutenant 
during a ceremony recognizing Justin's ac- 
complishments. Justin was recently called 
upon to enter into his MOS and was due to 
begin his training in October 2005. Justin 
will subsequently enter Officer Basic School 
where training will conclude providing him 
with a dynamic opportunity to experience 
the life of an Army Officer and the privilege 
to defend our country, our way of life. 

Class of 2002 

Michael G. Woods 

45 Lexington Street 

Everett, MA 02149-3406 

(617) 389-3406 

\voods2 1 

Felix Elkmann is studying and living in 
Paris this year, where he will be studying at 
the European School of Management and 
living with his brother Adrian Elkmann 
'98 who will also be studying at ESCP-EAP. 
Fracesca DeMeo visited Felix this past 
summer while she was in Germany. 
Meaghan Descoteau wrote that she is fin- 
ishing up her degree this year at the 
University of San Diego; she is living by the 
beach with her new puppy and enjoying life 
in San Diego a lot. Sam Arnold recently 
crewed for a boat in the 12-Meter World's in 
Newport, RI. 



Class of 2003 

Laura E. Ellison 

Williams College 

1669 Baxter Hall 

Williamstown, MA 01267 

(978) 462-4764 

Michael D. O'Neill 

Connecticut College 

Box 4365, 210 Mohegan Avenue 

New London, CT 06320-4196 

(978) 462-3733 

Judah Thissell has been enjoying his 
summer days and the feeling of bliss he has 
due to the fact that he has been sitting next 
to his newly purchased, righteous Ibanez axe 
(or his first electric guitar for the uninitiat- 
ed). He is going to Davis College in the fall 
and has the hopes of becoming a chiroprac- 
tor after that. Gwyneth Stokes has just 
spent the summer in L.A. riding for Leslie 
Morse, who is currently America's top 
ranked dressage rider. She is looking for- 
ward to returning to Claremont after having 
taken a year off to ride and travel in Europe 
and Australia. The highlights of her year 

TlwArchon &* Fall 2005 93 

class notes 

Anya Ravitz 7 04. Use Abusamra "93. Lesley Clunie '04, faculty member David Abusamra 

and Caroline Ott '05 at the Yankee Homecoming race. 

abroad were riding for a Belgian Olympic 
Equestrian, bartending in Amsterdam and 
backpacking in Tasmania. She would wel- 
come visits from classmates or faculty should 
they be in the L.A. area. Sean Corbett 
graduated from Airborne School in June and 
Leadership Training School in July. He was 
selected as an exchange cadet and will go to 
the Naval Academy for the first semester and 
then return to West Point after the holidays. 
He did manage to free some time during the 
summer for friends and family. 

And I, Michael O'Neill, will hopeful- 
ly be studying International Business in 
Dijon, France in the spring. So if you plan 
on studying abroad in France next semester, 
give me a call so we can catch up. The 
Coffee Shop I am running is a lot of work, 
but rewarding in the end. I am now really 
good at making tall double shot espresso 
mocha frappuccino lanes with soy milk. But 
not as good as Kelsey Shanahan. of course. 


Class of 2004 

Gregory M. Ceglarski 

1 Elm Street 

By Held,. MA 01922 

Lesley T. Clunie 

32 Woodland Street 

Xewburyport, .AL4 01950 


Kelsey M. Quigley 

1 Elm Street 

Byfield.MA 01922 

(978) 462-3776 

kquigley ( 

Class of 2004 

After a summer full of work (and a few 
trips to the beach), Katie Glynn returned to 
Holy Cross, where she decided to join the 
track team. Right now she is running the 
800-meter and one mile races. Classes are 
going well also, and Katie is looking forward 
to studying abroad next year (destination to 

be determined). Though she loves New 
England, Jess Wailes was happy to return to 
Denver at the beginning of the school year. 
Right now she is recovering from back sur- 
gery that she had over the summer and get- 
ting back into the swing of classes. Jess is also 
hoping to study abroad at some point next 

Emily Bryson spent the summer work- 
ing at a summer camp at the Fessenden 
School in Newton and hanging out with 
friends from Union and home. Right now 
she is in the middle of a great field hockey 
season (reports a friend), and when that is 
over she will head straight into lacrosse. 
Alex Shalvoy is loving SMU! She partici- 
pated in "Sing Song" with her sorority and 
came in second. Don't worry, Mrs. White — 
she has not forgotten her academics; she 
moved from the upper 15% to the upper 
10% of the undergraduate school. Alex is 
still loving her major in psychology. 

Melissa McDonnell reports: "'Hi! I 
miss everyone from GDA, but I love school 
so far! First semester went well and I'm 
rowing for the crew team, which has been a 
lot of fun!" This summer was amazing for 
Emily Moore. She worked for Michelle 
Kinzie's family along with Ah Hadden; 
they had a great time together. She saw 
many GDA grads including Julie Benjamin, 
Doug Richardson, Andy Wilks, Jess 
Wailes, Katie Glynn, Stirling Winder, 
Amanda Webb, and Jillian Vavhtis. Trinity, 
she says, is amazing, and volleyball is going to 
be GREAT! Go Bantams! 

')4 . Fall 2005 

Governor D u m m e r 


Class of 2005 

Kclscy A. Correia 

87 Green Street 

Wakefield, MA 01880 

(781) 245-0244 

Ruth W Splaine 

24 Way to the River 

West Newbury, MA 01985 

(978) 463-4242 

Greetings to the Class of 2005! We were 
excited to hear from some of you, and we 
hope as the year goes on you all will keep us 
updated. Ruth is enjoying life in Vermont, 
she has hung out with Bryan Dodge a few 
times, and he also likes St. Michael's. I am en- 
joying Trinity. I see Barrie Stavis daily; we 
both are having a great time and we occa- 
sionally see Brandon Somogie '04 and 
Emily Moore '04, who is enjoying her vol- 
leyball season. Other GDA alums here at 
Trinity, Shannon Falvey '03 and Annie 
Peterman '03, are abroad for the semester. 
We are excited for their return. Andrew 
Guyton recently moved to Rye Beach, New 
Hampshire. He is playing on an intramural 
flag football team at Providence College and 
is having a blast. Chris Mckinnon went to 
Providence to visit for a few nights; he is ex- 
cited to start at USC second semester. 
Meredith Baker made the waterskiing team 
at Miami, Ohio and is enjoying the area 
around the university. Rachel Therriault 
has seen Maura Devaney '04 around the 
Delaware campus a few times and is occa- 
sionally taking pictures for the university 
newspaper. Meg Owen is enjoying living 
close to the city and has run into quite a few 
GDA alums as well as Colin O'Rourke 
who is also enjoying BO 

Ashley Hamel is living in Chicago and 
playing intramural volleyball. Danielle 
Carroll is also here in Hartford; she likes 
school and gets along very well with her 
roommate. Chris Vancisin has seen Gardner 
Parker, Matt Ahern, and Amanda Mello a 
few times up at Colby. He is involved in a 
few intramural sports, soccer, frisbee, and 
volleyball. Julie O'Shaunessey played 

Daisy Martinez in soccer at Bryant a few 
weeks ago. Brendan Giblin made the 
Hobart William and Smith varsity football 
team. Audrie Grigun is settling in over in 
Scotland at the University of Edinburgh. 
She has three flat mates who she gets along 
with well; I've even caught her using 
some English/Scottish expressions. Ausuka 
Murata is happy at Wisconsin and was 
joined by Emilie Pickering while she can- 
not go to Tulane. Tim Brierly is enjoying 
Rollins and the Florida weather; he was re- 
cently joined by Sarah Somogie who will 
be at Rollins for the year while Loyola New 
Orleans is rebuilt. Nicole Greco and Mike 
Barnaby are both loving living in Boston 
and are very happy at Northeastern. Jim 
Zografos is at Babson and he has become 
friends with Chris Knight (a former mem- 
ber of the class of '06); the two play frisbee 
and go bowling as often as they can. I hope 
everyone's years continue to be so positive. If 
you have any notes please email Ruth or me: or kelseycorreia@trin- Here we go, Govs. 

We have created 

an online 

alumni community just 

for you. 

With the click of a key, you can post 
your personal profile, send a class note 
to former classmates, read the notes of 
others, look up your class giving for the 
year, find email addresses of old pals, 
see who's missing from our contact 
list, and read about the milestones of 
those you used to know so well! 

Just go to: 

New Users: 

Your temporary 

password is your birthdate 


Once you're in, your biggest dilemma 
will be what to do first to "STAY 
CONNECTED" to your friends from 

We look forward to hearing more 
from you and about you! 

The Archon «- Fall 2005 95 

Play Every Shift As If It's Your Last 

Delivered by Rossli Chace '06 on 
October 6, 2005 

As I walked out of my freshman geom- 
etry class, a bit ""brain-fried" having just 
completed a test, I was surprised to see my 
advisor waiting for me at the door. She asked 
me to follow her to her office because my 
parents had asked that I call them. We walked 
down the three flights of stairs from the 
math wing, talking about classes and how I 
was adjusting to my first four weeks of 
boarding school. Stepping outside, we 
walked to the athletic office. It didn't dawn 
on me until later why she had spoken in 
such a soft, kind tone and why her face was 
more serious than usual. I also never thought 
to question why I needed to call my parents 
in the middle of the school day. She led me 
into the back room of the athletic depart- 
ment, closed the door, and motioned for me 
to sit at the table. Sliding the phone toward 
me, she told me I could reach my mom on 
her cell phone. Then she sat as well. 

My mother's voice was shaky. She ex- 
plained that my brother. Taylor, 16, had been 
injured the night before while playing hock- 
ey in Canada. My parents were still driving 
the ten hours to Toronto from New 
Hampshire. They learned he had suffered an 
LI burst fracture and was paralyzed from the 
waist down. He would soon undergo 
lengthy surgery to decompress his spinal 
cord. It was a serious injury. Hearing these 
words, I immediately started crying. "Taylor, 
injured, hockey, paralyzed, surgery." I was so 
far away from my family and everything that 
was happening. Suddenly school, my friends, 
and my life seemed insignificant. I kept 
telling my mom that I wanted to be there, 
with my parents, with Taylor. She told me 
that it wasn't possible, that it would not be 
the best thing for Taylor or for me. I needed 

to stay at school and do the very best that I 
could. I felt lost, alone, and scared. When we 
finally said goodbye, my advisor told me how 
sorry she was and then she was silent and let 
me cry. 

My own hockey season came quickly 
and, although I had been looking forward to 
it since the beginning of the year, it was 
strange. I would sit in the locker room and 
replay the images of my brother crashing 
into the boards. I scared myself. Yet, as soon 
as I stepped on the ice, I knew I still loved 
playing. When Taylor got out of the hospital, 
he watched my games from behind the glass 
in his wheelchair, with his walker, on his 
crutches, with his cane and then eventually 
on his own. Each time I looked at him, a fire 
burned inside me. He had encouraged me to 
play hockey when I was five. Now he in- 
spired me to play harder. 

Taylor has taught me a lot about myself 
and about life.The moment he fell to the ice. 
his life and my family's life changed. His 
dreams of playing college hockey and be- 
yond are gone. But remarkably, he hasn't giv- 
en up. From watching his will to move on. I 
have learned that I need to be open to 
change and to continually reevaluate my 
goals in life because things can change in an 

Taylor worked hard until the moment 
he was injured. He took risks and he put 1 10 
percent into his sport. This same work ethic 
has served him well in his mental and phys- 
ical rehabilitation. When I have a bad day at 
school or at home or on the ice, I remember 
Taylor's words to his teammates from his 
hospital bed, "Play every shift as if it's your 
last." I know I need to work hard and live 
each day to the fullest. 

Most importantly. I appreciate the 
strength and purpose of my relationship with 
my family. During times of hardship and 
tragedy, the love and support of family is 
without comparison. When one is hurt, it 
takes the whole family to help them recover. 
Roles within our family have changed. No 
longer am I just "Taylor's little sister." I now 
lead his fan club with encouragement and 

I chose this day to speak before all of 
you because tomorrow; marks the third an- 
niversary of his injur)'. During the past three 
years, Taylor has worked hard to walk again. 
He wakes each morning to partial paralysis 
in his legs and feet. However, he maintains a 
sense of humor. My family continues to 
cope with the loss as we always will, but we 
look harder for the positive moments in life 
to fill the many voids which Taylor's sports 
have left behind. It was hard for Taylor to ap- 
ply to colleges last fall because he wasn't be- 
ing recruited with his teammates and 
friends. He no longer had a path laid out for 
him. Instead he has had to choose a new di- 
rection. He was accepted to UNH, but re- 
cently deferred his freshman year. 

At 19, Taylor has been selected to play 
on the National Sled Hockey team, and is 
training to compete for the United States in 
the Paralympics in Italy in March, 2006. 

My outlook on life is different since 
October 6, 2002. Despite the fact that most 
of us in this room live a fairly privileged 
lifestyle, we are not immune to adversity. It is 
important to make the most of the daily op- 
portunities that present themselves. So, play 
every shift as if it's your last. 

\niwn — Fall 2005 

Remember what you loved about being a 
student at GDA? Pass it on. 

Peter Dorsey '69 and his son, George '08 

My thoughts about Governor Dummer Academy 

GDA has always held a special spot in my heart. It's the place where 
I gained a lot of maturity. I followed my older brother here. I started as 
a boy, finished as a young man with many academic tools and fond mem- 
ories. I learned new things about myself, and gained some confidence; 
and there were patient adults there to guide my path. The campus has 
always felt like a kind of home to me. I have been glad to be able to give 
something back as a Class Agent over the years. Now as a proud new 
GDA parent, it's an opportunity to see the Academy through a current 
student's eyes: to see some of the old traditions and the exciting new 

Why I included a gift to GDA in my will 

It just seemed like the right way to honor this special place. Through 
my will I can leave a larger gift than I might otherwise thought possible, 
and I can have some piece of mind in knowing that I've helped to sustain 
the school for the future. Isn't it true that you can leave special things 
behind to those that you love well, I have. 

Peter Dorsey '69, P'08 




i 2002, the Academy 
eated the Schoolhouse 
ociety to honor those who 
tahlish planned gifts through 
tates, gift annuities, bequests 
'id trusts for the school. 

ear Alumni/ae, 

gift through one's will can be a mean- 
gful expression of your feelings towards 
rovernor Dummer Academy and its 
due in continuing the tradition of edu- 
ition, opportunity, and experience for 
^ung hearts and minds. An estate gift, 
ch as a bequest, provides future support 
) GDA while allowing you to retain the 
jxibility to update your plan as circum- 
ances may change. If you would like to 
in your classmates in the Schoolhouse 
>ciety by making a charitable bequest 
tention for GDA, I encourage you to 
mtact me. 

he future of the Academy depends on 
Iditional gifts from you, our alumni, 
irents, and friends. Please contact me to 
Jk about how to remember GDA in 
-our will and/or to explore other chari- 


ible estate plans that might be helpful to 
ou and your family. 

Peter W. Bragdon ' 

Headmaster Emeritus 

171 High Street, Exeter, NH 

603-773-5985 or 978-499-31 



Reunion 06 

June 9-11 

rnor Dummei Academy 

Byfield, MA 01922 

Address Ser B I nested 

Non-Profit Org, 
U.S. Postage 


Newburyport, M A 019SJ 
Permit No 1763